A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 137

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 137

EP 22 – Make world great again (3)

Empty your mind and fill your heart.

s*x burns fiercely,

Qi is sharpened.


“… … !”

Cutting is empty.

Seol Jinwoon’s sword pierced the air.

Blood bats flying from the sky split in two, and the swordsman stepped on the right corpse and jumped, beheading the giant’s neck.

The giant groped his head, but his head was already rolling on the floor. The monster knelt down and fell forward.


A lump of dust rose, and Seol Jin-woon lightly brushed off the blood on his knife.

Of course, there was no blood on the knife. It’s just a habit from the days of fighting with blood.

“… … .”

Seol Jin-woon moved one step to the side, avoiding the attack from behind, and then turned back lightly and cut off the head of the beast.

And before his neck fell to the ground, he took the supply of two monsters. The blue sword draws a thin solid line and cuts the beasts in pieces.

The sword path was not tied to the position of the sword. The sword was not bound by the position of the enemy.

To cut through the air, but to cut the heads of several monsters at the same time, it was really close to a new god.


From the mouth of Yeo Da-sol, who was watching, a deep compliment leaked out.

“Wow, f**k it all… … !”

“… … Dasol?”

“Ah, yes, loyalty! Good job!”

Seol Jinwoon could not hide his doubts as he saw the girl saluting playfully. Why is the reconnaissance team’s sniper at the forefront? Clearly, she must have been her backup.

Only then did Seol Jinwoon look around.

“… … .”

This was no longer a battlefield.

The flesh of the shattered monster is scattered,

It’s just a slaughterhouse.

* * *

Yeo Do-yeon looked down at her fist. It is covered in blood with the flesh of a monster.

It was bittersweet.

“… … .”

When dealing with monsters larger than a certain amount, the weapon of the fist will eventually reach its limit.

Just because you hit a giant monster, it doesn’t mean that the monster will spin around and fly away.

just get fat

It’s like being shot by a bullet.

So, a human fist was not like a blunt sledgehammer hitting a giant, but more like a small needle that stabbed a giant.

So, catching a giant monster with a fist is no different from stabbing a person to death with a single needle.

It was because of that reason that Yeo Do-yeon’s expression was particularly harsh after the battle was over.

“Kaah… … ! ㅤ!”

She spit out bloody flesh from her mouth. Of course, it wasn’t hers, it belonged to the monster who fell behind him.

The monster’s body was dirty. It was reminiscent of cheese with holes in it, or a honeycomb. Of course, it’s a punch mark. Sometimes biting, though.

The person responsible for making the monster groan grumbled.

“Ah, shit. I think I swallowed a little.”

“Then why are you biting it?”

Jo Jung-sik clicked his tongue with a disgusted expression. Today, he is dressed in a strange outfit with a dagger in a blood-stained uniform.

The boy handed Yeo Do-yeon a bottle of water and murmured.

“It’s a little scary to see you fighting sometimes, isn’t it? I wonder if this is rabies.”

“… … Are you saying that I am a crazy dog?”

“I do not have to deny it.”

While Yeo Do-yeon took the bottle of water and washed her hair on the spot, Jo Jung-shik thoughtfully recalled the fighting style of a hunter named Yeo Do-yeon.

“Hmm… … .”

They rushed to the monster with their bare body, beat, bit, and struggled.

Crush it, smash it, break it apart.

crushed, crushed and crushed.

Sometimes I can’t help but get goosebumps when I watch them smashing their skulls after being eaten and crawling out all over the place, covered in blood.

“It’s not some kind of alien caterpillar… … .”

“… … !”

Obviously, Yeo Do-yeon’s fighting style was reminiscent of a crazy dog (or an alien caterpillar). So, there was nothing wrong with Jo Jung-sik’s words.

However, the original facts hurt the most.

“… … hey.”

Yeo Do-yeon, who was washing her hair with a plastic bottle, lifted her head. Blood dripped down from his wet middle and middle feet that hung down like a ghost.

Of course, the highlight among them is the vicious gaze that sneaks through the hair.

Jo Jung-sik was startled and took a step back.

“Uh… … .”

Although Jo Jung-sik is a minor, he is a professional assassin who has gone through everything before birth. And it was said that it wasn’t usually a threat to flinch like that.

“… … The face value is almost the same as Sadako, right?”

“… … hey. Pungyang Cho there. Come here.”

“Uh-huh, if you get hit by that sister, you die. With a long rupture.”

Jo Jung-sik quickly ran away from Yeo Do-yeon, and Yeo Do-yeon shook her head and dried her hair.

She grunted as she tied her hair back.

“hey. You and I have the same rigid body, so why do I strike a shovel, and you kill a monster in one shot?”

“… … It’s not the same. Because I am a speed type.”

Adjustment added.

