A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 9

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 9

EP 2 – Red Han River Superman (5)

Gam Ji-yoon jumped forward without anyone stopping him.


Even though I watched people crumble a few hours ago, blood is scary.

How is it that the veins of blood that rise through the cleavage scars make your spine shiver like this?

The situation happened in an instant. A person wearing a mask stabbed a cold person with a cleaver and spit it out.

The chewy muttered around the corner of the house.

“Oh, f**k it. Why are there so many…”

He grabbed Gam Ji-yoon, who was crying as he hugged the cold who had fallen on the floor, and whispered.

“If you don’t want to see a kid, take money, money.”

Cheon Hwa-ran fell to the floor with a blank face, and Yang Il-ho looked for a kitchen knife in the house and turned to the assailant with his trembling hands.

“Hey, ah, hey! Everything, don’t turn it off right now!”

“A f**king bastard can’t even hold a knife straight. Close your mouth and bring some money.”

“Dad! Dad…! Dad, wake up!”

No one could open their mouth.

“Hey, kid. don’t you shut up what are you guys dreaming about? Don’t you bastards in Seoul have no money?”

It was because all sorts of things were floating around Gam Ga-yoon, who was crying profusely.

“Wow, what the f**k!”

The robber was momentarily perplexed. I shouted out loud.

“Jiyoon-ah! Float!”

Ga Ji-yoon let out a cry that was close to screaming, and in an instant, fire extinguishers, flowerpots, shoes, umbrellas, and everything around the child bounced off in a random direction.

– Boom!

The robber was pushed aside and banged his head against the wall. There was no need to order here again.

– Whoa!

Yeo Do-yeon, who ran out in an instant, took the robber’s temple with her knee. The robber lost his knife and fell sideways.

Yeo Do-yeon climbed on top of the robber and indiscriminately assaulted the robber’s face in a mount position. It was so violent that the viewer’s spine shivered.

Hwaran Cheon, who was sitting on the floor, crawled and grabbed the cold-blower and burst into tears. The cold-blooded hand trembled and touched Cheon Hwa-ran’s cheek.


“Hospital, 119…! shit! 119 There is no…! I have to go to the hospital…!”

Hwaran Cheon was covering the wound with red blood flowing out of it with both hands, but it seemed to no avail. The floor was already stained red.

Yeo Do-yeon continues to punch on the robber, and Yang Pan-seok frowns and reads the situation like me.

Yang Il-ho fell to the floor with a kitchen knife, and Lee Ho-jeong asked if there was a first-aid kit, clenching his teeth and searching the house.

Only the cry of a newborn baby resounds in the house.

at that time.

A miracle happened.

A white light flickered from Cheonhwaran’s fingertips.


Cold-jae got up from his seat bewildered, and Cheon Hwa-ran lost consciousness and collapsed.


“Huh… How about Hwa-ran Cheon and the cold-blooded person?”

“They both wiped them with wet tissues and laid them down.”

“My legs are uncomfortable, so I just keep doing it.”

“No, bro…”

Yang Il-ho nodded his head and headed to Lee Ho-jeong, who was comforting the baby. The person with a cold bleeds so much that his face is white. And Cheonhwaran also fainted for some reason.

The house is full of bloody smell. It was said that he wiped it off with a wet tissue, but the shock of the previous moment was deeply ingrained in his brain along with the scent of blood.

Yang Pan-seok slumped down in the seat next to me.

“He had a dragon tattoo on his arm. It must have been a human race from the beginning.”


“A corpse.”

“…Did you dispose of the body too?”

“Even though I worked hard in the Vietnam War, that doesn’t mean I didn’t fight. There was a time when the Batkongs raided the rear and touched a little corpse. Anyway, I threw it out the window of my apartment, so the monster will bite me.”

The robber is dead. Maybe it was the brain that was twisted by Gam Ji-yoon’s telekinesis, or it could be that the head was crushed by Yeo Do-yeon’s assault.

I haven’t seen any corpses, but it’s probably the latter. He was beaten so violently that the corpse’s face was ripped to pieces.

Do-yeon Yeo also knew about it, so she’s not coming out because she’s vomiting in the bathroom. I covered my face and sighed. That’s all it can do.

“…it’s a pity that my legs are uncomfortable.”

“Each person has a role to play. To put it bluntly, if it weren’t for your judgment, we would all be dead last night.”

“…But it’s still a pity.”

“Ouch. Then should I regret that I am old?”

Yang Pan-seok took out his cell phone.

“I charged it because there was a charger. Are you using an iPhone?”


“I’m done, so go and plug it in.”

“thank you.”

“Isn’t it your habit as an attendant to say thank you now?”

