A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 142

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 142

EP 23 – The Wonderful World of Hunters (2)

Looking back.

“… … .”

It’s been quite a while since I met a person named Cheon Geum-soon. As it is related to every very important matter, it is also very quick about the habits of this creature.

A quick-witted caterpillar. A businessman with sagging eyes. naughty co-worker. unscrewed woman. Unsilly is a victor. Sensitive workaholic. weed. solver. etc.

Sometimes it seems that it’s not normal to the extent that I wondered if there was something wrong with me when I was young, and sometimes it’s clever enough to think that my head is going well because of what I ate when I was growing up.

At least it was clear that she was a very competent person in her field. Even though his personality doesn’t seem to be good at all.


“Actually, the hunter industry is basically a business, isn’t it?”

“… … .”

“I’m talking to the point that the person who knows things best is a merchant… … .”

I took her warning very seriously.

“There are times when I feel that the race of Hunters is becoming increasingly separated from the general society.”

When the right sound came out of a madman’s mouth, it meant that the world was going more crazy than that.

Her argument went something like this:

“First, after a proper barrier was built in the defense line of Chungcheong. I have a feeling that people have become a little numb to what’s going on up there… … .”

“Most of the policy institutes analyzed it that way. A kind of national trauma of the monsters is at work.”

“Yes. The problem is that such an error of perception is also working for hunters.”

fallacy of perception That’s a pretty impressive statement. Maybe that’s how I always express what I feel in one word.

After contemplating those words for a while, President Cheon continued his words with great sincerity.

“… … Let’s go over one thing first. The image of a hunter accepted by the masses is closer to a hero who protects society from monsters. That’s probably-“

“It’s the image we infuse.”

“… … Yes. The mainstream social leaders did marketing that way on purpose.”

“Isn’t that propaganda?”

“a. Anyway, I was agitated to eat something. That’s it. It’s a matter of approval rating or money to eat. Anyway!”

She wore the thin gold-rimmed glasses that had been rolling around in the corner of the messy desk over her nose.

Then, without looking back, I laid the chair down and fumbled through the bookshelf full of papers a few times, then pulled out a file exactly.

It was a data analysis of the mental health of hunters belonging to the GS defense agency.

“Contrary to what people think, the habits of Hunters are more like mercenaries than heroes… … ?”

“… … .”

“You can’t expect such a high level of morality from people who risk their lives to live life to the full.”

exactly. How can those who cross the four lines, rolling in the corpse field all day, live with a peaceful mind?

The hunters I mainly worked with were polar followers who were with him until the end under Kim Chun-sik, so they were just people who reclaimed their humanity.

It was disqualification as a politician to expect the Apgujeong faction-level morality from all hunters. Even the Apgujeong faction has a history of running out of the guild with Hong Seon-ah more than half.

And in this situation, President Cheon pointed out to me.

“The general society and the hunter society have already begun to separate. I.”

“… … .”

“Actually, the hunter industry’s magic stone supply is at a level that feeds the general society. No, to be precise, the country itself is changing for the purpose of portrait reform or whatever—”

“Won’t it be fun if the hunters play punk?”

President Chun nodded his head as if it was a natural thing to say.

and asked me

“Isn’t that something you didn’t even know? You see, the other day, when you were making something like a magistrate, you were shuddering. Doesn’t he look like he’s not in a good mood?”

“… … .”

“Then let’s get to work and fix it. For me, this situation seems like a shortcut to the industry in the long run.”

“… … Now that I have sucked enough to drink sweet water. Do you want to change the structure of the industry?”

“Child! Knowing… … .”

“… … ha.”

It seems that I too have been caught up in politics, and now I have carefully entered the main point.

“… … Hunting isn’t just for hunters, is it?”

“Yes. There are supporters.”

Due to the nature of hunters who absorb manastones by contact, general supporters are always accompanied by hunting for the purpose of supplying manastones.

And, most of them are treated as day laborers acting as porters rather than party members.

And I thought about fixing this part.

“Why don’t you increase the role of the supporter a bit?”


“I heard that GS introduced the concept of management for hunters.”

“Ah, yes, what. Like managing a baseball player. It’s about managing product quality.”

“After all, in order to use people well, doesn’t it mean that we have to raise the quality of people?”

And I think the same goes for supporters.

“It’s about giving supporters more diverse positions. Teach about the weaknesses and ecology of monsters, teach Dokdo law, tactics, radio, and various administrative knowledge to exchange manastones… … .”

