A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 89

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 89

EP 15 – Extras in Politics (2)

As my silence got longer, Jaekyung Yoo’s expression darkened.

He was already small and frail, so he looked like he had to take some medicine, but he was tired and anxious, so he was no longer a person.

Either way, I kept quiet and organized my thoughts. By the way, Jaekyung Yoo is the audience.

I knew it.

As expected, Yoo Jae-kyung is also moving under Yang Pan-seok’s orders. The same goes for the audience. Where did the transcript he exploded come from?

“…I knew it was like that, but you have really wide feet.”

The magical beasts of yangban-seok are secretly spread all over the election board. Maybe I’m as expected of a placard, no. It may be moving according to the design of the yangban stone.

Then, what of course.

“So, what do you mean by extras?”

I put a plate on it, but I have to dance anyway.

holding a knife

* * *

“I’ve only heard a brief explanation, but I don’t know.”

Yoo Jae-kyung had a face that looked 10 years old in a moment. He carefully wiped the sweat with a handkerchief. Anyway, I felt relieved because I came out favorably.

“What is certain is that there is not one operation team like us, which the old man had.”


Kim Doo-shik rebuked Yoo Jae-kyung in a hard tone. This oversized, bald general had an appearance that made people look down on him even if he pretended to, but Yoo Jae-kyung was hesitant and accepted the word.

“The matter is so close… Heh heh… I’m sorry!”

“Okay. Who the hell is the old man, and his plan is-”

“I will explain now. However, the strategy was all set up by him, and I am just a tool for that operation. I don’t even know how this works. This is it. I only know what he did. Of course, I never intended to deceive Captain Kim Doo-shik or Rep. Han Seung-moon-”

“So, what is the operation?”

“ah. Yes. Hmm…!”

Yoo Jae-kyung ignored Kim Doo-shik’s terrifying gaze and continued speaking calmly.

“Probably, there is also an operation force built by the elderly in the Blue House chief’s office. We need to create public opinion outside and help those friends persuade Won Ok-bun as acting director. That’s why I had a hard time serving our Commander Doo-Sik Kim.”

It was meant to be a story about military service.

“…well, just to say the conclusion.”

Hurrup. Jaekyung Yoo wets her mouth with cold green tea and smiles clumsily.

“The game is over when Acting Won says that he wants to retake Seoul.”


“We have to think about that now.”


“How should acting Won Ok-bun declare that he will retake Seoul?”


“I think it was when I was bitten by a crazy dog.”


“Is there a problem?”

“Uh, uhm.”

Ho-jeong Lee, who had a look of seeing something bizarre, stopped in an awkward position holding the front door.

She is dressed in hot pink sleeping pants and pajamas. He always wore thick makeup to cover the small scar on his chin, so it was a bit unfamiliar to him. Still, she was so beautiful, with or without makeup, her beauty was still there.

“It’s because it’s too political to say that he suddenly came to me at 2 in the morning.”

“hey. Isn’t this the house I saved for you?”

“It’s not a house, it’s a government office. The police officer lives next door, so please come in quietly.”

“A sense of security?”

“He used to be the head of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, but his jurisdiction was destroyed and he suffered a bit. Come in at once. It’s April and it’s still cold at night.”

He went in with the spam gift set I had given him, and I, limp, took off one of my shoes at the front door, loosened my prosthetic legs, and went into the house, rumbling.

Ho-jeong Lee turned on the light in the bedroom and stabbed Yang Il-ho in the side with his big toe, who was sleeping without rolling the blanket like a caterpillar.

“hey. wake up.”


Yang Il-ho got up and rubbed his eyes. The guy suddenly hardened as if he had seen a ghost.

I lightly raised my hand and greeted him.


“……Why is your brother here?”

“I came to see you.”

“You don’t have any friends…?”

“Minister Jae-Kyung Yoo and Commander Doo-Sik Kim are friends, so aren’t they a little bit older? They’re both in their 50’s, but…”

Ho-jeong Lee, who was pouring out the French Cafe Cafe Mix Arabica gold label from a large mart, in a paper cup, asked in surprise.

“Oppa, have you been with them since before? Didn’t you go out at 4 o’clock?”

“Not that. In the middle, I came with Cheon Geum-soon and Shobu. Please sit down.”

I threw my suit on the floor and crawled into the bedroom in a shirt, snatched Yang Il-ho’s quilt and wrapped myself in it. aww that’s hot Elasticity comes out of nowhere.

Yang Il-ho crawls on all fours next to him, looking for a smartphone, while Lee Ho-jeong

“Miss, you’re surprised.”


“How did you do that?”


The guy had finished full makeup and changed into a suit.

