A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 146

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 146

EP 24 – Mouth (1)

Local elections have begun.

From the governor, to the mayor, to the provincial councilor to the city councilor. It is a very large election in which approximately 2,000 elected positions are elected.

Everyone’s attention is focused.

“… … .”

Ordinary local elections were treated as extensions of presidential elections, but this local election was unique in its meaning.

This is because the Korean political world was suffering from an unprecedented manpower shortage.

Weren’t the first- and second-ranked Nationalist Party members Shin Su-gwang and floor leader Lee Ho-jeong were not first-time lawmakers. So, the significance of this local election is even greater.

Who will rise to the top of Korea?

Not only the public opinion in Korea, but also the media, business circles, and academia were all paying close attention to this local election.

The storm that started in politics was sure to turn the world upside down.


“… … Whoa. It is autumn.”

Isn’t it the perfect season to decorate something under the water?

* * *

Reducing the number of hunters.

What I was going to do was to say good things about disarmament, and badly, it was Tosagupin. Considering that I was the one who increased the number of Hunters, it’s probably closer to the latter.

However, it was clear that society was getting sick because of Hunter. And this was a phenomenon that could only be seen from above, not something that could be grasped from below.

Hunters, whom people see on TV, hang a shield core on their chest and flutter the hem of their coats to go around the forefront.

In the ruins of the city, flashing swords and superpowers slaughter the monster and rescue the wretched little boy from the rubble.

In a way, it was romance itself, but most of the hunters were not very romantic.

In the first place, there were hardly any hunters who hunted. There were far fewer hunters fighting the war. Most hunters do butchery.

He finds a monster that is far weaker than himself and digs out magic stones like a chicken’s head twisting, and when only Code Yellow is declared, he runs away.

So I ordered a daily job supporter to pick up a few pieces of mana stones and exchange them for money. With that money, he buys an apartment at the foot of a mountain in Gyeongsangbuk-do, and spends the end of the century on drinking, gambling and entertainment.

The world has become

More than 20 police officers have died trying to arrest a drunken and rampant superman, and the hunter who killed a supporter just yesterday received probation by using a private attorney.

Violence that occurs behind all kinds of entertainment is a daily occurrence, and an illegal gang formed north of the Chungcheong Defense Line, and in some cases, police commandos killed about a dozen people.

These aren’t even 7th or 8th grade high-ranking hunters.

Most of them are only level 4 or so. Considering that very talented hunters start at level 3, level 4 and 5 hunters were the most common hunters.

But why are they committing such a depravity that even the third generation of chaebols can do?

The reason is simple. That’s because I earn that much. It was a time when the whole world was longing for magic stones.

So they are role models for the whole nation. Everyone is eager to immerse themselves in the hunter industry. That’s how successful I was in the first place.

It is an era when there is only one way to eat well and live well.

Of course, it was the job of a true politician to create an era where people can eat well and live well, but unfortunately. I had no such talent.

Instead, the wound can be cut out before it rots and rots.

This is the country’s next best policy for politicians.

“… … .”


Before starting the full-scale operation, it seems necessary to cover the boulder.

“… … hello?”


“okay. Chae Won-ah. where are you?”

– I’m at Costco right now… … .

“Let’s go to Jeju Island with me.”


“And the Bulgogi Bake when you come.”


* * *

Taking a flight to Jeju required very complicated procedures.

Considering the price of jet fuel, the ticket price was obvious, and in that sense, most people flying in this era were more than VVIPs.

In addition, flights to Jeju are escorted by at least five fighters. Because of such a state of affairs, I thought about whether or not an airplane would take off once a month, and once it did, news articles were posted everywhere.

Of course, that will become a thing of the past when the undersea tunnel project I’m working on is finished, but at least not now.

So I used a means other than airplane.


The autumn wind blew past the clear sky, and five psychics landed on the runway like the wind. I’m used to balancing, but the others seem to stumble a bit.

And our means of transportation rose into the sky again with a smile.

“Then I’ll go see Mom!”

“okay. Ji Yoon-ah. It’s not a big deal, even some sweets on the way-“

“a… … ! Leave it! Leave it!”

As soon as I held out the money, a hand the size of a fern snatched the bill. Apparently, the word “put it in” meant to put it in one’s own pocket.

“Bye Bye!”


He dropped us on the runway at Jeju International Airport and started flying toward the Chosang Industrial Complex where Chief Cheon Hwa-ran was located.

I waved Jiyoon’s hand until he became a dot in the blue sky, and I checked their outfits and checked the condition of the party.

