A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 91

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 91

EP 15 – Extras in Politics (4)

People believe only what they want to believe.

That is why politics is a matter of value judgment, not fact. Even if one party seems to be unconditionally at fault, supporters unconditionally favor the other.

And, that was the reason why politicians don’t apologize when they’re in a hurry. I usually say sorry.

If any problem is taken away without an apology, it becomes a ‘issue’, not a ‘problem’. The object of liquidation and the object of discussion were clearly separated.

In other words,

“This is Kim Doo-sik, interim commander of the Chungcheong Defense Line. First of all, I would like to express my deepest apology to the people.”

The moment he apologized, it became a problem.

* * *

There were three problems that I presented to the Won Ok-bun regime.

Why did you cancel the reserve force?

Why did you kill the guild?

Where did the 150 billion won in the supplementary budget go?

But the bottom line was that we could occupy a more advantageous position in the international community without Won-ok’s birth.

It was quite a bullshit that stimulated the pride and reward of the people, and it was the logic of a miracle that Aristotle would wake up from the grave and be shocked by his blood pressure, but when the poisoned media wrapped it up, the people unexpectedly started to roar.

Most of the media play was like this.

As all kinds of comments with the names of professors and former politicians appeared on the main portal sites, and edited 30-second interviews circulated on YouTube all day, people started to think that at least Won Ok-Bun did something wrong.

No, it is the psychology of whether smoke will come out of the open chimney. Of course, the house is set on fire, so there will be smoke, but that’s not for the public to know.


“As a result of the internal inspection of the ROK Army, it was confirmed that some division commanders had embezzled military funds. The military has promptly referred the division heads to the military court, and we bow our heads in apology to the people.”

Commander Doo-sik Kim, the hero of the defense line in Chungcheong, who had been mentioned as a presidential candidate, came out and bowed his head.

It happened less than six hours after my interview aired.

“However, contrary to what Rep. Han Seung-moon pointed out, the funds embezzled from the front lines are very small, and the people’s blood is being used for the self-defense of the Republic of Korea. Please trust the government…”

Interpretation: Acting Director Won Ok-bun. I didn’t hit that betrayal.

Kim Doo-sik clearly added an explanation, but the Korean media were originally people who didn’t care about that.

[150 billion in the supplementary budget, was it used for self-interest?]

[Commander Doo-Sik Kim acknowledged the embezzlement within the military.]

[Han Seung-moon with a sword, where is the direction of the presidential election?]

And as soon as Kim Doo-sik made his official position, Minister Yoo Jae-kyung hurriedly ran out to the public.

“I am Jae-kyung Yoo, Minister of Strategy and Finance. First of all, I would like to express my sincere apologies for this controversy.”

He was also a presidential candidate. Although the public awareness was small, those interested in politics had a very high affinity for Yoo Jae-kyung, who led the government building in Sejong City.

Of course, Minister Yoo Jae-kyung was not a good speaker or anything like that. It may be that he was flirting with people at a drinking party in the back room, but it was said that he was not a person who could gain an advantage in broadcasting.

And he was the one who knew it best.

“First of all… Is this supplementary budget plan once in a situation where the front is stable? He was very strong in the nature of investing in infrastructure to reinforce military facilities, uh, so. Now that the international financial market and the dollar index are virtually paralyzed, what is left of Korea is the real economy, that is, the fundamentals.”

[150 billion for breaking barbed wire? Exploring the reality of the supplementary budget]

[Minister Jae-Kyung Yoo declared the end of the international financial market]

[An economic blueprint conceived at 150 billion won. Is it actually full of shit?]

“We have already experienced a major crisis once due to the reckless speculation frenzy of large corporations seeking foreign exchange profit. Accordingly, in order to reduce the economic elasticity of securities, the government intends to revitalize the domestic market, centered on the real economy. In addition to reinforcing military facilities, this supplementary budget plan also aims to have a trickle-down effect on the domestic construction industry, raw material industry, and the labor market.”

[Invested 150 billion won in large companies. The soldiers are hungry.]

[Article 2 of the supplementary budget was a gift to the construction industry]

[Finally, another dripping effect. How long?]

