A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 72

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 72

EP 12 – The Bearers (9)

A chaos unfolds on the screen that fills one wall,

The magistrates gathered in front of it do the Honbibaeksan,

Only one lame man spoke silently.

“No, why the f**k are monsters coming from all directions?”


“Isn’t it normal to spread all over the place?”

* * *

– Kee eh !

A monster resembling a bat split in half and fell to the ground. We looked at Seoul spread out through the hideous corpse.

Hong Seon-ah murmured lightly.

“I thought the clouds would be fluffy…”

“Clouds are water vapor, you idiot!”

While Hong Seon-ah and Ga Ga-yoon in her arms were arguing, I held Ga Ga-yoon’s hand and fiddled with the communicator hanging in my ear.

We were hiding in the clouds of the night sky. Literally in the clouds,

“Commander Doosik Kim, can you hear me?”

[yes. What is the situation?]

“Excellent as expected.”

I looked down at the scenery of Seoul with dry eyes. It wasn’t too difficult to check the situation, as the gate’s creepy blue light was illuminating the world.

“The monsters are strategically besieging the Hunters. Even the strong one is standing in front, and the one in the back is shooting something from afar…”

[The existence of the command object was not predicted.]

“I’m happy now, but…”

It was heartbreaking to hear that the monsters even use their heads, but at least it was good news that the monsters around this area were no longer spreading and gathering in one place.

Because our main purpose was to push the monster to the north.

In other words, you have to induce them not to go south.

– Whoa, whoa…!

In the distance, a sound like an earthquake could be heard.


“Yes, Jiyoon. Is the construction finished?”

“Clean Shimai!”

A huge wall surrounded Yeouido.

To be precise, a huge concrete wall made by pulling up high-rise buildings and laying them down surrounded Yeouido along Olympic Boulevard. I was baffled because I thought that the cheap CG disaster movie would be more realistic than this, but now was not the time to talk about such sentiments.

Once the barricades are up, it’s time to push north.

“Mr. Seon-ah.”


Pot – ! Papa – !

Small lights appeared in the air like goblin. Draw straight lines at very wide intervals. It was a flame made with magic.


It is a fire that burns with magic as fuel.

“Ji Yoon-ah.”


As Ga Ji-yoon reached out in front of her, a strong wind blew and blew the hair of the three people forward.

It was the wind and at the same time a huge mass of magical power,

It was the southeast wind.


I didn’t believe in fate.

We didn’t think that each of us was born with something, and we thought so because we all worked hard to say that it is up to us to do it.

However, originally

“Hey, f**k my…!”

– Kwajik!

“Let’s sell…!”

It’s a f**king law.

Yeo Do-yeon cracked the bone of the monster who had leaned her head on the roof of the building. The monster, several tens of meters tall, plummeted from the roof of the building to the ground.

With two short dashes, Yeo Do-yeon smashed her brain by inserting her hand into the bat’s eyebrow, and crushed the crocodile’s head with a light kick.

The monster that was approaching behind her fell in half on the floor.

At the same time as the blue light flashed, Seol Jin-woon was behind Yeo Do-yeon’s back.

They turned their backs to each other and naturally looked around.

“I’m taking care of myself. sister.”

“It’s your sari, you bastard.”

“I almost fell for it.”

Yeo Do-yeon smirked at the dull voice. There was no fate, but there was a relationship. Fighting with comrades gathered with one heart and one mind had its own charm.

Of course, the situation was too damned to be called fun.

I didn’t know if I lost my mind while fighting, or if the adrenaline was rushing because I was on the verge of losing my mind.

At least it was certain that she was smiling now.

“How is the situation now?”

“The concentration on the Queen has begun. I expected it, but the firepower is low. Let’s hold on a little longer until the Manastone is exposed.”

Seol Jinwoon said as if he was buying a triangular gimbap at a convenience store.

“Team Yu, please hold that one over there. Also, Captain Park shoots a flashy thing at the queen… It seems like everyone was fighting, so Aggro wasn’t attracted to him. The boss came out now, but it’s not the time to catch the mobs…”

At first glance, it was a languid voice, but in reality, it was the voice of a survivor who had worn out and dried up.

“? Why are you laughing. feel bad.”

“Even the naughty little kid looks just like his younger brother.”

“His brother Taryeong never stops—”

That was then.

At first glance, a flurry that sounded like a whale’s cry resounded, and the queen’s tentacles dried up like thorns and horrendous masses of flesh came out.

Then it plummeted like a drop of water, and suddenly its wings popped out and flew into the sky.

The smallest one was more than a container, and the number was at least five or six.

“…it will never be over until the queen is captured.”

The magic power that rushed into the iron pipe Seol Jin-Woon was holding was unusual. The blue energy was sharply refined, and the anticipation was gradually increasing.