“Everyone, was the flight okay?”

“It was fun-!”

Dasol Yeo was the first to answer.

It was so much fun that I was running and jumping, and the K2 rifles and submachine guns on my body shook and made a cold friction sound. I felt some strange pressure.

“Surprisingly, it shakes less than a roller coaster. It’s okay.”

Jo Jung-sik added sternly. He wears a dark blue coat over a bloody school uniform. He glanced around, spinning the butterfly knife with his finger.

“What is the guard schedule?”

“Just make sure someone doesn’t come near me with a gun and a knife. for two days.”

“It’s easy.”

Marshal Jo Jung-sik and Assistant Marshal Yeo Da-sol (appointed as a magistrate but voluntarily assigned under Jo Jung-sik) were the guys I brought as bodyguards. Both are the highest-ranking observers in Korea.

Hunting strategies were studied, and the positions of physical hunters were classified into three categories. Knights, tanks, and observers are typical standards.

And the observer used to be the most preferred bodyguard. Knowing the threat was far more important than preventing it.

In that sense, carrying the two best observers in Korea meant that there was no need to worry about safety. Besides, wasn’t Yeo Da-sol a sniper?

Anyway, these guys seem to have little after-effects from the flight.

The problem was the payee.

“Ugh… … ! haha… … !”

it’s kinda bad His complexion has turned white, and his dry, bare legs are bent inward and trembling.

“Chaewon-ah… … ?”

“… … High, phobia of heights, it seems, it seems.”

“Well. Wouldn’t it be scary to fly across the sea naked, even if you aren’t afraid of heights?”

“Knowing that… … !”

He glared at me with venomous eyes, but seeing him trembling was more pity than scary.

I smiled sadly and picked up the suitcase he was carrying instead. And gently patted him on the back, comforting him.

“sorry. Were you very scared?”

“… … little bit.”

“Yes, yes… … .”

When I got home, I didn’t even tell him that I had to fly like I do now.

* * *

The gate opened and the world changed a lot. Mainly in a bad way. Most people miss the pre-gate era.

However, if there was a place where the gate was opened and improved, it was Jeju Island.

“Wow… … Are there more buildings under construction than those that are in good condition?”

“As the number of foreign investment immigrants increased, the real estate in this area was revitalized. There are a lot of companies that have come to Jeju Island.”

In the end, it means that you spend a lot of money.

Korea was the most stable country in the world, and Jeju Island was the safest city in Korea.

Conglomerates from all over the world flocked to Jeju Island, especially Arab chaebols who fled from the madness of Islamic fundamentalism and oil money dictators.

Thanks to this, the Korean economy is improving very rapidly. Because foreign chaebols were spending money in Korea, and with that money, we were importing magic stones to the dictators of Southeast Asia.

And that magic stone has been converted into energy batteries by Samsung Psionic and SK Innovation and sold in the international market. Fortunately, GS is relatively outdated in the energy market due to Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung’s sharp checks.


It must have been rather strange for Jeju Island, the capital of such large corporations and chaebols, to keep the look of a secluded tourist island like in the past.

“Seeing how a country that has been ruined is developing makes me feel refreshed. This is why the elderly liked patong… … .”

The towering forest of buildings boasted its majesty even though it was covered with a construction tent, and the workers and tailors wandering around the half-sized city center were industrial workers who rebuilt the collapsed society.

We have crossed the heart of this new society.

So I arrived at Jeju National University.

In foreign countries, it is usually called Hunter Academy.

It was also home to the Asian branch of Knights Without Borders.

“Oh, I see you there.”

Just then, the head of the Asian branch of the Knights Society caught my eye. He was also the vice president of the Korea Hunter Association, a permanent instructor at the Hunter Academy, and a spiritual supporter of the Dongdaemun Hunters.

“Sun Hunter!”

“… … uh? Oh, hello, Minister?”

It was a tall young man who had not yet taken off his high school shirts, wielding swords and guiding dozens of hunters on a grassy field.

* * *

the end of the European crisis. Jinwoon Seol became an international celebrity.

Of course, his performance was outstanding, but the way he slaughtered a monster while wielding a blue sword ignited the romance of many people.

It may be a little childish for a reason, but it is the reality. Wasn’t the original president also elected by popularity? That is why Seol Jinwoon’s public popularity was also a very valuable asset.

He was awarded the highest order of decoration in France, became the Asian branch manager of Knights Without Borders, and became the preeminent figure who created the category of ‘Knight’ in the position of a physical superman.

