A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 172

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 172

EP 28 – No Country for Superman (3)

War on the monster was declared.

But the backlash against him erupted from people.

Countries that embrace Monster Land, that is, countries that are reluctant to intervene by the United States, were the main axis of backlash.

[This is an obvious interference in Japan’s internal affairs. If the U.S. crosses the border without consultation with the U.S. home country, the Self-Defense Forces will take this as an aggression and respond-]

[China is in favor of international cooperation on monsters. However, the idea of violating the territorial sovereignty of another country using this as an excuse is very prudent-]

[We may have started as a drug cartel, but now we are vigilantes in Latin America. America needs to think about what ‘true peace’ is, free from prejudice-]

* * *

“What are you looking at?”


While sitting on the sofa browsing the Internet, Chae-won Pi comes to her side and gently raises her head.

Dark eyes scanned the screen of my phone, and a deep voice continued calmly.

“It’s noisy these days.”

“It’s even weirder when there’s a war and it’s quiet.”

As the ‘Resolution for International Military Cooperation for Peace of the World Citizens’ was passed at the UN General Assembly, public opinion was covered with words and swear words from all kinds of politicians.

In particular, the mexican drug gang boss’ vigilante drip while chanting ‘true peace’ is being ridiculed with parody of all kinds.

Of course, I just kept my mouth shut because I had no talent for social media, but there was one person who was brilliantly shining in this situation.

“After all, a yangban who used to brush his teeth has to do it.”

The President of the United States’ social media has hit a stronger word than ever before.

[It is Japan that left the monster unattended, but the monster that came out of it comes to us! Even now, Japan needs to revive the spirit of ‘Meiwaku’.]

[A serious violation of territorial sovereignty? That’s China’s specialty, not our business.]

[Some countries did not catch monsters and were engrossed in civil war and dictatorship. But we are different. America will show you that!]

After all, politics in modern society is a battle of how satisfying claims are presented to those who are already ready to believe.

There are very few people taking pictures of policies, plans, or anything like that.

The most important thing is hope.

We have already sowed hope around the world, which has earned us unprecedented support in Earth’s history, making it one of the most powerful military forces in the world.

And with great power comes great boundaries.

“Hey, Chaewon. How do you react to others?”

“I just issued a statement of condemnation in the Middle East, and the Russian Far Eastern Military District sent a person to the White House. They seem to be fighting Moscow for the one remaining seat in the council.”

“It’s already this f**king shit, but if I start organizing an international organization in earnest, it’s going to be very rude. First, set up a TF in the portrait management department and ask them to send more administrative personnel.”

“I just boarded the plane.”


Do you have subordinates who read their minds before doing anything? This was enough for an SSS-class kobung.

As a prize, I take out a red ginseng jelly from my inner pocket and hand it over, and Pi Chae-won looks at me with contempt.

I coughed in vain and changed the topic.

“Hmm. By the way, when is Hong Seon-ah coming back?”

“I do not know. The call to come in the morning-”

Whoops – !

“… … I got it.”

Suddenly, a large flame bloomed in the air, and someone appeared from within.

Curly red hair.

A long coat with a shield core.

Even a small submachine gun hung from the waist.

It was the appearance of a full-fledged veteran hunter.

“… … Seon-ah?”

“Oh my, it’s been a while?”

So, the flames slowly subsided, and when she greeted with a light smile.

“How have you been-”

A sprinkler hanging from the ceiling spewed out water.

“Hey hey!”

* * *

rather than-

Blinds covered the windows, and shadows covered the room.

I carefully sat down on the sofa and spoke.

“I am glad that you are still looking. Hong Seon-ah, President of the Association.”

“Ah yes… … .”

It means that you still haven’t taken the hood off. I smiled at her wet and wet.

Water was dripping from her hair after taking an untimely shower. She averted my gaze, blushing up to her earlobe.

“I heard that you have been on a long trip recently. You must have gotten used to being outside a lot. If you play with fire indoors, you don’t even know the sprinkler works-“

“Ah, I see, stop!”

“Ugh, this burn… … .”

“I’m sorry… … .”

Still, I was told that I had been wandering around for several months due to mental concerns, but I was glad that my condition seemed to be better than I expected.

However, he had suffered a little bit, so he was a little drier than before, and his hair was back to the short hair he had in Apgujeong.

“Seonah looks better with short hair.”

“is that so?”

“Yes. But I’m also worried that maybe he changed his hairstyle because he had a big change of heart-“

“It was burned with acid saliva while hunting.”

