A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 66

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 66

EP 12 – Bearers (3)

I smell the fog,

I remembered the old days.

When I was young, whenever I went to my aunt’s house with my father to play.

At dawn, I went to the breakwater near my house with the adults, hung a fishing rod, and when I woke up from sleep, the world was filled with sea fog.

It still is.

When I open my eyes, I see white clouds over the lake shore.

I exhaled the mist of water that had filled my lungs and looked around. There is a fishing rod in front, the sky above, and a yangpan-seok beside it.

“Are you awake?”

spoke to me

* * *

I am sitting in a familiar chair. It was Yang Pan-seok’s fishing chair that he carried with him every time he was an assistant.

Confused, a number of thoughts ran through my mind.

First, I wondered why I was here. This was Yang Pan-seok’s secret fishing spot, where he first met Cheon Geum-soon.

When I saw a bottle of soju that had been hit at my feet, I vaguely remembered it. I had a drink here last night. with placard.

It was easy to find the next memory once the fog was removed from it. After taking a deep breath, the cold morning mist creeps in.


As I swallowed my runny nose, Yang Pan-seok gave me a pint glass.

“Didn’t I tell you to perm in moderation?”

“…Did you sleep outside?”

“Can’t you see the runny nose dripping? How many times have I told you that the weather hasn’t warmed up yet…”

I took out the handkerchief that Yeo Do-yeon had given me as a middle school entrance gift and wiped it under my nose. I laughed a little embarrassed.

“Where is Senator Yang Pan-seok…?”

There was a camper in the place where Yang Pan-seok frowned.

“I slept comfortably, so don’t worry about yourself. I was so sick last night that I was whining…”

He shook his head in disgust, and I was engulfed in a rushing wave of memories.


Last night, the aunt and uncle in the glass tube suddenly became depressed and came out to the veranda. While looking at the moon in the clouds in the night sky, I was snatched by Yang Pan-seok, who came out to smoke a cigarette.


He rushed into the room and grabbed the set of antidepressants and sleeping pills that were piled up. They used to live in a hospital, so they picked up and ate them without a prescription.


Yang Pan-seok scolded me by yelling loudly. He was even beaten by the medicine box he had thrown at him. It didn’t hurt because it was empty.


Yang Pan-seok took me half-drunk and ran outside. And he drove his own camper and brought me here to the fishing grounds.


We drank soju, and I got drunk and confided in everything. It was because of the alcohol interrogation method that Yang Pan-seok had accumulated for decades in the political arena.


told it all

I don’t want to die early.

Do you want to see your sister?

You don’t like politics


The more I chewed it, the more embarrassed I got, and I bowed my head. As I bowed my head, a runny nose ran down, and I covered my nose with a handkerchief. His face must have turned red.

“Is the world difficult?”

Yang Pan-seok muttered carelessly.

“Every time I take a breath, my head hurts, and the doctor doesn’t say anything, but when I come home, I can’t even sleep, so I’ll take some medicine.”

it was straight

Yang Pan-seok mumbled softly.

“Antidepressants are effective only when the doctor adjusts the incubation period in detail and harmonizes several drugs. If you eat it like that, you will get very burnt out, man.”


“I got a headache because I ate Maoi before Ciri, and I was tired because I didn’t even know that TCA was a sleeping pill.”

Yang Pan-seok shook his head as if bored, and I looked at him in amazement.

He knew a lot about antidepressants. I wondered if Yang Pan-seok had this kind of experience, but he didn’t have the courage to ask, so he couldn’t open his mouth and only licked his lips.

However, Yang Pan-seok answered my intentions without even looking at me.


I got goosebumps.

He bowed his head in embarrassment.

Yang Pan-seok’s youngest son was a strict taboo in the office of Yang Pan-seok. The chief aide, who had been with him for eight years, kept his mouth shut when he heard any mention of the youngest son.

Because he committed suicide decades ago.

No one knows why he committed suicide.


Yang Pan-seok was not treated like a parent by his children.

I’m just guessing that it might have something to do with the youngest son who committed suicide. I never had to ask. It was just the things that I had learned implicitly by sticking next to them.

In other words, this is the first time he has directly talked about the youngest son.

Yang Pan-seok tried to say something for a moment, then swallowed his words and muttered. It was the tone of a man who sold his life on the gambling board, muttering in despair.

