A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 154

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 154

EP 25 – The Most Powerful Inspector of All Time (4)

Man’s greatest enemy is man. This was a fact proven by human history, and Hunters were no exception.

“Most hunters die when they get shot. There are a few exceptions, but most of the time, if you get shot, you just die.”

So, there was nothing wrong with Gam’s words.

“Human hunting is not a very realistic story. Isn’t it common for Hunters to kill supporters and leave their bodies right now?”

“… … It’s not a day-to-day thing.”

It doesn’t happen in a day or two for people to kill people. Therefore, there was also a typical countermeasure, and the war correspondent who wandered around the 3rd world was half-professional in this regard.

“After all, human trafficking is for money. In other words, there is a place to sell organs.”

“… … .If you control the distribution network, you will find the answer.”

“I’ve been digging for the Middle East dictator half my life. It’s been a while since I’ve been to the site. Please give me a visa or something.”

* * *

Gam claimed that he would gather information from North Korea, but I was not in the style of making unnecessary risks.

“… … hello? Oh yes. That’s me. Yes. how are you? haha. No different-”

Instead of sending the reporter to North Korea, I made a phone call to the head of the National Intelligence Service and started a full-fledged investigation.


“… … What is it?”

“sorry. The North Korean side is no longer permitting agents to enter.”

“then. Are you saying you’re going to cover the case here?”

“… … Probably. Even at the top level, they do not want to create excessive friction with the North Korean side ahead of a big event-”

“I am at the top. What do you mean by this?”

Things started to get weird.

When they tried to expand the investigation, North Korea showed a little reluctance,

The Ministry of National Defense and the National Intelligence Service are of the opinion that if the Second Korean War is over, the whole North will be swallowed up, and that we should just match the beat.

Yang Pan-seok also agreed with him.

“Did 600,000 people die because of the monsters we pushed to North Korea during the Seoul incident? About 20 percent of the People’s Army lost their lives while defending the Yesong River defense line.”

“… … .”

I was the one who started the plan to push the monster to North Korea, so it wasn’t something I was unaware of.

However, it was also a fact that had been neglected.

“In North Korea, it’s Kaesong anyway. where would that be all? They also offered their own compromise.”

“… … .”

“Anyway, it was Eul and we were Gap, so it was also knowing that there was no point in examining it. As the atmosphere of fear spread, it was also helpful to maintain the regime… … .”

Yang Pan-seok stopped talking there and closed his mouth. I knew roughly what this meant.

“… … .”

We killed 600,000 anyway. It was said that we should not argue over the missing of at least a dozen people in North Korea.

This was a political logic of the kind that there should be no trouble between the two countries in the yard ahead of the catastrophic event of the Second Korean War.

“… … All right.”

Politically, it was very logical.

* * *

“No, that’s why you’re asking me about it here?”

It was a strange feeling to receive the words I had asked the NIS directly from the reporter. Even the fact that he had become so blunt in the matter of people’s lives was strangely emotional.


In the end, after kicking his tongue once, he tilts his glass of soju. The bitter alcohol passed through my throat, and I muttered with a sullen face.

“I’m not doing my country work alone, am I? It’s still a bit reluctant, but I think it’s just the mainstream opinion, so we’re going to move on.”

“No, what is this… … !”

“Because I was the one who started the plan to push the monster back to North Korea. I am not proud of myself in front of the 600,000 life debt.”

As expected, the reporter frowned.

“That’s it! This is it! When a person is dead, whether it becomes porridge or rice, we have to dig up, right?”

“Uh, really… … .”

To be sure, I had compromised moderately, but the sense of reluctance did not go away.

That said, Ri Yong-su, the North Korean dictator, was a very good match for us. Unlike previous dictators who suddenly wielded nuclear bombs.

“… … Write.”

Although Ri Yong-su was trying to eat the South Korean government on the surface, he was more deeply involved with the South Korean government than any other leaders so far.

We were the ones who blew up the bunker where Chairman Kim Jong-un was hiding after getting contacted by Ri Yong-su, Minister of the People’s Armed Forces at the time, at the beginning of the situation.

Even if hundreds of thousands of people died in Kaesong because of the Seoul monsters we drove north, he liked that he killed the reactionaries well.

Wasn’t it that we were blocking monsters coming from China instead of receiving all but two strategic nukes?

