A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 92

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 92

EP 15 – Extras in Politics (5)

I sat blankly in front of the TV.

– An unprecedented situation has occurred in which seven members of the Supreme Council of the Kuomintang were simultaneously indicted by the prosecution. In some cases, Won Ok-bun is a prosecutor and unfairly intervenes, ah, that, cow, breaking news. A s*x video of Jang Jun-seok, chairman of the National Party Policy Committee, has been uploaded online.


Hands rested on his chin and shoulders.

“Calm down.”

“…Ho Jeong-ah.”

“It’s not like we’re f**ked.”

Hojeong Lee clenched her teeth.

“Are you dazed like this right now?!”

“…what should I do then?”

“Victim cosplay…!”

* * *

“Normal people: Gentlemen. Who should I pick? After taking my interest in politics all my life, I am watching the news for the first time these days. I don’t know what it is…”

「Victory Mooney: Big Kaedehan」

「Normal people: Yes?」

「Victory Mooney: If you don’t want to break your head, then Han Seung-moon’s election will come out.」

「Jeonggong Villain: Even if it is, you can’t change the constitution now, you idiot.」

“Selective hip hop: I wanted to fly while chewing on my own, but it fell into the abyss in an instant. To be honest, it hurts a little.”

「Junggong Villain: Have you seen the bastards who beat politicians and debuted as AV actors? Old people are so damn good at building them hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

“Pan Bungi: Isn’t it all that Kim Jo-in did, which was a bit unfair, to burst the real estate bubble in 22? To be honest, everyone knew it was going to explode someday. An economist who leads a free market economy made a choice for the sake of the country.

“Namjung Woo: My father committed suicide then, you bastard”

「Panbungi: Cursing and f**king bastard, you bastard.」

“Namjeong Woo: It would be better if there was no country that would have been saved by killing the ants. Kim Jo-in is really cheap even if he is stoned to death. Don’t let the bastards who don’t know the economy speak recklessly.”

「Nyangi nobi: Gate.. I am a little scared to go online after opening.. I feel like we only cared for each other.

“Junggong Villain: The family hasn’t looked up yet, so that’s why those words come out.”

“Normal people: Guys. So who am I taking pictures of…?”

「Pan Bungi: Honestly, I would say Han Seung-moon. The young bastard is so naughty. Isn’t a cylinder a good president? I think it was Han Seung-moon who poured hydrochloric acid into Seol Jin-woon.”

「Nyanbi nobi: You crazy bastard this」

「Junggong Villain: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha”

“Ini Shine: Honestly, I support Han Seung-moon, but the KMT lost a hand this time. There are only rice cakes, economic criminals, and drug dealers, how do I get a vote?”

“Foreign Squad Leader: Since the Kuomintang is a party made up of only thugs who want to sell Han Seung-moon’s name from the beginning. The majors who managed their weaknesses well were in Congress right away, and the lesser majors stayed in the Democrats and Republicans. The children attached to the Kuomintang were only minor scum who had been pushed out of the central government, how could something not happen?”

「People in general: Then you can take a picture of Wonok…? Didn’t Han Seung-moon say that he was Won-ok-bun, a man who ate up national defense…?”

「Excuse me: Han Seung-moon. f**k you, you have such a good brain. Look at how many hours you’ve been sitting alone at the Supreme Council on purpose. Aren’t you protesting that you’re the only one in the party?”

「dornrghrjf: I reveal in advance that I am a Seoul-based university student from Seoul in my 20s. Some ignorant leftist students and Jeolla-do people, please don’t say that Cha Jae-gyun is a scarecrow, Won Ok-bun is the real answer. Up until now, everyone has been swearing because they are afraid of the left. Has there really been a president who beat up a redneck? Everyone was staring at each other, pretending to be patriotic. Won Ok-bun is the true patriot who dealt with the North Korean nuclear issue, the long-cherished dream of the nation, and destroyed the Kim clan. This is the country. If the leftist gate is pulled out, blinded by power for nothing, the country will return to a leftist paradise!”

“Hello, how to live: Hey, I’m in my 50s. All my seniors at my nursing home like Han Seung-moon.”

「Azopia: Mint chocolate is delicious」

“Jeong Seok-Kwan: Han Seung-Moon’s efforts are imaginary, but he is angry because he has no eyes to see. I’m going to take the first picture with an uneasy feeling, but please don’t complain because it’s your own fault.”

