A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 145

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 145

EP 23 – The Wonderful World of Hunters (5)

The biggest characteristic and chronic disease of party politics in Korea was factional conflict, and it still persisted.

This was especially the case with the National Party.

On the contrary, the National Defense Party, which thought that there would be four months, is relatively harmonious. The Republicans and Democrats, who were the primary supporters, were united. Jeolla-do and Gyeongsang-do were grouped together as the southern regions of the Republic of Korea, and conflicts were rather reduced.

On the other hand, what about the Nationalist Party?

“Your brother may not know. Looking back at our party these days, it’s almost like the Three Kingdoms.”

“okay… … ?”

“Because there are very few greetings with heavy pressure. They fight like a herd of dogs.”

A fierce three-way battle was unfolding.

* * *

There are three main factions within the KMT.

1) the audience

This is the place where the Jeju governor Chung Jung-yeop gathered. The expandability (attack power) was small, but the defense was strong. After all, Jeju Island was tightly held by the provincial governor.

It was also the most powerful place. Because Jeju Island was a place where not only Korea but also the world’s chaebols gathered.

Not to mention the domestic chaebols, the Chinese chaebols are right next door, so the government is noticing them, so there are few, and there are a lot of Arab chaebols. I wonder if there are any rumors that the domestic foreign currency earning is covered by land documents on Jeju Island. The problem is that it doesn’t sound very wrong.

Because of that, most of the lawmakers were lobbyists who received scholarships from chaebols. Although they were the fewest in number, they maintained a very tight organization due to their closed and secretive nature.

2) New receiver light system

Representative of the refugee camp in the metropolitan area. It is a gathering that follows Shin Soo-gwang. In the first place, the leadership brought that organization to the National Assembly as it is, so the leadership is strong.

Maybe that’s why, because they all had a similar temperament to the rigid athletic circles, they were very aggressive and radical. Of course, this was due to the dire situation of the current refugees in the metropolitan area.

The influence of approximately 15 million refugees (voters) was so large that they controlled the Republic of Korea without exaggeration, so the lawmakers in Chungcheong-do and Gangwon-do (northern region), where refugees mainly reside, have no choice but to share interests with the Shinsu Gwanggye. enough.

In addition, the people of the southern region are mostly the bereaved families of residents of the metropolitan area.

3) Lastly, Seung-Moon Han.

The force was very large, but the unity did not go well. It was because I was in the government, not the National Assembly, and above all, because I came from different backgrounds.

The retired hunters I brought, the proportional representatives of the metropolitan area loss district, the local politicians who jumped on my popularity, and the small group walking my own way.

Ho-jeong Lee was fiercely controlling Shin Soo-gwang as the floor leader, but many gold badges are trying to move to a different faction every moment.

Of course, it wasn’t because of Lee Ho-jung’s lack of ability.

Rather, it is because of my lack of political experience.

To be precise, I didn’t have a talent pool at the time of the general election.

If it had been a yangban-seok, there would have been surplus people even after filling the National Assembly with people loyal to him, but I was in a hurry, so I tended to use just about anyone.

Of course, it was a problem that could be solved if I abused my power to take care of those people, but I was faithful to state affairs for Yang Pan-seok rather than taking care of my faction.

So would you like to stick with me?

In particular, the yangbans in the northern district had to be friendly with Shin Soo-gwang by anti-compulsory force. Otherwise, the refugees living in the constituency get eggs.

So this was a problem that had nothing to do with Lee Ho-jung’s ability to rise to the floor leader, but in other words, it was a problem that could not be stopped no matter how hard she tried.

Of course, Hojeong Lee’s expression in answering my question was not bright enough.

“How far did you go toward Shin Soo-kwang?”

“… … I do not know. First of all, all the people living in the constituency with a large number of refugees went there. Otherwise, it will not be able to manage itself.”

“Shin Su-kwang must have been really excited too. The refugee camp Oyabung was quite successful.”

“… … Sometimes it’s a little scary. Seeing them even shave their heads to please the refugees.”

