A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 20

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 20

EP 5 – Hunters (3)

At the center of the largest refugee rescue operation, he remains until the end, recruiting a pyrotechnician and receiving mass media at the same time.

The sky was safe and a combat helicopter had already been dispatched in the vicinity. There’s a helicopter capable of slaughtering a small town alone, how can it be dangerous?

I thought it was a pretty good gamble.

But, who would have thought that the gate would open again, even appear right after it, and a flying monster would appear in the first place?

The result is set, no excuses are needed. I stopped gambling.

what to do Nothing will change if you lament.

It is necessary to calculate the net profit and establish a strategy for the future.

From now on, I had to do my best to pick up a review and eat it.

* * *

If you can see the sports complex and Gyeonggi High School in the distance, it is Cheongdam-dong. Representative Yang Pan-seok’s granddaughter goes here.

Occasionally, I know how to get tired of driving the car. If you go straight on the road in the direction of the community center, you will find Apgujeong.

From the gate that opened in the sky over there, monsters began to appear. A few helicopters approached and sharpened the Hellfire missiles, but it was too much to seize air superiority. The Apache is an air-to-ground combat helicopter.

Even here it’s right under the gate. As if releasing killifish in an aquarium, chunks of bat wings are pouring out in heaps.

The rescue was doomed.

There are three soldiers on the roof. Including Yeo Do-yeon and I, there are five in total.

The prosthetic leg I took from the military hospital is very loose. I can walk, but I can’t run.

I grabbed the handle of the roof door.

“The rescue was a breeze. Once inside-”

– Shhhhh!

As soon as I opened the door, a long, dry hand came out and grabbed me. The problem is that the hand is purple.

It was three times longer and thinner than the average human hand. It looks like a spider’s leg.

Two-jawed flesh thrust its hideous head from the gap in the door. The five eyeballs filled with yellow pus are disgustingly disgusting.

The monster’s mouth opened grotesquely wide, just before it swallowed my head.

– Bang!

A soldier hits the monster’s head.

Shortly thereafter, without even reacting, someone grabbed the back of my back.

Yeo Do-yeon, who threw me backwards, threw herself at the monster. Life flows from the eyes.

Without fear, she shoved her fist into the monster’s jaws and crushed its teeth.

Then, with that hand, he pulled the lower jaw to open his mouth, and with the other hand he blew an uppercut to pierce the roof of his mouth.

When Yeo Do-yeon violently pulled out her hand and shook it on the floor, the brain-destroyed monster collapsed.

She looked at us with a stern look, then made a small chin and strode into the building.

In the sky, helicopters fled and fired missiles at the monsters, and the cries of the terrible monster resounded in the cloudy Seoul sky.

The soldier who shot the monster earlier raised me up.

“Oh, thank you. really-“

“I only used the Ak47 that the rebels spilled, but this is my first K2.”

Startled at the familiar voice, he turned to look at the soldier.

“Oh, uhm. If you are a war correspondent with 17 years of experience, shooting is basic.”

A low but familiar face.

The bare-faced colder smiled slyly.

“Me, they are actually fashion glasses.”


Me, Doyeon Yeo, two soldiers, and a war correspondent pretending to be a soldier were in an ordinary office.

The light was not turned on as if the electricity had been cut off, and only a light gray sky light filled the room through the closed curtains.

The cold air fell in the empty office.

“…so, the spirit.”

A soldier sat down in a chair and wiped away tears.

“To save us…!”

Another soldier patted him on the back and comforted his comrades. It doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon. little time left

I questioned the cold person with an absurd look.

“…how the hell did you get here?”

He returned a smirk with a sly smile.

“If you have a career like this, there is a way.”

okay. It was a stupid question. I asked the right question.

“Why are you here?”

The cold-jaw looked at me slightly, then leaned on me and whispered.

“There are rumors that the military did not intentionally rescue the Apgujeong camp…”

How did know.

“Do you know?”

“How do I know that?”

“……Is that true?”

“Well, wasn’t it the strategic goal to restore from the outskirts of Seoul? I don’t know much about the military, but the deputy minister thinks of everything-”


In an instant, a shiver crept down my spine.

It seems I’m not the only one who heard it. Everyone shut their mouths and lowered their posture.

An unknown soldier pointed to something with a good eye.

Across the office, a chair moved slightly.

Yeo Do-yeon approached me and held my hand, and the rest of the party pointed their guns at me.

A black figure sprung up from under the desk.

looks like a person


it’s a woman’s voice

“By any chance, are you a person…!?”

said is human

Only then did I check her shape with the light of my smartphone.

A woman, covered in blood, was staggering towards us with her hands raised.