I nodded my head without a word.

“Each one has a job, and we just have to be faithful to it. Society is like that.”

“……All right.”

“I have a lot to teach new politicians. Take a look at this.”

He shuffled through the phone book. Thousands of phone numbers were pushed down the scroll.

“Even though I say it, I don’t feel it. What do you think I could have done with this phone until ‘yesterday’?”

I didn’t have to answer.

“I was able to do everything I could. But what about now?”


“It’s edible. I could call the Secretary of Defense right now to get the helicopter, but look at this.”

He seemed to be calling the defense minister, using the no-phone as an example to teach him the lesson that human abilities are determined by social relationships.

– lulululu


“Oh, the signal is coming!”

But the defense minister did not answer the phone. then,

“Chief, do you have your phone number…?”

“Why not…!”

We sat on the sofa and turned the phone with a smile of conversion.

-You are on a call, so you are connected to voicemail and after a beep…



Yang Pan-seok even ripped off his nails and left a message to him. In the midst of this, it is an old man who has no hope of tapping each character slowly with the eagle stroke, so I wanted to take it out and write it instead.

– Deputy Minister Na Yang Pan-seok, now Paju ㅇ

“Hey, where are you?”

“hey! Ilho! Hey! Get the address here! Wake up with a cold right now!”

“Where are you?”

“Write it now!”

– Deputy Minister Na Yang Pan-seok I’m in Paju right now, can you please send the soldiers to me?

“What if I write like this!?”

“No, what do you mean by looking at me?”

“Give it to me!”

– Vice Minister Cha Jae-gyun. There is a lot of hard work in the national crisis. Yang Pan-seok, a 4th-term Democratic Party lawmaker. now

“Too! This is #702, 103-dong, GS Chi 1, Songpo-dong, Paju!”


“Songpo-dong GS! Jai 1 complex! 103 dong! Room 702!”

-I am currently evacuating with 9 other people, including Assemblyman Han Seung-moon, from 103-702, 103-dong, GS Zai 1 Complex, Songpo-dong, Paju. Can you rescue them? There is one civilian who was killed by a knife. Members can evacuate later, so I would appreciate it if you could send a helicopter.

send. did.


“Only a prestigious master!”

“Two legislators! Wounded civilians! This is the key!”

“By the way, the last sentence takes a while…”

“Are you going to leave the two senators alone for being crazy? Besides, what if this text message gets released to the press later? Insurance! insurance!”


There are not only two people hiding in an apartment or something. Calling the National Army to save the lawmakers, try to explode later.

“Senator! Let the person with a cold recover after sending this text message!”

“Yeah, yeah… I can prove my superpowers with Gam Ji-yoon anyway.”

Ho-jeong Lee wondered what was going on and left the room a bit. She rubbed her eyes, tired, and looked at us.

“Members, what are you doing?”

“Rep. Yang has called the Vice Minister of Defense!”

“Wow ah ah ah ah ah!”

Ho-jeong Lee ran into the room and shouted.

“You have contacted the Ministry of National Defense!”

“Wow, what!? really?”

“Ahhh! lived! I’m alive!!”

I looked back at the yangban-seok in a moment of uneasiness.

“What if I don’t come to pick you up?”

“Don’t say bad things.”

“Or, ‘Escape from Paju right now’. When you get a text message like this…”

“You don’t know the saying that a horse can catch people, don’t you?”

again. A cute text message was heard. We turned on the lights and checked the message.

– There are not enough helicopters available right now

“this…! f**k…!”

Yang Pan-seok raised his hand to hit me with a double-sound for the first time, but

-Are you in a safe place right now?

Instead of responding as carefully as possible to the following texts from the Vice Minister of Defense, he handed me the phone. I quickly accepted it.

– The land is not available and is located on the 7th floor of the apartment. It’s just been attacked by a gangster, but it appears to be a relatively safe place. It is a family home with food and drinking water secured, so you can wait long enough.

As I was about to press the send button, Yang Pan-seok grabbed my wrist.

“What if I forgot about the patient who was stabbed…!”

“Oh right.”

-However, the patient’s affected area is not sutured or blood is insufficient. Risk of infection from stabbing

“Right now, hundreds of people are dying every second, and whining about being sick would feel bad. country.”

“You are wise too.”

-The patient’s affected area is sutured and there is no problem except for lying down because there is not enough blood. I have no intention of interfering with the operation of the ROK Army, so please use your own judgment.

As soon as we texted, we naturally grabbed each other’s hands. The two aides watched with pity as the two gold badgers held hands in prayer, but what does that matter now?

The call arrived two minutes later.

– About 9 hours ahead. We will send a transport helicopter to the rooftop of the apartment at around 6 am. Sorry for the slight delay.