“……It’s not good for your body.”


We squatted on the shore of the lake for a long time and kept silent. The world is dark blue because the sun has not yet risen.

Yang Pan-seok was fiddling with the fishing rod. and spit it out,

“you. I’m wandering around now.”


“When I was in court for rebellion. If I hadn’t moved the Supreme Court, wouldn’t your political career be over?”

I nodded my head bewildered.

“Is that your original plan? It’s about returning the country to normal, then wiping your hands and going to the back room.”


“I can’t live long anyway. Wasn’t it meant to hit patriotism and go out into politics?”

Yang Pan-seok pierced my heart like a dagger. His tone was flat, but at first he seemed angry.

“Your enthusiasm is the end of it. I still have no idea Kim Jo-in, Chung Jung-yeop, and the Kuomintang split in half, and they only suck their fingers after watching them eat.”

He protested vigorously, and I did not respond well.

“Then what? Shall we come and amend the constitution and go to the presidential election?”

“It doesn’t sound impossible. It’s not that you can’t, it’s that you don’t.”

Yang Pan-seok spit it out as if it was a raw affair.

“Aren’t you just waiting for the day you die like an old man?”

“…well, because I am going to die of old age earlier than Senator Yang.”

“A walking corpse.”

“No, then what are you going to say to me?”

tts. Yang Pan-seok clicked his tongue and looked at me.

“You told me a while ago. to live It’s too much for us.”

That’s exactly what I was hearing right now. It came to me vaguely, but I didn’t bother answering and avoided my gaze.

An awkward silence followed.

“…Well, I say this, but seeing what you are doing, I have changed my mind a bit.”

The 62-year-old old man grinned.

“What use is it if you live to live?”

He smiled kindly and looked at me.

“I am a democracy, no. I will remain in the National Defense Party.”

It was said that he would not come to the Kuomintang where I was.

There has been no talk about the party’s departure so far, so I guessed it to some extent, but I was a little disappointed when I heard it in person.

After all, quitting the party is not an easy task.

Yang Pan-seok himself was a person who was woven like a spider web with Democrats, and only one truck passed over by the city councilor, mayor, provincial councilor and outside committee chairperson he managed.

I know it by seeing it for myself. How closely related Yang Pan-seok is to Gwangju, Jeolla-do. Occasionally, the expression “Honam Maengju” was also a character who appeared frequently.

And because Gwangju was the Democratic Party itself. Naturally, he will join the National Defense Party, the successor of the Democratic Party. I thought.


An unexpected sound was heard.

“I will resign as a member of parliament in one year.”


Without realizing it, I jumped out of my seat and got up. he grinned

“What are you so surprised about?”

“Ah, no, that…!”

“It’s a local election next year, man.”

The skinny old man smiled like a rice cake toad and confessed his inner feelings.

“I will challenge the governor of Jeollanam-do.”

It was incomprehensible at first glance. Of course, the governor was much better than a single member of the National Assembly, but Yang Pan-seok was never a ‘one’ member of the National Assembly.

He was the boss who led the faction, and he went right up to the party leader of the ruling party. It was clear that if he remained in the National Assembly, he could become a pillar of Democratic lawmakers.


Yang Pan-seok silently looked at the lake shore.

“Yeongnam was already saturated with population around the time of Busan, and there is little usable land because of the Taebaek Mountains. On the other hand, Honam is virtually empty except for Gwangju. Most of it is flat.”

Yang Pan-seok, holding a fishing rod in a stooped posture, discussed geopolitical science.

“Now that monster defense lines have been laid in North Gyeongsang Province and Chungcheong Province, the largest capital is Jeonnam. Unlike the city of Seoul, where the population is saturated, there is relatively little political opposition to accepting refugees, and it also surrounds the base city of Gwangju. Above all, it is also the center of agriculture, which will soon be adopted as a national strategic project.”

On the shore of the lake in the mist,

“The fear of monsters will push the people south.”

The elderly man looked into the future.

“I am confident that 40 million people, of which 10 million or more, will gather in Jeollanam-do.”

Only then did I realize

The elderly Jeong Gaek was not looking at the lake, but the sky reflected in the lake.

“Population is the vote.”

said the politician.