“To the extent that financial resilience fluctuates to extremes and, in effect, the value of money internationally is being obliterated, we must not intuit its value in terms of money. What matters is how consistently we invest our overhead capital into the industry. We have to breathe life into the industry and hold on until trade kicks in.”

[The end of the money age, now barter?]

[Does the economy survive by pouring water into a hole in the poison?]

[Minister Jae-Kyung Yoo, 150 billion won is not important.]

“Actually, Korea’s economy is relatively stable compared to other countries. Although trade has not yet been fully activated, our won-based currency has significantly increased its international status under the influence of the security of the Republic of Korea. With the expectation that the economy will recover through the Manseok project in the future, trust in the government and trust in the currency is needed more than ever.”

[Are we still better? Responsive government.]

[The exchange rate without trade is just a dream.]

[How long do you ask for ‘only trust’?]

“Of course, we acknowledge that there are controversies related to this supplementary budget bill. However, please understand that the use of the defense budget cannot be disclosed prematurely because it is a matter directly related to national security. The only thing I can assure you is that this supplementary budget was not stained with embezzlement and was used entirely for national defense.”

[Tax was well spent. The details are secret.]

[I admit the controversy, but I will not explain it.]

[Stay still. The government speaks to the people again.]


– It’s fun.

“Oh, no. Agent! Han Seung-moon did a revamp, so I hurriedly ran out because I thought I couldn’t even help.

– Minister Yu.

Won Ok-bun was by no means a fluent speaker. This is because he is an old man with distorted facial muscles. However, Won Ok-bun’s words were stuck in the eardrum of Minister Yoo Jae-kyung.

– You should play pranks while watching people.

A soft voice is heard over the speaker.

– Who are you doing this for?

“Oh, no! Absolutely not! Agent!”

– No. I am also a politician.

It wasn’t an angry voice. It wasn’t the voice of interrogation. It was just a question with a slightly dull and distorted pronunciation as usual.

So it did both functions.

– Is this an oriental clinic? Or a gynecologist? That yangban is also rummaging around these days.

“Lord, you’re lining up! Awkward words-”

– It’s always been like that.

Won Ok-bun calmly described his experiences.

– Pretending to be a mistake. pretend to be loyal. There are sure to be seeds that are slowly wiggling. And it’s the most dangerous to see such yangbans. I know because I do.


– You’re a smart yangban, so I’m sure you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

“Sir! Won agent, no. dismissal-“

ㅡ Tuk.

The phone is disconnected.

Yoo Jae-kyung’s gray hair was wet with a cold sweat between the five-minute call.

Yoo Jae-kyung lost all strength in her body and fell to the chair. A sigh escaped from the tired middle-aged man.


It’s like an old man like a ghost.

“I didn’t expect to be caught so early…”

Won Ok-bun was also just getting distracted by dealing with the audience, but it didn’t seem like he was an idiot.

It was Han Seung-moon who attacked her, but it was Yoo Jae-kyung and Kim Doo-shik who turned the attack into a fatal blow.

Of course, it wasn’t something I did outright, and I made up some sort of alibi, but Won Ok-bun quickly caught on and sent a razor-sharp warning.


While fifty thousand thoughts ran through Yoo Jae-kyung’s head, one intense emotion interrupted the thought.


I was the one who watched Won Ok-bun’s move the most. It was me who watched the division of the Defense Minister, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Director of the National Intelligence Service.

He turned the prominent political elders into old men in the back room so they could not even dare to crawl out, and after seizing power in the National Defense Party, he controlled the media with martial law and maintained an image of a cunning unflow.

He was a person who acutely felt how Won Ok-bun wrapped himself up as a hero, how agile and decisive the process was, and how secretive and subtle his deeds were.

Because you helped with it.

However, for Won Ok-bun, there was an inherent intimidation that left everything behind.

It’s not natural charisma, or such a surreal kind. This intimidation stemmed from her origins.

She was a prosecutor.

He was also a veteran prosecutor who was always at the center of power, both under the Roh Tae-woo and Kim Young-sam administrations. If he had not entered the political world, he was a real prosecutor who would have seen even the president.


Jaekyung Yoo knows.

Most of the financial cases that overturned Korea, s*x scandals that suddenly erupted, and even the president’s family corruption at the end of his term.

