A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 173

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 173

EP 28 – No Country for Superman (4)

the night before departure.

– Director Li Shu-ing. Was tomorrow the departure?

-yes. supreme commander.

– Light your face and go.

China’s new owner, President Li Choongbin, invited him to his official residence.

-First of all, congratulations on being nominated for the position of a standing member of the Supreme Council of the Pan-National Superartificial Cooperation. This decision was made after deliberation by the party and the military, and it is the result of recent recognition of excellent judgment and leadership in Taiwanese politics.

– Considering that the outbreak of infection has spread in Hong Kong due to the recent failure of the Comprehensive Planning Bureau to judge, Director Lee’s measures were quite effective. I hope that the international community will show the same judgment as it is now.

In other words, it meant that if my judgment became dull, I would cut it out like the Hong Kong Operations Bureau at any time.

Of course, there was a sense of exaggerating people’s words, but after all, words are also people’s words, and Director Ri Su-young is the person who directly executes the cruelty of President Ri Choong-bin.

So she knows a man named Lee Choongbin very well.

and she knows,

The Führer hated the word ‘careful’ very much.

– The introduction was long. President Dae-Jeol Bon, I would like to offer you one word of advice. South Korea will definitely send Minister Han Sun-won as a standing member of the Supreme Council.

– Act with caution.

* * *

In fact, if you spend a lot of time in politics, you come to a point where something comes to mind without even thinking about it complicatedly.

It is similar to not even calculating in your head to solve 1+1.

In that sense, seeing the people gathered as a councilor, a calculation formula roughly pounded by China and the United States came to mind.

“Nice to meet you. Senator. It’s called ‘Lee Shu-ing’.”

“Oh, you said you were from the Ministry of National Security? These are the friends I used to see often. Nice to meet you.”

First, China sent agents. According to data obtained by the National Intelligence Service, it was a woman who woke up and soaked people in Taiwan. That’s how fast it is.

So, China was trying to get ‘information’ through the councilors.

He doesn’t seem to have any intention of swaying the councilors. If not, China is already strong. So, in order to prepare for any possible threat, we put an informant in it.

In the US, on the other hand, it was different.

“Nice to meet you, Senator. This is Justin Lewis.”

“Uh, nice to meet you, Louise. You said you worked in the business world? Let’s do our best in the future.”

The U.S. had a negotiator seated between the Hunter Association, large corporations, and the government. What does this mean?

It means reconciliation of interests.

Decide the will of the United States among governments, large corporations, and associations, and carry out the will of the United States against the portrait alliance of Korea-Europe-China,

Even Russia, which is continuing the Cold War, was read with the intention to appease it.

In that sense, Lumière, who came to see him in person because he was afraid that he would do something wrong after sitting someone else down, was the only great person who wished for world peace in this place.

in other words,

In fact, I mean, I’m not interested in that either.

Politicians prefer power over peace.

* * *

“How about choosing the chairman first?”

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

When asked what the most important issue the council had to deal with, Han Seung-moon’s answer was this.

“A council is also a parliament, and it must have a chairperson. So, let’s pick the chairman first.”

But the council has no chairman. Initially, the council was designed as a horizontal mechanism. This is because the WPO is an organization that must act according to the interests of great powers.

Therefore, personal influence should not be increased.

Seung-moon Han countered this implied agreement as follows:

“I am not asking the chairman to give the chairman any dissolution rights, fast track, or anything like that. I just want to dig up a business card or something and give it to you.”

honorary chairman. That was what Seungmoon Han was claiming, and Justin refuted this.

“uh. First of all, I’m worried that this statement might sound a little rude, but I can’t hide my impression that it’s a slightly absurd claim. Of course, I agree with the statement that a person who can represent the parliament is needed, but considering the mutual equity of international organizations, it is not a very necessary position… … . I have an idea.”

It was a word dotted with double negatives and euphemisms in English, but in summary, it meant ‘don’t talk bullshit’.

Of course, the negotiator’s logic was perfect.

However, being a politician is not a job that competes with logic.

Han Seung-moon started to tinker.

“No, then, are you saying that legislators and legislators are equal to each other?”

“It is the United Nations. As long as equality between countries is maintained, I think equality should be maintained in the positions of councilors as well.”

“Then, the United States is taking a hunter and protesting that it is equivalent to the Minister of Portrait of the Republic of Korea?”

“… … !”

Justin was momentarily speechless at the radical argument. Han Seung-moon pushed on without missing the gap.

“If the councilors are the same. Is China now treating a single agent the same as a European leader? General Manager Lumière is a person who speaks exclusively to President Lee Choong-bin, and he does not have to get along with the Director-General of the Ministry of National Security!”

With those words, Han Seung-moon intervened in Europe and China.

In an instant, the frame of America-China and Korea-Europe was framed.

Lumière, unable to see him, spoke to calm him down.

