A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 87

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 87

EP 14 – Asaripan is said to be eaten by Torai (5)

My father was a businessman.

Sometimes he said this in seminars.

There are two things that move people.

dream. and responsibility.

* * *

I could hear all the circumstances from the police who were protecting Seol Jin-woon.

The perpetrator is a woman in her 50s. After asking for help, he gives water in return. What was in the glass bottle was hydrochloric acid.

Seol Jin-woon stumbled and threw the sulfuric acid prepared in advance.

He was hit by one with a reflex defense mechanism, and died during transport after serious injuries.

The motive is

“They said I killed my son.”


“To be precise, he said that the monsters ran out of the gates in Seoul to prevent a runaway that would happen later, and that his child who was evacuating to the northern part of Gyeonggi-do died…”


“Well, it’s okay. I didn’t really get hurt, and the bitter things got better quickly because I ate the potion.”

“……I’m glad.”

“I am more concerned about the person who was injured because I swung my arm. It felt like I was slapped in the face…”

After thinking for a while, I informed him that he had died.

“……okay? It will be very noisy.”

As expected, Seol Jinwoon looked very determined.

There was nothing special about his face.

Maybe it’s normal.


Will this happen once or twice?

That’s why, Seol Jinwoon didn’t seem to be particularly upset. Maybe I’m not pretending I’m okay, but maybe I’m already dull. There was no change in his expression.

by the way. No matter what this guy is.

“…Jinwoon, student?”

But that wasn’t the reason why I shouldn’t be upset.

“Can I call you student?”

“……Ah yes. Because I didn’t graduate.”

“Well, I don’t know if academic degrees have any meaning in today’s world, ah, yes. Anyway…”

I reached out to him and smiled softly.

“Could you lend me your cell phone?”


“Something… something is happening.”

“Ah yes…”

Commander Doo-Sik Kim looked at Minister Jae-Kyung Yoo with a look of disgust.

They were representatives of Korea’s literary and martial arts, but on the contrary, they lost their dignity because they were the same.

Anyway, the strange partnership that Yoo Jae-kyung made while banging his head on the table made the second meeting today.

Of course, Kim Doo-sik was still ignoring japchae with an unfamiliar eye, and Minister Yoo Jae-kyung frowned in the secret room of a regular Korean restaurant.

An expression of trembling in anxiety would be appropriate.

“Do you know who Yeo Do-yeon is, Commander?”

“I know that CEO Han Seung-moon is a follower like a real sister.”

“He’s not that kind of person.”

Yoo Jae-kyung shook her head.

“Right now, Korean Awakened people are largely divided into two factions.”

first. The Kim Chun-sik faction, who worked under the government from the beginning of the crisis.

second. The Seoljinun faction survived in Seoul without joining the government.

“Originally, civilian PMC hunters including Hong Seon-ah, who split from the Kim Chun-sik faction, were strong, but most of them, the most elite Aegis people, rejoined the Kim Chun-sik faction. And these two factions are the main pillars of the current Hunter Association.”


Kim Doo-shik objected.

“There are more than a thousand Awakened people in Korea. But if you put all those factions together, wouldn’t it be around 70 people?”

“It’s a bit absurd to quantify the strength of a Hunter.”

Yoo Jae-kyung pressed her frown on her forehead and shook her head.

“The more mana stones a hunter absorbs, the stronger he becomes indefinitely. In other words, it is a race where one hundred per day is possible.”

“Are you saying that dozens are more valuable than thousands of other hunters?”

“Those dozens won’t beat thousands, but I think they can lead them.”


“At least for now. I don’t know if a system will be built in the future where all Awoken will be supplied with enough Manastones, but at least for now, those 50 will have an absolute influence in the Awoken industry. either empirically or forcefully. Most of them have been active since the beginning of the crisis.”

Yoo Jae-kyung gently stroked his chin. The coolness of the top economic bureaucrat was reflected through his glasses.

“I personally like to call them first-generation hunters.”

“…Come back to the story of Yeo Do-yeon.”

“Ah yes. Anyway, that’s why Yeo Do-yeon is so important.”

Yoo Jae-kyung carefully drenched his throat with cold green tea and continued his explanation very seriously.

“In terms of Hunter’s strength, Yeo Do-yeon is literally one hundred percent.”

“I know.”

“And, along with the Kim Chun-sik and Seol Jin-un factions, who divide the current hunter industry, the person who has a huge influence is the person named Yeo Do-yeon.”


“Yeo Do-yeon is the only person who deeply belongs to both the Kim Chun-sik and Seol Jin-un factions. Because he was the only person who was both in the Shinbundang line and in the isolated Seoul.”

Yoo Jae-kyung pointed out the main point.

“And, most awakened people think of Yeo Do-yeon as a link with Han Seung-moon. And, conversely, because of that person, CEO Han Seung-moon is almost controlling the Hunter Association from behind.”

“…it seems a bit dangerous to say. Minister.”