Two soldiers lowered their guns.

“ah! Are you all right!”

“ah…! sa, man! People!”

Yeo Do-yeon was about to go out to support the woman, so I grabbed her hand and didn’t let her go.

The blood-stained woman walked towards us with a contorted smile.

First, I scratched the X on the back of their hands with my fingernail to keep Cold and Yeo Do-yeon from approaching that woman.

We just caught the monster waiting in front of the rooftop door.

By the way, was this woman hiding under the desk while there were monsters roaming the building?

Even if he hid in an emergency, there was little chance that the person hiding under the desk was still alive.

Considering the existence of superpowers, perhaps this woman could have been a ‘person who did not need to hide’ from the monster.

…Then why did you hide?


“Oh, there are people downstairs”

“I’m happy.”

The woman pointed to the stairs with a trembling hand among the soldiers. We carefully went down the emergency stairs, vigilant in all directions.

Of course, what I was wary of was an internal enemy. I deliberately approached right behind her and spoke to the soldiers.

“Wouldn’t it be better to go to Apgujeong Camp first?”

“Car, I’d rather come back-”

“This is Cheongdam-dong. If you want to protect yourself right now, you better join the camp next door.”

As I spoke, I looked at the bloodstained tumbling down the stairs.

Although bloody, he didn’t look like he had been starving for weeks.

She suddenly turned her gaze back. For a moment, our eyes met, and his expression slightly collapsed.

She frowned slightly and lowered her head. And he pointed to the door with a trembling finger.

“Hey, everyone is gathered here.”

One soldier carefully opened the door, and another raised his gun again.


“You guys will go in here too.”

A woman among the soldiers shoved her hands into the soldiers’ sides.

Embarrassed, the soldiers pulled the trigger, but the gun just fired and fell to the floor.

She pulled something out of the soldiers’ bodies. As something dragged out, one soldier collapsed and the other rolled down the stairs.

I couldn’t look inside the emergency door, but seeing a terrible smell wafting out, it was easy to see what was here.

food warehouse.

As the woman’s hand pierced the soldiers, the cold-jaw pointed the gun, and pulled the trigger as soon as the hand came out of the soldiers’ bodies.


If you take off the body armor with your hands, will the bullet go through it?

I don’t really know.

Maybe the bullet didn’t go through, maybe the colder didn’t hit the shot, or maybe she diddge the gun.

One thing is for sure,

“That’s too bad.”

I was just behind her earlier, and I was caught by this bastard.

“It’s convenient to go at once…”

He grabbed my neck and used it as a meat shield.

Yeo Do-yeon panicked with an urgent face, and the cold-blooded person pointed the gun with a distorted expression.

As I held her hostage, I seriously reached out.

“f**k, I’m fine-”

“It can’t be!”

“No, don’t shoot.”


I grabbed the woman’s hand as if it was about to tear my neck apart.


and pushed forward.

“I lived with a fighter for years!”

I have the exact same physical abilities as this crazy killer.

He tried to rip my throat, but it was only scratching my neck to the point that it stings a little.

I took the sight of the killer who fell on the floor. with two thumbs.

Naturally, his expression was distorted, but that doesn’t matter now.

I took the ‘action’ afterwards as calmly as possible.

Then he convulsed, as if blood had drained out of his body, and slumped backwards.

Only then did I catch my eye on the inside of the front door where the woman was trying to take us.

It was a food waste bin.


Fortunately, there were no monsters or people under the building. It was just full of ‘what was’.

We took a rest in a clean sleeping room. On the way home, I had vomited twice in the bathroom.

Yeo Do-yeon patted my back. I couldn’t even wash my hands because the water was cut off. Still the shaking doesn’t stop

I wiped the tears from my eyes with trembling hands. There must have been some blood on his face.

The cold person muttered with a somber expression.

“…why, why?”

The reasons were varied.

It could be that you woke up right before being harassed in a group of survivors and went crazy trying to get revenge on others.

Or it could be that he was chosen as the victim by a ‘lot’ due to lack of food and killed other people.

“…that’s not a story worth thinking about now.”

I regained my composure as I wiped the blood and flesh from my trembling hands on the bed linen in the sleeping room.

“The enemy killed two of our allies. We killed an enemy. Let’s not think about the details.”

“That, though…”

The cold covered his face with his hands.

“The world, what happened…”

A war correspondent with 17 years of experience was unable to speak due to the terrible devastation.

Even the excuse of ‘it was like this’ won’t work.

The time has come to admit it.

The world isn’t what it used to be.

In the cloudy sky that can be seen through the window slit, the blue gate is shining horribly.

Apgujeong, in the middle of Seoul.

We were truly on the verge of an end.

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