A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 174

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 174

EP 28 – No Country for Superman (5)

War is money.

No one hates money.

And Hunters are people after all.

* * *

“Nice to meet you. Snow Hunter. This is Rufus Jane from The Jane Corporation. I’m sorry for the first meeting, but could you take a look at my sword skills just once?”

“The shield core made by GS Aegis. There are only second-hand items available in the market, but do you have any plans to export them abroad? … ?”

“Potions that wear telomeres are already outdated. Rather than accelerating natural recovery, it is much better to cultivate artificial muscle that proliferates in the affected area… … .”

“In that case, it would be better to have a shell altogether. Or did you transform your body? Potion seems to be difficult to develop further than now, considering the economic feasibility… … .”

The banquet hall was full of life.

They were obviously on the verge of war, but they were all smiling brightly. This is because they are the ones who do not have to worry about their lives.

entrepreneur. politician. and hunters.

Those who started the war but did not go to the battlefield, and those who did not have to worry about dying even if they went to the battlefield, shared a friendly laugh.

“Ugh. Isn’t it surprising that there is no tension?”

In the corner of such a banquet hall. There was a girl looking around the hall.

“I thought it was going to be something very sad. This is a party venue in a drama… … ?”

Dasol Yeo had a K2 rifle on her back, but no one was wary of it. Because everyone here was a weapon that was more than a rifle.

Nevertheless, the person with the rifle alone (which is also a small middle school girl with a misleading attitude) drew a lot of attention, and Jo Jung-sik, conscious of the crowds of eyes, bluntly stopped the girl.

“hey. sit down. I’m not even a villager visiting Seoul for the first time.”

“It’s true that it’s the first time I’ve been to the United States, so what!”

Dasol Yeo was very excited and smiled bashfully.

“Look over there, Captain! Are there too many Koreans?”

“If you’ve been pouring stimulants like that, then of course there should be more.”

Jo Jung-sik said that, but looked around the hall with a very interesting gaze.

However, since the boy was an observer who detected monsters and a magistrate who watched people at the same time, his eyes did not stop at the level of just grasping interest.

After finishing the scan, Jo Jung-shik muttered a little.

“… … Only monsters have gathered.”

It’s the S-class hunters who catch the eye.

No matter how many guild leaders have gathered, this is a rare sight. But it wasn’t a strange sight.

Hunters are also tough jobs, risking their lives after all, and the hierarchical order of such jobs was stricter, so there was no way the people gathered as guild leaders could be weak.

“Somehow, I didn’t see many politicians… … .”

This is where the core organization of the new era, WPO, is launched. Humans who live on tickets are likely to snoop around, but surprisingly, there were hardly any suits.

Maybe it’s because life is precious. No matter how much the hunter saved people, in the eyes of high-ranking people, he was just a walking human bomb.

Of course, even among the high-ranking people, there are different kinds.

Jo Jung-sik’s gaze turned to a lame man.

“Uh, yes. Nice to meet you too. By the way, are you from Armada? Then you must have been in Calais? haha! comrade! comrade okay. Come on, come on, let’s go nationally and have one drink at a time.”

Han Seung-moon was churning among the hunters like a fish in water. It looked like someone came to have a drink with everyone here.

Dasol Yeo saw that and shed a word.

“Wow. Senator Han, looking at him like this, he seems like a very high-ranking person.”

“Then didn’t you look taller before?”

“Doyeon is your older sister. And because people are so clumsy… … .”

Dasol Yeo tilted her head to see if something was vague, and then smiled softly.

“Anyway, you seem like a great person! You said you became the vice-chairman of the council this time?”

“… … okay. It’s not great.”

A world where the gate opens and the hunter runs. Even after I washed my eyes and looked around the country and abroad, there was no resource like me.

His deeds from the beginning of the crisis to the present are truly unstoppable politicians. He took over the hunter world in Korea by bending when bending and bowing when bowing.

However, that is not where Jo Jung-sik pays attention.

Han Seung-moon is a person who always moves toward the event, and in other words, does not move without any special interest. And how to move big fish only on big rice cakes.

In that sense, the news that Han Seung-moon had won the WPO Vice-Chairman with all sorts of shows came as a threat to Jo Jung-sik.

Jo Jung-sik muttered a little.

“When that yangban moved, something big always happened… … .”

* * *

“It was a big deal. Chaewon-ah.”


