A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 132

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 132

EP 21 – Knights Without Borders (14)


As the sound of boiling gamjatang started to be heard, the rich aroma of broth spread through the empty shop.

Hearty backbones, plump potatoes, breathless beef brisket, and golden broth.

There is no line to go It’s such a fantastic visual that it’s a pity to touch it.

It was clear that the person who could unravel this appearance without hesitation was probably the eldest at the dinner party or the owner of the business.

“How do you know that I like gamjatang… … .”

Cheon Geum-soon picked up the ladle. He’s smiling hahaha

She scooped out a large bone in front of her.

My appetite might have sprung up as I watched them pick up only the lean meat with chopsticks and munch on them, but I was the one who threw my family to the dead.

As I was comforting my stomach by drinking only cold ice water, Cheon Geum-soon lightly placed a piece of meat on my plate in front of me.

“It’s nice to have a meal with familiar faces after a long time… … .”

“… … Faces?”

“Suck… … !”

Wasn’t Gam and Cheon Geum-soon a first-timer? I looked at the two men’s faces with puzzled eyes.

The reporter smirked and scratched his chin.

“… … Were you two spherical?”

“Ah yes. A little while ago… … .”

Reporter Gam said something was wrong, so I looked at Cheon Geum-soon with eyes wondering what the hell he had done.

She flinched as she rolled the potatoes into a pile.

“… … uhm. Gam Ji-yoon Yang has a little relationship with the scouting… … ?”

“A scout? It’s the first I’ve heard of it.”

“Because I kept it a secret… … ?”

Her innocent smile made me smile softly. We laughed and continued the conversation.

“… … Are you really proud of lobbying public officials illegally?”

“That’s also my strength!”

“okay. Let’s hear some behind-the-scenes stories.”

She smiled brightly and unraveled the secret story.

“Ugh. Actually, I don’t know a person named Han Seung-moon. So- It’s a story of the days when peer identification was not well.”

Reporter Gam whispered in my ear, ‘It’s last Tuesday’.

“If–if Gam-Gam-yoon might be thinking of working for GS, how about giving her a chance to make a choice? Yes. That’s how it happened… … .”

“Ugh. What did you do?”

“a… … ! What are you walking? … ! All from a pure heart-”

“I don’t think it would be interesting to go through a tax audit.”

“I offered reporter Gam the position of CEO of GS Aegis, but he turned it down like a knife.”

I looked at reporter Gam once with a new look, and looked at President Cheon with a look that wasn’t very new anymore.

“… … Mr. Chen?”

“… … yes?”

“If Jiyoon takes it off, the shutter will be down for that day.”

“Yep… … .”

* * *

“Ah, was that how it happened?”

“… … ha.”

About the time I was about to tell the whole situation, the gamjatang wangttukbaegi came out.

Reporter Gam hardened his expression at the shocking truth, and Cheon Geum-soon muttered while wiping the area around his mouth with a wet tissue.

“Certainly, America is coming out a little bit violent. Is there some serious internal problem… … ? Even if the economy crashed, it was badly ruined, but… … .”

Reporter Gam added.

“… … America has always been violent. It’s a problem because what they did in the Middle East is now being done in Northeast Asia.”

I told them.

“… … For that reason, I would like to ask our CEO Cheon and reporter Gam for a little opinion. It’s a little difficult to deal with on my own.”

“Ah, first of all, I have a few things to tell you… … .”

Cheon Geum-soon tilted her head slightly.

“The biggest problem right now, is President Yang Pan-seok telling you to stay still?”

It was accurate. Whether the US is trying to push Paris away or China is trying to swallow up North Korea, Yang’s ambiguous mood was the biggest question.

Nodding his head, Cheon Geum-soon unraveled the old story.

“My grandfather and Rep. Yang Pan-seok were very close friends. The People’s Republic of Korea and the national government said that they threw some Molotov cocktails in June.”

As she recalled, she discussed the yangban-seok.