In addition, hunters are now freely moving around the open border with North Korea to earn magic stones. That’s about 20% of the domestic mana stone supply.

“Tt… … .”

Therefore, it is safe to say that South Korea and North Korea have a relationship like a crocodile and a crocodile bird. Especially since if the crocodile closes its mouth, the crocodile bird dies.

Of course, most of them were the achievements of Won Ok-bun, a master of tightrope walking. Diplomatic relations are not something that can be overturned just by changing one president.

I muttered carefully. The second bottle of soju seems to have loosened his tongue.

“So… … Isn’t the evidence that North Korea is suddenly doing something right? However, this is a bit of a question to ask again… … .”

“Actually… … !”


The Monami ballpoint pen that was put down as if thrown by a winder rolled over and fell to the floor.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Silence fell on the plastic table in front of the GS 24 convenience store. The night wind blew and rustled the soju sticks.

I put my head down on the table, drunkenly, and the reporter looked down at me with a cold gaze.

“Minister. Are you really like this? Isn’t that a dead person? this.”

“… … .”

“Has it changed?”

A half-mumbled answer came back.

“… … I do not know.”

“Oh, really. What drama are we filming now? What am I a just journalist, and Minister Han is a rogue politician trying to cover up the case?”

“Because I don’t know… … .”

“Oh, I don’t know what!”

It was a nervous question, and I returned a helpless answer.

“that… … What. there… … .”


“Our police officers regularly come and inspect the North Korean side… … .”


“I don’t think anyone would ever know about inserting a single person for the purpose of reporting… … .”

* * *

“It happened.”

“… … .”

“Take good care of me! Doyeon!”

Seeing the bright smile of a middle-aged woman, Yeo Do-yeon felt as if she had been struck by lightning in the dry sky.

“… … Are you going to catch organ stealers?”

“To be precise, we are going to get a rough idea of the distribution network. It wouldn’t be that dangerous!”

“How does your uncle know that?”

“It’s a feeling, what? It feels good.”

Reporter Gam said she had a good sense of humor, and Yeo Do-yeon only let out a light laugh. Of course, that’s not funny.

“… … I’ll just make one phone call.”

As Han Seung-moon’s power grew, the support given to the constables also increased day by day. The Ministry of Strategy and Finance started to take care of the budget.

Thanks to that, Yeo Do-yeon was sitting in a stylish chair in a well-off office. In fact, he was serving as the chief of the magistrates.

The gold medal of the Taegeuk Mugunghwa on her dark blue coat proved her position. She is a South Korean police officer as well as a police officer, and is a rank insignia meaning that she is treated as a third-class deputy director in the civil service system.

However, it doesn’t look like a gold badge.

“… … hello?”

-why. What.

“hey. how did this happen What is the North Korean organ robbery?”

-Uh, um… … . I just think of going to North Korea with Gam once.


-go for it!

“Hey, wait, wait. Don’t hang up! f**k this-”

* * *

The reason that Yeo Do-yeon took on the troublesome role of being a police officer was her sense of resonance to defeat monsters and save people.

It is a kind of compensatory psychology for oneself in the helpless former society. He also has a special feeling for his younger brother who is looking for people.

However, as she continued to serve as a magistrate, it was the people that made her really wary.

Geumgangsan side road leading to Jangjeon-eup. As she walked along the path where the rustling maple leaves were rustling, Yeo Do-yeon shot at her with a very dry tone.

“… … Hey, be careful. Because people are the scariest.”

“Aww. Is there anything that even the invincible Doyeon is afraid of?”

Yeo Do-yeon reacted to the uncle’s pointless joke with a sincere tone.

“To the Hunter who beats and kills supporters when bored, to the People’s Army who deserted with guns, to the fists connected to the pimp… … Because there are so many different people… … .”

“It’s okay because Doyeon is here!”

“Oh really… … .”

“ha ha ha! It’s because I’m long, so clothes wash well! Can I take a picture for you? The background is nice too.”

What is this… … .

Yeo Do-yeon, wearing a motorcycle helmet that she had never used in her life, thought. It’s a gimmick to cover up a widely known face, but isn’t it like an idiot?

A leather jacket, a motorcycle helmet, and a paru for a waist dance. It was a very standard third-rate hunter’s outfit, but Yeo Do-yeon’s tight-fitting fashion was just awkward.