“okay. Our Seon-ah wasn’t such an emotional person. Let’s omit the annoying greeting each other.”

I was just worried

I went to the point.

“Recently, I watched the international situation at the UN headquarters in New York. The personnel dispatched to the National Intelligence Service also became my eyes and ears. But looking at this, the situation is changing, it’s very irrational—”

“You mean the hunters are working hard to win the political battle?”

“… … Did Seol Jin-Woon ever explain that?”

“Ah! If this is the case, pretend and pretend! As I was slowly listening to the explanation from him, I got a rough idea.”

Hong Seon-ah tried to shake off the yaburi, and Hong Seon-ah came over with a smile like in the old days.

“It’s in the public interest… … Good! Patriotism is good too! It’s good to fight for others! In fact, the Minister is much smarter than I am, so anyway, the Minister must be right.”

“… … .”

“But why do we always have to be nice?”

Although I don’t know how to read people’s minds like Pi Chae-won, I do know the meaning behind this question.

reason for sacrifice.

His personality was slightly different from Seol Jinwoon’s question. If he asked me why I should fight, she asked me why I should die.

Why do hunters have to hunt monsters?

Why do the Hunters have to die again this time?

Why should a hunter sacrifice for the public good?

It was the only question she could ask me. Because she is the one who lost the most to that sacrifice.

She stared at me with a smile that I didn’t know if she was smiling or expressionless, and I remained silent for a long time.

“… … .”

Suddenly, my gaze went to Hong Seon-ah’s waist, staring at me.

A submachine gun was attached. It’s a weapon that can kill me at any time.

But the reason I’m not afraid of it is that Hong Seon-ah was a person who was scarier than a gun in the first place.

As long as he has the ability to teleport, he was the most feared person from the point of view of a politician.

But I am not wary of Hong Seon-ah. Because she knows the potential of her abilities.

There was no other way for me to use her powers to save 1,200 people, and after that incident, I worked with her for many years and led Korea.

For that very reason.

For a question only she can ask,

I gave back an answer that only I could give.

“… … the president of the association. I know you’ve been very disappointed with me these days. I have no excuses for that. Aren’t I the one who wants to lure and brainwash useful little boys and then inject them with stimulants and use them as government dogs?”

“… … Yes.”

“But as I see it, this is true. The moment the person who is not elected becomes stronger than the person who is elected, the people who have the right to vote collapse.”

When a Hunter becomes stronger than a politician,

People who have the right to elect politicians

Become a hunter’s slave.

I have already seen it in Europe.

“There are no people above people. There is no one under people. This is commonly referred to as social justice. But like now, S rank or C rank, slamming stamps like tying meat on a human body… … .”

“… … .”

“It’s crazy.”

It’s a crazy world. And to live in a crazy world, you had to turn around a bit.

“Let’s live together. survival. This is a proposition that never changes, whether we are in Apgujeong or now. And in order to live, you must not cover the fire.”

“… … .”

“I think I, and this society, have survived that way. I did my best in that field, and I plan to do my best in the future. To survive and bleed as little as possible.”

I will give the blood that Korea will shed to foreign countries. To do this, the cooperation of the first-generation hunters is required, and to obtain that cooperation, the Association President Hong Seon-ah is needed.

In the end, all those words were meaningless illusions.

I pushed the essence of a politician.

“Mr. Hong Seon-ah.”

“… … .yes.”

“how. Can’t you believe in this Han Seung-moon one more time and follow him?”

* * *

A week has passed since the UN General Assembly.

Politicians still clashed and fought, and citizens still smiled and prayed for the recovery of mankind.

An international organization called the World Psychic Organization spurred its establishment, and I proceeded with the tasks I had to do one by one.

“It’s Ilho. Even if the pro-government superpowers are acting as magistrates anyway. If you see it as water for nothing and give an order, you will only harbor animosity towards the government. Just send a letter of cooperation and leave it to the individual choice whether or not to go abroad. Because there were only perverts who were anxious because they couldn’t find anyone anyway… … .”

“The Dongdaemun faction and the Apgujeong faction have a common sense of solidarity after leaving the PMC. So, regardless of your skill level, grab it first. The more people you collect, the more you will gather automatically. I will persuade the superiors, so the NIS should focus on individual contact.”

“Aigoo. Mr. Chen. How have you been? Is your comment too explicit? Then we get to the point. I don’t think it’s necessary to explain the situation to Mr. Chun. okay. How much do you think hunters’ blood is worth?”