“… … .”

“It’s not about being a manastone or carrying a porter, but making it a ‘supporter’ that can be used tactically. Then, naturally, it will be easier for the general public to enter the hunter industry.”

President Cheon frowned and pondered my words for a long time.

And answered.

“… … Well, I guess not?”


“This is the way it doesn’t sell.”

* * *

“babe. look? Hunters hunt to make money, right? And usually, the easiest way for business owners to make money is to reduce labor costs.”

“… … .”

“Hunter is the Dokdo law and tactics, and if he learned it, he learned it. I don’t think it’s worth spending money on someone who learned it.”

she added

“furthermore. Hunters who go to places that require that kind of professionalism are already in a state of tactics and stuff. Otherwise, you will not be able to survive.”

“Hmm… … .”

“So. Training professional supporters is helpful for hunting, and it is a very nice idea for a large company like us. I don’t think this is something the state should do with taxes… … ?”

“… … .”

“Well, even if you don’t know what a policy is until you look at it, it doesn’t seem very effective from the perspective of a business operator.”

It’s a harsh criticism.

He humbly accepted and nodded.

“Then put it on hold. We will have to hand it over to the policy office for further refinement.”


There seems to be something called the law of the market at the bottom.

After pushing for nothing and hearing the sound of the desk administration, I decided to respect the strict economic logic of the market.

As she shakes her head like that, she speaks carefully.

“… … However, we will try a trial introduction on our side. If you ignore efficiency and think about it, good ideas are right… … . Can you analyze the results and send them to me?”

“Then thank you.”

President Cheon nodded calmly, took off his glasses and threw them in the corner of the desk. I felt the mindset that I could buy a new one even if I had a scratch.


“… … Oh, get off the party… … .”

She pulled out a piece of Kisses’ chocolate from the plastic tin and began to grumble and ponder something.

I grabbed a handful of chocolate from the plastic tin and shoved it into my inner pocket, murmuring to me that she had finished thinking.

“Oh, honey. I have one thing to file a complaint with.”

Whether it was a complaint or a solicitation was something to listen to and decide.

“Oh, yes. What is it?”

“The North Korean town of Jangjin-eup that I mentioned earlier… … That, a large-scale s*xual industrial complex.”

“… … Red light?”

“Yes, there.”

It was located just above the Sampal Line in Gangwon-do, so technically it was outside the border, but in reality it was a place that returned to the luxury and pleasure of Korean hunters.

And CEO Cheon talked about it in earnest.

“But it’s not the only one there, is it? How can we not solve things like that?”

“… … Yes?”

“Actually, it is difficult to pinpoint which area it is, but… … .”

Her complaint went something like this:

“Young kids these days have their eyes turned over to marry hunters… … ? make good money good body too die quickly.”


“Anyway, when it comes to managing hunters, the toughest thing is human relationships… … .”

The archangel grunted lightly and spoke.

“this… … . Workshops all over the border area-”

“Uh-huh, it’s not empty. The measures were put on hold for a while due to the difficulty of realistic crackdowns.”

“Isn’t that what you call neglect? … ?”

“Hey really… … !”

“Anyway. Because that’s why my head rots a bit… … ? Of course, the kids who risk their lives need to relieve stress. The water quality is so bad… … .”

She spoke of practical difficulties.

“Men are better off. alimony, alimony, or child support. I can play shobu with money… … .”

“… … .”

“Girls go in and out of Hopa the wrong way, and swallow them. If you have children, that day is your career geography… … ?”

“… … .”

“Well, it is possible to erase sudden accidents, but then I made a mistake and made an article. You pay tens of billions of dollars to the advertisers who put her face in your face right away, and you lose your life.”

“… … How does it sound like an experience?”

“damn! really! It could be! What! When did I say that I bought and buried the Hunter kites with money?”

“… … I didn’t say that-“



She slammed the desk and turned away desperately.

“How do I manage the water quality of my hometown… … ! Whether it is managed by introducing a co-creation system, or whether it is properly cracked down… … !”

“… … .”

“I’d rather be hurt… … ! Do you think it makes sense to catch a monster and get a s*xually transmitted disease? … !”

She half grabbed her head and even whined.

Seeing that the head of a large conglomerate and the owner of the largest PMC in Korea do this, it seems to be an act of sacrificing life span, whether in business or business.

“… … Honey. How can this not be… … ?”

But unfortunately.