“… … under. That bastard. really.”

Anyway, there’s nothing good about being involved with your brother.

I am the one who decides the grade, but if my family is a 9th grader, I can see them, so I’m still an 8th grade hunter.

Aren’t they called to sit on a cushion of thorns every day saying that they should strengthen friendship with the Apgujeong faction and the Dongdaemun faction?

Now it has even reached North Korea, which is not even sold.

“… … .ha.”

Of course, I always go in and out of the North Korean border or Mt. Geumgang, but this was the first time I went to downtown North Korea properly. This is because there is a policy that the magistrate should not exercise administrative power on the North Korean side.

However, this place, Jangjeon-eup, was an ambiguous place to call it North Korea or South Korea.

“Child! Come and play! Where did the man’s simbos go all the way to the high and low badger’s pee!”

“Heh heh… … ! 👌👌👌 … horn year. Because oppa will come with a crack in the bones of the monster bastards – are you just waiting there? Yes?”

“Ah… … ! I don’t know!”

Soliciting in a red light district decorated with cosmetics stolen from a collapsed department store, and hunters enjoying disposable love in their pockets.

Gambling halls glowing with neon signs that shimmer in broad daylight, and pachinko machines that make up the doorstep, no matter where you picked them up.

“mister! You ate the f**king machine money!”

“Oh! Pachinko, don’t be stingy!”

“This shit… … ! What a red-headed bastard got it and said it was absurd!”

From the beginning, Jangjeon-eup was a huge port city where foreign tourists came to Mt. Geumgang and foreign buyers came and went.

However, in South Korea, giant PMCs monopolize most of the hunting grounds as their jurisdiction,

The free hunting zone near the Chungcheong Defense Line reached a state of half saturation,

The lower-level hunters crossed the half-collapsed three-fold line and started hunting,

The government, who thought this was helpful for the national interest, supported hunting in North Korea both physically and mentally.

It was a very natural procedure for a port city to be transformed into a huge entertainment district, which had been living on tourism. Gam, who was looking around, was amazed.

“Wow… … ! I didn’t expect it to be so developed. It’s like a fairy house in Seoul from the 80s.”

“… … Did you go?”

“Ah, that’s right! I was a national student at the time. Tell me about the big day!”

Reporter Gam smiled and took pictures in all directions with her smartphone, while Yeo Do-yeon put her hand in her pocket and glanced around the street recklessly. Anyone who sees it is an unstoppable tourist.

They wandered around the entertainment district of Jangjeon-eup for a long time, and when the sunset was dazzling around 6 o’clock, Yeo Do-yeon suddenly wondered what she was doing.

I don’t know the details, but I’ve been walking around all day and eating street food saying I’m catching organ sales. Of course, the (self-proclaimed) original Pyongyang naengmyeon was delicious, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t.

“… … excuse me. Uncle Gam.”


The reporter was still snapping pictures of the street, apparently not getting tired. Yeo Do-yeon asked in a slightly elevated voice as she did not even turn her head when called.

“I think the tour was enough. When do you work?”

“Uh-huh, what if someone hears it?”

“After all, there were only eight plainclothes police officers near us. no. Are you a bodyguard?”

“Hmm. It seems that the minister still takes care of you a lot. He is a person who chews even steel!”

While Yeo Do-yeon in the helmet was fat and silent, the reporter chuckled about what was so funny and answered lightly.

“okay! Let’s go now!”

“Oh, yes. From now on, can I just find the seaweed in the sand? What is a distribution network? … .”

“No, I have to go home.”


As Yeo Do-yeon tilted her head to see if some kind of ghost would forget the script, Gam smiled broadly and shook her smartphone.

It was the thing that had just been photographed on the street.

“I saw everything.”

* * *

“what is it. Actually, the business of people is often seen in dramas and movies. It seems common, but it is very difficult, right? The distribution network and the delivery system must be very secretive and organized, and there must be surgical personnel or brokers.”

On the way back to Busan.

Gam, who was driving along the empty military road, smiled and unpacked his story.

“I mean, it’s not something a local thug can do. Ultimately, the culprit is either the government or the corporation. The rest are their minions.”

Jo Su-seok’s Yeo Do-yeon listened to Gam’s explanation with interest.

