A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 95

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 95

EP 16 – Minister of Portrait Management, Seungmoon Han (1)

It was a very old house.

It’s not small, but it’s not a nice looking house either. The red brick wall had been shredded over time, so it was more appropriate to say that it was dark red, and the rusty sound of the metal was particularly severe from the half-peeled, cheap turquoise-painted gate.

“I’m going to put some oil on it and live…”

open the door and go in

In the small yard, the grass was yellow and dead, and next to the old dog house was a small pile of dirt, presumed to be the owner.

Yang Pan-seok bit the guards on both sides with a small gesture and calmly entered the house.


Yang Pan-seok was breathing, but nothing was alive in the house.

Dust, mold, and rotten wood.

It smells like a typical country house.

Things that were once alive, but have now stopped. Dead bodies that were left unattended to throw away.

All living things have gone away and now, among the remnants of which only regrets remain, Yang Pan-seok moved to the center of the cemetery.

I was no exception, so I wasn’t nauseous. From the beginning, this is a political game, and life is all about stopping with inertia anyway.

So, this skinny old man was looking around the house for nothing.

“Are you-?”

On one side of the wooden wall, there was a frame that was supposed to be someone’s wedding photo. Because the picture was torn from the upper body, the speculation could not proceed from the guess.

I heard a small noise from the second floor, so I headed there. The more you climb the creaky stairs, the clearer the sound becomes.

Inside the old big TV, the announcer was memorizing the script, and the back of the head protruding from the sofa in front of it was clearly the angle to lay the TV down.

[Candidate Su-gwang Shin resigned as the presidential candidate, and the composition of Yang Pan-seok versus Won Ok-bun was formed. While experts predict the victory of Candidate Yang Pan-seok, the battle is gradually becoming a labyrinth […]

“What do you think is fun?”

“If you come, would you like to say hello?”

“Long time no see, old man.”

secret negotiations.

It was the moment when the election bloomed its last flowers.

* * *

Contrary to the perception that politicians make a living on their tongue, a politician named Won Ok-bun was a politician who could not speak well. It’s not that he has a hammock for the examination, but he can’t speak well when half of his facial muscles are paralyzed as a result of the surgery.

Besides, my pronunciation was a little leaky from the beginning, but in my mid-70s, my tone of voice became slurred. His voice was sputum and cracked. Thanks to that, it was difficult for me to speak now, and I also didn’t want to hear my voice. Therefore, Won Ok-bun practiced looking in the mirror all night when speaking in an open position, and in private, he tended to keep his speech as short as possible.

To this, she responded to Yang Pan-seok’s greeting.



Yang Pan-seok slumped as usual and sat across from her without hesitation. The old sofa creaked.

“When did the day get so hot? It looks like April is mimicking summer. Don’t you think so?”


He undid his tie, took off his suit, and hung it on the sofa.

“I mean, we ate one pot of rice with the judges. The training center and the National Assembly. You’re right, senior.”


“No, what. I don’t want to be treated as a senior, so I quit. This man.”


There are two main ways to shorten a speech. The first is to omit respectful words, and the second is-

“Where did I make a mistake?”

ㅡIt is taken from the main point.

It was a sudden question, but Yang Pan-seok answered without a single delay without even wiping out a smile.

“The head of the National Intelligence Service just committed suicide.

“Yepbyung……, was it that way……”

“If you hit things with high noses, do they go from there?”

Immediately after Cha Jae-gyun’s suicide, the overseas faction of the National Intelligence Service, who had been heavily involved in in vivo experiments by Cha Jae-gyun, was purged. In the process, numerous people, including the head of the National Intelligence Service and the Director of Counter-Terrorism Intelligence, committed suicide.

Instead, Won Ok-bun hired a domestic group. It took control of the domestic faction and drove out the foreign faction.

To be precise, they tried to induce internal opposition within the NIS into internal conflict and use it to control the NIS in chaos.

Divide and rule.

It is the art of divisional governance. A ruler’s scheme to induce internal strife among his subjects. It was usually a strategy used by the aggressor country that dominated the colony.

The British used this strategy when they ruled India, the Japanese colonial rule of culture was part of the divisional rule, and the tactics of politicians to get votes based on local emotions are also in this category in a big way.