“It’s a big deal that nothing big is happening… … .”

Right now, the framework of the United Nations was being completed smoothly.

The WPO was successfully launched, and the Combined Command was organized under the leadership of the United States.

As the whole world raised their voices in the war against the monster, I grabbed Pi Chae-won and raised my voice.

“At this point, isn’t it normal for something to burst and remain!?”

“You’d rather be fighting the destruction of the earth.”

“hey! If you watch a monster movie or something like that, it is normal for the Humanity Union to collapse due to infighting! When the great powers have gathered, how can you come all the way here without making any noise?”

“Maybe you just watched too many movies.”

Pi Chae-won looked at me with the eyes of ‘You sassy again and again’, but I had a different opinion.

The current smooth situation was obviously strange.

“It should have been four months since it should have been normal… … .”

America’s first target is Australia. And the Chinese President, Li Choongbin, openly told me that he would overthrow the plan.

If the US takes over Australia, it will be a huge blow to the Chinese-led Southeast Asian sphere.

“But China is too quiet. Is something strange?”

“I do not know. Right now, just the day before yesterday, I know that an aircraft carrier was turned around in the South China Sea. We also send patrol aircraft around Australia.”

“That’s a disgrace from China’s point of view. From the American perspective, it’s aegyo.”

“The love battles of great powers are a little difficult to understand.”

“That’s what love is all about, huh?”

Anyway, that’s not what’s important.

China was obstructing the United Nations in an overly standard way. And it passes like a daily life without any repercussions.

“By the way, China, as I know it, would drop a nuclear bomb on Australia by now, wouldn’t it be strange?”

“Uh, um, that’s weird enough.”

“no. no. If it were me, Australia would have been tainted with radioactive fallout by now! It’s better to destroy it than give it to America!”

“I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s fortunate that you are not the President of China.”

In any case, the situation in Australia was extremely poor.

After all, except for the southeastern island region, it is a desert country. The desert, which occupies most of the country, has been taken away by the monster, and only the city is barely protected.

However, the US is in a position to continue living by eradicating the monsters in Australia, while China is in a position to block it.

Of course, you can’t openly put out a pato, but it’s normal to start with a subtle check-in right away. At least that’s how it seemed to me.

“No, in common sense, in order not to lose Australia to the United States. It’s not about driving the monster out of there, it’s about getting people out of Australia and then burning them down with nuclear bombs.”

“No, what is common sense… … !”

Pi Chae-won, who couldn’t see it, protested against me, pounding her chest.

“I’ve been scattering around for a few weeks, but nothing has come up. Can’t we get some rest now?”

“uh. no.”

“But the Chinese ambassador to Li Shu-ing or something didn’t really matter… … .”

“It’s only natural that puppets don’t have brains. Anyway, what about America?”

“I haven’t met the president of the United States yet, but the vice president didn’t think much of it. Except for the idea of taking Australia and turning it into a semi-colonial.”

“then! How much money have you poured out?

“… … !”

If the United States succeeded in occupying Australia, it would probably become a de facto American territory. The government and the military have already collapsed, so it’s perfect for rip off in the name of helping out.

Of course, it’s us, whether the US invades or develops a dictatorship for development, it’s great to just send a hunter there to earn magic, but it was a fatal situation for China.

It poses a serious threat to the sphere of influence in Southeast Asia.

“No matter how much you played shobu with the United States under the water, eating Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and Hong Kong is absolutely aggression.”

However, no one can criticize China because it is such a thug country, but it is because Southeast Asia cannot survive without China’s help.

China, which dominates Southeast Asia with pro-Chinese political gangs as president, distributes a lot of food and supplies to the private sector every year.

And, most importantly, military support.

“Southeast Asia has very weak military power. It’s a developing country. So, without the help of China, hundreds of millions of people become monster food.”

“… … It would be a different story if we had US troops stationed in Australia.”


In fact, USFK and USFK are stronger than any other country. This is especially true in that the US Forces Japan (7th Fleet) could blow up the Korean Peninsula with a nuclear bomb right now.

However, it is impossible to carry out a war because that powerful force is not currently being supplied. At best, is it enough to periodically return them to North Korea or Japan through air strikes?

“What if a large-scale military base is established in Australia under this circumstance? What if a proper supply network is completed as a munitions factory that runs on magic energy is laid down? What if there was even a justification for sending troops to other countries and the United Nations?”