“And it’s very difficult for me to detect the location of the magic stone and stab it accurately every time with a sword—”

Yeo Do-yeon interrupted Jo Jung-sik and pointed to her mourning. He had a grotesque look that was covered in blood when he removed his hair that had just been cleaned.

“Why am I joking? Do you drink honey?”

“… … Instead, if I get hit by a monster, I’m seriously injured. This is the difference between tangyil, I can’t help it-”

“Why the hell am I a joke! Are you the only sweetie!”

“It’s a start again.”

“Ah, life… … .”

As Yeo Do-yeon looked up at the sky and complained of injustice, a young voice was heard from afar.

“captain! sister! We are here!”

“Are you here?”

Jinwoon Seol and Dasol Yeo.

Yeo Do-yeon and Jo Jung-sik.

The four-man Mobile Strike Squadron, a group of all-around strikers and scouts, was a kind of advance and reconnaissance squad, and was making its way to Paris.

200 km from Calais to Paris. And closing the gate on the route going south to south and rescue refugees.

This was the first purpose of the Knights Without Borders. To completely suppress the monstrous crisis in northern France.

“I just contacted Bondae!”

Dasol Yeo, who approached me with a few steps, reported the current situation.

“The Armada side flight team made contact with the survivors of the Saint-Homer shelter, and once they got there, they decided to help the refugees!”

Jo Jung-sik asked.

“Then who closes Esden?”

“I think Lewin’s older brother Gwynn is an officer at Amiens Shelter. First of all, I decided to hire a reserve manpower from there. Daniel decided to join the lack of anti-aircraft firepower.”

Seol Jinwoon intervened.

“I know that Team Leader Kim was dispatched there. Team leader Kim would be in trouble without a flame magician to support.”

“Wasn’t the Bugilma from Dunkirk a Pyro?”

“Still, it’s more convenient for someone with the right hands and feet to go. As far as I know, Hyun-Jeong will be there now. It’s nearby, so send it to Esden.”


The hunters came back after being beaten up, and Yeo Do-yeon watched the scene silently.

“… … uh! Team Leader Park said that he had already done that! And they told us to ask for an airstrike to go to Monster Wave.”

“If you’re talking about Bloodwolf, I saw it from afar earlier, so it’s already gone.”

“It’s also a boss!”

Clearly, the greatest strength of Korean hunters was mobile warfare. Is it because the national army defends and the hunters take charge of the attack?

European hunters generally protected the city from monsters, but Korean hunters went into occupied territory and chased and hunted monsters.

The tactical doctrine between the hunters, which was established through the Shinbundang Line, the Gyeonggi Southern Mobile Strike Team, the mobile defense of the Seoul encirclement, the Uijeongbu retreat, and the Seoul Rebellion, was now shining.

Anyway, things are going very well now.

“The main force has now reached the 80km mark. We are at 105 km. Once the nearby Monster Wave is sorted out, we will hire more people and set up two separate units—”

Besides, now

“… … Ah, the raid is here!”

Air support was also helpful.

The four hunters who sat on the floor and looked at the map looked up at the sky in the sudden shadow.

in the sky,

A huge pile of stones was floating around.

* * *

Numerous monsters raced through the wilderness. It was once a city, but a year after the gate was opened, it became a plain.

Cracked concrete and steel pipes. Bone fragments mixed with building rubble. From buried in rubble, to maggots and flies rising up.

This place deserves to be called the land of death.


Countless deaths ran through the wilderness.


The march of the monsters was reminiscent of a pack of galloping wolves at first glance.

If not for the three pairs of eyes that a wolf could exceed the size of a large container, and gleam red between the tentacles that fluttered like mane.

Its appearance was as grand as the galloping cavalry, and even more destructive. In their footsteps, the blood of the refugees remained like footprints.

It was around the time when a large shadow was cast over it that the rushing of the beasts ceased.


A huge boulder fell from the sky.

The monster that was running in the front was hit and fell, and the monster that was following collided with a stone and collapsed, causing many monsters to trip and fall.


There were not one or two falling stones.

like a meteorite. Thousands of stones fell on the monsters.


The monsters were quickly buried in a pile of stones, and a huge rocky hill was newly created in its place. At first glance, it looked like a stone tomb.

But this did not end there.

The stone tomb, which had been wriggling little by little, exploded in an instant. And writhing in all directions, he grinded the monsters beneath him.

It is a storm of megalithic stones.

A pile of rubble equivalent to five large apartments crushes the monster with an overwhelming mass, then spurts out in all directions, crushing the meat pieces.


Stir in the sky,

The little girl who was watching it said.

“Come on. Come on.”

“Hey, can I do this?”

“Gruch. Gruch. like. great. It’s not like I’m beating narashi, I’m feeling like I’m shoving it away with a gurinda. Right!”

