A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 73

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 73

EP 12 – The Bearers (10)

Someone has to enter the center of the gate, disturb the axis and come out.

Because all the blood that has been shed was for it only,

The times were calling for heroes.


No one was born to be a hero,

Somehow, only such people gathered,

No one was there to save my life.

“Once I go.”

“Why are you talking like you’re going alone?”

A soldier with a disease that could not save lives took the lead, and the pyrotechnician who caught the disease followed.

“……let’s go.”

“Ah Okay…! Got it!”

A boy who grew old too soon joined with a guilty scientist,

“Damn it…! I went-”

“it’s crazy!? If you want to go, step on me and go!”


An adult child who fell in love with the heroic game stepped on his younger brother and joined in,

“mister. Are you going?”

“…I can’t live up to my name.”

“It’s all like that. I also passed on all the Pororo dolls to my younger brother. The eldest children like us should live with patience in the first place, so that the family can be reconciled-”

“She is my sister.”

“Why are you so skinny!?”

Ga Ji-yoon and Han Seung-moon also joined the expedition.


“Everyone, keep your balance! It goes up!”

Seven hunters entered the Seoul Gate.

* * *

There were things that could not be distinguished whether it was a jungle or a cave, a plant or a blood vessel.

Everything I could see was something I had never seen before, and I felt disgusted with not knowing what it was.

It was the appearance of a different world he had encountered for the first time in his life.

However, there was no time to enjoy the scenery.

There was a cave before us,


That cave was the jaws of a monster.

The giant lizard stretched out its long neck like lightning, and opened its mouth as if boasting a throat the size of a tennis court.

Everyone dispersed in an instant, but the monster turned its head and devoured one person.

Get a card! There was the sound of bones breaking from the monster’s mouth.


“C Pearl…”

Among the crushed teeth, Yeo Do-yeon smashed the monster’s skull and crawled out.

She crawled on all fours, grabbed me, stood up and hugged me tightly.

And rubbing my body, I wiped all the stinky, dirty, disgusting things from my suit.

While Hong Seon-ah burned the approaching monsters with fire, Kim Chun-sik tapped the monster’s corpse.

“It’s like chewing a stone.”

“Don’t treat people like stones.”

“I chewed meat and my teeth broke, so this friend must have been very upset.”

– Whoa!

He slapped Yeo Do-yeon in the back of the head with all his might. For some reason, it seemed to hurt more than when I was bitten by a monster, but I lightly kicked my tongue and looked around the party.

“Let’s start with the formation.”

Two Class A bullet receivers named David Kim and Yeo Do-yeon.

Hong Seon-ara is an A-class nuker.

And Jinwoon Seol and the gambler…

“Excuse me, but the ability…?”

Seol Jin-woon blew out a blue sword without saying a word, and the gambler grinned and said, ‘Neah…’

Seol Jin-woon lightly lowered his sword.

“The gambler and I are the second places we come in. Doctor knows the way. We will take the lead.”

OK. Class A and Class B.

The boy poked the scientist in the side with a pipe, and the gambler sniffed and pointed his finger somewhere.

“Hey there!”

“Sister Doyeon and David Guild will clear the way. And Senator Han Seung-moon and his party-”


I interrupted the boy.

Because there was an SSS-class kid.

“The road will be cleared by this guy.”

I held Gam Ji-yoon, who was struggling, in my arms and flew away.

“And I carry you.”

Everyone in the party floated in the air.


Before the gambler’s fingers were stretched out, we were already there.


While flying towards the coordinates, flying through all kinds of monsters, there was a warning from Seol Jin-woon.

“The monsters here are stronger than outside.”

“How much!?”

“Six of the nine people who just came in have died. They were the executives who lived with me for half a year.”

The gambler backed it up.

“They’re basically running out of space, so they’re sticking out! The weak ones go out first, and the big and strong ones come later!”

It was said that there were bosses who could take their place in the gate,

The warning was not wrong.

There were so many monsters coming from all directions, we couldn’t avoid the battle at some point.

Even if Hong Seon-ah burns a swarm of killer bugs and Yeo Do-yeon destroys the humanoid, enemies beyond our imagination approach.

Giant, spider, centipede. octopus.

They are the animals of the Earth that are associated with only one individual.

A centipede-legged octopus walked like a spider, poked a human face and threatened us with its sharp teeth. It was large enough to cover a small villa complex.

I couldn’t even classify it as anything, and I just twisted its neck with disgusting eyes to suppress it, and Seol Jinwoon swung his sword like lightning and absorbed the magic stone.