Yang Pan-seok and I hugged and ran around.

In front of the original life, other things are not important.


“I am really…!”

“Ah, ahhh…! Whoops…!”

Cold and Cheon Hwa-ran, who woke up from a coma, also expressed their joy in their own way. I said to the pale white colder.

“Are you okay?”

“…it seems to be really indebted to you.”

“Can you get up?”

“It’s a little dizzy, but no problem.”

I was a person who almost died from lack of blood when I got into a car accident, so I know how bad the cold is now.

But he seems to know that there is no point in whining here.

Ga Ji-yoon, who woke up safely, squeezed tears and runny noses on her father’s T-shirt. Cold Ja held his wife and daughter in both hands and enjoyed happiness with tears in his eyes.

Gam Seok burst into tears as if he wanted to join him too, and crawled into her mother’s arms. Ho-Jeong Lee and Il-Ho Yang were watching the scene with their arms crossed.

Yang Pan-seok went out on the veranda, leaning back, and silently meditating on the last days of Seoul. I leaned against the wall and walked over and knocked on the bathroom door.


Knock. Knock.

“……it’s okay?”

The bathroom door swung open. Yeo Do-yeon walked out with a bright smile with her red eyes.

“Yeah, that’s fine. What.”

He was a man worth killing. It’s not my sister’s fault. are you okay Are you in luck now? Is your stomach okay? I managed to swallow the words that lingered in my mouth.

Sometimes, there are things that you just have to go through.

“The military helicopter will arrive tomorrow at 6 am.”

“……I’m glad.”

She smiled sadly.


“What are you carrying?”

“Oh, no… just.”

Coldja hung the camera around his neck and smiled shyly.

“Because this is my life.”

I don’t know if there are pictures of my family in the camera, whether the camera is my professional spirit, or what it means, but I know that it is an important thing anyway.

“Jiyoon-ah! what are you doing!”


The voice of the angry Cheonhwaran was heard. Ga Ji-yoon was floating in the air and swimming. I heard the taste of using telekinesis, so I’m doing this without even sighing.

The cold man held his son with a happy expression and smiled.

“Thank you very much. Senator.”

“Now you can stop saying goodbye.”

Suddenly, the sound of a helicopter began to be heard. We hurriedly went up to the roof, fearing that other people would hear the noise and come rushing in.

Humans are truly miserable even in moments of emotion.

Yang Pan-seok quietly locked the roof door. No one but me looked at the yangban-seok. I don’t know if I’ve seen it or not.

He smiles meaningfully and just bears everything. I couldn’t hear it because of the sound of the propellers, but the soldier shouted and beckoned.

Some wept, some trembled, and some laughed and got on the helicopter. I suddenly put my hand on the doorknob on the roof of the apartment, which was firmly locked.

The door shakes.

Is the wind pressure of the helicopter propeller resonating? Maybe the people behind the locked door are knocking on the door to open it, or maybe a monster knocking on the door.

While everyone in the party boarded the helicopter, I silently put my hand on the doorknob and was silent.

Yeo Do-yeon beckons to me.

say ride.

hands are shaking

What happens when you open the roof door?

Dozens of people could jump out and grab the helicopter.

Maybe a monster will come out and strangle me.

No one knows what will come out when the door is opened.

At least, don’t close the door.

This is my responsibility.

I impulsively opened the roof door.

There was nobody there.

Suddenly tears came out.

Kang Seok-ho goes to rescue his younger brothers. An unknown student who taught me danger. The student’s two friends. The bodies and people we hit in the Han River.

I limped miserably towards the helicopter, with tears in my eyes.

When I grabbed Yeo Do-yeon’s hand and got on the helicopter.

When the soldier shouts something and beckons the pilot.

A woman ran out of the roof door at full speed.

Behind them are the little dogs. Two-headed wild dogs followed.

She threw away everything she was carrying, ran with all her power, and jumped into the flying helicopter.

I threw myself to grab her hand. She cried and took my hand.


weak power

I fall from the helicopter with her.

Through the sound of the wind that cut through the air, Yeo Do-yeon’s wretched scream could be heard.

Close your eyes.


The woman is in my arms, and we are floating in the air.

Blue spheres float in the air like fireflies. It’s Ga Ji-yoon’s voice. This naughty little boy floated through the air and came out and lifted the woman.

An unknown woman burst into tears, and I bruised in bewilderment. Gam Ji-yoon swam in the air like a fairy and boarded the helicopter with us.

A cold person took this picture.

6:13 am. Parliamentary 3rd day. Paju sky.

With the background of the red Han River sparkling in the morning light, three people floating in the air get on a helicopter.

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