A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 148

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 148

EP 24 – Mouth (3)

Monsters appeared in the world.

The first to respond were the soldiers.

Deputy Defense Minister Cha Jae-gyun organized the Seoul encirclement and developed a stimulant, and Commander Kim Doo-sik organized the Chungcheong Defense Line with the retreating ROK forces. And division commander Hyeon-jong Yoo succeeded in retreating from Uijeongbu and to Sokcho in succession, saving more than 7 million people.

But now, the most favored occupations were hunters, not soldiers.

The reason was simple.

The more soldiers fight, the more money

The more the hunter fights, the more money he gets.

* * *

… … Politicians are a profession that feeds on their interests, and as always, the interested servants inherent in our society sometimes commit unreasonable actions.

Sometimes it seems crazy, and sometimes it’s actually crazy. Is it a day or two to leave someone with good power behind you?

That was how I felt when I watched the former acting agent Won Ok-bun until just yesterday. I wondered how heartbroken it was to go up to the president’s threshold and slipped.

So, I threw an irrational number about running for Jeonbuk.

[Jeonbuk branch approval rate graph. From that point on, the approval rating soared. In the background, Wonokbun’s face is drawn translucently.]

Edit your views. I have decided that Won Ok-bun is closer to the next president than anyone else at this point.

It’s not just because he reunited with Han Seung-moon. This is because the region she occupied Jeollabuk-do is very important.

[A map of the coastline of Jeollabuk-do. A seawall surrounding a large bay is visible. The embankment built through several islands surrounds the sea along with the land.]

Now, the saying of selling Busan and buying Chungcheong Province is no longer a lie. Supplying new territory to the Republic of Korea is no different from Danbi in a drought.

So reclamation is the most important business in Korea. Build seawalls, drain seawater, and pour soil. That’s how you turn the sea into land.

But can reclamation be so easy?

Reclamation requires a seawall to be built, and seawalls are to build a barrier in the middle of the sea. No matter how much the world has changed, it is not something that can be finished in a day or two.

And the Saemangeum seawall in Jeollabuk-do is the world’s longest seawall built by Korea in 19 years.

[Seoul area. 605 km2]

[Saemangeum area. 409 km2]

Gam Ji-yoon will scoop out all the seawater and fill the sea with soil from North Korea, enough for about half a year.

And considering the fact that Sejong City started construction in 2007 and launched in 2012, and also considering that it is the superhumans who are hit by the nogada version these days. It will take about three years to build a city in the current situation where the Republic of Korea is putting all its efforts into building a city.

So, I will take about 4 years for Saemangeum to become a full-fledged city.

And 4 years is the period when Won Ok-bun ends his first term as Governor, and at the same time, the term of President Yang Pan-seok ends. In other words, once Won Ok-bun builds a city, the presidential election begins.

No one would think this was a coincidence.

[Won Ok-bun takes office as Minister of Justice. At that time, the ruling party was the Democrats, but her party enemy was the Republicans.]

The only problem was how Won Ok-bun was elected in Jeollabuk-do and how to convince the people of Gyeongsang-do of his Ivan. That just ended yesterday.

Won Ok-bun returned to politics more splendidly than anyone else in history, and Korean voters are very generous towards the strong.

And this will act as a fatal bad news for Korea.

[Photo of Honey Butter Chips. looks delicious.]

The popularity of Wonokbun is no different from that of Honey Butter Chips. Did the Honey Butter Chips sell well because they were insanely delicious? There’s something different about putting honey on potato chips. Wasn’t that a trend that spread?

The situation is the same now. There’s something different about applying Jeolla to the Republican Party. Han Seung-moon said that it was delicious, so the popularity spread like a fad.

As proof of that, Won Ok-bun shook hands with Han Seung-moon and secured approval ratings ranging from 7% to 14%, which is the same result as the percentage who supported Han Seung-moon during the last presidential election.

In other words, these people are so supportive that if Seung-Moon Han pointed his finger at him, he would take a picture of him. In other words, they are not voters who take photos because they like Won Ok.

[Picture of unpacked cookies. There is only a handful of sweets in a large bag.]

Ok-bun Won is clearly receiving strong support, but none of these support rates are due to her political achievements.

Saemangeum New Town. Farmers’ dissatisfaction with frozen rice prices. A subtle regional sentiment between Jeollabuk-do and Jeollanam-do. Social mixing due to a significant influx of refugees.

Although all factors are giving strength to Won Ok-bun, her only achievement is to get the timing right. This must be some kind of ability. I’m not going to deny that.

However, I am concerned that she is too prescient and too political to accept the responsibility of the president.

A leader in a democratic society must be a bear that the people can eat, but when he becomes a fox who can control the people… … .