“…The monsters are hovering around us.”

“I know.”

“Are you doing that knowingly? Are we tired?”


Seol Jinwoon silently looked at the queen. His eyes were dry, but the boy’s sword energy was fierce.

The boy turned around lightly and swung a flash of light.

Five monsters fell on both ends, but the pieces of flesh that came out of the queen’s body filled the void of the monsters.

“Hyun Joo’s kids have retreated!”

“The manager, please go there.”

“Are you okay!?”

“It should be fine.”

They cut off my wrist, pouring blood into the poison underneath.

A man fell from a building in the distance, screaming. He wasn’t close, but he knew his face and his name.

Yeo Do-yeon was about to turn her head humbly, but suddenly she cried and looked up at the sky.

Now I can turn my head to death. It was even more embarrassing because it was momentarily unconscious.

She clenched her teeth to swallow her tears and looked up at the sky, but the sky was savagely spitting a monster from the blue gate.

As she closed her eyes, resenting her fate because she had nothing to complain about, a light flickered across the rowing horizon. Yeo Do-yeon smirked.

“Hey, the sun is rising.”

“… it’s not.”

Seol Jinwoon’s voice was trembling slightly. Yeo Do-yeon swallowed her tears and looked at the horizon.

“Wow, what…!”

A tsunami was coming from the sky.

It’s a storm of fire

One hot wind engulfed them.

“Is it bombing…!?”

“Everyone get down!”

The fireworks did not swept the earth, but just colored the blue night sky red. The queen’s scream broke out and echoed in the world. Tentacles like thorns and a skin made of red blood vessels were engulfed in flames.

In an instant, the world vibrated with the screams of monsters and a hot wind.

Everything that flew in the sky flapped its flaming wings and eventually burned up, and those that finally fell had no wings.


In that raging storm of fire,

Finally, the Queen’s Manastone has appeared.

A black manastone covered with tentacles emitted a red mist.

“No, sister…!”

If the first stage of the operation was to disturb the gate axis,

The second stage was to bring down the queen and reveal the magic stone with a concentrated offensive,

Step 3 was to blow Yeo Do-yeon like a bullet and absorb the magic stones.

So this is what Seol Jin-woon’s urgent gaze meant.

Can you go into that flame and kill the monster?

Are you finally ready to risk your life?

Are you confident to end this fight?

Yeo Do-yeon nodded her head without hesitation,


did it


No one was born as a hero, but the times have built a hero.

Division commander Hyeon-jong Yoo succeeded in burning the Taebaek Mountains and retreating hundreds of thousands of South Korean troops to Gangwon-do.

Commander Doo-sik Kim took advantage of the lull of the offensive to evacuate 270,000 people from the southern part of the metropolitan area behind the Chungcheong defense line.

Won Ok-bun’s special forces were quietly advancing towards Pyongyang from the bottom of the sea.

Han Seung-moon finally arrived in Seoul.

so that,


Yeo Do-yeon did not believe in fate, but the scenery she saw before her eyes was definitely fate.

The whole sky was filled with flames, the things that deserved judgment were falling, and an overwhelming army of beasts was fleeing to the north.


The three men, holding hands, cautiously landed on the roof of the building. Yeo Do-yeon watched it like a crazy person.


A lame man dressed in a sloppy suit struck Yeo Do-yeon’s shin with a stick.

“Did you eat rice?”


“Oh man, don’t hug me, it’s bloody.”

About the time Yeo Do-yeon rushed to Han Seung-moon, hugged her and wiped her tears, a series of hunters approached her from afar, jumping over the rooftops and rooftops.

“Hey hey! Hey b*tch!”

“Oh my, my sister!”



The short-haired hunter runs with all his power and kills Hong Seon-ah.

“f**king long time, Dear!”

“Ajae, long time no see!”

Kim Chun-sik, who was next to him, raised Hong Seon-ah, who had fallen down.

He approached Han Seung-moon, who was about to suffocate after being hugged by Yeo Do-yeon, from behind with his arms wide open. And back hugged.

“The honorable representative Han!”

“Wow, it’s suffocating…!”

“How do you choose only pretty things, sweetie!”

Han Seung-Moon was sandwiched between Yeo Do-Yeon and Kim Chun-Sik, and Kim Chun-Sik smiled brightly and whispered into Han Seung-Moon’s ear.

“Forgive me for splitting the guild in half.”

Han Seung-moon trembled.

“…Oh, you knew-“

“Hunters have clear ears. Seon-ah, there are a lot of dissatisfactions… tt.

No one here was born a hero,

“…Well. It’s a very nice view.”

How did I live that way,

“Nice to meet you. This is Han Seung-moon.”

“This is Seol Jinwoon. I heard a lot.”

The times have brought the heroes together.