“By the way, are you saying that in the end, selling organs is for money? In that sense, Korea is a very nutritious market, isn’t it? The risk is big. It’s a good developed country. What do you mean when you get caught?

So, if you want to buy and sell hunter organs, you have to go to the Middle East or Africa. go to europe There is no reason for a company to come this far.”

“… … .”

“Then did the North Korean government, which is constrained by location, stalk South Korean hunters? It’s not that either. A nobleman named Ri Yong-su seized power in a coup d’état in this era and has been alive for several years. At least he’s not a person who doesn’t understand the subject. So, the possibility that the North Korean government promoted it is low.”

Reporter Gam continued to speak like flowing water.

“Then why are you a Korean hunter? Why do you have to be so dangerous in Korea? What makes Korean hunters different from hunters in other countries? The answer was obvious because I had reached this point.”

Yeo Do-yeon answered with the feeling of being hit with a hammer in the back of the head.

“… … speed?”


Only Korean hunters were mostly artificially awakened. The reason there were hundreds of times more hunters than in other countries was that the only reason was stimulants.

In other words, to study stimulants, the body of the hunter who took the stimulants was-

“… … !”

Yeo Do-yeon was speechless in shock.

“… … .”

“… … .”

The road at night was dark, silence fell in the car driving down the military road, and the reporter hummed as he ran down the street and calmly continued his explanation.

“Well, it’s not necessarily a story that only applies to Korean hunters. Because North Korea is a good place to do business with people. People trying to steal organs from non-Awakened people probably flocked to North Korea? Personally, I think it must have been a deviation from one of them. This case.”

“… … .”

“The government is ready to sell the people. The only way North Korea can make money is by bringing in money from abroad. It means that companies were brought in at random in order to attract foreign investment. There are so many suspects.”

“… … .”

“But, one thing is clear. Whether it is the government or a company, if you don’t want to get caught later, you shouldn’t be doing research in North Korea. North Korea will soon be eaten by South Korea. So we have to unconditionally take the organs we got from North Korea abroad.”

Yeo Do-yeon remembered that reporter Gam had been taking pictures all day.

“Then what should we do to ensure long-term distribution in North Korea? Of course, isn’t it that they come and go in the name of international aid?”

“… … .”

“I like Jangjeon-eup. A large entertainment district, a port city. A place where North and South Korea were mixed up halfway, and both of them got rid of their hands. Whether it’s long-term sealed and sent to foreign countries, Wonsan, or China, this is a real hotspot.”

“… … So you took pictures there?”

“Yes. All suspicious companies were photographed. All the places I know. Pharmaceutical companies, ghost companies, military companies, etc. About thirty-six or so.”

The reporter asked, smiling softly.

“If you hand over all of this to the Minister, why don’t you dig it up yourself?”

“… … Nothing comes out?”

“Then what should I do from the beginning?”

He was smiling brightly, but he was confident in the end.

When Yeo Do-yeon looked at him with a bewildered expression, he smiled bashfully and tilted his head.

“Did you tell me earlier? Is it because you are a good person? Cha Jae-gyun caught it like this too.”

“… … .”

Under the white full moon. A black car raced along the coastal road along the east coast with its back to the Taebaek Mountains.

Yeo Do-yeon was engulfed in a feeling of vomiting that she did not know what it was while looking at the black sea at night.

It was the eve of the storm.


The cold-jaw who returned from North Korea handed me all kinds of pictures at first. Looking at the pile of photos with a puzzled expression, he speaks without hesitation.

“These are relief organizations working in Jangjeon-eup. There are a few places I personally know. All of them are presumed to be transport measures for exporting organs from North Korea.”

“… … .”

“actually… … Looking at the number and size of the groups, it was too many compared to the missing Koreans. Personally, I think North Korean civilians are the main source of supply. If that’s the case, then there are only a few places that deal with our hunters. Of course, this is still only an estimate… … .”


I was convinced that speculation wouldn’t end with speculation, and I had a premonition that it wouldn’t end with a light incident.

It was a kind of instinctive alarm. It was the only feeling I could feel. It seems that I am also a superpower, but also a superpower.

However, once I’ve reached this point, I can’t stop now. After thinking for a while, I opened my mouth. The cracked voice was trembling little by little like my heart.