* * *

“Secretary Yoo Jae-young.”

“Ugh… … !”

Intern secretary Yoo Jae-young reflexively covered the laptop.

When I closed the laptop, a girl with gloomy eyes was looking down at her from behind.

Yoo Jae-young trembled and said hello.

“Oh, hello! Secretary Blood?”

Although the title was ‘Secretary’, Yoo Jae-young was an intern secretary who did not even reach level 9, and Pi Chae-won was a level B minister of a high-ranking civil service.

That’s why a 28-year-old master of political science treats a 19-year-old with such respect. Even apart from the fact that Yoo Jae-young is the same age as Pi Chae-won.

“Ah, ah ha… … What did you call me for… … ?”

“The Minister is looking for you.”

Chaewon’s voice was dry.

“… … .”

In this calm but bleak voice, Yoo Jae-young always felt an instinctive reluctance. It was probably similar to the feelings that Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung felt toward Han Seung-moon.

The pressure that comes from dealing with people who are more than you can handle.

And Pi Chae-won was a person who felt such pressure without knowing it.

In those dark, gloomy eyes.

just as expected.

Chae-won’s words that followed were beyond what Jae-young Yoo expected.

“Let’s go. Mr. Wild Butterfly.”

* * *

It started with an article posted on the Internet.

[…] … hello. Political commentator Sannabi. Today, I will talk about the hunter industry in Korea, but first, about the fundamental absurdity of this society-]

[…] … A fair society is a desirable society only when there is a fair reward for fair efforts. So, in today’s society, where you have to wake up lucky or buy a stimulant with money, it’s undesirable-]

[…] … The fact that those who are empowered by good fortune monopolize all the wealth of society is unacceptable to any awake liberal. But what is the government doing now? In collusion with Hunter Capital-]

It was an extraordinary article to be called a single article, but even if it was a power blog that hundreds of thousands of people watch, from a macroscopic point of view, it was on the average axis.

The problem was after that.

[Hot current situation in the hunter industry.jpg]

[BEST) A society that succeeds by luck]

[??? : If you want to be successful, pour water and pray!]

Links and screenshots circulated in the Internet community, and the article spread. And it won the best of all communities.

Some argued that similar IPs were organizing and manipulating the number of recommendations, but such conspiracy theories were immediately blocked due to sanctions by the site administrators.

Where did such a conspiracy theory go for a day or two?

[‘New Golden Spoon Theory’? Non-Awakened Hunter’s Servant?]

Next was the internet article. Of course, it was not a grandiose content, and it was an article that recently, such an opinion was spreading among netizens.

And the report was quickly copied and took over the Internet. Reporters are copying articles.

So, when a column on the Internet was reported at 9 o’clock on the airwaves, no one thought the process was awkward.

It was the moment when an Internet column joined the mainstream public opinion.

It was enough for society to burn.

[The attitude of the gold spoon hunter to his subordinates. Direct shot.]

[Delivery # Dispatch

If the hunters go along with you on the road, don’t follow them! After that, people kidnap them and get them into cars, and that’s it!

Selling them to North Korean brothels is basic, and if done wrong, even organs can be stolen. Hunters have a connection with the government, so they don’t get punished.

This has already been reported on KBS.

Please tell the people around you~~~~]

[BJ leftist / Hunters earn 5.5 trillion won a day???!!!]

[Red dukes in North Korean nightlife? Illuminating the pro-North Korean forces infiltrating the superhuman society.]



Internet broadcaster.



In the cross section of the information society, where it is impossible to know who the origin of the rumors is, and who is the truth of the rumors. The hit-eating monsters began to wriggle.

As the little monsters squirmed, the big monsters got up. They took a preemptive shot in the general current affairs entertainment, and eventually the mainstream mainstream media began to generate profits in earnest.

When Chirashi becomes a hot topic, we call it an issue. When an issue spreads like wildfire, it is called public opinion.

And Korea was a democratic society that was moved by public opinion.

For this reason, it was an instant for a bill to pass in the National Assembly.

Since this was a phenomenon that started from under the society, no one felt unnatural in the process.

However, this bill was a contract legislation that allowed a process that would take a year to be passed in one day. The planner was an anonymous member of the National Assembly at the request of Han Seung-moon and under the direction of Yang Il-ho.

Of course, contract legislation or bypass legislation or something.

The public was not a laid-back race to care about such complex political issues. They got caught up in the issue of the governor of Chungcheong Province that followed immediately and started the next debate.

It was such a world.

* * *

Hunter society has been turned upside down.

It happened overnight.

“… … what. Why is this only my settlement amount?”

“Taxes have gone up a bit.”