“No, what kind of magical girl are you? Does your clothes change when you take your eyes off it?”

“Sir, do you still look like a magical girl…?”

“Anyway, you did well. it’s ilho Put on your suit, too.”


I roughly checked the time on my phone.

“okay. If we leave now, we will be there by lunchtime.”

2:42 in the morning.

It was the perfect time for politicians to act.


The dawn of the front line is chilly.

Is it because of the cold night wind blowing through the barbed wire, or is it because of the gunfire that occasionally flies to the foot of Mt. Worak?

The guard, who was observing the front of the front line, exhaled a breath, suddenly thought. Nothing like the cold or the sound can ever explain this bone-in-the-bone coldness.

What dried up in the night wind blowing through the barbed wire was the blood of our comrades, and the occasional sound of gunfire was proof that the monsters were coming down south even at this midnight hour.

So the dawn of the front was chilly.

I feel that death is near. Anxiety as if something was wriggling in the dark engulfed the guard.

So, very slowly.

Like red ink dripping on wet paper, the unknown soldier of the Chungcheong defense line was gradually stained with war.

That day was the same as usual.

At least until we go to dinner.

After finishing the sentry, I closed my eyes for a while in the dormitory, saw a picture of my parents who must be alive somewhere in Seoul, and headed to the soldier’s restaurant to have lunch.

The hideous headgear of the giant monster that the division commander had caught was on display in the premises, and it was natural for the rice to taste bad when I saw that rotten piece of meat that fell maggots every time I went to eat, but that was not the case on that day.


“This is it…!”

The soldiers began to agitate.

That was enough.

This scent, which is not strong and violent, is definitely-

“Come on, come on, take them one by one.”

-Because it was chicken.

On top of the food truck, people were handing out chicken in plastic bags, and a man in a suit was holding a red megaphone next to him.

“One per person! Come and pick it up!”

The soldier instantly turned his eyes and sprinted into a huge food truck. Like everyone else, the food truck was surrounded by maniacs in military uniforms.

The soldier thought for a moment that he had become part of a horde of zombies, but what would he do? it’s chicken

On the truck, the suit man shouted into the megaphone.

“It’s all fried chicken for cost reasons, so if you like seasoning, don’t take it and go back!”

“Damn it!”

“It’s even insulting…”

In the midst of this, of course, there was no head to return to say that he liked seasoning. And the crazy yangban who threw it as a joke was a great person.

The soldier grinned and checked the suit’s face.

He was such a great person.

He was a really great person.

It was because he had secured a fixed approval rating of 15% in a presidential opinion poll.

“under. Han Seung-moon…”

It was Senator Han Seung-moon. The soldier could not take his eyes off Han Seung-moon as he made his way towards the food truck through the crowds.


The soldier was at least watching the news, so he knew what that meant. It is not just a simple approval rating, but 15% of the people who think that Han Seung-moon should become president even if the constitution is amended.

“Are you a medical doctor…?”

“Looks like you’re right…”

“Me, me, one-legged. Look at your legs.”

“right. Right. I’ve got a cane…”

As Han Seung-moon’s name spread among the soldiers, the chicken-blind soldiers gradually began to find their cool.

And the person who asked Han Seung-moon to f**k him had a strong chance of being f**ked by the division commander.

Of course, no matter who got f**ked, the chicken was chicken, so the soldier succeeded in getting the chicken.

Then, I ran to the dormitory and ate chicken with my comrades, and finally noticed after about 16 minutes.

“…But isn’t this a violation of the election law?”


“It’s f**ked up. f**k you…!”

While sprinkling chicken in a bag and moving to the next camp, Il-ho Yang was looking at his cell phone with a grayish expression on his face.

“Hey, what do you see?”

“Article 112 of the Public Official Election Act! No, it’s just scattered all over the code! I wondered what I should do to avoid getting f**ked!”

Yang Il-ho was in a panic. Haha, Hojeong and this guy were supposed to run for this general election (they haven’t registered as candidates yet), but if you get caught up in the Public Official Election Act like this, you’re drinking water.

Even though I was still my aide, I was treated like a campaigner, so there was no way out.

I clicked my tongue and muttered.

“Ji isn’t a lawyer, so what are you looking for in the law—”

“I’m a lawyer!”

“Oh right.”

“aah- !”

I grabbed his head and let it glow, so I smiled softly and patted him on the back.

“hey. Why is the youngest person who passed the bar exam so ignorant of the law? There is an answer for every situation. It’s just that you don’t know that now.”

That was the case with a cold in Apgujeong. It’s still a saying that sticks in my mind.

But this guy doesn’t seem to know that.

“I’m not even Kim Ki-chun, how do I get out of this situation!”