「Goodbye salutation method: They gathered like a herd of dogs during the Yangdang Hapdang.

“Sannabi: Unfortunately, our country is not a country where politicians come forward and change things to do well. It was in the past and it is now. And I don’t think Won Ok-bun or Han Seung-moon deviate from a large category. Won Ok-bun is a dictator who does everything he can to gain power, and Han Seung-moon is an opportunist who cleverly agitates the people to give authority. In such a situation, the wise choice would be to avoid change. Even if Han Seung-moon came to power, it seems that Won Ok-bun is the only answer now that the policy momentum has been paralyzed. And in the first place, an islander like Governor Chung Jung-yeop was not supposed to challenge the presidency. I do not discriminate against Jeju-do residents, but 40 million people will definitely discriminate against Jeju-do residents.”

「Eukboseo: Han Seung-moon’s chewing gum stick, can’t you see the slabs trying to crawl out? When I see the assholes entering the Jeolla-do government, I can relax my mind hahaha.”

「Cod roe bibim furupjeom: Won Ok-bun’s skill exercise was done as it was. Heh ㅋ Do you want to send it to the KMT leadership?”

「Selective hip hop: This general election is so vague. Because of Han Seung-moon, it is a bit difficult to take pictures of Won-ok, but there is no one else to take pictures of except for Won-ok. I went to the 63 Building buffet and it felt like there was only Jorrained rice cake soup.”

「Gangnam Jwapyeon: That’s why I said no election」

「Normal people: No, city@baloms, that’s why you should choose someone.」


An emergency meeting of the National Party was held under the authority of the floor leader. Now, eight members of the Supreme Council, including me and Kim Jo-in, must gather.

And six hours have passed since I called the reporters.


No one showed up.

I sat quietly and waited for the others to come. I looked at the clock and six hours had passed, and seven of the eight seats in the Supreme Council were still empty.

Every time I sighed, the camera flash fired, updating the internet article.

I carefully restored the workmanship of Wonokbun.

When Won Ok-bun opened the cabinet, seven members of the Kuomintang, including Kim Jo-in, were separated.

It was accurate sniping.

Five people were charged with s*x tapes, transcripts of bribery, concealment of children’s drugs, and murder teachers.

And Kim Jo-in was exposed to the real estate bubble a few years ago and was threatened with assassination by the entire nation. Although it stabilized Korean house prices, it was the main culprit in destroying the property of homeowners. I remember quite a few people who committed suicide.

The charges were different, but the conclusion was the same.

It is wrong for everyone to do politics in this country in the future.

And the whole nation could feel who did this without any official announcement.

So Won Ok-bun proved his strength through this armed demonstration. I was very clever and didn’t target it. In other words, it minimized public opposition.

The old man had only had his limbs cut off.


Even if I convened the Supreme Council in such a situation, who would come here crazy? If you have a mug, you won’t be able to get out.

I waited countless times, but no one showed up, and I had to sit alone and endure the camera flash.

“…… Whoa.”

It was as planned.

that I am sitting here Since this happened, it was to get rid of the faction of Kim Jo-in from this party.

In fact, now that their political career is over, I had to maintain the victim position as much as possible. In fact, of course, but even more so, I have to be the victim.

So, thoroughly betrayed and abandoned in a miserable state, I sat among the empty chairs for a whopping eight hours.


It’s kind of a political show.

I sat in an immobile position for 8 hours. Even though I knew he wasn’t coming, I sat there.

In fact, political performances are a long-standing tradition in Korea. From time immemorial, please give me a call from time to time. Wasn’t it the habit of Korean politicians to hit drip coffee?

From a light feast to a heavy fast.

It was the political version of our country that some people did three to one times as an apology performance, some knelt with a referendum cake, and some apologized to their daughter and scratched the shower.

Why do politicians repeat such ridiculous things?

Because it works if you use it well.

like that.

No matter how much the broadcaster analyzes the s*x tapes and criminal histories of the top members of the Nationalist Party and plays a riot, the announcers say, ‘Meanwhile, Rep. Han Seung-moon is keeping his seat.’ He reminded the public that Han Seung-moon was the victim.

of course.