Then one day. The news came from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

“The council has been quoted.”

“… … Council?”


world superpopular organization. A council of the WPO was organized.

* * *

The role of WPO is broadly divided into two parts.

It makes international laws for hunters and has the operational rights of hunters in case of large-scale military action.

These were the powers the WPO had because it was recognized as an organization representing all hunters in the world.

And it was the great powers who acknowledged that, and in that context, the WPO was only an excuse for the great powers to wield power in the end.

Naturally, the person appointed as a councilor must be a vegetative person who obeys the will of the state. Or a powerful person who controls the will of the country.

Li Su-young, the representative of China, was the former.

And Noah Lumière across from her is the latter.

That was why Lee Soo-young approached Noah Lumière and bowed his head first. The French he had learned all night for several months flowed smoothly.

“It is truly an honor to meet you. President Rumiirer.”

“ah… … . Are you a representative of China?”

“It’s called re-shuing. I can’t be happier to meet someone I’ve admired so much.”

Ri Soo-young, dressed in a neat people’s uniform, smiled politely. It was a smile that made people feel good automatically. That fake smile is the reason she has survived until now.

However, even the fact that Lee Soo-young admired Lumiere was not a lie. Exactly, I was envious.

Both are equally young female hunters, one leading the country and the other struggling not to be abandoned by the country.

“… … .”

In front of the dark blue long coat adorned with numerous decorations, her dingy robes could not be so shabby.

Ri Soo-young spit honey out of her mouth while hiding her rotting heart.

“I hope that the comrades of the Superhuman League will take the lead in the cause of mankind. In that sense, I could not help admiring the virtues of President Rumiirer.”

“Ahaha… … . You are exaggerating. By the way, in which area did Rep. Li Shuing mainly work?”

“I have been working for the Ministry of National Security.”

“… … oh Ministry of National Security?”

Lee Soo-young still hadn’t erased her sweet smile, but Lumière suddenly looked disgusting.

China’s Ministry of State Security. Even if it was a high-ranking position to be appointed as a councilor. How many people’s blood has been shed so far?

So it was understandable that the name was not known.

Lee Soo-young was a person who killed people, and Lumière was a person who saved people. So, Lee Soo-young is the race that Lumière hates the most.

Of course, Lumière wasn’t the one to openly express himself. However, Lee Soo-young is not someone who will miss the moment Lumiere’s expression hardens even for a moment.

In their respective judgments, the two greeted each other warmly.

“Ugh. Were you a public servant? I wish you all the best in the future. Senator Lee.”

“I wish I didn’t cause any inconvenience. Looking forward to many more maps in the future. Governor.”

“… … .”

In China, it is unimaginable that hunters lead the country. I couldn’t really imagine. That’s why the Knights Without Borders are collectively referred to as the ‘European Knights Party’.

Naturally, the title of Lumière also has to change from ‘general-general’, who is the head of a non-governmental organization, to ‘general-general’, which refers to the head of the party.

From the subtle difference in nuances, Lumière acutely felt that Lee Soo-young was a person living in a different world from hers.

But there was no need to touch the heart of our ally, China, so he kept his mouth shut. I’m just suggesting that you call me a member of the House of Representatives from now on.

However, the reaction of the American representative was different.

“Hmm. Rather than CEO Li Shu-ing is from a public official. In fact, aren’t all Chinese hunters civil servants?”

“… … .”

“Ahaha! Sorry, I’m sorry. It’s a joke, but why are you so glaring at me?”

A young white man greeted me lightly. It was a neat impression wearing a tailored suit.

“Justin Lewis. S-class rigid body accident, he used to be a full-time director of the American Hunter Association.

In fact, I also served as a lobbyist- said. Justin Lewis added jokingly.

But that playful word was his identity.

He was a lobbyist who negotiated the interests of large corporations leading the American hunter industry, and is now a negotiator representing the interests of the US government and corporations.

In other words, this person is, after all, just a spokesperson like Lee Soo-young.

Noah Lumière understood that. And I just finished figuring out the situation.

After all, the Chinese representative is a puppet of the Chinese government,

The U.S. representative is a puppet of the U.S. government and large corporations,

The Russian delegation, who had not yet been chosen because of the political battle, was nothing more than a puppet being beaten between Moscow and Vladivostok.

In other words, there were only two non-vegetative people in the council.

The first was Noah Lumière himself,

Second, of course.

“what? Everyone came first.”

I didn’t like the awkward atmosphere, so he was the shy friend who came last on purpose.

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