However, no matter how hard Shin Soo-gwang gnawed at the Kuomintang, there was one thing that should never be forgotten.

He was clearly a political extra, and what brought him to the surface during the presidential election was,

That’s the slab.

And the yangban-seok I know was basically a yangban who put a bomb or two in his heart when using a person.

“… … .”

So it was also that I did not manage the inside of the Kuomintang.

If a nobleman named Shin Su-gwang crossed the line, Yang Pan-seok could be tempered somehow.

No matter how close I may be with Yang Pan-seok, politicians are a race that does not see threats.

That’s what power was.

No matter how close you are to someone in power, you must not forget that I bow down to him.

And my judgment was in the process of being very positive.

“Hey, Jiyoon was a hit this time. It’s the second academy early next year. Why not just push the momentum and get a big one?”

“What evil idea did you come up with this time?”

“No, the atmosphere is a bit shaky both at home and abroad. Hunters and civilians, what? know? away from each other… … .”

“It is.”

“… … What do you think about ranking hunters by any chance?”

straight-! straight-!

A heavy knock was heard.

Suddenly, the doorknob turns without permission.

“… … ?”

I wanted to see who would come into a room where three influential lawmakers were gathered like this.

“… … uhm? uh It’s been a long time everyone. Is this the first time I’ve seen this since a minister’s birthday party?”

was the president

* * *

As always, Yang Pan-seok, dressed in a slender suit, was greeted with a 90-degree greeting from the National Party floor leader and the Standing Chairman of the Portrait Committee, tumbled in, placed a red ginseng tablet next to him, and took the seat of my guardian.

After such a light greeting, Yang Il-ho and Lee Ho-jeong leave the hospital room at Yang Pan-seok’s polite and euphemistic congratulatory message.

Yang Pan-seok untie his tie and hangs it on the bedside.

I smiled softly and asked him.

“Immediately, the chief of staff and the secretary for political affairs came and went. Is it okay for the President to take such a light step?”

“If you and I don’t visit each other, rumors of a feud are on the rise. So, if I fall on the sickbed, come to me.”

“What are you saying… … .”

“Are you playing today?”


“Hunter Rank reorganization. I thought it was a headwind, but it is a tailwind.”

He sips a cup of mixed coffee in the corner of the hospital room and smiles lightly.

“But it wouldn’t hurt to lie down like this.”

“Haha, no face.”

“What, are you usually worried?”

“The more you worry about the country, the more it increases.”

“Uh-huh. This person is.”

Hurup. Yang Pan-seok wet his mouth with a cup of mixed coffee, and came in with a smile.

“I was forced to introduce a magistrate. I’m too lazy to introduce a magic measure and check the status of the hunters. I’m too lazy to lie down on the sickbed.”

“… … .”

“I am very concerned about safety.”

He calmly pointed out the gist of all my policies.

“… … .”

Digging into the gaps of people like this is a talent in a way.

In order not to get caught up in his political career, he does not answer hastily, so he continues with a light smirk.

“It’s me, then it’s convenient.”

“… … .”

“Regulations and crackdowns are what the people are supposed to do – do – every day, though. If you do, you will end up eroding your reputation… … .”

When he re-asked the question he had asked earlier, the meaning came to a new level.

“okay. You seem a little worried, don’t you?”

“… … .”

“I can see that we are slowly making the plates. What are you doing this for?”

* * *

President of Korea Superman Association.

There are three words to describe Hong Seon-ah.

“Ahaha… … ! This is so funny… … !”

“I, he, the president of the association? Are you saying that corpses are funny?”

“Just by looking at it, you can see that he had his heart broken with telekinetic technique and pretended to be dead by a monster. If you were really killed by the monster, all the land around this area should have been red. these are funny guys I don’t think I’ve ever killed many people. Were there any telekinesis among the people who reported it? What are you doing? I’m not getting caught.”


“Ugh. So? Those who ran away don’t know where Mt. Geumgang is, right?”

