A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 158

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 158

EP 26 – Necessity (4)

Politics is the science that changes the world.

The world is run by some powerful people.

Therefore, politics was a task of reconciling the interests of several powerful people.

* * *

In fact, as long as he was carrying Yang Pan-seok and Won-ok powder on his back, the victory or defeat in the fight over organ trafficking was obvious.

A fierce backlash was inevitable, but at least it didn’t seem like a quality fight.

This is because it is a plate made of yangpan-seok and wonok-bun.

Yang Pan-seok has to deal with those who tried to steal the secrets of stimulants by stealing the organs of a Korean hunter, and Won Ok-bun is in a position to actively demonstrate his presence for the next presidential election.

So the real question was how cleanly to suppress it.

There is not one or two power groups that are entwined right now.

High-ranking Koreans, including chaebols.

The North Korean regime formed the organ trafficking market in the first place.

The bastards who used him to steal the organs of Korean awakened people.

In addition, there are many people in charge who either overlooked this or did not notice it.

In addition, the second Korean War, portrait reform, government approval ratings, inter-Korean relations, national reliability, economic development, trade relations, etc. Numerous issues are intertwined.

But is organ trafficking a bad thing and they beat them up at random?

It wasn’t a wise move. You just curse inside yourself and say that it’s a f**king world, and that you should open up a bottle of soju, or why do you pretend to be just because you’re good-looking?

There is no such naughty bastard.

The problem is that I’m that bastard.

It’s okay to just leave it alone. It was not a responsible act to ignore the circumstances and fight to catch only the bad guys.

The bigger this battle, the lower the national power. And it’s reform, it’s naval, and it’s hurting the public interest.

In the end, the most ideal outcome was to cleanly cut out only the rotten parts of this society, and for that to happen, it was necessary to crush the opposition with a smashing force.

So I made a surprise declaration of war with the Military-Industrial Separation Act, mobilized the forces inside the National Assembly to greatly escalate the fight, and struck down all attacks from the business, media, and political circles alone.

depriving them of their power.

And if the organ trafficking scandal was revealed, public opinion would be overturned, and if Yang Pan-seok and Won Ok-bun joined the war at that point, it was clear that this battle would end in our victory.


All these circumstances flowed out of Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung’s mouth.

He already knew everything in detail.

“… … The public opinion is hot with the sudden proposal of the Military-Industrial Separation Act. The Minister has already united the business world, the media, and the political world and waged a battle.”

“… … .”

“Thanks to you, if a scandal of organ trafficking breaks out in the midst of this, rather than starting a new fight because of it, the current fight will just end neatly. Organ smuggling is an issue that is the decisive reason for the military-industrial separation.”

After contacting you the other day, he came to my residence in a very disorganized state. Even when it smells like alcohol.

Did his circumstances make him this way? A person who doesn’t usually wear a tie loosely ripped the buttons on his shirt. His face was flushed as if he had even put on soju before making the conversation.

Of course, this economic bureaucrat’s sharp insight was not rusted by a little alcohol.

“Nothing excites the public as much as a reversal. People who sided with the minister will be excited to say that they are right, and those who cursed the minister will pretend to be victims and place all the blame on the chaebols.”

“… … .”

“If public opinion is turned over so quickly, the public will be furious as if they have become the masters of some history. In reality, it just fell for dramatic showmanship.”

“Excuse me, I did not instigate the masses, I pushed them back to become agents of reform. In order for society to fundamentally change, the people must lead the reform.”

“… … Is there any difference in the phenomenon?”

“If you thought there was no difference, you wouldn’t have done this in the first place, would you?”

“… … Let’s say yes.”

Yoo Jae-kyung, surprisingly, maintained a dignified attitude. Is it because of drunkenness, or is there a hidden room?

In fact, it is safe to say that Yoo Jae-kyung’s political life was half-finished whether the organ trafficking scandal broke out or not. i made it that way

If organ smuggling broke out, Yoo Jae-kyung would not be able to escape his responsibility as a bystander.

He was on the edge of a cliff.

he told me

“… … I think it was the Minister who drove me to this point.”

“you’re right.”

When I answered brazenly, he stared at me with dismayed eyes.

“… … Do you think I don’t know if Cheongsong is a place for gambling love, or if there are key people involved in biological experiments? I was secretly working as a key researcher at the Paranormal Research Center.”

“yes. I hid them. And Prime Minister Yoo financed it at the time of the biological experiment.”

“… … Haha, it was. But, it’s a life to die anyway. I want to tell you that we could die together.”

“How do you think people will be angry about things they can’t even remember now?”

“… … Does anyone know that?!”

An extremely sensitive response returned.

A small, skinny middle-aged man took off his glasses and protested. He was too humble and pathetic to be the prime minister of this country.

“I… … ! I can’t do any harm to the Minister… … ! Rather, they would cooperate if they actively cooperated. I’m not that indecisive, am I?”

“… … Prime Minister.”

“Don’t call me that! I’m just the head of the budget department of the Ministry of Finance! A person who runs the country… … ! Oh yes. Of course I did a lot of bad things. We also supported biological experiments from behind, and tacitly allowed organ smuggling and collected some taxes. But was that for me?”

It was only now that he realized that he was intoxicated. He was half begging me with a sullen, submissive look. Rather, that’s why I couldn’t make fun of him.

“This was for the country! It was for my family! What is it like me that rebels against Cha Jae-gyun? … ? Are you saying you’re crazy about someone who holds the military power? and. The same goes for long-term trafficking. My life is already at stake, but I can’t wage a fight on the whole country!”