Suddenly, I remembered the loneliness of centipedes and scorpions.

The jars in which all the world’s bizarre poisonous insects were driven in,

I felt as if I had become an ant that had entered there.

Only Seol Jin-woon’s blue sword and Hong Seon-ah’s red flames lighted up the world under the red sky.

Only Yeo Do-yeon and Kim Chun-sik were able to survive even if they dared to collide with the enemy.

Our common sense was not like theirs, and not one of us on this earth had our knowledge.

Among the non-human, there was a man.

It was not a human world.


“On the way to the center of the gate. Gam Ji-yoon eventually collapsed from exhaustion. Do you understand how strong they were?”


“That, in the middle of the wriggling gate. When the gambler threw the fake core, all the monsters inside went crazy. to kill us.”

the soldier asked me.

“Do you see it as a collective intelligence?”

“I thought I couldn’t do it. Maybe these are all living things that try to kill people…”

the soldier asked me.

“And, isn’t there another one?”

“I crossed the line countless times. The gambler’s body was cut in half. The corpses of Seol Jin-woon’s colleagues came up with a bizarre swelling.”

asked the soldier.

“Do you think it is a new infectious species?”

“There was nothing new there.”

“I think we need to change the tactics manual.”

“In the future war with these guys. No matter what happens, you shouldn’t be surprised.”

“I don’t listen.”

The soldier took out his notebook for a moment and took notes.

There was silence. The night wind blew on the roof of the hospital.

He grabbed the railing with his trembling hands. The fear hadn’t gone yet.

However, when I lifted my head and looked at the world, the night view of Busan that was shining brightly up to the horizon unfolded.

The human world is still alive.

We succeeded in closing the gate.

asked the soldier.

“Have you heard of Seoul’s 7 Heroes?”

“I’m sure you will know better how much bullshit that is.”

“…well, that’s right. Still, the world would not run without heroes.”

the soldier told me

“Now we have to call it 40 million people.”


It sounded terrible.

“Actually, checking the dead in a war is a half-blind slap. It is a bit difficult to pinpoint the exact number of people. Especially when, as it is now, most of them are missing.”

Even so, the saying goes that there are 40 million people.

“… no matter how positively you think. Are you saying that more than 10 million people have died?”

“To be precise, at least 12 million people have died. From the moment the gate opens.”

Although he bowed his head in a miserable mood, the night view of Busan was still shining brightly.

To the extent of obscuring all the stars in the sky.

As I closed my eyes, the red eyes flashed.

A red eye light rushing from the darkness.

Bizarre flesh and sharp teeth.

Insects approaching with creepy wings.

red sky.

blue magic.

black gemstone.

Something, indescribable, creepy, creepy, such.

A place that feels like a mixture of centipedes and scorpions.

It was right on the other side of the gate.

“…I still don’t feel like I’m coming back to life.”

“thank you for your effort.”

“I am sorry. General Doosik Kim.”

The soldier was wearing a suit.

“…yes. How was the escape process?”

“Just before the Queen was finished, the gambler managed to mix in the fake core. The world inside the gate began to crumble. It was almost at the same time that the monsters started to glow. I tied up Gam Ji-yoon, who had fainted, and borrowed only that ability to clear the road. It was, in fact, half a fight.”


A yellow armband was attached to the soldier’s forearm, representing the lord.

the soldier asked me.

“How did guild leader Kim Chun-sik die?”

“Not a dead person, but a non-returned person.”

“Ah, sorry. What if…?”

I answered the soldier.

“I don’t know because I got out of the gate first. They say they stopped the enemy until the last person passed.”

“It is.”

“Hong Seon-ah’s knees are ragged. At the end, I threw Miss Hong Seon-ah over the gate. They said the door was closed.”

“Have you not seen it yourself?”

“I also passed out on the way and got carried on my sister’s back.”

The soldier nodded lightly.

“All right. thank you In addition to the tactics manual, to all field commanders-”

“Hey, Commander Doo-Sik Kim.”


I asked the soldier.

“Why were there no reinforcements?”


“Even if Ri Cheol-jin puts a putt on it. Weren’t we always observing Seoul?”

The soldier answered.

“Rescuing 120,000 people in the southern part of Gyeonggi-do. It was to support the 150,000 armed forces in the northern part of Gyeonggi-do.”

“Couldn’t you have sent the Air Force too?”