I wasn’t doing this for the victim cosplay alone.

At the supreme meeting convened this time, there was another person I was waiting for.


Jeju-do governor indicted for violating the National Security Act.

Another assistant under Yang Pan-seok’s instructions.

audience lobe.


“I feel like I am doing politics very instinctively. You really didn’t tell me, did you?”

[Well, I didn’t say that.]

“Then how do you lay out the pugs beautifully? haha!”

The audience seated in the back seat of Equus looked into the phone and smiled wildly. It was his trademark, favored by his supporters.

“It’s really good looking. haha!”

[Why are you laughing so hard? It seems that even someone who was sick is missing.]

“One old rotten tooth…”

None of them knew that it was Kim Jo-in.

He was also around the horse, but this was the fundamental reason why Chung Joong-yeop sympathized with Yang Pan-seok’s plan.

Kim Jo-in was expelled. Through this, the Kuomintang gains control of the next party.

How is this possible in Wonokbun’s indiscriminate swordsmanship? This was due to the political characteristics of the region called Jeju Island.

“Anyway, I will go home safely. It’s been a long time since I’ve been out of the central government, so it’s really fun.”

[okay. You say you eat delicious food from the chaebols?]

“Aren’t all of us citizens now?”

Jeju Island had a rather closed political topography.

To be precise, the governor’s authority is strong. This can be seen in the fact that the head of the basic group is not elected by election but is appointed by the Jeju governor. The control over the autonomous police was also strong enough to comply with the Presidential Decree.

And Chung Joong-yeop was the 7th year governor, and even after the gate incident, he was the person who took over the local government in Jeju Island completely by inviting the FKI.

In other words. It was said that if Won Ok-bun wanted to capture the Kuomintang, it would be more efficient to print out the Kim Jo-in faction rather than a solid audience.

In addition, Yang Pan-seok’s people inside the prosecution secretly carried out this covert operation.

Of course, it was a very close, difficult, and crafty workmanship, but

“I’m glad things went well.”

They succeeded in ousting Kim Jo-in and consuming the power of Won Ok-bun.

[okay. You will fall now.]

“Uh-huh, I’m sorry… is this between us?”

[I take care of the yard in Jeju Island. I will finish the central government.]

“Does it feel like I should already call you sir because I am overflowing with confidence?”

Chung Jung-yeop put the knife in his laughter. Yang Pan-seok responded with a harsh voice.

[End well and come out.]

“Yes. All right! haha!”

The audience flinched.

“But you really didn’t say anything to Han Seung-moon, did you?”

[Why do you say it when you know it hurts?]

“I think they fit a little better.”

Chung Jung-yeop entered the press conference room laid out by Han Seung-moon.


Who is the audience?

A popular middle-aged Jeju-do governor.

He was known for his Chinese Tongs from the beginning. Six years ago, there was a case where economic cooperation was drawn up through face-to-face negotiations with the secretary of the Communist Party. Considering China’s diplomatic closure, it could be said that it was a great achievement to bring about economic cooperation at the local level.

He is also fluent in Chinese and has a diplomatic reputation.

The problem was, this time he was charged with violating the National Security Act.

According to Won Ok-bun’s side, he sold state secrets to China.

This was a story that started with his origins.

In Korea, Mr. Cheong-靑 does not exist.

To be precise, like the Jinju Kang clan, the Pungyang Cho clan, and the Gimhae Kim clan, there is no Cheong clan with a main building in Korea.

So, where is the main building of Governor Chung Jung-yeop?

It was China.

It was revealed that the grandfather of Governor Chung Jung-yeop was a Chinese living in Jeju Island.

Won Ok-bun released the ‘Gwansi’ of Governor Chung Jung-yeop.

His diplomatic reputation was connected by blood.

It was said that he took control of the Chinese community in Jeju Island, drove out fishing boats, and built a department store with a secretary, all of which were the connections of his grandfather, a former communist party executive.

Those closely tangled personal connections, through Chung’s grandfather, reached the secretariat of the Communist Party, the Supreme People’s Congress, the chaebols, and even the Triad gangs.


Governor Chung Jung-yup is accused of leaking the fact that in the past, when China threatened us with nuclear power plants, we had North Korea do it for us.

by the way.

“I! Should I dig my grandfather out of the family register?!”

How do you get out of this?

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