“Actually, you’re not that blue-and-white. I heard that you went to fairies a lot when you were young. But Yangtong went and drank only alcohol. You are a judge.”

Cheon Geum-soon evaluated the yangbansuk.

“Hmm… … what is it A style that values the cause?”

“The cause?”

The Yang Pan-seok I knew was an old man, not a democracy fighter. Wasn’t he the person who gathered the minorities of the Democratic Party and authorized them on the topic of orthodox activism?

As he frowned like that, Cheon Geum-soon shook his head.

“Even if you pretend not to be, consider the cause a little more important. He.”

“… … Is that so?”

“What? Even if we tolerate bribes and fights, we can’t see the military and police killing people with our eyes open.”

Wasn’t Hagiya’s family taken to Samcheong Education College? It was an understandable mindset.

“… … Then why are you doing this now?”

“The state must protect its people. And you can do anything for it. Well, I guess that’s what you’re thinking.”

“… … .”

“So, they are trying to hand over North Korea to China.”


“Ugh. To be more precise, it would be better to just wait and see China devour North Korea.”

she was sure

“It’s a national isolation policy. It doesn’t matter what happens outside. I don’t care how many people die. To protect 40 million.”

* * *

The feeling of becoming an Awakened and having a body that is more than a normal human being, was that he wanted to know the feelings of a dog raised at home.

My nose is sensitive, so life is tiring. Especially on a battlefield like this.

The smell of gunpowder, the smell of water, the smell of blood, the smell of rotting corpses, the smell of burning meat, the smell of asbestos from collapsed buildings, and the smell of various body fluids of all kinds of monsters.

Dasol Yeo used to try to divert her nerves after the battle was over. And in that sense, dialogue was a very useful tool.

“Certainly, Lumiere is a great person. People who thought about guild masturbation couldn’t move in front of Lumière.”

The girl murmured and dipped her shoes into the mud. The expensive shoes were dyed brown, but they looked much better than the red ones.

“Huh… … .”

The girl’s sigh blended into the damp air. The rain has stopped, but the sky is still dark. The gate was closed, but the bodies were piled up like a mountain.

Dasol Yeo kept babbling so as not to look around,

Next to it was the adjustment ceremony.

As always.

“There is a raid that went in to close the gate. Doo-cheol said that his ankle was cut off. To be precise, down to the knees!”

“… … I didn’t like the fact that a yangban with a family member was lounging around in the field. Go home, okay?”

“Lumière told me to put it back.”

“Ts. useless-“

Du-cheol, who was passing by limping, hit Jo Jung-sik hard in the back of the head.


“You bastard, this.”

When Jo Jung-sik rubbed the back of his head and glared at him, he quickly ran away pretending not to know.

Dasol Yeo, who was watching, smiled as if it was a sham-tong.

“The captain wants you to speak nicely.”

“It’s a fact. fact.”

The young hunters continued to chat like that, and Yeo Do-yeon approached them with a mysterious expression.

“… … Why are you sitting there?”

“Come and sit down too! Fluffy!”

Dasol Yeo and Jo Jung-sik were sitting on the monster’s corpse. It was around the thigh of a brown giant whose head had exploded.

It must have been the one that Yeo Do-yeon caught, so she muttered with a slightly trembling expression.

“… … no. There are so many places to sit, why are you sitting on the corpse of a monster? It looks like the blood hasn’t dried out yet.”

Jo Jung-sik answered with a sullen expression.

“Better than sitting on human blood.”

“… … It is, though.”

Yeo Do-yeon turned around.

“… … Anyway, there are no casualties among our members.”

“Even the dead. I don’t understand why there aren’t any injuries.”

“The last wounded has been healed.”

Then can we say that there are no injuries? Jo Jung-sik was a little puzzled, but he nodded anyway.

“… … Where did you go, sister?”

“What am I? I came to a meeting. With Lumière, with Chaewon, with Jinwoon, again, is this the shelter manager, the Guild Master, what? … .”