“Ms. Chaewon is a psychic who can read people’s minds.”

“… … I was just guessing.”

Gam-ja and Pi Chae-won were the people who discovered Cha Jae-gyun’s biological experiment. And now, I asked them again for a similar role.

“… … Investigation, start.”

to open Pandora’s box.

* * *

“Whew… … .”

White breath rose like cigarette smoke.

Yeo Do-yeon watched the smoke scattered in the air with her sharp eyes. Then he takes a Chupa Chups out of his dark brown coat pocket and bites it.

close –

hard –

The candy crumbled like cookie dough as soon as it entered your mouth. Yeo Do-yeon spit out the crushed plastic stick into the trash can in the park, took out a new candy and put it in her mouth.

like that,

The woman, leaning against the dimly lit park lamp, with her hand in her coat pocket, smashed candy with a grim face.

“… … .”

slightly unpleasant I chewed the candy as usual, and the hard thing was crushed like a powder. This was something the average person couldn’t do.

She hasn’t gotten used to her being a ‘special’ person yet. If you ask me if it’s good or bad, it’s a good thing, but sometimes it’s a little off-putting.

Because humans are creatures that avoid sudden changes.

“Whew… … .”

White breath leaked out of a complicated sigh. That season has come again. Winter comes every year. When the cold and icy wind blows.

However, Yeo Do-yeon did not feel the cold anymore.

If you ask me if it’s good or bad, I’ll say sorry. If you ask me what’s missing, I can’t dare say, but I can answer the feeling that I miss the old self a little.

“… … .”

The world has changed so much.

Of course, I don’t want to go back to the old days. The coach who kept trying to take off his clothes and let him out in the ring, the tall bastards who couldn’t play the game without match-fixing, the tough floor who only liked the face and body of a martial artist.

Such was the reality of the dream she hung on for the rest of her life. You have to bump, challenge, try, and slam your head to the brim, and all you get is a cold laugh.

It’s a failed life.

That was her 20s. As a teenager, the bright dreams of teenagers fade away, and after bumping and tormenting here and there, she is a middle-aged adult who has finally given up on her dream.

However, the world turned upside down as the number nine came upside down.

“… … what the.”

A smirk leaked out.

The 30-year-old is a South Korean magistrate.

In the case of a police officer position, he is a police officer, and in a general civil service system, he is a level 3 deputy director. And if we talk about actual power, it will be in the top 100, no, 50 people in the Republic of Korea.

How could the world be turned upside down so desperately? A world in which insignificant losers become heroes, young men in their 20s become the backbone of the country, and lucky people become millionaires.

Yeo Do-yeon was one of the biggest beneficiaries of a changed world. However, it cannot be said with empty words that the world has changed for the better.

“… … .”

It’s a world where only hunters played, and ordinary people were dying. Although there are no exact statistics, it is a world where more than 30% of the human race has died. It is a world where the f**king babies are crawling and doing a dog.

But Korea is prospering.

Yeo Do-yeon quietly walked through the city center of Busan. I walked lightly so as not to break the sidewalk block. Hearing was developed to the limit, and he could clearly perceive all kinds of white noise.

“Sweet potato 30,000 won! Jeolla-do – Korean Sweet Potatoes! Warm and delicious – sweet potatoes!”

“There are neighbors who need your help! Let’s help disadvantaged refugees! Please give me a little warm touch!”

“Oh, yes, boss. I’m in Busan for a while now. Yes. Yes? 3 teams? all right. Once I stopped by the Superhuman Support Office, I asked for support, yes! yes! Hang up!”

“babe. Do you want to play the lottery? Are you giving me a first-class stimulant? Hey, let’s try it. Oh, can’t you just throw me away after I’ve won?”

His gloomy eyes grazed the sultry crowd that filled the street. A hunter in a black coat walks through the unchanging downtown of Busan as if he has changed.

The memory of wandering the battlefield with fire seems like yesterday, but suddenly the society built with blood is shining brightly like this. The world is shining brightly, as if they didn’t even know it was night.

“… … .”

When I turned 30, it became difficult to keep up with the changes. There is a subtle gap between the times and oneself. It’s like seeing an idol the same age as you on TV for the first time.

Instead, he now knows a lot.

How to kill a monster. How to endure the death of a person. How to comfort your family. And how to have the courage to fight for someone.

