A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 76

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 76

EP 13 – International Hunter Perspective (2)

Our mother-in-law was very poor. To be precise, my maternal grandfather abandoned my maternal grandmother and fled abroad. Take all your possessions.

So, my mother and my aunt, who died, were very interested in money. And each of them fulfilled their wishes.

My mother married my father, who was a businessman, and my aunt became a lawyer after risking her life in a gosiwon to take the bar exam. And at a law firm, he made money by wiping the back of the company.

The important thing is that my mother married her father’s property.

To be honest, my father and mother, that is, my now deceased parents, were not very personal. Everyone must have flaws, but the two of them had a very bad relationship, and there was no harmonious family. just like…?

Maybe I resembled my parents, so I wasn’t the type to approach them first, and at one time, I did not want to go into the house, so I went to the PC room. If elementary school students were like that, what would the family atmosphere look like? I hate to see the two of them fighting every day, so the kid goes outside.

So, to be honest, I’m not saying I wasn’t friendly with my parents.

But, because I didn’t, my heart broke.

It was at the funeral that I first learned that I loved these people so much. at the age of 15

They used to fight while throwing remote controls in front of their children every day, and talk about divorce or divorce.

That was family.

It was only after being shot that I realized that there was a hole in my chest.

So it was.

As soon as I got the call, I sprinted to the hospital. To be precise, I followed the quack steps. I didn’t even think about the surroundings.

“aunt! uncle!”

I ran into the hospital room drenched in sweat, shaking my loose prosthetic legs from running like crazy.

The first thing I saw was

Next to my uncle, who was still lying,

It was a picture of Yeo Do-yeon and her aunt, who had been fighting all their lives, hugging each other and crying.

* * *

After filming the whole family drama, each of us kept an awkward silence with blushing faces. I scraped the back of my head, shredded the apple and handed it to my aunt.

“……Would you like to have some?”

“……okay. I want to eat something.”

My aunt had a slender ball. Because I couldn’t eat anything while I was a zombie. It would have been very dangerous if Ringel had not been inserted after being transported to the hospital.

Yeo Do-yeon snorted.

“But where’s the first time you haven’t eaten human meat?”

“After talking…”

It was a sharp conversation as usual, but unlike usual, both of them were smiling.

“…Where’s my cell phone?”

“Here you go.”

The aunt took the phone with a haggard look and immediately sent a text message. Dry fingers trembled and tapped the screen.

She put down her phone and let out a sigh.

“He said he was leaving the company.”


Yeo Do-yeon jumped up.

“I wonder if I was punished for living like this… No, what else are you arguing about? If that’s the case, then that’s it.”

“why not!?”

My aunt was a lawyer at the second largest law firm in Korea. His specialty is lobbying, his hobby is destroying the union, and his nickname is a Fee-sucking mosquito.

In other words, he was a professional at cleaning behind the black company. To the point of digging out three union members who committed suicide by their aunt in JTVC in the past.

I don’t know if the media really killed my aunt to get me, or if Cheon Geum-soon faked my first meeting with me, but at least it was true that my aunt was a person who was obsessed with making money by killing people’s lives.

That was also the reason why Yeo Do-yeon and her aunt fought for the rest of their lives.

My aunt wanted Yeo Do-yeon to study hard and become an elite upper class, and Yeo Do-yeon grew up watching what her aunt was doing as an elite.

Calling a bodyguard and mercilessly kicking out a person who came to the front of the house, kicking off people who were holding their pants in front of the courthouse, or someone doing things that could grab their pants like this without hesitation, etc.

If it is good, it is a money ghost, if it is bad, it is a raging wrath. To be honest, my aunt was the kind of person who craved for employees in department stores and restaurants. A thought that suddenly came to my mind, but my uncle was the only person in my family.

So Yeo Do-yeon knows.

“Why are you suddenly quitting your job?”

“Oh, look at him. You yelled at me to quit like that, but now that you quit, you still use evil?”

“Oh, no…! that…!”

“okay. What?”

