A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 216

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 216

EP 34- Perfume Bottle(4)

The world has become half-hell since a hole in the sky was punctured and monsters flooded in.

But among the hells, there was one hell of a hell, especially South America, the most difficult place to live on earth.

The vast Amazon became an entire Magul, and some cities were taken over by drug cartels. They do not even have the means to develop new technologies such as magic stone energy and potions.

Historically, in such a situation, the United States, which did not want to be invaded by drug gangs for nothing, came up with a few solutions because someone suggested a war of aggression as a solution.

I also stray between drug gangs. They even start civil wars in the name of supporting the democratic government. On the one hand, it really revives a democratic government.

In general, it was to conquer Central America and to revive South America, because the further south the country was, the better the country was. The farther away from the Mexican gang, the farther away from the Amazon jungle, the better.

In particular, Argentina was a stronghold of the United States.

Politically, it was a pro-Western democratic regime, and economically it is because it is located along the Pampas Plain, which is called the world’s three largest breadbasket, so that it is free from food shortages if only hunters are beaten.

Thanks to this, Argentina was functioning as a bastion of democracy, receiving unrestricted support from the United States like Korea during the Cold War.

It was just like that until recently.

“Argentina has collapsed.”


“President Fernandes was overthrown in a military coup. In fact, it seems that the hunter warlords of Central and South America were involved behind the scenes… … .”

While eating strawberry milk at a convenience store on the way to work in the morning, the fact that a country on the other side of the world had collapsed did not come to me easily.

But what will not happen in the yard with a hole in the sky?

I woke up again. And I moved on as usual.

“… … Let’s go to the conference room first.”

* * *

The conference room on the 2nd basement floor of the Busan Government Complex is small and cramped. There is only one monitor mounted on each desk.

But inside the monitor screen was the President.

[So, can it be understood that the economic support policy for South America promoted by the United States has been broken?]

[sorry. It is something that the authorities cannot easily answer… … .]

President Yang Pan-seok was holding on to the poor CIA collaborator and pouring out questions. The same goes for other Blue House aides.

I put on my headphones and bluntly interrupted the conversation.

“Forgive me for being late.”

[Uh, a manager. Did you hear the news?]

“yes. I’m sorry to ask you a question as soon as I arrived, but sir? As far as I know, in October of last year, Hanwoong Construction Hunters were dispatched to Argentina at the request of the United States. How are they safe? … .”

Instead of a CIA officer, Yang Il-ho, Minister of Portrait Management, answered instead.

[They brought me back last month.]

“Good job. Minister. You have insight.”

[Not that. Corruption in the construction company selection process… … .]

“Ah, anyhow, I’m lucky out of misfortune.”

The meeting did not last long.

The Blue House chiefs, who once harassed many people at the hearing as a member of the National Assembly, briefly opened the mouths of the CIA cooperators with their skills.

Based on that information, we came to the conclusion that whatever happened in Argentina had nothing to do with Korea, and decided not to pay attention to supporting and roasting drug gangs for nothing.

The United States would die if we could make and send an international peace force, but fortunately, President Yang Pan-seok’s term is less than two months away.

Now, with the power of the Blue House, we can’t even replace the Prosecutor General, but with the logic of what kind of overseas dispatch?

That was when the meeting was about to end.

[…] … There, wait a minute. Everyone has something to tell you.]

The head of the National Security Office, who was fiddling with his cell phone, opened his mouth.

[It seems that there is a problem in Busan. Breaking news on Naver now, no. There seems to be a breaking news in the media.]

It was not uncommon for a ministerial-level official to stutter. The atmosphere was frozen.

The head of the National Security Office also seemed to have regained his mentality, and he hardened his expression and continued to speak again and again.

[Kuhm, the paranormal people on the union side, which have been attracting attention recently, collided with the police. There are three dead, and fifteen seriously injured.]

In an instant, the video conference was filled with noise. Everyone opened their mouths at the same time, so no words could be distinguished.

I muted everyone below the ministerial level and opened my mouth with administrator authority (the authority that President Yang Pan-seok gave because it was difficult to handle computers).

“Where did the information come from?”

[The detailed casualty status has been sent by Commissioner Jeong Sang-wook of the National Police Agency. It is now being reported in the media.]

[Is it reported in the media? no what… … !]

There was an accident at the National Police Agency, and if the police agency had an accident, the Minister of Public Administration and Security, who should be the first to take responsibility, seemed to be bleeding backwards.

Come to think of it, when I was a member of the aristocrat of the yangban, I used to do it several times. I stepped on the brake to prevent the Minister of Public Administration and Security from making a hasty move.

“Calm down, Minister. Manager? Keep talking… … . Everyone be quiet! Yes. quietly.”

[I will continue. Currently, protesters demanding the Hunter Association normalize and the police have clashed. Some police officers provoked the protesters, and a hunter at the scene attacked the police officers… … .]

* * *

[The site has become a chaos now! As you can see now, a police commando has entered among the protesters! There was an explosion due to a fire that just moved to a police bus… … .]

[This is urgent breaking news. A while ago, the paranormal workers of the Union Union and the police force clashed. The extent of the damage has not been confirmed, but it is estimated that at least two people have died… … .]

[The police officer was seriously injured by the hunter’s runaway on the protesters side, and the police started suppressing it, and the hunter died in the middle of the suppression, and the protest went out of control… … .]

All kinds of news poured from the big TV at the entrance of the Busan Government Complex.

While the voices of the announcers were resounding, public officials ran around in confusion at the pouring calls.