“Did you bring a recorder?”


“I am speaking to you because I believe it is true.”

At Yoo Jae-kyung’s words, Kim Du-sik quietly took out the tape recorder from his inner pocket and threw it into the glass of water on the table.

Yoo Jae-kyung flinched slightly, but then continued explaining.

“… In the morning, Yeo Do-yeon is making a suicide commotion. Seol Jinwoon was attacked at lunch. And I don’t see this as a coincidence.”

“You mean someone’s duke?”

“I think it is the work of CEO Han Seung-moon.”


– Bang!

Kim Doo-shik lightly hit the desk with the palm of his hand. The bowl and glass of water shook and splashed with water droplets.

“Did you even bow your head to me to talk about such a conspiracy theory?”


“I don’t think I can hear anything.”

“Why are you afraid of CEO Han Seung-moon?”

“It’s not scary.”

“I am afraid. What is the cause of fear?”

Yoo Jae-kyung did not wait for Kim Doo-sik’s reply.

“I am a member of the National Assembly less than a year ago. Do you have a lot of people, do you know how to run a constituency, have you ever run a party, or are you good at making laws, or a debating or hearing star? Isn’t it all?”


“No, listen. In a word, Han Seung-moon is an unverified politician.”

“I don’t know what you are trying to say.”

“However, it was he who always came up with an answer. Do you know what that means?”

Kim Doo-sik had no choice but to sympathize with Yoo Jae-kyung’s subsequent analysis.

“There is such a thing as a person who grows stronger when things go horribly wrong.”

Because turbulent times call for heroes.

“Then who’s going to make things worse?”


“Hong Seon-ah, President of the Association.”

“Ah, that name is awkward!”

“You have to get used to it.”

The association is made up of roughly two factions. Apgujeong faction and Dongdaemun faction. They follow Kim Chun-shik and Seol Jin-woon, respectively.

The Kim Chun-shik group is divided into the pure-bloods who were next to Kim Chun-sik and the people who followed Hong Seon-ah to the GS group, but the two don’t get along very well. It’s not like they’re just usually tied together.

On the other hand, Seol Jinwoon is different.

“Everyone rushed to the hospital. even while hunting. Oh yeah……”

“So you couldn’t go?”

“Of course, I sent them all. We’re messing around with our kids. That’s okay.”

Since they were united in a closed community called Dongdaemun Camp, which had been maintained for almost a year in Gangbuk, the organization was very strong.

To be precise, his loyalty to Seol Jinwoon was very strong. Although it varies from person to person, it is generally the same.


“…even if something happens, it’s solid.”

“Everyone is buzzing.”

It was not unusual for the entire hunter industry to turn upside down.

Hong Seon-ah asked me.

“…what happened?”

“It’s revenge killing.”

“I know that. Is there no background?”

“How does a legislator know that? Not even the police.”

“Ah… a man with no power…”

Although she was smiling brightly, Hong Seon-ah was suspicious of what happened. An eerie chill flowed from her eyes. Of course, his face was bright.

So I laughed too.

“There are other things that members of parliament can do.”


“Lend me your cell phone.”

“Here you go.”



I collected Seol Jin-woon and Hong Seon-ah’s phones.

And the real work began.

The job was completed in only 7 hours because the hunters had their faucets turned.


“…Rep. Han Seung-moon caused a suicide commotion with her sister. You poured hydrochloric acid on Seol Jinwoon.”

“I suspect it was a quarrel that occurred when Yeo Do-yeon was opposed to pouring hydrochloric acid on Seol Jin-woon. Maybe it was one of the representatives who had the audience come in and put Won Ok-bun in a corner. Of course I’m not sure, but…”

“That is a very convincing statement.”

Minister Yoo Jae-kyung desperately persuaded Kim Doo-shik.

“Something, something is definitely happening. And the final winner will be Han Seung-moon.”

“What is the basis?”

“It’s been that way so far.”

“That is also a very convincing statement.”

However, Kim Doo-sik’s reaction was still cold.

“Minister. I also acknowledged and was aware that CEO Han Seung-moon is a competent person.”

“no. It’s not the sort of thing we’d expect.”

“In my opinion, ordinary good, sometimes selfish, such, somewhat extraordinary and extraordinary—”

“Does such a person casually kill hundreds of thousands of people?”


Kim Doo-shik sighed with a frown and warned Yoo Jae-kyung.

“You make people really tired. You must not cross the line. Why did CEO Han Seung-moon kill him?”

“Who was the one who suggested driving the monster to the north?”


It was Han Seung-moon.

“So the monsters went north? I believe you are keeping a close eye on the situation in North Korea. Because we’ve been pouring monsters behind the swings.”

“Of course we are checking.”

“How many people died in Hwanghae-do and Gaeseong?”

“…I know that about 7 evacuation districts were destroyed by the monsters. Most of the North Korean refugees were concentrated in the south.”

“So how many people died?”

“…over 700,000 people.”