But there is still a lot we don’t know.

Why are there people more terrifying than monsters? Why good people fight each other. Why the right definition is not upright. Why do politicians commit necessary evils?

“… … .”

There are more things I don’t know than I know yet, but I’m already 30. It seems that nothing has changed, but a lot has changed.

It is very difficult to keep up with these changes.

Monsters appear in the world, many heroes fight against the monsters, and those who survived now steal their organs and sell them among themselves.

In a world full of all kinds of bullshit and bullshit, she was only an individual after all. I wanted to play a role as a hero, but I ended up like this. This is because the world has changed so quickly.

But what can endure such a day,

“… … hello? uh, mama. Yes. I’m fine.”

Because there are things that do not change.

* * *




A knock on the door is heard.

It’s Kim Chun-sik’s voice.

“Look! President of the Association! You’re not inside, so come out!”

in a dark house. Empty medicine bags are rolling around in the messy room. Hong Seon-ah pulled the blanket over her even more at the familiar voice.

“President of the association… … ? ah! really! sister! Come out! hey! Hong Seon-ah! You don’t have to eat a little bit of food, you crazy b*tch!”

Hong Seon-ah remained silent, and the more he did, the stronger Kim Chun-sik’s voice became.

“Can’t you hear me? ah! okay?! Then let’s hear the reason! Why the hell are you stuck in the corner of the room? huh? uh? uh. what!? Vice President, Vice President? Ah, no, how the heck did Vice President Seol do here… … .”

There was a commotion outside for a while, followed by silence for a while, and finally a strong shattering sound was heard.

Kwajik, the rusty hinge opens with the sound of knocking on the doorknob. Someone cautiously entered the house.

“… … Hong Seon-ah, President of the Association?”

This is Kim Chun-sik.

“This is Jinwoon. Are you okay?”

As Kim Chun-sik approached and pulled out the blanket, Hong Seon-ah quickly grabbed the blanket. Hana Kim Chun-sik continues the conversation with a compassionate voice.

“… … why are you so drunk Did you eat properly?”

“… … .”

“… … what the.”

Kim Chun-sik sat down in front of Hong Seon-ah with a disappointed expression.

He smiles ironically as he continues.

“Last time I went into the mountains. What if the president of the association goes into hiding this time?”

“… … .”

“Like you brought me out last time. Do I have to take it out this time?”

Hong Seon-ah has no answer.

There was silence for a long time in the dark, trash-like room.

Kim Chun-sik suddenly felt that Hong Seon-ah’s hair was not shining like before.

The flame had gone out.

“… … .”

I don’t know why, but since it must be no different from myself, Kim Chun-sik smiled calmly and continued the conversation alone.

“Once upon a time, when I was stuck in that Jirisan. When you take me out, you see a dead person, what do you mean?”

Hong Seon-ah flinched for the first time. But no further reaction.

“… … Yes. you’re right. I saw a lot of it.”

“… … .”

“But. I’m not the one who couldn’t save them. I saw more people I killed. He killed a lot of people. I killed about seventy-five people. 1 year in Dongdaemun. directly.”

“… … .”

“After all, it was a camp where I lived in hiding at school, so I was more afraid of people than monsters. thugs. fanatics. s*x offenders. Some of them I knew. Some of them were my homeroom teachers. me and my… … What… … My friends, in fact, would have killed more people than monsters.”

“… … .”

“That’s why our Dongdaemun camp is so close to each other. It’s the people who killed it. With 700 people surviving a year in a cramped school. Because I survived seeing all kinds of things I couldn’t see.”

“… … .”

“But you know what the fun is? the people we kept. The people we defeated. All of them died during the Seoul runaway. Now, there are fewer than 30 people at the Dongdaemun camp at that time.”

“… … .”

“It is said that all 1231 people in Apgujeong camp survived and escaped. In fact, that was the most shocking to me. why couldn’t we Why couldn’t I lead like that? Every time I cut out the rotten part and cut it out. finally-“


Hong Seon-ah raised her head for the first time.

Seol Jinwoon was in front of her.

The boy is smiling softly.

“That’s why I was locked up in Mt. Jirisan. No matter how many others looked for it, I had been sharpening a wooden sword by myself for several months.”

“… … .”