“… … Southeast Asia doesn’t necessarily have to follow China.”

“okay. From the very beginning, the United States started a war for this.”

The world expresses the current situation as a war against monsters, but

I think of the current situation as a war with people.

“Eat Australia, you get Southeast Asia. Where are you after that? Japan? russia? North Korea? Middle East?”

“… … .”

“The cause is well established. As long as capital has begun to be dropped in earnest, the war has already begun.”

The conversation, which started playfully, soon became too heavy to bear.

“Did you hear it in Europe back then? That’s what the president of the United States said.”

“… … .”

Pi Chae-won stared at me with quiet eyes, and I firmly prophesied to him.

“The higher the bricks go, the bigger the bombs are needed to break them. But China allowed the bricks to go up. What does this mean?”

“… … A very, big, bomb.”

“okay. Chae Won-ah. Never let the tension go. The more bullets accumulate in New York, the bigger the gunpowder store. So soon-”

Thump, Thump, Thump-!

A heavy knock sound was heard. It was quite rough for knocking on the door where the high official was staying.

That must mean that the visitor is so urgent.

“yes. Come on in.”

“Wow, that’s a big deal!”

Suddenly, the door opened and the officer who entered hastily shouted.

“T, TV! Turn on some TV! Senator!”

“Hey, what is it?”

“The US government has a whistleblower!”


* * *

[…] … America is not trying to catch a monster now. Countries in chaos because of monsters. They want to rule those countries.]

[There is an operation plan produced by the Central Intelligence Agency. Although we failed to capture the original, see the photo here.]

[At first, he builds a cause by retaking Australia. At that point, he led the next presidential election, gathered national opinions to end the Japanese civil war, and then advanced to Siberia to fight the Russian Cold War… … .]

As soon as the interview was released, the world went into chaos. It was because the news was that the US was trying to intervene in another country’s internal affairs while conquering Monsterland.

Of course, everyone in the know knew this, but the story changed when the American media cried and shouted that democracy was ruined.

This acted fatally for the Trump administration, which was putting forward human unity and world peace as a pretext, and became an opportunity for the US military, which was likely to advance to Australia at any moment, to gain money.

“The police correct what is wrong, and the gangsters force them to benefit themselves. And America is the world’s cop, not a thug.”

“I don’t know what the hell is such a big deal. Is the original document that the yangban disclosed in the first place correct? and. even if it’s true. I don’t know what’s so dissatisfying about fixing a country that is rotting from civil wars and dictatorships.”

“America is led by Americans. Japan is led by the Japanese. Therefore, sending troops to intervene in Japan’s civil war under the pretext of catching monsters can be seen as a kind of aggression.”

“Is it the Japanese who lead Japan? under! Japan is now a hell where the Yakuza government army and the militia are fighting! I’m not even thinking of catching a monster! So I’m going to catch the monster! Do not obscure the essence!”

“America is a country built under the banner of freedom. The president is shaking the foundations of America right now. This is a civil war that violates the constitutional order.”

“At a time when politicians insist on talking about democracy, the proud American military will blow the bone of a beast.”

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met on TV for a long time after a long debate, and American public opinion was eventually divided and a fierce battle began.

Naturally, Congress expressed opposition to the war, which put great political pressure on the Combined Forces Command.

As a result, American movements were limited.

Unlimited resources can no longer be devoted to war. The available troops of the Allied Forces were reduced to less than half.

Nevertheless, the US government desperately needed the land called Australia.

The land is no longer a piece of land.

Australia was the sign of hope the United States had shown to the world.

In other words, the retake of Australia was now a matter of American pride. And politicians are service jobs that satisfy the pride of the people. The president is no exception to this.

“But if the Americans can’t move, who will take back Australia?”

“… … Hunters.”

“okay. If you don’t have money, you have to change people.”

“… … .”

When the world is in chaos, and everyone is wandering in the fog.

There was only one smiling person.

“It was rewarding to win the WPO Vice-Chairman by flirting with the United States. I thought we were only hurting each other for nothing.”

“… … Did you predict this?”

“No, well, it’s not predictable.”

At Pi Chae-won’s astonishing gaze, Han Seung-moon smiled brightly.

“Did you tell me earlier?”

“… … .”

“Looking like a movie. Is the original Humanity Union destroyed by infighting?”

Of course it was bullshit.

And because it’s such a dog world, that worked.

All that was left was to decide who would bleed.

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