Jo Jung-sik, who was stabbing Yeo Da-sol in the cheek with a black toy model knife, asked a deep question.

“Have you decided on a countermeasure? Even if you pretend to be, the situation is absolutely disgusting.”

“There are now over twenty gates open in northern France. They are still being opened.”

Jo Jung-sik, who was stabbed in the buttstock that Yeo Da-sol brought in, frowned.

“… … So what about us?”

“Still, I got in touch with the French government.”

“… … What do you say?”

“Hold on.”

“Ha, Shiba, Evande, this… … .”

Jo Jung-sik kicked Yeo Do-yeon in the shin for swearing in front of an adult, and he was carried by Yeo Da-sol and went to Healer.

* * *

-Dunkirk, Lance, Amiens, and Dieppe as a starting point to build a siege network for northern France. In Opal National Park, a large-scale all-out war broke out against the beasts moving south.

The French president’s voice echoed in Lumière’s ears. As the story progressed, strength entered the hands of Lumière, who was holding the satellite phone.

-… … Shelter Saint-Homer said that it had collapsed. It was a place with a motto of hiding, not defense, but it was one of the largest protectors in the country. haha… … .

“… … What about the dead?”

– At least 300,000.

Lumière had to feel dizzy the moment he heard the news that more than 75,000 families of four had been massacred.

That’s an unrealistic number. However, it was reality. So people have to move.

“… … Do we have any work to do?”

-… … It is enough to thank you for protecting Calais. And thank you so much for surviving. Lumiere.

It was too late to rescue them.

“… … .”

Lumiere closed her eyes and remained silent.

But reality did not give him a break.

-… … In fact, now the EU has almost lost control of its military. It is a very difficult situation to carry out normal operations.

“… … .”

-Thanks to you, we should expect cooperation from the shelter leaders. Damn Rizzlers gossiping about putting a dog collar around the hunter’s neck. I’d really like to help.

The president laughed.

-I thought it was a shame that at least one of the major cities in northern France survived. I want to empty the Elysee Palace for you, Lumière, right away. haha!

“… … Don’t say that. dismissal.”

– For a person like me, there are days when I think that this place is too much… … this. Was it too ugly?

“Honestly, it was a little bit.”

-okay. I keep hitting people who have suffered more than me. I hope you take it as a sign of how much I care for our Executive Chairman.

“A married man’s affection is a little reluctant.”

-My heart breaks every time I see doubts in my wife’s eyes. Please stop playing at my house. I also make some friends. Yeah? Have you met anyone these days? Last time with that Korean minister-

“Be quiet! Because people are crazy!”

– Nervous.

Lumière really raised his voice after a long time at the voice that scratched his temper until the very end. However, it soon returned to the main point. A little bit of leeway is enough for this.

Lumiere asked.

“… … In order to fundamentally solve the situation, the gates in northern France must be closed. Do you have any countermeasures for this?”

-All the hunters ran away.

‘f**k… … .’

Lumiere’s mental power was greatly shaken. Light abusive language rose up, but he quickly regained his composure.

Lumiere doesn’t trust people. okay. This was quite expected. I didn’t live so easily that I collapsed here.

“… … Then we shift our focus to short-term goals. To what extent is the evacuation to the north of France taking place?”

– Shelters that have fallen on fire are running south right now. Of course, only hunters run away, and there are very few cases where civilians are brought along.

“How do you deal with it?”

– We have cleared the monsters near the evacuation procession by air raids and dispatched hunters who have not yet escaped, but the manpower is not enough.

“Is there anything we can do to help?”

-I do not know. Right now, you too are surrounded by monsters, can you afford it?

“I don’t think it’s a situation where it’s going to be tough.”

-… … .

The president thought about it for a long time.

And decided.

-no. Lumiere, please stay there.


– Just by holding on there, the burden of the monster heading south will be reduced. Calais is now at the heart of the Gates crisis.