“Yes, President of the Association. The search scope is too wide. some time-”


“Wealth, wealth, fire-!”


“Did you catch all the criminals?”

“Huh… … ! Ugh… … ! Yes, all arrests have been completed-”

“Please release me.”


In summary, he had a reputation for being a crazy arsonist who laughed and laughed every day.

However, despite this, the opinion that it was capable was the prevailing opinion.

Although he was overly decisive, he was not indecisive, and sometimes made decisions that others did not understand.

In addition, although some people heard the sound of a scarecrow, he was close to GS, so he had excellent financial power, and he was close to Han Seung-moon, so he didn’t really touch it in the political arena.

Rather, the broadcasting industry tended to approach her by looking at her gorgeous looks. In fact, in the early days of the incident, he had a record of being active enough to be treated as a semi-celebrity.

However, after the death of guild leader Kim Chun-sik, she did not easily appear in public, and the act of a pretty and powerful woman was wrapped in mysticism, and ironically, she was counted as one of the most popular hunters in Korea.

Because of this, very few people knew that she was in the middle stage of bipolar disorder.

Of course, it is a rather complex symptom to describe as bipolar disorder. Mania and depression seemed to work at the same time, and when I was sad, I laughed, saw dead people, and my heart was always heavy.

However, although the mind of a person may be complicated, the responsibility of a person is extremely simple.

To fulfill the will of Chun-Sik Kim.

saving people.

That was the goodness of a human named Seon-ah Hong.

It was the only line she followed,

It was the line that connected her with a person named Chun-Sik Kim.

It was the thin line that kept her from being broken right away.

Because of that, the meeting that day had to be very special to her.

“Ah, Hong Seon-ah, President of the Association. How much is this?”

“Oh my – our ministers are both very tough… … .”

Shinsu 身手 meant the light of the face, and ‘bright’ was usually used to mean bright. So, the expression that the divine water is clear means that it looks healthy.

Han Seung-moon, whom I had not seen in a long time, looked like a goddamned man.

A skinny figure and haggard cheeks were those seen by a sensitive politician, and his dark circles and tired eyes looked particularly ferocious.

And he looked scared as he smiled kindly.

“What did you call me for?”

“Ah, it’s no different—”

“… … .”

In any case, Hong Seon-ah herself was nothing more than a scarecrow in the political arena. That was the case with the association. It was the place where the GS Group and the Portrait Management Department were negotiated behind closed doors.

This was a situation that stemmed from Cheon Geum-soon’s ambition, Han Seung-moon’s paranoia, and Hong Seon-ah’s indifference. This also means that an agreement has been reached.

Hong Seon-ah stepped back from the political and administrative fields and utilized her tactical and animal capabilities to the fullest in the field. Because of his ability, he massacred monsters and consumed mana stones indefinitely.

For this reason, Hong Seon-ah was very reluctant and anxious that Han Seung-moon called her in a political situation.

And that prediction became a reality.

“How about introducing a Hunter ranking system?”

“… … Ranking?”

Han Seung-moon suggested that the hunters be ranked first.

“Ugh. As the president of Hong Kong knows well. Isn’t there a sense of distance between the fortress hunters and the civilians?”

“Because they are killing people. But the general public did not know the Hunter well.”

“Yes. There is a little bit of discrepancy. However, since our Hunters are the leaders of portrait reform and are like salt of our society – this is a part of considerable concern even at the upper level. The separation between the hunter society and the general society.”

Separation of hunter society and general society. From Hong Seon-ah’s point of view, it felt like a very natural phenomenon.

How did civilians and butchers mix? In a world where non-routines destroy daily life, hunters were the beings who threw themselves into the non-routine.

However, regardless of her subjective opinion, she thought that it would be in the hunters’ interest to cooperate with Han Seung-moon if possible.

You don’t make enemies you can’t win. usually.

So I kept my mouth shut and listened to his explanation.

“How will this ranking system work? … .”

