A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 68

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 68

EP 12 – Bearers (5)

The designer of the defense line in Chungcheong, and a pragmatist who put a string on Won Ok-bun and ruined his upper part.

Commander Doo-Sik Kim thought desperately.

The people of this country are truly pitiful people.

“I know it is an old saying to think of the country and the people! However, people must come first!”

The Minister of National Defense, who exchanged power for defense after half a year of peace, needed a bullet catcher.

“Why are you talking like you even gave our lives?”

“President Hong Seon-ah…!”

“There is clearly a veto right on the dispatch agreement of the head office hunters.”

But the hero refused to be a hero any more.


“Eight hundred thousand! 800,000 people!”

It didn’t matter if it was a hero or a villain. Because the minister needed a bullet catcher, not a hero.

“It’s not just a number, it’s all a precious life! Even while we’re talking like this, the monsters…!”

Because a selfish person has turned into a philanthropist, and even a hero has abandoned the world.

Only Lee, not Lee, exists. Because it is a world where righteousness is lost and only righteousness remains.

The people of this country are truly pitiful-

“There is a way to save Korea!”

* * *


Minister Yoo Jae-kyung was the third in the line of succession to the president who had not yet adapted to power. No, the prime minister was vacant, so technically, he was second.

In any case, his mind was still only a modest first-class public official at the high industrial complex, so the position he was standing in was still unrealistic.

Video communication of about 26 people.

Politicians, ministers, entrepreneurs, bureaucrats, and soldiers heatedly debated on major channels. Results from the discussion were immediately ordered to the field.

Container ships borrowed from foreign countries by President Cheon Geum-soon went through the vice minister of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security and entered the maritime control system of the Coast Guard Commissioner, and were immediately reported to the line, commander Hyeon-jong Yoo, and 70,000 refugees were transferred to other ports.

The results of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ efforts to obtain missiles against the United States were immediately reported to the ROK-US Combined Forces Command, and bombardment was carried out on major monster-dense areas in the metropolitan area.

In the process, the death of the chairman of SG Company, the second largest in the business world, was buried in the dark when a secret contract was signed between the vice chairman of the company and the chairman of the Financial Services Commission.

Numerous underground bunkers with connections that transcend authority and responsibility.

Chungmu Facility 忠武施設.

This was the brain of Korea.

And at this moment, the central nervous system of the nation was paying attention to one person’s remarks,

Acting authority Won Ok-bun asked as if he couldn’t believe his ears.

“…Rep. Han Seung-moon, what did you say now?”

“I told you to push the monster to the north.”

The lame senator went into the microphone and continued the explanation in a dry voice. No one could ignore him because he was a man who would have been president if he was over 40.

The young politician stood in front of the big screen and raised his head upright.

“The Northern Armed Forces are in danger of annihilation. 800,000 people isolated in the southern part of the metropolitan area are on the verge of being massacred. Besides, if monsters pour in indefinitely like this, and the defense line in Chungcheong collapses, the country will go crazy that day—”

“Speak short.”

“Isn’t this all because monsters spread all over the place?”


“You control the direction of the monster. Let’s push it to the north, in the opposite direction of the Chungcheong defense line.”

Acting authority Won Ok-bun’s expression flashed a momentary but dazed look.

Minister Yoo Jae-kyung bit his lower lip while embracing the sentiment of ‘That bastard again.’ On the surface, it looked incredibly serious.

Rep. Yang Pan-seok, who kept his mouth shut and watched from the side, sweated and tried to stop Han Seung-moon with a whisper, but the madman’s attitude did not change.

The madman muttered crazy sounds with a plausible expression on his face. At least, in the eyes of Minister Yoo Jae-kyung, that was the case.

“The monster is spreading from a hole that is only a kilometer away. “Whether it’s digging up mountains to build walls, scare away monsters, create large trenches, or set fires with napalm, the only thing that can control the direction of the monster’s spread is now.”

“Does that make sense?”

Assemblyman Han Seung-moon shrugged as if why not.

“Why not?”

“No, I’m joking now-“

“I will go to Seoul with Gam Ji-yoon.”

A strategic weapon-class psychic recognized by the international community.

Gam Ji-yoon, a psychic who blocked the upper reaches of the Han River while digging up the soil of Mt. Simhak for two hours.

No one knew what the result would be if his ability were doubled.

A single word ran through everyone’s heads.


Everyone looked at Han Seung-moon with a cold expression for a moment, before admiration leaked out of the audience’s mouth.