“Well, it’s a fairly standard method, but…”

In Korean politics, this is a long-established strategy called splitting and internal shooting. Unknown re-elected lawmaker Yang Pan-seok split the Republican Party in this way and established Yoo Jae-gwang as president, earning the nickname Kingmaker.


“At the end of the day, if you fight with each other, you are co-workers. Those who risk their lives to work have a kind of camaraderie.”

The master of the election strategy, Yang Pan-seok, was stunned.

“Closed groups don’t work. If I give you a bullet to shoot inside, will you shoot outside?”


Won Ok-bun tried to divide and rule the National Intelligence Service, but in the end, Yang Pan-seok succeeded in contacting the opposition inside the National Intelligence Service, and the most important information flowed into him.

[Won Ok-bun could not retrieve the nuclear weapon.]

And, because of the fact that Yang Pan-seok knew this information, Won Ok-bun could not attack Yang Pan-seok.

It was a problem that could be solved by killing them, but even after that, there was no particular desire to sit here.

It’s just that it’s only now that all the circumstances are over, it’s only a little bit sore.


“You didn’t do a dagger.”

“I did, Collock! …that doesn’t go through.”


Yangpan-seok lamented lightly. It was more of a complaint than a mockery. It was so, and the recipient accepted it that way.

The wins and losses in politics were not permanent, and neither of them were ignorant of it.

I didn’t want to despise the loser because I didn’t know who would become in the future. Or I’ll have to hold my breath so I can’t get up again.

So, Yang Pan-seok was friendly and sarcastic. Wonok-bun just looked at him with a grim expression.

They couldn’t read each other. Won Ok-bun did not know what Yang Pan-seok’s smile meant, and Yang Pan-seok could not read Won Ok-bun’s blurred eyes.

So, it’s only light chatter.

“Hey goo… I thought I was going to get a nomination, so I sat on the Judiciary Committee alone. Don’t you know about the water going to other places?”

“This is my way.”

“Are you sticking with the red gang?”

“It’s not a show party…”

“Hey. This man.”

Of course, it was only a joke by their standards.

“I gave you a white-haired girl and pretended to steal a nuclear bomb.”

“It’s not imitation.”


“Four big ones, nineteen small ones.”

“What’s left over there?”

“Two big ones.”

“Two strategic nukes… is it appropriate?”

“Isn’t it appropriate to explode in Busan and Gwangju?”

“It’s appropriate for a last-ditch threat. Anyway, I can’t use it recklessly, so shouldn’t that son of a b*tch just focus on our airstrikes?”

“It’s not poisonous because I had a show with a nosebleed.”

“It’s okay.”

Instead of stabilizing the legitimacy of the North Korean regime, it received a large number of nuclear bombs and suppressed North Korea’s use of nuclear weapons. Instead, it increased airstrike support to the North, but it was shared with the US military. The United States originally did not want to do it, but South Korea brought it in as they hailed China.

In addition, under the agreement of the three countries, everything was packaged as Korea’s military victory and even used as propaganda for domestic warfare.

The result is this.

North Korea, which lost all but the last two strategic nuclear weapons, succeeded in stabilizing the regime and attracting foreign support anyway.

Instead of condoning South Korea’s nuclear armament and supporting North Korea, the United States took the political weakness of South Korea and laid a foundation to contain China and Russia-

South Korea neatly acquired 23 nuclear bombs, handed over the troublesome remnants of the Kim clan to North Korea, and succeeded in raising the approval rating of Won Ok-bun to 57 percent with propaganda at one time.

When the big deal was made, the chief foreign affairs and security chief and the foreign minister held up wine glasses and praised it as a perfect tightrope diplomacy. In fact, it was almost perfect.

If only Yang Pan-seok didn’t find out.

Yang Pan-seok gently stroked his chin.

“…Is Cheoljin Ri dead?”

“Leave only the North Korean defectors. The Kaesong rebels were sent back to the North.”

“With a corpse?”

“Are you telling me to walk on my feet? Cheol-jin Ri took it out and put it all up.”