“All right.”

-… … It won’t be easy.

“I know.”

– Not that much. Maybe now that large-

“I see.”

-… … .

Lumière now climbed the spire of the wall surrounding Calais.

In fact, the fortress wall was made by demolishing a large-scale building, but if you look at the heavy weapons placed here and there, it was a strong enough wall.

And this very wall was the driving force that made a port city with a population of 120,000 into a military city with a population of 600,000.

However, Lumière was looking at the horizon from the top of the wall.

The red sunset that leaked through the dark clouds colored the horizon with blood.


The horizon was wriggling little by little.

“… … .”

The monsters that filled the horizon were swaying like waves.

They didn’t know when they would come here. And, she sees, that time is short.

This is because the monster kills people, and after killing all the people, it eventually comes to the place where people gather.

Lumiere assured.

“… … Looks like we’ll have to prepare for a massive defensive battle. Would air strike support be possible?”

-The French Air Force must pass through the flying monsters to support that area. We plan to support the evacuation procession going south first.

In the end, it was said that he couldn’t help.

Lumiere asked with anguish.

“… … And?”

-So, you just received support from the US Air Force stationed in England.

“… … Don’t you think it’s a better conversation to say that first?”

-why. Are you surprised that you won’t be attacked?

“… … dismissal?”


“On the last day of my tenure, I will hit one.”

– Hmm. If that day comes, I’ll welcome you!

The president answered with a smirk.

-… … I’m always sorry. Lumiere.

Lumiere answered in a more serious voice than ever.

“… … This is my duty.”

* * *

“America will never help France.”

“Does that make sense? You almost fell over for that?”

“No, no, it makes sense. Isn’t Korea in a bystander position?”

The three-party talks at the Gamjatang Restaurant continued fiercely.

The main issue is, is Korea really implementing a policy of isolation?

And Cheon Geum-soon defined Yang Pan-seok’s attitude as a bystander.

“It’s called Sanofi Potion. There is one mega corporate brand that received French support and merged with Novartis. It used to be a pharmaceutical company, but now it is a kind of state-run company targeting the market with the latest technology under the EU Defense Technology Institute.”


“It has gone to the brink of bankruptcy. America is taking money.”

“Does capital obey the orders of the state? America too?”

“I don’t know if it’s domestic, but not overseas. Economic sanctions are hard, but you can think of it as going through Washington for borrowing money abroad.”

Cheon Geum-soon pounded on the table and expressed her opinion.

“America is drying up Europe. Especially France, which leads the EU.”

“… … Maybe there are negotiations going on between the French government and the US right now?”

“I don’t know. But if you look at it from the outside, it is true that he is holding a knife.”

Reporter Gam cleared up the argument once.

“So. America conquered France and took control of Europe. Is it correct to say that they are taking over Asia by collusion with China? Are we just looking at it?”


“Then America’s goal is to seize the world’s hegemony, isn’t it?”

This was not a question.

Reporter Gam continued muttering with a strange expression on his face.


The reporter closed his eyes and began to knock on the table.

tuk. tuk. tuk.

“But why compromise with China?”


“It’s power. count please. But why leave Russia and Europe behind and China? Then why not make a compromise with Europe?”


“Is there any reason to feed North Korea to China?”




I was staring blankly at him without realizing it. Even Cheon Geum-soon kept silence while looking at the reporter with a mysterious expression.


“… … .”

The reporter’s fingers stopped.

he asked us

“… … North Korea is South Korean territory.”

“… … Constitutionally, yes.”

“Korea and the United States have a mutual defense treaty.”

“… … Yes?”

“Then let’s talk about it without the context behind it. It’s a novel. novel. It’s just a novel that I’m just writing… … .”

Tooth –

The reporter took off his glasses.

“… … .”

I usually didn’t know.

His eyes were very sharp.

“… … now this If South Korea defines China’s invasion of North Korea as aggression. Isn’t that a situation where the United States automatically enters the war?”

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