“… … .”

“… … .me too. I am just the end of this huge society.”

It was an honest confession.

It took some courage to be honest as I got older. And Yoo Jae-kyung, who was driven to the edge of the cliff, was courageous enough.

“… … .”

“… … .”

There was silence for a long time. After he finished his speech, he gasped for exhausted breath as if he was out of breath, and I looked at his dire situation with calmly subdued eyes.

and opened his mouth.

“So. It doesn’t mean that you want to enjoy power, but you don’t want to take responsibility.”

* * *

It wasn’t normal to beg like a half beg in front of a blue young man. But tolerating the young man’s cold gaze was more than that.

Yoo Jae-kyung felt the fingertips starting to tremble. Han Seung-moon was in awe of him.

“Of course, the Prime Minister’s situation is understandable. He must be the father of a family, and there are not many people who will take responsibility as the location is the location.”

He always spoke kindly, but not at all as much as his eyes. Han Seung-moon was looking at him as if he was going to crush someone at any moment.

“By the way… … If the Prime Minister says that he is the end of the society, who will the people trust and rely on?”

Every word pierced my lungs.

“You don’t think I risked my life to touch a biological experiment? What kind of power do you think you are trying to gain by touching organ trafficking this time?”

What Yoo Jae-kyung ignored, Han Seung-moon did not turn away.

Maybe that was the reason why Han Seung-moon was looking down at Yoo Jae-kyung. However, Yoo Jae-kyung was not attached to him. Because he was satisfied with the position.

“Why do you think I keep doing this? This wasn’t the first time this happened. How many times have I changed Korea so far? Do you think it’s all about seizing power?”

If it was Yoo Jae-kyung, his hand would come out first and hit his hand, but not this time. It was because the eyes looking at him were so cold.

Han Seung-moon muttered in a tired voice.

“… … Isn’t this saying that we shouldn’t cross the last line?”

“… … .”

“… … Of course, I can’t live without it. But at least I try to keep it. After gaining power, shouldn’t you at least try to act like a human being?”

Yoo Jae-kyung is definitely an outstanding person. He had a natural talent for ascending, and he lived sprinting towards the top of the pyramid faster than anyone else.

But I didn’t know how to look down from above.

In fact, that was his job. He was an economic bureaucrat who looked at numbers, not people, and if an economic bureaucrat immerses himself in each person, he will make mistakes.

Such a way of life eventually took his breath away.

Actually, I didn’t know. I knew it in my head, but I just couldn’t fix it. I had a family to Jekyll, so I gradually turned away from it and it got to this point.

So Yoo Jae-kyung couldn’t even open her mouth. Because he knew he was a good bureaucrat, but he wasn’t a good leader.

Han Seung-moon handed him an ultimatum.

“… … Let’s go back to the first question. Why did you say you are harming yourself like that?”

“… … .”

“The reason is simple. Because I thought that if I really wanted to work with you, I would have to push you to the brink.”

And Han Seung-moon delivered a word that Yoo Jae-kyung had been running away from for the rest of his life.

“Hold up your guns.”

“… … !”

The tide has already turned. Han Seung-moon was attacked by all the enemies, and if Yang Pan-seok and Won Ok-bun went out, this war would be more like a massacre than a fight.

Importantly, this war was a civil war.

A hazy evil colored every part of society little by little like a lump of cancer, and liquidation had to be done in a way that did not significantly affect the public interest.

So this is a kind of major operation.

To cut out the tumor that gradually eroded the whole of the nation. And to make the result of the operation appear as a profit rather than a loss.

There was only one person who had the ability to do that.

“I will give the Prime Minister all discretion.”

Who was involved in organ trafficking? how deeply involved Was it for life or for profit? If it is removed, will it harm the government? If it bothers you, is there an alternative?

There was only one person who could see through everything, and who had the ability to judge all these things.

And he won’t be able to stop.

Han Seung-moon put him in that position.

If you want to live, you have to run. Pursue Won Ok-bun and catch up. After preparing a meticulous killing spree, you must quickly stop breathing before being attacked.

If so, the position of Yangpan-seok will also be advantageous.

If Yoo Jae-kyung blocks the backlash and losses from the reform, he can break through the situation without any major injuries. In addition, it becomes a graveyard that holds even Wonok-bun in check.

This puts Won Ok-bun in a position to start the race. There will be fierce competition for the next presidency.

Rather than putting a brake on state affairs, they should move the prosecution and show their presence by accumulating achievements.

So, what is the position of the chaebols? Useful chaebols survive, and useless chaebols die. For that reason, rather than uniting against the regime, they fight to share the dead bodies.

GS Group benefits in the process.

Because their leader was a master of dogfighting. Instead, the Military-Industrial Separation Act is passed and the control over GS Aegis is weakened. The industry that revolved around industrial capital returns to hunters.

However, Hunters are difficult to unite. The power of the portrait management department is strengthened. The reorganization of the hunter industry is carried out under the leadership of the government, and eventually the major reorganization that the minister dreams of becomes possible.

It was the world going back that way.

In the end, it’s up to you to pursue your own desires.

So politics is the mathematics of desire.

And here were two mathematicians.

“So the Prime Minister has to do the calculations wisely. Who are you going to kill, and who will you save? … .”

“… … And how?”

“What are you doing?”

Once the formula is complete, the answer is clear.

“Except the one to save. Just bite me and kill me.”

* * *

A few days later, division-level troops attacked Jangjeon-eup, North Korea.

It was the largest military action since the stabilization of the Chungcheong defense line.

Evidences related to organ trafficking poured out like a waterfall.

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