I was no exception.

“hello? Yes. I am Han Seung-moon, the chief of the Presidential Secretariat. The death toll has not yet been officially confirmed. Please report it to the press.”

“Are you the Chief of Police Jeong Sang-wook? This is Seung-Moon Han, the head of the department. it’s disgusting Did the police attack you first? Did the protesters attack first?”

“What is the Super Recognition Support Agency doing? Send them all to Busan, the public security and the magistrates. What are you doing when all the firefighters are running!”

“The Hunter Association refrains from being official. Yes. Yes. Let’s discuss the expression of regret as much as possible. Please cooperate at the guild level as well.”

After a while just by turning the phone, I had time to catch my breath. Chae-won Pi brought iced tea from the cafe on the first floor of the Busan Government Complex.

“You have a sore throat.”

“Uh, uh.”

“Sit here.”


Fatigue came from sitting down in a place that wasn’t even a chair. It looks like he is drenched in cold sweat. back is wet

Pi Chae-won wiped my forehead with a handkerchief and whispered a little in my ear.

“Protesters are trying to enter the government building. It’s an underground car park now. I’m arguing with the guards.”

“… … hi.”

“What should I do.”

“Are you strong?”

“I don’t know the objective numbers. If the Hunter runs wild, the grade doesn’t matter.”

“… … ”

I caught a hunter passing by and stopped it. Once upon a time, he was a friend who measured the abilities of the Hunters in the Portrait Management Department.

After all, he’s a telekinesis magician.

“Hey, Jeonghee. long time no see.”

“Ah, hello, Minister! No, boss!”

“Where were you now? Was it a land redevelopment TF? Anyway, I’m sorry, but let’s go somewhere with me for a moment.”

“yes? No, I received a request for support from that Munhyeon-dong… … .”

“It’s okay for a moment. Do you know how to fly?”

“Oh, no.”

“You can learn from now.”

* * *

You stunned a hunter who was igniting heat (real fire) in the underground parking lot.

Several protesters who tried to throw bricks at the windows of government buildings were handed over to the police.

I caught a telecaster who was flying with a whole police bus and dragged him down to the ground.

They forcibly pulled out reporters who were struggling with the police to enter the protest site.

By the time I returned to the Busan Government Complex after that, the protests had been suppressed.

confirmed by news.

[The radical protests in the Busan area have been stopped. Police authorities have secured the lives of all 32 people with paranormal abilities, and are currently seeking treatment for the injured and the extent of damage. … .]

The police chief also received a text message.

– Chief, this is Chief Chung. The rally was suppressed. I’m sorry that the lack of information caused concern. All of them are my vices. Please do not let our police family escape in the future.

okay. If the police chief had finished the suppression, it was really over.

I finally let go of the hunter holding me with a sigh of relief. After spinning around Busan, the Hunter staggers and collapses.

“Jeong-hee, you did a great job.”

No answer came back. I guess I fainted

While the civil servants took her to the job room, I checked the situation back through the phichaewon.

“What happened while I was away?”

“There was news that two passersby had been hit by a sidewalk block and died during the suppression process. Since the victim is a middle school student, there has been a lot of skepticism about people with supernatural abilities for a while. The police probably didn’t pull out the sidewalk block by hand and throw it, and the teleportation magician wielded his power and the stone flew away… … .”

“By the way?”

“Fortunately, it was a mistake. He didn’t die. One had minor injuries and the other was treated by a passing healer. So I texted him to arbitrarily make corrections.”

“Well done. And again?”

“The news of the Argentine coup was buried. The news that the hunt for the Juwangsan monster has been unsuccessful is also buried. This is the first case where a monster penetrated the south after the Chungcheong Defense Line was installed… … .”

“The gate may have been opened in a dark valley. The USFK Horus system failed to track it.”

“Then I don’t think it’s a light issue. Politically or physically… … .”

“Let’s put out the fire first. Any other news?”

“A member of the National Assembly collapsed while passing by a protest, and looking at his past history, it seems like a show. Another notable feature is that the participants of the union’s rally are pouring anti-government comments on the Internet.”

I glanced around. And I moved to a dark place. Pi Chae-won followed closely.

Arriving in a quiet place, I cautiously asked a question.

“… … Public opinion?”

“I received the results of the analysis of the National Intelligence Service’s opinion polling team. They say they are in favor of the government.”

“Well, it’s just before the end of his term, but the president’s approval rating is over half… … . Should I call this lucky?”

I took a moment to dry my face and put my thoughts together.

How can we overcome this crisis?

In fact, it was not a political crisis. After all, it was because the yangban-seok was a well-educated yangban-seok who crushed it moderately every time it crashed. I was half way too.

The president changes in about two months, but whether it’s Won Ok-bun, Yoo Jae-kyung, or Kim Doo-sik, he had already seen Shobu with people who could become presidents, so there was no fear of being liquidated.

The problem was different.

“… … Chaewon-ah.”


“Let’s leave one report to the NIS.”

“What kind of report?”

“The hostility that ordinary citizens have toward Hunters.”

“Isn’t that too obvious? Everyone is starving, but they catch monsters and collect billions of dollars. Even so, he demoted that it was difficult to live and overturned Busan… … . It is true that the Hunter Association has had a lot of problems so far, but I think the Hunter Union is actually over.”

“How many votes that hostility brings to the claim to suppress Hunter. We need an analysis on that.”

“… … ”

“Then we will know who formed the union.”

On the first day of my tenure, the gate opened. Episode 226

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