A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 74

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 74

EP 12 – The Bearers (11)

The turmoil is over.

Later, the era that would be called the beginning of the super society came to an end.

All kinds of rhetoric were attached to the brilliant achievements, and the number 10 million remained empty common sense.

The end of the chaos belongs to the heroes,

The opening of the reign was in the hands of the rulers.

* * *

Death has great power.

The energy contained in the loss is intense, and the country changes according to how the people perceive the loss.

That was the job of the politicians.

However, the United States used that energy in a political civil war. It was because the elections were over. Two Republican and Democrat candidates divided the country, causing a lot of damage.

In the end, the existing president, who was treated as trash, broke the custom and succeeded in the third term, but the damage caused in the process was truly enormous.

The United States lost the Central Plains. It was once called the Western Wilderness.

As a result, just as the separation of North and South occurred within South Korea, East-West separation occurred, forming a two-sided front for the ground forces.

It was supposedly during the presidential election, and the political problems surrounding the zombie apocalypse caused by infectious individuals prevented an active offensive by the ground forces.

Officially, the death toll is 30 million, but in reality, more than 70 million have died. Numbers including zombies. A vaccine has not yet been developed. At least officially.

Russia, on the other hand, has not experienced political turmoil.

The Russian dictator quickly made a decision. As a result, Russia lost the entire Siberian Plain.

No, I gave up.

Since most of the population lived in the West, a new line of defense was established early around Moscow and the rest of the territory was abandoned.

15 million people died, but all scholars praised it as the most reasonable and minimal sacrifice.

However, at least the population of the Far East Military District in Northeast Asia, where an enormous army was deployed, was out of control by gathering people abandoned by the central government around Vladivostok.

Of course, it was a passive coup d’état for the defense of the country’s people, and it was brought about by creating an atmosphere of reconciliation and concession.

Western central government with a large population and a small army,

Eastern military district with a small population and a large army.

In the great plains of Siberia, the cause, ideology, and resentment of the abandoned people were raging.

China has killed more than 300 million people. And large and small ‘reactions’ took place seven times, all of which were suppressed with extreme cruelty, and they still claim to be one China. Of course, no one knows what the future holds.

Due to the nature of Japan as an island country, the army was small. As the national defense was entrusted to the hunters, the Yakuza smirked. The conflict between the central government and the local hunter forces is fierce. The fact that 30 million people died was not a priority for politicians. It was a matter of shifting the responsibility to the other party.

Europe was connected as one, and the borders were virtually meaningless, and the monsters spread. Naturally, the strategic tactics became obsolete and the battles between humans and monsters flowed. And in the melee, the hunters were more effective than the regular army. Because it only kills enemies. Numerous heroes appeared in the dizzying world, and Europe was being reborn as a hunter-centered society. Of course, the number of casualties was innumerable given that a rebellion occurred. This was also the case in the Third World. Arab, Central America, South America, and Southwest Asia civil war zones.

When the military, drug cartels, religious extremist groups, and rebels naturally colluded with Hunter, the Third World entered the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period. It’s like I didn’t pay attention to what I was doing from the beginning. There was not even an official body to count the deaths, but it was clear that it was going to be at least in the billions.

so that.

maintain social infrastructure;

guarantee a quality standard of living,

It still maintains an elite force of 350,000 men,

Relatively safer from the threat of monsters,

Korea is.

– I, Ok-bun Won, are ready to accept the call of history as president, and I am proud to say here that I am running for the next presidential election…

A very extravagant political activity called ‘election campaign’ was possible.



When Hong Seon-ah saw Won Ok-bun’s declaration of candidacy on TV, she was amazed by the toes protruding through the casts.

“Are you speaking too loudly?”

“Are you curious?”

“Ugh. little?”

Won Ok-bun was proceeding with an ambitious candidacy declaration, even chanting ‘the call of history’. It was also at the forefront of the Chungcheong defense line.

In fact, in the background of that press conference, the still burning city is emitting soot. It was a very explicit image making. Strongman strategy.

“While Hong Seon-ah was in a coma, Won Ok-bun won the majority of the approval rating.”


“I stalked North Korea.”

The awakening stimulator was released that way, and the reason why the ROK military superpowers did not support Seoul was revealed.

superman squad.

Won Ok-bun succeeded in creating the organization that was Cha Jae-gyun’s ultimate goal.


After winning the acquiescence of the United States through tenacious negotiating power and obtaining the cooperation of China,

Won Ok-bun relentlessly drove the sharply forged dagger into the back of North Korea’s head.

“I stole nuclear weapons.”


Hong Seon-ah gave a small shout, and this was an achievement that actually got an explosive response.

“In the circumstances, it seems that there was help from China. Talent is good.”

After all, the location of the nuclear weapon was always known by the NIS line of operations against North Korea, but going and bringing it back was a different matter.

“I don’t even know what I did. He kept his mouth shut. From the reaction, it seems that there is more to the story, but at least it was reported that way in the media…”

Won Ok-bun has accomplished a great feat. The best thing a politician can do.

“You have built up people’s self-esteem.”

It was the factor that touched the approval rating the most. national prestige. and practical safety.

– I’ll tell you for sure. Our Armed Forces will no longer choose any means and methods, and will do whatever it takes to protect the safety and peace of the people…

Won Ok-bun continued his speech with a stronger and more robust figure than ever before, but somehow it seemed to squirm in my eyes.

It was clear that now was her best heyday.

And it was obvious which route the politician, who was in his prime right before the election, would take.

While listening to the sound of TV, I cut an apple and put it in the mouth of Hong Seon-ah, who is wrapped around her body in a cast.