“If it were, the flying monsters would have crossed below the defense line in Chungcheong.”

“okay. At the time, I didn’t think closing the Seoul Gate was particularly important. It is a reasonable decision.”

“thank you.”

The soldier stood up.

I am still very young.

It shouldn’t be like this.

Unable to swallow his anger, he spat out a knife from his mouth.

“If we had sent reinforcements, wouldn’t it have been possible for Guildmaster Kim Chun-sik to survive?”

“More people would have died. At least that was the judgment at the time.”

“As a result, we succeeded in closing the Seoul Gate alone. You have saved more people.”


Doosik Kim stood tall.

Originally, he wasn’t a big person, so the middle-aged looked very shabby.

“…Me, Senator.”


“Guild Leader Kim Chun-sik…”

Commander of the Chungcheong Defense Line, General Kim Doo-sik, asked.

“No, Chunshik, that, that…”

He stopped talking and was silent for a long time, apparently unable to control his mind.

After a while.

Kim Chun-shik’s uncle, Kim Du-shik asked.

“Hey, what was your will?”

I bowed my head to the bereaved family.

“It would be good to hear from Hunter Hong Seon-ah.”

“……Is that so?”

“That would make sense.”


Hong Seon-ah will never be forgotten.

When I was afraid of dying, so I abandoned my friends and ran away alone, and I fell in front of the subway stairs and waited for death in front of the monster.

A monster collapsed with a brief gunshot, and a Westerner in military uniform appeared from nowhere.

– Miss, can you move?

– ……Yes?

– wake up. And hide.

she can’t forget

– Monsters catch people. I go to a place where there are no people.

– Why is there no one in Seoul?

– Namsan.

– You f**king sweety!

The dark Namsan Mountain was a very scary place.

– this…! This is Evande! A real dog!

– hey! cute! ride fast!

– Hahahahaha…! Did I say f**k this! Yes!?

Crossing the Hannam Bridge, pushing monsters and vehicles with a truck, was something I never wanted to do again.

It was a bit fun though.

– why…! Why didn’t you run away?

– Where are you going, Seon-ah?

The older sister really liked tteokbokki.

– Fire the oil and f**k it!

– I dropped the lighter!

– Sun-ah, are you…!?

– Ugh…! Me, leave it to me!

To be honest, I was very surprised at first that I thought my hand was on fire.

– sorry. I can’t go without these people.

– …these people will die without us.

– okay. What’s the reason for saving people?

– ah! I don’t know! These bastards! stay! okay! stay!

Actually, I wanted to run away.

– Sun-ah, even if it’s only you…

– I, I’ll stay too!

– ……sorry. And thank you so much.

I thought you wouldn’t regret it.

I lost my loved ones and regretted it a lot.

– Oh, man. Can’t we run away?

– …..sorry.

– From Seoul, please. please…!

It was disappointing.

– Let’s go to Seoul!

– ……sorry.

– Whoa! aah!

In the end, I couldn’t complain.

– That, in Iraq, an old woman offered me a small piece of meat that was burned to the brim in the tent. And he spoke in a slang-like voice.

– ……

– You kill my son.

– ……

– It’s Sun. I, I…! i have to live so i will live Not for others. If I want to live, I have to live this.

– ……

– I can’t leave Seoul.

David Kim.

Kim Chun-sik saved Hong Seon-ah’s life. He gave life to Hong Seon-ah.

And I told her what was most precious to her. And it made me lose that precious thing.

He showed her what the real rewards were, and what the real losses were.

He gave her a friend, which made her lose her.

Through him all things have been gained and lost,

Her joys and sorrows belonged entirely to David Kim.

He made her want to understand him.

And Hong Seon-ah got to know David Kim through nine bottles of soju in the corner of the Apgujeong apartment.

David Kim was an American soldier who killed 41 people in Iraq.

There was a murderer who set seven newborn babies on fire.

He was a psychopath who could not live without saving him,

He was a sinner who walked into hell saying he would surely save him.

Only, only Hong Seon-ah knows such a person.

he is not a hero

It was just crazy.

And that crazy bastard was Hong Seon-ah’s benefactor, enemy, teacher, friend,

was a hero

So she never forgets.

Under the red sky where the monsters are gathering, the image of him pushing himself through a gate large enough for only one person to pass through. The crucifixion he has walked so far.

The path of salvation covered by the devotion of that sinful hero.

The last thing he heard was his shrill voice.



Words and spirits that will haunt her for the rest of her life.

“You go.”

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