“Population becomes industry, and industry becomes performance. If the explosive development of Jeollanam-do can be paved with the achievements of the governor.”

said the fisherman.

“If I remain in the National Defense Party and remain as the leader of a moderate group working with Rep. Han Seung-moon.

So, if you can claim a perfect middle ground in the new two-party system.

So, if I can embrace the supporters of both parties.”

Said the Sleeping Dragon.

“Who will be the president in 4 years?”


[Even if the Kuomintang’s approval rating is about 80% now. I expect this general election to end 5-5. If there is a variable, I don’t think it will lean more than 6-4, where the Kuomintang has the upper hand.]

lie in bed quietly. He slowly pondered the words Yang Pan-seok had left.

[You know as much as you were involved in the North Korean operation. After all, this president is Won Ok. So, isn’t that why they gave up on the competition for the presidency of the Kuomintang right now?]

My head was complicated, but it didn’t hurt.

[This is an unwise choice. Take over the Kuomintang party. Don’t let Chung Joong-yeop and Kim Jo-in loose. After all, they are the humans who will strangle you.]

I didn’t need any medicine today.

[People on the side of former President Yoo Jae-gwang, who have already passed away, are also creeping out. After losing the election, the outside committee chairpersons who were stuck in every corner started snooping on the National Defense Party.

don’t be vigilant Being rejected means that you have been nominated and ran for office. In other words, they were people who were competitive enough to be eaten in that area. There are about 200 former members of parliament alone.

The way they succeed is to topple the Kuomintang. Then who will bite you first?]

Yang Pan-seok provoked me.

[All the hard times have passed. I’m saying this because I can’t stand to see it spread and go around in vain. Didn’t the chiefs of Chunbu also say that there is a driveway? Neither Doyeon’s wife nor his wife will die easily. Your family wouldn’t want you to survive day by day with drugs like that.]

he to me

[…If you don’t know for sure, I’ll help you by entering the Blue House.]

Even an old man in his 60s lives like this, so I asked why you are doing this while taking medicine.

So what do you say to me? dying soon

End-of-life dilemma.

What the world is like, there are only a few days left to live, getting hit and roll, the family lying on their backs.

…I have to draw a line to clean up the dog-like world, and when the waves come, it disappears. I had to beat the villain, but I was confused about whether he was a villain or not, and all of a sudden I sat down doing the villain.

However, a few things were clear.

As I talked with Yang Pan-seok, I realized that I had been broken without realizing it.

And that I’m lost.

That I no longer have passion in my life.

That I have become a person driven by inertia and duty rather than a dream.

by the way.

Effort depends on hard work, justice depends on justice, even if you work hard, it’s a sand castle, but what do you say to me?

…Of course, there may be people like Gam Ji-yoon who do not give up. But she was young and ran away without knowing what it was.

I wasn’t that strong of a superman. I admitted that I was no better than elementary school students. what to do though Hard work is hard, and a dog is like a dog.

……but. After talking with Yang Pan-seok.

I started thinking about what I’m going to do tomorrow after a long time.

Life is short, because I didn’t want to go away while I was only breathing.

He tells Hojeong and Ilho to prepare to run for the National Assembly, and also finds new jobs for Pi Chae-won and the director. Jiyoon after a long time-


got a call.

When I heard the ringtone, it was Kim Doo-sik.


[Seoul Gate ran out..]


[Actually, the runaway is absurd. I don’t know the details. I will contact you as soon as I see it.]

I gave a stupid reaction, and Kim Doo-sik explained it calmly and quickly.


[Though the situation is not clearly understood yet. A giant monster has appeared in Yeouido. And a large-scale wave started centered on Seoul, and the defense line in Chungcheong was activated, but the northern part, where a clear front was not formed, was exposed to threats as it is.

In particular, there is almost no ROK military deployed on the Gangwon-do side, so there is a possibility that the monsters that have spread from Seoul will spread to the northern part of Gangwon-do and Gyeongsangbuk-do.

As a result, large-scale military action was required, and an emergency meeting was convened. Helicopters should have arrived on the roof of the hospital by now. Come quickly.]

hair turned white I put the phone on my shoulder and tightened my tie.

[In the middle of Yeouido, there is a series of hunters who are clearing out giant monsters. It seems to have something to do with this gate runaway.]


[Yeo Do-yeon is also there.]

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