The boy, who had led a lot of people for half a year, was familiar with and proudly treated a member of the National Assembly. In fact, Yeo Do-yeon’s unbearable things took a significant part in diluting the tension of the character Han Seung-moon.

“Are you from the government?”

“yes. Thank you for your hard work. Seol Jinwoon Mr. We are an advance squadron, and the Air Force will arrive soon.”

The pale hair, dark circles, skinny body shape, and the sensitive and nervous expression at first glance did not resonate with me very tensely, knowing that this person would find bugs in the room first, starting with his sister.

“If it’s not rude, may I tell you about the war situation first?”

Han Seung-moon nodded and Seol Jin-woon explained everything calmly and concisely. The runaway and the scheduled end of the Seoul Gate, the reason for the fight, the betrayal of Ri Cheol-jin,

and the gate.

“Do you close the gate?”

“yes. The gambler over there-”

Suddenly, behind Han Seung-moon, there was a monster with a mouth on his cheek.

“Hey hey- !”

When Han Seung-moon, who had a weak stomach, screamed at the disgusting thing, the monster opened his mouth wide enough to swallow a human head.

and shouted

“Kyaa have to have!”

“Ugh- !”

“This is Han Seung-moon – ! It’s Seungmoon Han! Why the f**k is Han Seung-moon here? Seol Jinwoon! Hey, did you report me now? Is this f**king Tosagupin? yes!?”

The monster dynamically moved its large mouth and spoke the correct pronunciation of Korean.

Gam Gam Yoon would have twisted her neck if it wasn’t for that, but Ga Gam Yoon looked around and awkwardly turned her back.

“Sa, are you human…?”

“Even though I’m human garbage, it’s true that I’m absurd!”

“You are human…”

“It is 59.2% people rounded to two decimal places to be exact!”

The gambler was a person who participated in the biological experiment, and he did not know about Han Seung-moon, a representative of the political circle who sent Cha Jae-gyun.

As he fled from the stern judgment of the law and the command of the National Intelligence Service, Han Seung-moon was truly the object of fear.

“Ho, even if you are bitten by a tiger, if you give them a rice cake, they won’t eat it, right?”

He began to coax Han Seung-moon as politely as possible.

“Yes, nothing else, didn’t I do research while killing people? Of course, I’ve never heard or done anything about civilian mobilization, but what is that, a rumor that is secretly plausible? Yes. I’m also on guard. And he ran away from the judgment of the law.

Still, that, country and nation, no, cancel, that, what, Seoul, isn’t it a harsher place than a prison? No, it was a lie. A snout on you bastard! Eight!

Even if I am a sinner, yes. To pay off the world’s debt, yes? For half a year, I risked my life on how to close the gate!”

Han Seung-moon was a person with a weak stomach for disgusting things, so he gave a calm reaction to hide his distorted expression, but

“Ah yes. Please speak.”


In the eyes of the gambler, ‘It’s fun. Do it more.” It sounded like a tone, so he continued explaining while crouching down to his waist.

“that…! Let’s make it easy! The gate is maintained as a core, and that core is the Queen’s Manastone. If you remove the Queen’s Manastone, the core regenerates inside the gate, and if I throw my invention at the location where it will be regenerated, the coordinate axes will be disturbed and the gate will close!”

“Is that so?”

“Yes! That’s right! It’s karaoke to the core! Probably by now, the gate should be cracking and collapsing little by little, and eventually it should close…

Why won’t it close?”

The crowd fell into silence.

The gambler stared blankly at the gate. He was protected by Gam Ji-yoon’s protective shield, so he was able to make a relatively leisurely decision.

“Ahhh! I guess I made a calculation mistake. The dimension axis is a.216.968.451. b198.465.167. c198.265.185. impurities type CCC…..Is it right?”

“What do you mean! Gambler!”

“Ji, Jinwoon. We must have left it there, right?”

“Didn’t six people go and die!”

“No, then the gate has to be distorted slowly, so why the f**k is he fine!”

Han Seung-moon said.

“Don’t do that, now think about what to do.”

“Oh, what about it! The core is probably regenerating right now, which means the queen beast! When it’s regenerated, what you’ve done so far-“

He calmly induces the gambler’s thinking in panic.

“Can you prevent the regeneration of the core?”

“Ah, maybe the impurity doesn’t work, the axis calculation is wrong, or the monster passing by seems special…! oh f**k It’s probably the last one. Because they’re bastards who can smell magical power-“

“So what should I do?”

“Oh, that, that, the f**k, what is it? It is possible to interfere during regeneration. I just went in first to bring out the queen, but this is more the norm. So-“

“You mean you have to go inside the gate?”

“yes. f**k.”



Kim Chun-sik slowly raised his hand.

“Once I go.”

Because it was a familiar and dog-like tone that I had heard 12 times,

Hong Seon-ah laughed.

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