It’s all coming out of the prosecutor’s office cabinet.

Yoo Jae-kyung had a hard time figuring out what kind of knife this 70-year-old prosecutor would draw, and he didn’t want to even imagine how crazy the prosecutors would be before the task of becoming the first ever prosecutor-turned-president.



“Yes, this is Minister Yoo Jae-kyung.”

– Uh, Minister Yu. Why did you fire a nuclear bomb?

“Aigoo! Senator Yang! How did you enjoy the show?”

I just had to do it.


“it’s okay. It’s worth doing.”

“Shut up…”


On the way to the Busan District Prosecutors’ Office in a large limousine, Cheon Geum-soon was sitting on the sofa across from him with a bewildered expression.

No, it would be more accurate to say that they are scattered. It wasn’t a person, it looked more like green onion kimchi.

“No, why are you so fussy? I can’t keep up.”

“……Ah, let’s get out of the party……”

“Do you have low blood sugar?”

“A little…?”

She was lying on the sofa as if she would collapse if pushed aside. In fact, the limousine was so big that it could have been laid on its side, but there is such a thing as human dignity, so I wouldn’t lie down in a car. Without me, I don’t know Because it wasn’t the style to show face.

“……Let’s change here.”

“Ah yes.”

As we approached Busan, we got out of the limousine and transferred to a small K5. Take a limousine to the prosecutor’s office. On that day, I will rip off the swearing.

I took the high-quality homemade chocolate from the limousine refrigerator earlier and handed it to her.

“Would you like some?”

Cheon Geum-soon drooped and opened her mouth, and I carefully put the chocolate into her mouth.

She licked the chocolate and rolled her eyes at me.

“When did you steal this again?”

“I’m not stealing. It just came naturally.”

“This is my chocolate. I love it…”

“The chaebols will never understand this feeling of being stuffed into a mint candy bag at a meat restaurant.”

Cheon Geum-soon smiled and said to the driver.

“babe. Let’s go round and round a bit. I’m not going to a good place, but I step on the accelerator…”

“Yes, sir.”

Appearing at the prosecutor’s office seemed very terrifying.

We were summoned for violating the Election Act, where we could not even gamble.

“Well, would you like more than probation?”

“…I have piled up some stuff, so if I open the house this time, the bread goes in.”

“Oh right.”

Last time she was ordered to serve as an economist, she had a stack of things.

I smiled broadly to comfort her.

“……What! Because there is a good system called special amnesty launched by the government!”

“…If you win the election, it’s a pardon, and if it loses, it’s a bummer?”

Cheon Geum-soon glared at me with her venomous eyes and questioned me. It seems like I have no choice but to go out with shame.

“You didn’t help without knowing, did you?”

“…that’s right.”

“Think of it as investing in a stock called Han Seung-moon.”

“It’s like a coin, not a stock…”

“Since it’s Seungmoon Coin… the tone is good. Doesn’t it look like a cakewalk?”


Cheon Geum-soon snorted lightly and smiled languidly.

“When I was… in high school, I touched a little coin. 9.2 billion?”

“Aww. You made a lot.”

“I must have smashed it…”



Now, considering that Chief Justice Yang Pan-seok is the motive that Yang Pan-seok put in the court administration during his time as a Supreme Court Justice, and is even the person who caused a judicial uproar with him last time, it is hard to guess that no matter how much the prosecution puts bubbles in its mouth, it will not have much power. it should have been

That’s why I prepared to stand on the prosecutor’s office photo line with ease.

What questions will you ask? what to answer

Whether it’s the right thing to do to spit out 150 billion won while paying the price for chicken, or the prosecution has become the government’s idiot.

These were the answers I prepared after scouring the internet for past questions and expected questions. After all, the media was on our side, so there was nothing to worry about.

Anyway, I only thought that the Prosecutor’s Office photo line was a flower road laid out on the red carpet.

by the way.

“Did you hear that Governor Chung Jung-yeop was charged with violating the National Security Act!?”

“What do you think about Kim Jo-in’s video!”

“At the time of the dot-com bubble, the national blood flow went abroad…!”

“The allegations of s*xual favors in the last general election…!”

It’s a fire road

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