“Oh, do it.”


“Zeep. Politics cannot tolerate more than a certain level. It seems that the moderate group has given up on expanding the support rate and has begun to solidify the support base. He knows now that Ji is the next president.”

North Korea is now pitiful. The monsters went up to Kaesong, the nuclear disarmament was disarmed, and the external deterrence was lost.

Now they have no choice but to rely on our air force support.

In the past, if you don’t want to be attacked with a nuclear bomb, send an airstrike.


The taste was not very good.

My brother-in-law’s plan to push the monster to the north passed almost unanimously, and in reality, the monsters were ravaging the rear of North Korea.

A large-scale defection occurred again. It was the result we induced, and this time the People’s Army did not stop it.

We have an unlimited number of North Korean defectors in Gangwon Province. And only ‘South Koreans’ are being evacuated to the Chungcheong defense line through sea routes.

The North Korean defectors were able to cross the armistice, but did not come down south of the Chungcheong defense line.

The line of defense against monsters is now blocking people.

It was clear that they were citizens of South Korea, but they did not have the right to vote, and were only recognized as second-class citizens in effect.

In the land we lost, they will build a new home. In the rugged mountains of Gangwon-do where small gates and monsters lurk.

“This is the world we made.”

“Umm… at least it wasn’t ruined.”


I looked at Hong Seon-ah. Hong Seon-ah also swallowed the murmured apple and looked at me.

Politicians were habitually smiling softly, and the psychopaths were laughing because they couldn’t help but laugh.

Through the window, there was a hint of dawn slowly. The black sky gradually turned blue. It is the twilight of dawn

Won Ok-bun’s dignified speech on TV and a hopeful future that the announcer sings. The sound of the room heater running. The sound of nurses pulling carts.

We looked at each other in loud silence for a long time.


I don’t know how Hong Seon-ah is,

At least I, in her eyes,

Still, I felt that the flame had not cooled down.

“Seon-ah, are your legs okay?”

“The potion worked well.”

She hasn’t broken yet.

That’s enough.

“Then where shall we go?”

“Oh my, where does that word come from? Are you a man…?”

“Don’t be rude.”

“Isn’t this a request for a date without a hitch? I was excited for a moment.”

I grabbed my tie and spit it out.

“That’s right, so I’m wearing clothes.”


After driving for a while, I arrived at a scenic vacant lot near Jirisan National Park.

I limped my prosthetic leg and loaded a piece of luggage wrapped in this bandage onto the wheelchair.


“excuse me. Please don’t give me heavy weights while moving people.”

She babbled incessantly, but I limped silently into the wheelchair. At first glance, it seemed that the wheelchair was acting as my cane.

We walked for a while on the fresh lawn. The dawn sky was gradually getting brighter, and there was even a meaningless holiness in this empty space surrounded by forest.

“Ugh! Air Joe Ohta! What are you doing here?”

“This is a newly built cemetery.”


Hong Seon-ah was silent for a moment, and I looked down at the cities surrounded by morning mist from the middle of Mt. Jiri.

And, stir away.

A black tombstone began to catch my eye.

Hong Seon-ah looked anxious.

“…Why are you here?”

“I want to confess.”

Her expression and voice looked the same as usual at first glance, but her trembling hands gripped the blanket that covered her knees.

“Don’t play around.”

“It’s not a joke.”

Ignoring her hesitation, I dragged the wheelchair to the black stone monument.

On the way to the monument,

“Hunter and the military did not help each other.”

I first started confessing.

“We need an organization to represent the position of the superhumans.”


“Someone has to strike a balance between the Superman and the Armed Forces.”

Finally we arrived in front of the black stone monument.

As if possessed by something, Hong Seon-ah sat in a wheelchair and reached out to the tombstone.

The morning dew on the stone was dripping down. At first glance, it looked like tears.

Her hands caressed the names in the black marble,

Her mouth quietly uttered the names of the dead. I confessed to her.

“Mr. Seon-ah, please become the president of the newly created association.”

She looked back at me with the ambiguous expression she always had. It is the coldness of not knowing whether to laugh or not.

And then he smiled brightly.

brighter than ever.

“I don’t deserve it.”


Hong Seon-ah smiled softly and stroked the tombstone.

“The people I abandoned are here now.”

“Doctor Hong Seon-ah is irrelevant.”

we are carrying a load

It is a burden of blood, tears and life.

can never put it down

“All the survivors who followed the guild leader Kim Chun-sik pointed to Hong Seon-ah as the next president of the association.”

Her hand, which had been sitting still and caressing the tombstone, stopped.

I didn’t explain more, and she didn’t ask any more.


She got up trembling with her barely healed legs, staggered, and hugged the tombstone.

And then, I couldn’t stand, so I knelt down.

I couldn’t breathe and I laughed.

She laughed like crazy.

I turned back and looked up at the sky.

Soon the dawn was over.

it was morning

The sun shines on the black tombstone,

A hero fell before him and wept,

Suddenly, I thought the wind was really warm.

Winter ended like that.

The world has once again become its own.

The age of heroes is also over.


The journey given to the burden-bearers is not over,

As always,

The hero quietly supported them under the ground.

Kim Chun-sik.

David. S. Kim.

‘1978 – 2025’

So justice is far from us,

and impartial does not reach us.

We look for light, but all is darkness.

for brightness,

but we walk in deep shadows. Isaiah 59:9

So justice is far from us,

If justice has not reached us,

We long for light, but only darkness,

Longing for light,

By walking through the deep darkness.

Isaiah 59:9

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