“Are you crazy!?”

only one person,

Division Commander Yoo Hyeon-jong, who came out as a representative of the Northern Armed Forces, who was conducting a desperate retreat for a long time, got up with a foam in his mouth.

“How many times have I told you there are no defenses in the North!”

He shouted evil with a red-hot face.

“3 hours! No, now, when you reach the monster after 2 hours and 40 minutes, everything looks smooth, but what!? Push all the monsters north!?”

Division commander Hyeon-jong Yoo was furious.

“Ha, I didn’t know Senator Han Seung-moon was such a person! Uh, how…!”

“Director Hyun-Jong Yoo.”

“Are you saying we should all die!?”

Han Seung-moon smiled calmly.

“Aren’t you saying that if you don’t escape within 3 hours because there is no defense line, everyone will die?”

“You know that!?”


Han Seung-moon, who smiled kindly, walked limp and put his hand on his shoulder.

Chin, as Han Seung-moon placed his hand on Yoo Hyeon-jong’s shoulder strap,

widely! Yoo Hyeon-jong slapped Han Seung-moon’s hand with a puzzled face.

Han Seung-moon, who was rejected for skinship, smiled.

“This is what I am saying because I believe in Director Yoo.”

“Why are you suddenly pretending to be friendly?”

“If you don’t escape within 3 hours, everyone will die, and the number of monsters doesn’t matter.”

It’s a time attack.

Han Seung-moon smiled softly and placed his hand on his chest.

“The leadership that Division Commander Hyeon-jong Yoo showed while commanding the retreat from Uijeongbu, I have yet to-”

“Dog, stop the bullshit!”

“I am the commander of Director Yoo, no. I believe in Yoo Hyeon-jong, an undisputed field commander.”

Han Seung-moon, who had been arguing with Yoo Hyeon-jong, turned around and waved his staff in the air and said. In order to talk to Won Ok-bun, I had to speak into the monitor and the microphone, but

He was now persuading the crowd.

“6 million in Gangwon-do. 800,000 in the southern part of the metropolitan area. There are 35 million people south of the Chungcheong defense line. Let’s push the monster north. With the Air Force, with Gam Ji-yoon, I will go to Seoul.”

“Ha, of Han Seung-moon…! hey! Hey man!”

Yoo Hyeon-jong got up from his seat and tried to catch Han Seung-moon.

“Everyone, think about it. Monsters do not discriminate between nationalities. If the monsters go to the northern part of Gyeonggi-do, would they dare to cross the Taebaek Mountains and go to Gangwon-do?”

“stop! Stoo oh! This little bastard has a bastard now…!”

It’s already late.

Han Seung-moon raised his clenched fist.

“Let’s push the monster to North Korea! This is it!”

Hyunjong Yu sat down as if his legs had loosened up.

Minister Yoo Jae-kyung, who was watching him, was not very different.

In his 56-year life, he had never seen such a crazy bastard.

It was even more so because he was the same age as his daughter.

It was the moment when Yoo Jae-kyung, Minister of Strategy and Finance, began to fear Han Seung-moon for the rest of his life.


This is not a spurt.

It was close to a thoroughly calculated political engineering study.

In fact, they both mean the same thing.

However, incitement was to mislead emotions, and politics was to calculate interests.

And for lawmakers, that was everyday.

The USFK commander spoke through an interpreter.

He promised Yoo Hyeon-jong, who was in charge of the retreat operation, to provide air support for the 7th Fleet. In other words, it is the sound of getting this and saying what you want. The decision was made to reduce damage to the US troops stationed in Pyeongtaek. It was the same with Kim Doo-shik.

Clearly, if the northern part of Gyeonggi-do was completely abandoned, there was a high probability that the monster would spread to North Korea rather than Gangwon-do. For him, protecting the defense line of Chungcheong was an urgent priority. I silently agreed to this.

For the Secretary of Defense, the success or failure of the operation did not matter.

If you succeed, you will be less responsible, and if you fail, you will be humiliated. This was also true of most cabinet officials. They also took a step back and supported them indirectly.

Yoo Hyeon-jong made the last move.

“Wealth, there could be a war with North Korea. If even a nuclear bomb flies, will you take responsibility!?”

However, unfortunately.

Even though there were only ten people in the world who knew that Won Ok-Boon was trying to defeat North Korea before the presidential election,

“Let’s do it.”

“Daddy, sir…!?”

Han Seung-moon was one of them and a key person.