The knight was recognized as the class with the highest lethal power in that when the sword touches the magic stone, it can absorb the magic stone and subdue the monster.

Of course, it was a rather difficult profession in that it was impossible to extract and sell manastones, and it required a certain amount of talent and effort.

“No one in Europe will be treated as much as a knight.”

“… … Obviously, most of the trainees are foreigners.”

It’s not important to make money as a monster, but in a society where you have to catch a monster first, there were no hunters as important as a knight.

Anyway, the point is this.

“Aren’t you planning on taking a picture of the Ingang?”


“You too can be a knight! 101 ways to use swordsmanship! Well, I’m thinking of this style… … .”

The reason I made this request to Seol Jinwoon was simple.

“Anyway, isn’t there a limit to the number of people that can be educated in the academy? There is a problem of time, there is a problem of location… … .”

There is also the problem of not being able to extract manastones even if you work hard and learn swordsmanship.

“So this time, we are trying various improvements under the motto of cultivating the third generation of hunters. We are improving the awakening system, looking for ways to alleviate the side effects of second-generation hunters, and preparing to reorganize the curriculum. I think it might be a multi-faceted improvement.”

It’s like reducing the number of hunters.

“First of all, the best goal is to create an environment where hunters can lead a hunter-like life. It is at the stage of synthesizing several ideas… … .”

It’s like having hunters compete with each other. Like labeling an incompetent hunter.

“It was the article that paid attention at that point.”

The number of hunters will decrease, but a plan to maintain the quality of hunters.

“Once I teach only the very basic sword training method on the Internet, if they come to me that I have shown talent in that way, I am intensively nurturing them in the country.”

Mainly as civil servants. Or send it to the knights.

Anyway, Knight is not very favored in the domestic industry. Even if you work hard to catch a monster, if you use the wrong knife, it will be absorbed. Or if you do it on purpose and make a mistake, things get complicated.

Nevertheless, the explosive lethality they had was too precious to give up on the noblemen called knights.

Although it is impossible to ‘hunt’ against a monster, isn’t it really valuable manpower when ‘warning’ against a monster?

So this is the conclusion I came to. If we’re going to defeat most of the hunters anyway, let’s pick a talented one out of them.

And, when life gets tough, let’s induce the government to come to the government.

“That is why I earnestly ask our Vice President Seol. Please teach the Hunters.”

“… … .”

The boy looked a little worried.

Seriously, isn’t he the one who made the sword?

Besides, these days, because of the trainees who came from all over the world, he was having a very busy day.

However, if you tell them to come and be patriotic in the first place, it is natural for them to be reluctant. It wasn’t something a politician would say, but patriotism didn’t feed him.

So I added a word.

“Of course, I am not asking you outright. We have already negotiated with YouTube. Advertisements seem to be mostly public service advertisements in Korea, per number of views-”

“… … When can we start filming?”

“Let’s start with the painting.”

* * *

In fact, the fact that I was doing something against the Hunters was a story that anyone in the know knew. Because the eyes were always drawn to those around power.

Even a columnist who was wondering what was going on right now, didn’t he always look at me and say, ‘I’m paranoidally wary of Hunters’.

Therefore, this local election was a good news that came at a very clever timing.

Everyone has lost interest in me.

“Hey, it will be delicious.”

Thanks to this, I came to Jeju Black Pork Bossam after completing a wonderful business with Seol Jinwoon. Gam Ga-yoon, Seol Jin-woon, Pi Chae-won, Jo Jung-sik, and Yeo Da-sol.

It was a pleasant meal out.

After all, there are four minors.

I poured cider into a soju glass and greeted pleasantly.

“Our little hunters, let’s eat deliciously.”

“I’m not a kid.”

“You are the youngest.”


Jiyoon sat still and opened her mouth. Lettuce and bossam flew away and flew into the guy’s mouth. It was a bizarre look.

“… … .”

I lightly poked him in the cheek with my finger, and brought the meat wraps that were flying in the air to my mouth.

It was at that time when Jiyoon was about to run with foam in her mouth.

“… … Minister.”


Pi Chae-won, who called me, had an awkward expression.

As a result, some unfortunate news came.

“… … It is said that former acting authority Won Ok-bun is running for governor.”

“Hmm. I thought I was running for mayor of Busan. okay. Is it Gyeongbuk or Gyeongnam? I’m sure I’ll be elected anyway… … .”

“It’s Jeollabuk-do.”

“… … .”

Things started to take a strange turn.

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