“Minister, I’m fine-“

“No, General Manager! Does this make sense? As an American, you shouldn’t be so saddened by your words!”

“Of course, that is true. Calm down a little.”

“Whew… … . All right.”

The U.S. representative, who was watching, ran away from home. What does correct mean? I calmed the bullshit, and in an instant, I became a bastard.

Of course, the Chinese representative also felt a sense of crisis.

If things go wrong, other people say that their head is blown away, but the head that you cut off was a physical branch, not a political one.

In the end, Lee Soo-young dissuaded Han Seung-moon.

“A senator. Of course, the fact that the ambassador’s level is different on our side is a situation of concern. It was to the extent that I even thought about whether I should resign from this position.”

“Hmm… … .”

“However, I realized that the reason why the President has appointed me to this position is because I trust Minister Han and President Lu that much.”

Since he believed that Korea and Europe would do well, the beggar said that he paid his face by sending a handshake.

Justin Lewis added:

“you’re right. I have no intention of creating any diplomatic friction. Isn’t it time to move towards the common goal of mankind?”

In fact, even in the United States, members of the House of Representatives and Party leaders had hoped for a WPO member position. However, the appointment of one hunter, Justin Lewis, meant that the United States did not want to cause friction within the council.

Applause is only achieved when the hands are right, and the fight is completed only when the hands are right. If they were to fight in the first place, there would be no room for a hunter like Justin to be hired.

So the US was not rude to Korea.

It’s not a hard logic to understand.


“… … .”

Politicians are originally an occupation in which IQ goes up and down in minutes.

America didn’t know that.

“ah! I don’t know about that!”

* * *

The above is a brief summary of the fierce political battle that took place over the past week.

The conclusion was simple.

“Oh! Chairman Lumière!”

“Vice-Chairman Han Seung-moon? It’s been a long time.”

At the WPO inauguration party, the two shook hands warmly. Lumière is the way to finish off his keynote speech as chairman.

“It was the best speech ever. Chairman.”

“thank you. Vice-Chairman.”

A council of five. Also, Russia had not sent any people yet, so there were actually only four members of the parliament, including the chairman and vice-chairman.

In fact, Han Seung-moon insisted on flirting, so I matched her hands and feet, but to be honest, I wondered what she was doing too.

So Lumiere asked cautiously.

“Did you really have to do this?”


“actually… … Isn’t that an honorary job? Chairman or Vice-Chairman.”

Yes. It is an honorary position without the chairman, vice-chairman, or authority. But Han Seung-moon waged a fight against the US and China to win it.

Lumiere was asking the reason. What’s the use of a position without authority?

And Han Seung-moon answered that ‘authority’ and ‘power’ are different concepts.

“It would be nice to have an honorary position.”

“… … Hmm.”

“Originally, business cards are the most important thing in politics.”

Power is the power that comes from social consensus. In other words, it is the power that comes from thinking that others exist.

And there are some words that deceive people. Chairman, President, President. At least to the president of the women’s association.

Politicians are therefore a language-sensitive profession.

Han Seung-moon explained the reason easily.

“In Korea, they tell them to look at their children and get a job that says ‘buy’. That’s why, everyone can’t stand up in front of jobs that are ‘buyers’.”

“Are you going to buy it? Lion?”

“Lyong? What else does that mean? English or French?”

When Koreans and French were lost due to the language barrier, Pi Chae-won approached Han Seung-moon and whispered.

“Senator. They say it has arrived now. Hong Seon-ah, president of the Association, is also there.”

“Oh yeah?”

Han Seung-moon arranged his outfits.

“Oh, I think I need to go out for a while. Our hunters have arrived. It seems a little late due to the flight schedule.”

“Isn’t the schedule deliberately delayed for an impactful position?”

“What am I doing to do such a Putin-like thing?”

“Didn’t you just say that authority comes from bluff?”

“So. that… … Probably not.”


Han Seung-moon hesitated and avoided the seat behind him.

All that was left was Noah Lumière. And it’s only the bloody one.

And in fact, the Lumière was a little rough for Pi Chaewon.

“… … .”

“… … .”

There was a small silence between the two.

The dark-haired girl glanced at her slack suit from overwork. It also seemed to smell something musty.

On the other hand, Lumière smelled of refined perfume. In addition, instead of ribbons or jewels, decorations were hung.

“… … .”

To be honest, Pi Chae-won felt that she was humble.

It was because she experienced what Europe was like. The girl already knows the world stained with the smell of bloody bandages and alcohol swabs.

It is usually called hell.

And in front of Pi Chaewon was a war hero who saved hundreds of millions of people from that hell.

“… … .”

So Pi Chae-won turned around with a small bow. He didn’t want to show his humbleness in such an open place.

However, Lumiere grabbed the girl’s wrist.

“It’s nice to see you again after a long time. Secretary Pi Chae-won.”

“… … Ah yes. Long time no see.”