And only Yang Pan-seok knew that this was all his younger brother was trying to save his older sister.


There was one person who had similar thoughts to Han Seung-moon.

“what is it. They say it’s pouring out of a 1km hole. Isn’t that the only way to solve it?”

“You want to block the entrance?”


David Kim nodded lightly and crossed his legs.

He was sitting on a plastic chair under the gloomy oyster bridge in Incheon, surrounded by people.

The dark-faced reconnaissance team leader pulled out his cell phone from his school uniform pocket and checked the text.

“The monsters are coming here now.”

“Isn’t this Monster Land anyway?”

“A small gate comes out small. A big one will come out of a one-kilometer gate, right?”


David Kim spit out a worn-out cigarette with saliva. It was a bad habit from Iraq.

He turned to the left. 25 people, no.

Now, all the guild hunters with only 25 left were gathered.

After Hong Seon-ah left, Kim Han-bit, who became the new 2nd team leader,

Park Jung-gu, who became the second team leader due to the death of

“Isn’t it enough to just George all directions?”

“No, it’s not that simple, sir.”

“If the paddy field bursts and water leaks, it is a base that only needs to be shut off. What the heck.”

Support Team 1 Seo Jeong-ah shook her head gloomy.

“The gate doesn’t close just because we block it in front of it…”

“So what.”

“You don’t know when it will close, but to cover 1km with 25 people is to catch monsters until you die and then die-”

“Nei is…! Hey, you bastard. Hong Seon-ah, what are you doing not following? Whoa!? There is no wall, so you are whining and fussing!?”

Interpretation: Don’t wander around where the young man is in danger, go home.

“mister! Don’t bully me! It’s really out of character!”


When the floor froze over Seo Jung-ah’s crying, Park Jung-gu apologized quickly and stepped back.

Bok-rye Bok, an attacking team ace and first member of Apgujeong, tapped her shoulder with an iron pipe and spat out loudly.

“Are there any nobles who are worth their lives here?”

She smiled inconsequently.

“I haven’t been able to sleep since my shit dog became monster food. Who’s complaining about going hunting for monsters? I still remember He ran away holding his grandson’s hand at the Parisian park in Mokdong, but when he left the park entrance, only his wrist remained—”

The reconnaissance team leader with a gloomy impression stopped talking nervously.

“Oh, Mr. Grandma. How many times is that? Tired now.”


“No, I know it’s sad. Is there anyone here who hasn’t lost a family to the monster? I’m the one who watched my mom and dad pass down.”

The leader of the reconnaissance team in uniform frowned and scattered the crowd with his fingers.

“Raise your hand if you have one or more dependents left here. Look at this. there is no I understand the heart of Bokrye’s grandmother. Having to go to Seoul is another matter-”

A middle school girl with a rifle carefully squeezed the left and popped out.

“I… I’m still mom!”

“Shut up. I also had a younger brother.”

The military service middle school girl went back into the left crowd with a gloomy look. The head of the reconnaissance team touched the tie of the school uniform with nervous eyes.

“Anyway. Doing your best to catch a monster and sacrificing your life to catch a monster are two different things, right?”

“So what do you say?”

“I don’t want to commit suicide on the pretext of catching a monster because I lost my entire family. I say this because I think it will be very sad if my grandmother dies.”

While the reconnaissance team leader was speaking, Ms. Bok-rye Bok-rye crushed the iron pipe, but at the last words, she blushed with tears in her eyes, breaking her momentum.

Kim Chun-sik, who was watching, grinned.

“Madam, are you crying again? Is it menopause?”

“Old man, you bastard…”

“I think it’s menopause. Anyway. Anyone who wants to go to Seoul, raise your hand.”

About half of them raised their hands.

“Two, four, six, eight, ten, two, four, five… Raise your hand if you don’t want to go.”

The other half raised their hands.

David Kim pondered for a moment, then pulled out 100 won from his inner pocket.

He grinned, picked up a coin and waved it back and forth.

“Come on, are we going to Seoul?”

– Whoa!

A roar like a ripple sound vibrated in the heavens and the earth.

Pieces of concrete poured down the bridge.

It was a shock comparable to an earthquake.

“……What is it, bastard?”

“Hey, hey, let’s go over the bridge.”

“Yeam’s disease, I’m tired…”

“It’s ominous…”

The hunters climbed the bridge and looked at the sky over Seoul.

From the huge gate, something is coming down.

no. was forcibly pulled down.

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