“Hey, Grandpa was great. Did you get away with the election law arguing that it was unconstitutional? Imitate you.”

As I ruminated about the best beop clams in constitutional history, Yang Il-ho also seemed to know a little bit about history, so he immediately refuted my words.

“Is it because the Constitutional Court really made sense? It was because Kim Young-sam looked after him…!”

“I know.”


The judiciary only needs to hold tight. Of course, I didn’t say it out of concern for the transcript.

“Why doesn’t a person studying law know the world like this?”

“Oh, I’ll turn…!”

“Anyway, trust me and follow me.”

Because our country is not a rule of law country.


In a food truck brought from the GS Group’s food business division to the floor, he toured the military bases and sprinkled chicken. Of course, it wasn’t just chicken, the pizza was filled with all kinds of food on the pig’s feet.

We selected only foods that mainly affect people.

While the staff was handing out the chicken, I shouted into the megaphone next to me.

“everyone! Chicken is enough!”

not enough

“Because one person can have one chicken, yes?”

can not do it.

“Slowly wait in line to get it!”

It took 500,000 chickens to give all the soldiers of the Armed Forces. Naturally, amid the worst food shortage in history, when Hetbahn is auctioned off on the Internet, it was impossible to secure such a quantity.

Even it was not enough to turn it into only a few units in the eastern part of the defense line in this Chungcheong area. Even so, I went about pounding one chicken per person.


“Stop! there! Hey!”

“Distribution is stopped! Stop distribution!”

It was because it was clear that the government officials and the military police would attack and the distribution would be cut in the middle anyway. For some reason, even reporters flocked in one after the other.

It seems that Kim Doo-shik did a good job.

I smiled inwardly and approached the middle-aged inspector who looked like he had just come out of the National Election Commission.

“No, what are you doing now?”

“no! What kind of Han Seung-moon are you during the election season…?”

A civil servant who was angry with me pointed at me with a puzzled expression. I gently asked him to shake hands.

“Ah yes, nice to meet you.”

“Why… are you here…?”

He seems to be rude even as he shakes hands. We were surrounded by reporters as we were.


“Oh, yes. agent. Yes. Yes. Okay. We will take action soon. Yes.”

Whoa. A sigh escaped from Yoo Jae-kyung’s mouth. In the study of his two-story house, he leaned down on a high-quality leather chair and pressed his forehead firmly.

I thought that maybe it was because I was in my early 50s, or maybe it was because the difficulty of life had turned to hell because of being gorgeous, or that the wrinkles on my forehead seemed to have increased significantly.

While I was carefully cleaning my glasses, thinking that my time as the head of the budget was better,

– Bump!


“Knock and come in.”

In front of her daughter, she wanted to look like a serious householder, so she raised her voice a lot, but the boy hurriedly shouted as if he didn’t hear it even with the back of his ear.

“TV! Watch TV…!”

“I think I know what it is, but can Daddy check the newspaper tomorrow?”

“Oh, hurry!”

Yoo Jae-kyung thought that something was coming, so she followed her daughter-in-law down to the living room on the first floor. I felt like a lamb being led to the slaughter.

The wife was sleeping on the sofa with the sleeping mask on, so he naturally lifted her head, removed the pillow, and sat on the sofa with her thighs on.

Unlike Yoo Jae-kyung, who was half crying, the announcer smiled brightly.

The announcer started the report with a voice mixed with laughter.

– Rep. Han Seung-moon accompanied the GS Group charitable organization and was taken away by the National Election Commission. It happened around noon today. Because he was arrested for violating the election law while handing out chicken to the soldiers. Yes. The reaction from all walks of life is hot.

– I’m ashamed.

– yes. Rep. Han Seung-moon, who is a party, brought me here in person. hello?

Yoo Jae-kyung covered her face with her hands. An exclamation of exclamation came naturally from the complicated heart.


My daughter-in-law was frightened and asked.

“Looking at the announcer’s talk, it seems like he’s trying to get off the frame for violating the election law? Then it’s not like you’re playing with the media-loving Kuomintang from the beginning! Is Daddy okay?!”

“Uh, it’s okay. it’s okay.”

Yoo Jae-kyung pressed both temples with a completely unfavorable expression.

“That little bastard, that, me, ah, are you really doing that……”

– …First of all, I sincerely apologize for causing concern to the public as this act somewhat violates the Election Act.

– Oh, didn’t you know that it would violate the election law?

– no.

“Are you okay, Daddy?”

“Ah, uh. It’ll be fine.”

– I did that on purpose.

“Because our house is crazy…”

– I couldn’t stand the attitude of the Won Ok-bun government treating the South Korean military lightly.

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