“Aww. I don’t know when a teleportation bastard will put a knife in his hair, but he stretched out his legs?”

Won Ok-bun was able to answer only after he put the tissue on the tissue and coughed up phlegm twice.

“Hey, there was a kid among the soldiers who had his powers down. It resides in the basement of Mt. Jirisan and is monitoring it. I’m drawing blood so I can learn the chukji method too, but when the research results come out, I use it.”

“Any chance of escaping?”

“Did you see a plant man walking around?”

“It’s okay.”

Yang Pan-seok confirmed the mutual consensus on the part where he puts his life first.

Instead of repatriating all of the Baekdu bloodline and the Kaesong rebels to North Korea, the other side pretends to have lost all the nuclear bombs, and Ri Cheol-jin is in a vegetative state and is undergoing a biological test on his teleportation ability in the basement of Mt. Jirisan.

“Well, that’s pretty much what I heard. The advice of seniors can be well reflected in the government.”

“Is the election over?”

“Are you going to continue?”

Wonok-min smiled bitterly. Yang Pan-seok’s lust for power was very pitiful. no. It was fun.

“I… hadn’t eaten in about a year. Do you know how many people have died?”


Yang Pan-seok remained silent for a long time with a strange expression.

When Won Ok-min, who was watching him, opened his mouth,


“Ahh. for a moment.”

Yang Pan-seok waved his hand with an annoyed expression.

“You are counting.”

“…when Inomu Sheki was demonstrating, I couldn’t let go of my habit and put things somewhere-”

“Oh, wait a minute! Let’s see…”

“The mountain algae is over…”

Yang Pan-seok smiled and started counting with his fingers.

“Gaeseong rebels were shot 3 by firing squad, and monsters were raised in Hwanghae-do 70. Rescue was abandoned at 32 in Seoul, 56 in Gyeongin…”

“Did you count it again?”

“It’s because he asked. Anyway, about 12 million people died during his tenure, 880,000 people killed directly, 730,000 red people, a total of 1.6 million people, isn’t it?”

“Do you want to eat it even though you know it?”


The tone of the question was the same as before, but the weight was undeniably heavy. Yang Pan-seok also realized the meaning of this question and began to ponder it.

reason for power.

“Do you want a butcher to do that?”

1.6 million pit worth.

This is why a man who has lived his whole life looking up at him is half-tired of his presidency. It will never be easy.

North Korean defectors returned to North Korea. Isolated citizens who judged that rescue was impossible. Massive deaths caused by guiding the monster to the north.

A bloody daily life that affects the lives of thousands of people with just one stamp taken after lunch.

red politics.

“Staining and staining with blood have different tastes. Why don’t you know that?”

“I have a child. keen.”

Won Ok-bun laughed at Yang Pan-seok’s answer.

for posterity?

“Take your medicine. Eat up company money. Kids who eat outside men?”

“Oh my gosh, si-chul. I know my cubs eat a lot of different things. Why are other people so interested in the family?”

“I took a chance and did it for George.”

“Hey, it’s scary…”

“Is it worth it?”

Subsequent generations simply repeat the previous generations. Because humans were not beasts that realized the future through the past, Won Ok-bun had no choice but to laugh at it. However, Yang Pan-seok shook his head.

“I’m out of my mind because I’m suddenly hit. Anyway, of course I admit that I was wrong about child farming. The sky knows, the earth knows, the prosecution knows, but the seniors don’t know?”


“But even among the rotten kites, I am the only one who leaves.”

Won Ok-bun broke his pouty lips again.

“Are you talking about the granddaughter? Oh dear?”

“okay. our asshole. We need to create a world where it is not shameful to see him. oh are you dead? Isn’t it our responsibility to make a safe world?”

“You know it’s not your bloodline, right?”

“Okay then.”


Won Ok-bun lost his composure for the first time. Even his mouth was open. If he had been drinking orange juice, he would have spilled it.

Yang Pan-seok answered calmly.

“What about a child born through an affair? The old man thinks of me as his grandfather.”


“Seniors don’t know because they don’t have children.”


“Oh yeah. Come to think of it, aren’t you a senior living alone? Can I get one of my caregivers? The youngest son-in-law is the hospital director.”


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