“But my sister took me out of there. There was nothing to achieve by avoiding it, so I went to the Hunter Academy, and then to Europe.”

“… … .”

“It was very difficult in Europe. Later, I was awarded a medal, but in the middle of Paris, a giant fell… … .”

Seol Jinwoon smiled for a long time and recounted his experiences in Europe. Hong Seon-ah raised her head with a haggard look on her face and listened to the story.

So the night goes by how many hours have passed Seol Jinwoon suddenly checked his watch.

“It is too late. I will come and tell you the rest tomorrow.”

“… … .”

“Till then, eat some rice. Then I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The boy then walked away mercilessly.

Hong Seon-ah remained alone in the dark room, staring blankly into the air. Then I looked back at my reflection in the shards of the broken mirror.

“… … .”

shriveled up Dark circles are thick. His hair was frizzy, and it was really messy.

But she had not seen herself in a very long time. Kim Chun-sik was no longer visible.

I was suddenly hungry.

Hong Seon-ah looked around helplessly and found a plastic bar bridge that had been left where Seol Jin-woon had left.

It was a chicken brand that Seol Jin-woon used to buy often when he was living in Jirisan.

Hong Seon-ah got a plastic bag and checked the contents.

“… … .”

it was raw

* * *

The turmoil is over.

The era of heroes is over.

It is now the reign of politicians.

And there was a politician sitting in the dark office. Han Seung-moon’s expression darkened. 3 o’clock in the morning. The cell phone rang, but Lumiere didn’t even get a call.

“… … .”

What he was looking at was Gam’s report.

It was a bomb that contained everything related to North Korea’s organ smuggling.

sreuk –

slurp –

Each page turned with a trembling hand was dotted with deep death and pain. The tragic deaths of men and women of all ages were contained therein.

Politicians are concerned

Will you be a hero who will defeat evil and bring justice, or will you become a superhuman who will risk prosperity and peace despite being drenched in blood?

“… … .”

Hunting Korean hunters aiming for the secret recipe for stimulants. That was not the essence. The size of the long-term trading market far exceeded his expectations.

tens of thousands of

bright little child. kind old man. Newlyweds full of hope. All together, there are 4 of them. Each and every one of their lives had a special value.

However, what is traded in North Korea is the lives of those dozens, hundreds, and thousands of times more. The North Korean regime was selling its people’s lives to build ships.

Only a few of them were aimed at Korean hunters. The total number of obvious victims was 12. The main suspects are roughly three factions. It is highly likely that the North Korean regime did not know about it. I had a very close relationship with Korea.

Therefore, the main product that North Korea was promoting was the organs of civilians. Most likely, most of them were sent to foreign patients, countries and companies in need of trivial biological experiments.

And part of that organ flowed into South Korea.

Seriously, how desperate must have been for the chaebol whose families were in critical condition.


I can understand.

I can understand.

There is no guarantee that even the country would not have done so if the family was in danger. Besides, the sellers are North Korea and the chaebols are the buyers.

Even today’s chaebols are not the feudal cartel of the past, but purely businessmen who fill the treasury of the country. Moreover, he is also a major supporter of the Kuomintang.

If you touch them for nothing, your country’s economy will collapse. Then the Korean people will suffer. Including the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, no, maybe even Yang Pan-seok.

That may be why he insisted not to investigate North Korea.

reasonable argument.

There are many reasons, and the reasons are justified.

Anyway, Ri Yong-su will be executed soon after taking all responsibility. And he will live a peaceful old age in Alaska. Then we can become a good South Korean government, liberate the people, and take good care of North Korea in the future.


This case is right to ask here.

without further digging.

Concealment is right.

“… … .”

By the way.

Why are my hands shaking like this?

Why the hell am I trying to figure out a way to turn this situation around? Why the hell are you planning to turn the country upside down?

“… … .”

I don’t know what the hell I’m trying to do walking on the line This is the line I drew. I don’t know where to go. maybe i should go

In the end, the mournful rhyme came pouring out heartlessly.

“I don’t know my heart. Chaewon-ah.”

“… … .”

“… … What am I going to do?”

dark dawn.

the mansion’s office.

Pi Chae-won, who had been by my side until 5 in the dark, carefully opened her mouth. A really sweet voice comes out.

“… … Whichever way you go.”

“… … .”

“I will go with you.”




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