It was a strange thing to see a suitor wearing a gold badge hugging a girl in a hoodie tightly and floating high in the sky.

“Oh! Get out by my side! Next! Next!”

Gam Gam-yoon, who was held in Han Seung-moon’s arms, began to struggle with her bare limbs, pointing at the monster.

The arms were so short that the sleeves of the hooded hoodie fluttered flutteringly.

“I, I, I… … ! I have to change that bastard!”

“Hey man, wait a minute! I can’t concentrate!”

“What are you doing, uncle? Catch it quickly!”

There was a brief quarrel, but Han Seung-moon caught the monsters who had escaped safely and crushed them.

Ga Ji-yoon breathed a sigh of relief.

“Whew… … .”

And he scolded Han Seung-moon.

“… … I can’t catch that!”

“Am I like you?”

Han Seung-moon shook his head.

No matter how proficient in manipulating a mechanical arm, it is impossible to defeat a person born with an arm in the first place.

Of course, there may be differences between a surgeon who operates with a mechanical arm and an ordinary person who has held a scalpel for the first time, but there is no comparison between the same doctors.

This was especially the case with Gam Ji-yoon. With this level of superpower, it’s not a mechanical arm, it’s a thousand beasts.

Even just looking at it right now, aren’t all the flying monsters in this area going to explode as they enter the crossroads?

Han Seung-moon was just repeating the simple control of picking up a lot of stones and sprinkling them on the monsters, and rubbing them over to grind the monsters.

This was the least demanding method, and it was the method of dealing with as many monsters as possible. Even with simple controls.

Of course, the words are simple. Considering the total amount of power in motion, it usually didn’t require mental power.

Han Seung-moon asked this.

“… … Hey, Jiyoon. Why are you so tall?”

“Kids grow up really fast, right?”

“… … .hmm. Isn’t it because the men Jiyoon calls every day are the marines?”

“Haesu, what?”

“Hey, the men who protect the sea.”

“Uh… … . I caught a lot of sea monsters.”

The monsters get bigger as time goes by, and the monsters living in the sea cannot deal with it right away, so the size is no joke.

Of course, the size of the Manastone is no joke. It would be a shame to catch such a thing every day, Han Seung-moon concluded in his heart.

In the meantime, Ga Ji-yoon looked at the ground and murmured.

“Ugh. mister? This one seems to have become Shimai… … ?”

“Then let’s go down a little further south.”


Two superpowers crossed the cool summer sky.

After the storm, the sky was clear and blue

The Eiffel Tower stands tall on the clear horizon,

It was just waiting patiently for them.

* * *

At that time, a chilly atmosphere lingered in the Oval Office of the French President.

“… … Daniel and Amiens Shelter reinforcements have closed Esden Gate. The blood wolves that swept through Saint-Tomer were suppressed by Minister Han Seung-moon in the Abville area.”

“… … .”

“The provisional air force organized around Armada is protecting the evacuation procession going back and forth between Dunkirk and Arras, and the defense line against the western coastal cities has been completed starting from the swampy area near Monthere.”

Lumière looked at the map with a calm, subdued gaze, and continued to make decisions calmly.

“From Calais to Le Crotui. A supply ship has been completed that connects five shelters along the northern coastline. The power of all refugees and hunters is concentrated on the coastline.”

“… … .”

“The main force, including Korean hunters and the elite troops of Spetsnaz, is breaking through the route from Abbil to Amiens. From Rouen, I think it is time to bring the French forces defending the Seine to the north.”

Lumiere asked calmly.

“Don’t you think so? dismissal?”

“… … .”

The president is silent.

The middle-aged man, who has never lost his leisure and humor, is lowering his head with a more gloomy expression than ever before.

It took a little while for him to regain his smile. Of course, laughing wasn’t laughing.

“Hmm. Lumiere? I know this is a very stupid question. That would be a very, very stupid question.”

“… … .”

“Maybe you don’t know that I gave up the hunters isolated in Calais, don’t you?”

Since it was a question that didn’t need an answer, the president continued with a broken smile.

“I mean, I was trying to kill you. Lumiere.”

“… … .”

“… … I-“


Lumiere’s expression was never cold. It’s just calming down. But her eyes were cold.

“Anyway, I am a person who has great confidence in your political insight. As someone who has been with you from the beginning of the situation.”

“… … .”

“Of course, I am not without human disappointment with Your Excellency. There is also confidence that the decision was ultimately in the national interest of France.”

she arranged

“therefore. I have no intention of questioning the katabuta. There is always a good reason for everything. but… … .”

“… … .”

“It’s a minister’s favorite expression, but I think now is the time to do what everyone is given.”

and concluded.

“If I use the expression I like, there is no reason not to.”

“… … .”

“So it is right to save people first. Please bring the French troops north on the Seine.”

The hunters of Calais arrived in Paris about 64 hours later.

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