The ranking system will have no legal effect. However, it can be used as a measure of a hunter’s strength in civilian society. In fact, it will lead you to do so.

Naturally, the public can approach the Hunters more friendly. Hunters will make it easier for the public to become fans.

There, it inspires a sense of improvement among hunters. Rather than roaming around the safe hunting grounds and enjoying the nightlife, he will become stronger and try to increase his ranking and become a high-ranking hunter.

“In other words, the first purpose of the ranking system is fusion with the general society. The second purpose is to inspire hunters to improve.”

“… … Hmm.”

A divided society easily perishes, and a stagnant society has no future. Han Seung-moon was pointing out that point.

“Before the hunter class divides society and stagnates and rots, let’s harmonize and develop through new stimuli—but I think. What do you think, President of the Association?”

Normally, I would nod my head.

One, Hong Seon-ah had one questionable point.

“High-ranking hunters must be quite fond of it! Do people who make good money even act as idols?”

“It’s not wrong.”

“By the way, the lower-level hunters are going to be a little tougher? Up until now, I ate well and lived well, but now I have to compete.”

“In a free market economy, this is normal. The nation will only survive when people move forward.”

“But there are some people who are a little embarrassed.”

Hong Seon-ah pointed out the blind spot.

“I was born with a C-class. You can’t beat S-Class by working hard.”

Still, the polarization in the hunter industry was extreme.

A strong hunter catches a stronger monster and becomes stronger faster. However, weak hunters only catch weak monsters, so their growth rate is slow.

Besides, there was also the difference in talent. Some people may become stronger even if they eat the same manastone, while others may not become very strong.

However, it is said that here, the talents of Hunters are classified and ranked.

“… … .”

Apparently, the government was promoting Hunter’s polarization.

The president of the Hunter Association asks this.


The Minister of Portrait Management responded.

“Society revolves around hunters too much.”

It was the words of the person who created this society.

“Everyone in Korea is working hard to earn money to take stimulants. As long as the magic economy has been adopted, the paranormal society has no choice but to focus on hunters. But shouldn’t all the people become hunters?”

In the face of the crisis of destruction, the road we walked across the line between the next best and the necessary evil. Now the price has come before them.

“Thanks to our joint research with the EU, stimulants no longer cut lifespan. And yet we still claim that taking stimulants will drastically reduce your lifespan.”

“… … .”

“Nevertheless, the reason everyone wants to become a hunter is that the job of a hunter has been established as the first class in this society.”

Now that he has come out of the crisis, the hunter doesn’t need to be noble anymore.

You don’t have to be strong, you can safely hunt in a hunting ground that suits your level, and if you come back after collecting magic stones, you can lead a standard of living that is dozens of times higher than that of ordinary people.

In addition, the hunters, who were treated as mutated humans, have even had the image of a hero through the steady image management of the government and large corporations.

In the eyes of people, the Hunter was finally starting to look ‘cool’.

After that, it was obvious.

“No matter how high the price of stimulants, people did not give up on becoming a hunter, even though they resented the government. In the end, only rich people became hunters.”

“… … .”

“Do you know how many months it has been since the monster did not reach the Chungcheong defense line?”

Hunter excess.

It was an extremely luxurious and paradoxical social problem that only a country in the world that could print a hunter could feel.

Hong Seon-ah offered a solution.

“… … How about sending it overseas or putting it into a domestic construction site?”

“They don’t want that.”

Superman and Hunter are different. When a psychic catches a monster, it becomes a hunter. In the past, that required a lot of courage and good will.

Not now.

“If you don’t have enough skills as a hunter, have a bad mindset as a hunter, and don’t have a sense of improvement as a hunter, shouldn’t you be a hunter?”

So, Seungmoon Han’s story was simple.

He made a world of cool hunters, but the hunters were no longer cool.

“So we need to make this hunter society a little more rational.”

“… … What does that mean?”

There are two options.

Or make the Hunters cool again.

Or beat the bad hunters.

“Hunters need to be reduced.”

And it’s usually cheaper to cut it than to make it.

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