A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 55

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 55

EP 10 – The End of Winter (4)

Politics is the authoritative distribution of social values.

In other words, it is a rice bowl fight.

That’s why politics doesn’t stop.

It is bound to happen even in this situation.

– Stimulant! One stimulant, please! please!

– Allow yourself to defend yourself!

– Stimulants! Distribute! Stimulant! Distribute!

Citizens who wanted to live wanted stimulants,

– The Awoken must catch the monster, so it’s obvious that I’ll take care of my family and run away.

– Is there any guarantee that they won’t turn into predators?

– I’d rather awaken the Special Forces members.

The soldiers wanted to monopolize the armed forces,

– No, what kind of gate opens up in the clear sky!

– I can’t give up on the metropolitan area! Who will be held responsible?

– Better to fortify and defend Uijeongbu!

– It’s just before the gate opens, so retreat, you people!

I wanted a quick retreat.

Political engineering is intertwined.

– Hello, citizens, I am Han Seung-moon, a member of the National Assembly. Let me tell you bluntly. Seoul is dangerous. The ROK military is aware of this, and the safety and life of the people…

I came forward and calmed the citizens,

– The entire amount was transferred to the Logistics Support Group.

– …you didn’t really give it all, did you?

– I took 25 extras in my bag.

– Well done. Chief Jang.

Stimulants were distributed only to soldiers.


– Requisition for buses and trucks and shove people in! The road is blocked, so I’m pushing it with a tank!

– See Pal! Snow is coming!

– Oh! Oh!

in that cold winter,

– Leave Uijeongbu? Does that make sense!?

– Oh, we don’t know well because we came down from the upper ranks too!

– ah! ah! Get out of the way! f**k! The train is passing by!

The Great Retreat has begun.

* * *

“Hey, what does that mean!?”

bang! I slammed my desk and got up. Commander Hyeon-jong Yoo flinched and stepped back.

“D, you are the one who heard it.”

He grunted at the tactical map.

“The gates in Seoul rushed and the defense lines in Namyangju and Hanam were breached.”

“…Eastern East, has it collapsed?”

“Once I heard that the second line of defense was formed from the mountain ranges leading to Mt. Cheonmasan and Mt. Namhan…”

Originally, the encirclement was an open fire when one side of it was pierced.

Especially since the enemy you’re dealing with isn’t a human being.

The one-point breakout strategy is usually used to break through the encirclement. It only hits the weak corners of the encirclement.

But can a monster use such a strategy?

In other words, in a situation where the same pressure is applied to all siege networks, the sound of siege nets being pierced on one side.

“…it must be a matter of time before other places are drilled.”

It was just the sound of a lot of monsters coming out.

to the extent that I can’t afford it.

“I understand that an emergency line of defense has been put on the Chungcheong-do side…”

The commander bluntly explained the situation. It’s an unbelievable look.

I thought he was the division commander, but he is the deputy commander of operations who took on the role of the division commander. His rank was only colonel.

The commander mumbled sadly.

“The Incheon side is also dangerous… I get calls from time to time-”

“What is the distribution of gates?”

“Slightly in the northern part of Chungcheong-do and western part of Gangwon-do? Except for the ones that came out, most of them are concentrated in the metropolitan area…”

It is said that there are a lot of gates around this area. At this, a sigh escaped without questioning who came first.



I looked out the window and muttered helplessly.

“…a quick retreat is necessary. Look at the sky over there. More whirlpools than before.”

for a moment.



There was an awkward silence. A blue light came in through the window.

That’s a vortex.

I could only see it when Ga Ji-yoon held my hand.


…can you see it?

“Gee, Commander, can you see that too?”

“Look, I see it.”

I met the commander’s trembling eyes.

“Monster, monster…!”

“The gate is open…!”

“Oh, no…! Aww…!”

The tired commander got up and waved his arms.

“Wow, I can’t die here…!”

and. His eyes changed,

In an instant, he grabbed several radios and shouted in turn.

“hey! hey! Small B! Gangwon-do! Retreat to Gangwon-do! Pass it on to other divisions! Request an air raid in Dobong-gu, pack it up and move to Yeoninsan Provincial Park! We don’t rescue and retreat, retreat and rescue!”

“Stop requisitioning trucks and buses and follow them! There is no problem because it is mainly for the elderly and infirm! After all, if you catch the monsters and run away, you’ll get the speed right! We only clear the road, you understand?”

“Don’t go under the gate and open the road ahead as you move! Firepower is ours! Tell Team Leader Kim to take the kids from the Gongju District and run to the Sejong-Pocheon Expressway! Bukhansan Brigade Commander Choi told me to bring all my self-propelled artillery and leave the road open! The military road is already empty! Hey!”

“hey! Itsumi! uh? Hyun-Jong Yoo! Remember? uh! Okay! Okay! ADVON Forward! Olleddy ATC Perfect. We Need ASM! ASM!

ASM, this f**king bastard!

uh? Fill it up with all sorts of air-to-jimy missiles and send it off! to Apache! Damn, the USFK doesn’t learn Korean, what are you doing? ah! me! f**k! If you knew how to speak Korean, tell me sooner!”

“With two divisions, we penetrate directly to Yangju City Hall! It must have been the South load because it was on the front line! I’ve requested an airstrike from the caucasians! Aria is Unaksan! Ride 47 and hit it all the way up!”

The commander woke up.

It seems that the awakening is not the awakening.


There is a huge vortex in the sky. The blue solid lines are moving geometrically and dazzlingly and are being sucked into it.

A blue brilliance fell in the blizzard sky.

A blue fear flashed in the people’s eyes.