I shook my head.

“I don’t think so… … .”

“Oh, why… … !”

“People’s sentiment does not allow it.”

In fact, it is true that such illegal brothels need some kind of government action, whether to crack down or manage them.

The problem is that while it may make sense, it is politically unacceptable.

Politics is not a science of efficiency.

A politician is a sales job that has to win people’s hearts, and people’s hearts are far from efficient.


“… … this, what When the co-creation system is introduced, people think that Korea has become a more backward country.”

“… … Yeah? why?”

“Why and what, it’s just the national sentiment. How difficult is the country to touch the entertainment establishments in the country? Because it is.”

This has already been sufficiently discussed among the upper management, so I was able to continue the explanation without any problem.

“Well, Chungcheong-do and Gangwon-do know the physiology of the hunter industry and the entertainment industry, even if that’s the case. It is shameful for the people of the southern regions of the Yeongho-nam region to be allowed to work in their own country.”

“… … Yeah? why?”

“No, it’s not an efficiency issue. Of course, hunters need a place to unwind, but the state should not openly manage it.”

President Cheon didn’t seem to understand yet, but he seemed to want to find a solution, so he shoved the cash in her style.

“… … So it’s a matter of self-esteem, right?”

“I am not going to say that. It’s a policy that has some gaps with the people’s sentiments.”

“… … How can money not solve it? Giving money to the people and calming public opinion-”

“It is commonly referred to as the basic income system. Do you remember President Yoo Jae-gwang? I only brought out the ‘ki’ character of the basic income system, but I was beaten up for being a redneck and the approval rating was cut in half… … .”

“Then I would rather buy the whole entertainment industry. What. It wouldn’t hurt to try to be the queen of the night-“

“No, the people won’t allow it to be legal!?”

“Then are you going to leave it like this?”

“… … ha.”

manage or control. Either one is necessary.

However, the public sentiment is not tolerant for the government to manage. The fact that strict crackdowns cannot be made is that this is a necessary facility for the country.

“… … What is it?”

Just as it is the solemn economic logic that dominates the market floor, it is the highly emotional general public’s emotions that govern the political realm.

It didn’t require understanding, and sometimes it was difficult to understand, but in the end it was a fact that didn’t need to be understood.

So, in the end, politicians say:

“Due to administrative difficulties, it seems likely that active measures will be put on hold for a while.”

“… … .”

“I’m sorry.”

This is why countries don’t always run rationally.

“… … When the election season is over, I will touch it.”

All that remains is a promise.

Of course, no one knows whether the ball is public or empty.

whoever said it doesn’t know

The world is like this

* * *

It was election season.

A year has passed since the election of President Yang Pan-seok, and about half a year has passed since the European Gate.

national and local elections,

New governors and mayors will be elected across the country.

It was an election that had always attracted attention because it was an election in which three major powers were usually elected: the mayor of Seoul, the governor of Gyeonggi-do, and the governor of Gyeongsangnam-do.

This time, it was particularly unusual.

First of all, thanks to the mischief of local government heads not accepting refugees in the early days of the Gates incident, most of them were highly likely to receive judicial treatment rather than re-election.

At the time when it was confirmed that new blood would be transfused into the political circles, as the land mass of Korea was narrowed, it is expected that the power (budget) of the heads of local governments will be very large,

It was because it was clear that everything would become a fierce battlefield, except for Jeju Island, which was held by Chung Jung-yeop, and Gyeongsang-do, where the aristocrats would run.

In summary, this is

There are few political giants in Korea.

Whoever gets elected this time will be the tycoon.

But I have no idea who will be elected.

Well, this is the situation.

And at this critical time, what am I doing?

“Ugh… … .”

“Jiyun. let’s drop drop… … !”

“… … What! It’s not that far away!”

“okay. okay… … .”

“… … Aren’t you supposed to get an injection?”

“It’s because it’s not.”

The little boy held his hand and came for a health check-up.

Because Gam Ga-yoon was more important than the election season.

Of course, it wasn’t just a health checkup.

“You only need to put a few stickers on it. How comfortable are you?”

“Well, it’s not like a needle sticks out and stings… … ? Grandma is like that… … .”

“… … No, it’s not about blood sugar, it’s about horsepower.”

Fortunately, the horsepower meter jointly developed by the EU and the United States did not seem to have a needle.

And, I didn’t know until then.

The moment Gam Ji-yoon placed her hand on the meter-

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