Yeo Do-yeon knows how important a ‘job’ is to her aunt. She also knows that money is not just capital, but a vital force in her life that relieves her childhood trauma.

She knew well that on the days she did bad things while working as a lawyer, she went out for a drink with her father in the evening. Yes, Yeo Do-yeon knew it all.

Because it’s mother and daughter.

No matter how bad their relationship was, they knew each other better than each other.

“…Oh, I don’t know!”

Even if I can’t speak because I’m shy.

But the aunt threw the dagger relentlessly. As always, he sharply sharpens people.

“If you’re going to say something, be sure and live. How long have grown-ups still behave like children?”


“Am I your man? Look. You think about it and then you spit it out through your mouth. I can’t pick up the words. Even if I teach you for decades to get into the habit of saying that over and over again—”

The aunt continued the onslaught more fiercely than usual, whether her daughter was upset by using the expression ‘male’ to her mother.

I thought it would be impossible for a former martial artist to beat a veteran lawyer with his words and he would never wake up, so this politician decided to give him some help.

“But aunt.”


“Did you say thank you to Doyeon…?”


[You don’t have to say that, right? A grown-up ‘adult’.]

I could have made a closing remark, but I didn’t have to spit it out childishly because I thought I would be really pissed off. He’s the kind of person everyone can understand.

Only Yeo Do-yeon, unable to grasp the pulse of the conversation now, was chewing an apple with a sullen expression on her face. Aunt twitched her eyes for a moment, sighed a little, and then lay back on her back.

“How can a brother and sister become a pair…”

“You did well on your child’s farm.”


He said it with a sigh, but in the end, it meant that he had a good farm.

My aunt smiled softly and said softly.

“I woke up and looked at the news and your faces appeared. Would you like to tell a story about catching monsters?”

“Sir, then I can’t stay still.”

Yeo Do-yeon appeared as if she had been waiting. He told the story as if an angler would increase the centimeter of the fish he caught. The aunt faithfully engaged in the conversation while being worried and eccentric.

Just by looking at it from the side, it felt like the core in my heart was slowly melting away.

“Hey, Kaljab’s high schooling is squeaky, devil! huh? I’ve been doing this for a while…”

“You mean Seol Jinwoon? I’ll have to call the student over to his house and feed him something. You have to pay the debt.”

“Let’s go! Come to my deco!”

Yeo Do-yeon was so excited that she smiled and had a short dialect accent, and her aunt seemed a bit awkward, but it seemed like it was good to be alive and talking to her daughter.

When Yeo Do-yeon’s voice was mixed with the sound of her nose, it got a little uncomfortable and I was thinking about hitting the back of the head.


My uncle, who was lying next to me, woke up screaming. I took my uncle’s hand and asked.

“Yeo Do-sik, are you out of your mind?”

“…Wow! Oh! Shiv!”

“Miss boss. Calm down.”

“Hey, is that Seungmun!?”

Uncle looked around with half-open eyes.

“So, So-jeong and Do-yeon!”

“Honey, it’s embarrassing, so be quiet.”

“Dad, just grow up.”

Being a wife and a daughter were people who couldn’t get their personalities back together, but Yeo Do-sik sighed in relief with an expression of ‘I’m glad I’m alive’, befitting that personality.

“Uncle, are you okay?”

“……Uh, uh.”

Uncle’s eyes finally returned to focus. And staring at my face, he stiffened blankly.

And I cried as if I was about to cry.

“? why.”

“Yeah, yes. I was just guessing.”

My aunt bowed her head.

“How many years have passed?”


“Sakky… Wow are you so old? okay. no need to hide Ready to accept-”

So. what is it.

Just like a frozen human gets up and checks the date,

It was said that the passage of time estimated by looking at my face was at least yearly.


It took about 19 minutes for me to calm down, holding on to the patient’s clothes and running wild on the road.


“Hey, am I that old?”

“I am Groot.”

“No, don’t take it out, bastard.”

“We ah Groot.”

When I sat in the back seat and asked a question, the kites sitting in the driver’s and front passenger’s seats refused to answer.