The party was gathering on the roof. Suddenly, a large van was also in the state of being saved.

I explained the situation to the group.

“…Yes, that’s it.”


“Since the military roads have been thoroughly managed, the evacuation will not be slow…”

I glanced down at the city.

– Whoa!

– Whoa!

– aah!

The road was full of people screaming and running around.

“…it will. Perhaps.”

Below, a tank led the way and cleared the road. Numerous trucks and buses followed. The elderly and infants, who were unable to move because of the quick initial response, were almost all on board.

“Let’s go too. Ride.”

When the party got into the large van, I held Gam Gam Yoon’s hand and looked up at the sky again.

– Shle Coms-mels-lehSh……

In my head, I heard a strange sound.

Tiing. With a light tinnitus, he grabbed his head and staggered. He was holding Gam Ji-yoon’s hand tightly.

“…Did you all hear it?”


“Hurry up! Senator!”

The cold person honked the horn, but I looked at Gam Ji-yoon in embarrassment. Ga Ji-yoon grabbed me tightly with her small hand.

“Ah, uncle! me too…! I heard-”

The sound rang out again.

-Comse me eoSh……



the light is gone

The blue light that lit up the world just before disappeared.

I twitched slightly and turned around and looked up at the sky.

The Cipher Gate has disappeared.

The vortex of magical power that seemed to sweep the whole world was gone.


I hear the sound of a wind chime.

There is only a blizzard in the cloudy sky.

– leo Come eoSh Shle Com……

A black tumor that swells like a cancerous mass.

Glowing red spider eyes.

And a black goat tangled with tentacles.

It was quietly looking down at us from the sky.


There was silence in the street.

Until now, a large crowd had run away with all kinds of noise, but it took about 4 seconds. There was total silence for exactly four and a half seconds.

Soon the street became noisy again.

– Whoa!

The tentacles that had been procrastinating spread over the black goat’s body, – woohoo!

It was because the black tumor attached to his body poured down like a bomb.

“Float, fall, fall!”


People prostrated themselves as if they were evacuating from an air raid, went underground, and prayed to someone.


A lump of tumor exploded as soon as it touched the lightning rod of a building.

Sadly, it was one of many tumor masses attached to the goat’s body, but the tumor was large enough to fill a block.


– aah

A black liquid covered the world.


Like black paint spilled,

The world was covered with black liquid.


No one rose again from that black floor.

“……. Grumble.”

Only. Black monsters shining only with red eyes,

It was only wriggling and making strange cries.


have to run away

That was the only thought.

The world I saw from the roof of the hospital was just covered in black, and it was really scary.

There was a dark world under the cloudy sky.

I have nothing more to say.

A black water bomb exploded.

The world is ruined.

The body of the black goat that had shot out the tumor mass was as ugly as a beehive.


– Shle leoSh……

Again, tumors began to form in the hive.

The black goat squirmed and waved its tentacles.

The sparsely popped hole quickly filled up with a tumor.

I lost strength in my legs and fell.

I just looked up at the cloudy sky with a blizzard and was mesmerized.

Then, woohoo-!

A fighter jet passed by in the sky looking up.

A sonic boom was heard,

It was a speed that was difficult to catch with the eye.

The fighter fired a missile at the black goat.

The missile flew and split into several pieces.



The missiles collided with the black goat and exploded.

I closed my eyes at the flashing explosion.

The black goat was covered in soot and flames.

Shrek – !

Tentacles protruded from the smoke.

Tentacles touched the fighter.

The fighter jet exploded as it crashed into the Bukhansan Mountain, exhaling black smoke.


the smoke clears,

A black goat appeared.

About half of her body is destroyed.

A black manastone was half exposed in the heart.


– Coms mels……

A huge manastone shone black.

Tentacles entangled like blood vessels twitched.

The half-shattered goat regained its form again.

Then again, the black tumor was dropped on the ground.

the tumor burst,

The world went black again.




Hundreds of screams could be heard here.

At first glance, it sounded like a gyro drop from an amusement park.

All those screams must have been wills.

The fighters fired several more missiles.


Even if the flesh is crushed,

That black manastone was not destroyed.

Every time the magic stone shone, the goat regained its form again.


An exclamation flowed from his mouth as if he had only just now understood.

It wasn’t even scary because it was such an unrealistic scene.

It was like watching a childish game advertisement that appears on TV occasionally.


I was just frustrated.

And, he gave up.


Because I was holding Ga Ji-yoon’s hand,

I could clearly feel how vast the magical power of that goat was.

I wanted to let go of Gam Ji-yoon’s hand against it.


wow. Gam Ji-yoon told me not to let go of my hand.

said the girl in a trembling voice.

“…Let’s go, let’s go.”

I answered the little guy.

“···Yes. Hurry and run to Gangwon-do-“

“Let’s go catch a monster, you bastard!”

Gam Ji-yoon kicked my shin.

It didn’t hurt.

Ga Ji-yoon was crying.

“Hey, if it touches the magic stone, it will be absorbed!”


The 12-year-old boy wiped his tears and runny nose with the sleeves of a children’s jacket.

“Hey, the Black Manastone! We can fly and touch it-!”

…After all, children are not afraid.

“Yeah, that’s what the construction workers do every day! They said they had a daughter like me!”


“You don’t know what that means?!”

Also, don’t be rude in front of your child.

“The world…! The world is broken! I have to work instead of the fork crane!”


“Why are you doing this! If it’s broken, fix it!”

After all, children resemble their parents.

“That…! We’re the only ones who can fix that!”

After all, kids these days.

“I know everything I know!”

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