“I’m sorry, can I talk to you for a moment? I am too tired to walk around like this.”

“… … .”

Among the people who filled the party, most of them were anxious to have a word with Lumiere, and Pi Chae-won was a human who felt it instinctively.

In the end, Pi Chae-won carefully nodded her head.

Lumiere smiled softly and spoke.

“Daniel wanted to see Miss Chaewon a lot. That little gangdagu often asks how he is doing.”

“… … Maybe that little gangster is referring to me?”

“It was ‘little guts’ to be exact.”

“I don’t know what that means, but I feel bad.”

“Originally, Daniel is a person who gets dirty when he sees that bearded man. He’s a typical British.”

“… … oh Were Korea-Japan relations roughly similar between France and Britain?”

“I do not know. Well, that’s because I’m not Korean. … .”

“… … oh yes.”

When awkward people talk, silence is bound to come.

However, they had a common denominator, Han Seung-moon, and the conversation eventually led to someone’s backstory.

“No, isn’t this a problem!?”

“Surely Noah is right.”

“If you look at the minister objectively, is it true that he is an asshole? It’s crazy because it’s on the same side. I don’t know how hateful it can be when you see it sometimes.”

“Honestly, sometimes I feel weird. Because he’s a very dynamic person with Gapjil… … .”

“Yes! I’m not the only one who thought so, am I? If you look at it every day, you know that you are not the absolute leader. But, like a ghost, he knew when he was going to become a leader?”

“Certainly, the Minister has an animal sense. Sometimes I wonder if he can read people’s minds… … .”

The two people who found a consensus began to break the plate with excitement. However, the gossip began to deepen gradually, eventually leading to worries.

“that… … They say that Minister Han Seung-moon is on a route to check the hunters.”

“… … ah.”

Lumière’s original partner was the president of France. He tumbled into the abyss while checking the Hunters. Pi Chae-won suddenly remembered that fact.

Of course, like politics, if you dig into it in detail, there are no limits, but I was able to roughly catch the fact that Lumiere was sensitive to anti-hunter political ideology.

And when people become sensitive, they usually become angry or worried. Fortunately, Lumiere was the latter.

“Ugh. You said that you were organizing an international army with hunters this time.”

“Yes. We also conducted recruitment activities in Korea.”

“I don’t think the backlash would have been small. A person who usually bullies hunters is suddenly needed, so it’s like calling the hunters together… … .”

It might sound sarcastic at first glance, but Pi Chae-won knew that it was a word that worried about Han Seung-moon’s political status.

The context that followed was similar.

“Secretary Blood. If you think the blow is going to be serious, can you tell me that there is no need to call in too many troops?”


“As the gate closing technology develops, the burden that Europe has to bear is also decreasing. So, if the issue of the war levy can be fatal to political life, it means that as an ally, we can pay for it to some extent.”

“… … .”

Pi Chae-won pondered for a moment what to answer. And he bowed his head in embarrassment.

“… … Thank you for your words, but I don’t think we need European help.”


“that… … It is true that Senator Han Seung-moon put a lot of restrictions on Hunter… … .”

Tax law revision, Hunter rating system, Jangjeon-eup gate.

Han Seung-moon beat Hunter for a very long time.

However, there is a principle in all regulations.

“You kept the minimum good.”

The regulatory bills that Han Seung-moon promoted were always out of focus somewhere.

Tax Law Amendment. Hunter rating system. military segregation law.

All of these are regulatory measures for sub-hunters and chaebol companies that own PMC affiliates.

“So, the Minister has never been hostile to mainstream hunters.”

“… … .”

“And it is the few high-ranking hunters who dominate the Korean industry. And all those high-ranking hunters passed the examination by the Portrait Management Department and became high-ranking hunters, and they are the people who receive various benefits from the person in charge.”

Originally, the power of a hunter was measured by the amount of mana stones he ate, not the number of his head. It’s not just a proverb, it’s actually PMC graded that way.

And until now, Han Seung-moon gave benefits to high-ranking hunters, but there was no precedent for pushing a policy that suppressed key players in the industry.

The results have now appeared.

“… … what?”

From somewhere, a muffled sound was heard. The sound came from outside the party hall.

Eventually, as the sound grew louder, silence settled in the hall.

Suddenly, the door opened, and Han Seung-moon staggered in and walked in.

With many hunters following him.


The party hall quickly became noisy.

Even if only the newly entered hunters were counted, it was because the number was comparable to all the personnel in this position.

“Hey, excuse me.”

A bewildered employee approached Han Seung-moon. He raised his head, who had been fiddling with his wand all the time.

“What’s going on?”

“sorry. The 52nd floor banquet hall is only open to PMC representatives. I’m really sorry, but the Hunters under my command-“

“Ah yes. you’re right.”

“Yes… … ?”

Han Seung-moon pointed to the multitude of people behind him.

“All these people are PMC representatives.”

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