“It’s not a little… … ?”

The profits of the lower-level hunters were greatly reduced. In severe cases, it fell to less than half in some cases.

Different taxation began to be applied according to the number of hunters.

As a result, lower-level hunters, that is, level 1 to level 3 hunters, lost half of their income.

“Is this f**king nonsense!?”

“Come out, you bastard Han Seung-moon, yes!”

The backlash was immediate. But it was not well-received.

“No, I understand what you are saying. You can raise your rank. Just take a little bit… … .”

“I’m sorry, but first of all, PMC is not willing to participate in the strike… … .”

It is because high-ranking hunters of level 7 or higher are using their power in the hunter society, and they have benefited from this tax change.

In addition, although even mainstream public opinion was not deceived by fake news, it was an atmosphere that recognized the lower-level hunters as ‘troublesome’, so there was no reaction from the hunters to the media.

No matter how many hunters there are in Korea, there are no more than 20,000. Will the politicians cover them upside down until they face public opinion?

Of course, this could be enough if lobbying from large corporations is involved, but large-scale PMCs have also been silent to avoid unnecessary conflict with the government.

“I know that unnecessary quarrels within the company are becoming more frequent these days. Please let me know that if it is too much and it interferes with my work, it may be reflected in the personnel evaluation… … .”

“Oh, yes! yes! Minister. Aww, no. We are always willing to cooperate… … . yes yes Hehe. sure. Child! it’s okay! It’s a decision made after careful consideration by people who work for the country. How do we… … .”

They are not free-hunting zones after all, but those who operate in the proper jurisdiction. That is, they were operating in different waters from the wild dogs they missed near the Chungcheong Defense Line and the private entrepreneurs who hunted.

Whether it’s the potion industry or the bodyguard industry.

Of course, very few businessmen knew that if they remained silent now, they would someday see blood—

“There is a saying that while the Nazis were killing the Reds, the Social Democrats and the unions, they were silent, and there was no one to come forward when they were killing them. The person who said that must have been taken to a concentration camp after all.”

“So, Mr. Chun will not be silent. Is this?”

“It’s okay to put a tax on potions and expel GS from the association. All you need to do is not move the FTC by suddenly saying that you are improving some unfair subcontracting relationship. We also have a unit price that we have to adjust to… … .”

“… … .”

“… … Heil Hitler?”

… … If he was wise enough, he knew how terrifying Han Seung-moon was, so he was satisfied with the purchase of reasonable lean meat after negotiating under the water.

If so, what happened to the lower hunters?

They had to choose.

Are you satisfied with the situation where your income has been cut in half and cut your spending?

Did you raise the Hunter’s water level?

* * *

dark night. I ate sashimi rice bowl by myself at home.

It wasn’t a grandiose meal, it was just a bowl of flounder and rice that my uncle had brought me, and mixed with red pepper paste, sesame oil, and lettuce.

“… … .”

Of course, it’s the top 1% meal. the world has become

Farmers whose rice line was cut off due to freezing rice prices went out to protest and were shot to death by water cannons. On the one hand, the price of rice was so high that people who starved to death thank the government. It is such a world.

Today, in order for the people to escape from such an ugly reality, I have ordered the Korean dispatched hunter team to write a special note on the achievement of leading many battles to victory in western France.

And in order to cut off the limbs of Shin Soo-gwang, who was running for governor of Chungcheongnam-do, he moved the prosecution and started to extort corruption in his close relatives.

On the one hand, he provided money to the family of a hunter who went missing while hunting in Wonju, thereby dispelling the fact that she stepped on a landmine installed by the ROK Army.

“… … .”

It is such a world.

If you dig deep, it’s endlessly complex, bitter, and cold.

At first glance, the world seems so bright, happy, and fun.

And since I live as a politician in such a world, I don’t know whether the world is hot or cold, and I just feel numb.

“… … .”

When I turned on the TV, a pretty hunter was advertising PMC.

[For the lives of citizens. And for the safety of Korea. Our Kumho service is always-]

It was a secret that those bastards were fined for murder in a North Korean brothel. If you dig deep with it, it is because the regulations on administrative authority over the northern territories are hindered.

We have to embrace the North Korean society, and then the tax will be-

“… … ha.”


Maybe everyone is like that. So, it must have been that the entertainment ratings were better than the news.

So, that was the time when I was also thinking about doing variety shows.

Ding- Dong-

“Yes. who are you.”

I staggered and opened the front door,

“Hello, Minister?”

“Uh, Seon-ah… … .”

The president of the Hunter Association came to visit.

As always, she smiled brightly.

“Would you like to go hunting with me tomorrow?”

“… … It must be hot.”

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