I laughed hard and told Yang Il-ho and Lee Ho-jeong.

“Hey, you know I’m crazy. You can just answer it comfortably.”

“okay. My brother died.”

“…Hey, you’re a bit harsh-“

Crumpled, Lee Ho-jeong quickly held out a gift bag.

“Congratulations to your family.”


Yang Il-ho added a little while driving. Maybe it’s because he knows the tuberculosis that I have while driving, so he didn’t even turn his head, grabbed the steering wheel with both hands, and spoke only with his mouth.

“Meat is too expensive and chocolate is cheap, so I bought both.”

“After all, people who have learned are a little different.”

“My brother and I went to college together.”

“So, the person who learned it is a little different.”

Hojeong Lee smiled softly and blinked her long eyelashes. I couldn’t take care of it because I didn’t have cosmetics, and now I go around heavily armed like I used to.

“Sir, you look a little better now. You can look less.”

“Have you ever looked at me?”

“Would you be surprised to know how sensitive we are to your planting? Do you go out for a strategy meeting every morning?”

If it’s true, it’s true or if it’s not.

“Are you looking for your constituency?”

“What area?”

“The constituency in which you are running.”

Yang Il-ho looked back at me like lightning, but when I lifted my finger, he quickly looked ahead.

Ho-jeong Lee covered her mouth with her hand as if moved.

“Oh, Senator…!”

“What are you pretending to be thrilled with? I was expecting everything anyway.”

We all wanted to be members of the National Assembly, so we were on the aide route. If you don’t send them out in this general election when you don’t have anyone you can trust and use, who the hell are you in politics with?

If I think of the guys who worked hard for me without a weekend, it was a reasonable reward for their hard work.

Because he always carries a pistol that is not even on sale in his inner pocket, and when the special prosecutor and prosecutors bit him, they were also handcuffed and taken away.

Lee Ho-jung smiled lightly.

“Even though I expected it, I’m grateful for what I am thankful for.”

“OK. Be loyal for the rest of your life.”

“Are we going to become the first faction of Han Seung-moon?”

“Is that so?”

“Wow! He is a direct descendant of the Han Seung-moon faction!”

Korea was a country of factional politics. It was because it was a country where boss politics was a bit harsh because it had been through wild democracy for a long time.

The faction that everyone knows is the ‘Chin-Pak’ of the Park family. There are YS’s ‘Sangdo Winter’, DJ’s ‘Donggyo Winter’, and the Participatory Government’s ‘Pro-No-Pro-Moon’. In that sense, it was truly historic that the first Han Seungmun system was created.

“By the way, it’s only been less than a year since your badge, hasn’t it?”

“I put it on last summer, and now it’s spring… right?”

“The years are so…”

I was suddenly moved to tears, but if I cried here, I would look like someone who had really reached menopause, so I endured it.

Yang Il-ho snorted.

“…you have really suffered a lot.”

I closed my eyes for a moment. I didn’t think of anything. I just remembered a few names.

Cha Jae-kyun.

Kim Chun-sik.


As I managed to clear my stomach and let out a sigh of my complicated feelings, I heard a squeak from the passenger seat.

“…Ah, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”


“Wait. Oh, why are you doing this…”

Lee Ho-jeong was shedding tears.


Looking at it over the years, if I can guess, he was a guy who grew up experiencing domestic violence. So, on the first day the gate was opened, he abandoned his family without hesitation and ran away.

Of course, this is just my own circumstances and assumptions. He has amazing eyesight, twitches when someone raises his hand, puts on thick makeup to cover the small scar on his chin, looks like the scar was scratched by something, and the complaining that he murmured while drinking is unusual.

Just, I don’t know for sure.

I know though.

Because there is no such thing as a merciless human being in the world.

I don’t know why he cried, but it was natural to respect him.

“Ilho, what are you doing? Have some tea.”

“I’m going to the rest stop.”

The urgent breaking news from China came from Won Ok-bun when the three people sat side by side on a rest area bench and the cup noodles were getting ready.

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