“So I am afraid of him.”

Yoo Jae-kyung stuck out his tongue with a tired expression.

“I am not blaming it. As a public servant, it was a good choice. By the way. The fact that such a plan pops out of your head doesn’t really fall into the category of an ordinary person. How do you come up with the idea of building a wall into your apartment and setting it on fire to push out the monster? The death of so many people is a natural premise.”


“Besides, if Commander Hyeon-jong Yoo at that time failed the northern army retreat operation, the Korean army would also be dead, no. Including civilians and the ROK military, about 1,000 people died at that time—”

“You must not divulge first-class confidential information. Minister.”

“I am third in the line of succession to the president. There is no prime minister, so we are actually in second place.”

“The more you do, the more you have to be careful.”

“……I’m sorry. okay.”

Yoo Jae-kyung carefully coughed and rested her forehead with her clasped hands.

“……Anyway. I highly value a person named Seung-Moon Han.”

“yes. So, I was told to change from the acting line for Won Ok-bun to the representative line for Han Seung-moon-”

“In the end, the winner is Han Seung-moon. Even if we don’t attack Acting Won directly, we will be able to promise for the future only if we take a sufficiently conciliatory gesture on Han Seung-moon’s side.”

“…it seems too opportunistic. And I don’t even look at Rep. Han Seung-moon that much—”

“No…! That…!”

– Bang!

“For the people we are responsible for, we should think about banging our heads in the mud!”

Minister Yoo Jae-kyung slammed the desk with his clenched fist.

“And Han Seung-moon is waiting for the right moment!”

“What are you talking about?”

“After unraveling your loaches in the world and making them muddy water! That, anyway! something…! There must be something!”

“Whoa…! Minister, please. These days, on the internet, this is called brain-fiction-”

“There must be a hidden cemetery. No, because there is!”

In the end, Minister Yoo Jae-kyung, who suffered from staying up all night for five days, lost half of his mind and foamed his mouth. Suddenly, the gun disappeared from his eyes, and only anxiety and fear took its place.

“Where did you see Zhuge Liang from the beginning!? All of this Republic of Korea is Han Seung-moon’s version of him now! When that bastard falls, this, hey, hey…! The asari plate is all…!”

– Druck!

“Come on, Minister – !”

The door to the back room opened and an assistant rushed in.

Yoo Jae-kyung, who was a bureaucratic style to the bone, shouted.

“What are you doing!”

“Oh, that’s…!”

“If you’re going to report it, do it quickly!”

“T, TV! Let’s watch TV!”

The assistant quickly turned on the TV on his smartphone and politely held out. Yoo Jae-kyung and Kim Doo-sik poked their heads into the small screen.

[…that’s right, there was a belief!

In the middle of that Seoul!

The blood of those heroes and martyrs flows!

Right in Seoul!

Finally, there was such a thing as belief!]

Han Seung-moon in the meeting room was screaming a rare anger.

[That belief to save the world! That earnest dream and hope returned the world to man!]

With his trembling hands, he powerfully pointed the air in the air and continued his eloquent eloquence.

[By the way, what is the current state of affairs?!]

[Hey, look at Seoul. A monster lives in the city.]

[Look at the political board. Monsters do politics.]

[Look at the world!]

[Is that a human being there!?]

The subtly mixed Yeongnam dialect harmonized with the fast tone, and was swept away by the rumble of the microphone, demonstrating overwhelming dominance.

[The law can be re-created.

You can rebuild the virtue.

Just draw the line again.

But nothing can replace man! Beliefs and dreams are irreplaceable! And we-


I couldn’t keep that dream!]

There were many people beside Han Seung-moon.

To be precise, there were a lot of people lined up behind Han Seung-moon.

[…I am not a hero. I have no beliefs or dreams.]

Some had no legs, some had their faces ripped apart, and some had their limbs cut off and placed on a wheelchair.

[But I have a duty to keep my dreams.

I have a responsibility to uphold that belief.

That’s why I say it to the people.]

Han Seung-moon’s anger subsided, and serious declarations followed.

[Here are thirty heroes. Everyone was crippled while saving people.]

[They can no longer fight, but their faith for the world has not yet been broken.]

[I think these people should do politics.]

Kim Doo-sik, who was watching the screen, finally felt the hairs of his whole body stand up.

[The political world is full of filth.]

[As the floor leader of the Kuomintang, I distrust the judgment of the Consulate General.]

[Therefore, we request that you review the strategic nominations for these 30 people.]

Yoo Jae-kyung finally smiled with trembling eyes full of madness.

[If you refuse, we will all run for independent candidates.]

[I am no exception.]

Yoo Jae-kyung bit her trembling lips and covered her mouth to hold back her smile, but she could not hide the uncontrollable trembling.

[I have no dreams.]

[But you have a responsibility to keep your dreams.]

[Everyone, to whom do you want to entrust your country?]

Yoo Jae-kyung said in a trembling voice.

“……Look at this.”

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