A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 94

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 94

EP 15 – Extras in Politics (7)

“Oppa, do you not believe us?”


“No, that’s the way it is. I have a plan, why don’t you tell me?”


Yang Il-ho got up with a sore throat while eating kimbap and ran away with the water purifier. Ho-jung Lee continued to talk, wiping the rice grass that Yang Il-ho spit out with a tissue.

“Of course, I believe in him. There must be a way out of this situation.”


“But he didn’t tell me that, so I was a little upset.”


As Lee Ho-jeong continued to speak, Yang Il-ho’s face became whiter.

“I fully understand being cautious. Still, isn’t it sad that you’re upset?”

“Is not it.”

“I honestly have hope for the general election. If you push only the hunters brought by your brother, you will eat half of them. The problem is the election. Is it because our party doesn’t have a presidential candidate? When Won Ok-bun becomes president, it is a fact that our hair will be blown away. Please take care of our mentality.”


“After all, we are people who have entrusted our lives to oppa, so if you tell us a little bit, we will even help. It’s just that I’m anxious because I’m only putting my neck on the guillotine.”


* * *

After Han Seung-moon’s ‘Humm’, the office was enveloped in silence.

Ho-jeong Lee sips the tea with a cold expression as usual, Seung-moon Han remains silent with a subtle smile, and Il-ho Yang pours cold water into the esophagus with trembling hands.

how long has it been

When Yang Il-ho’s pupils reached around Richter 8,

“Once you start, you can guess at what point your anxiety arose.”

Han Seung-moon, who ate two kimbap with his hands, smiled and scratched the back of the head.

“If I didn’t have to bite Wonok, I would just win the general election with the hunters cleanly. It’s dissatisfying that I took you guys from the Chungcheong Defense Line to catch Won-ok for no reason and charged them with violating the Election Act. Right?”

Ho-jung Lee revealed the truth.

“……yes. It was a gamble with little profit. He also gave his life to Won Ok-bun.”

“You know that there must be a reason for every asshole.”

“I’m sorry you didn’t tell me that.”

Han Seung-moon understood Lee Ho-jeong’s words.

It was because the game was more unstable when hands and feet were tied than when losing an election.

[Sorry if this was a rude question. Still, there is something I rolled under you, and I feel sorry for not trusting us like this.]

Such a story, she did not add.

Because that wasn’t the ‘real’ reason for this question.

In the eyes of Ho-Jeong Lee.

They are perfectly politically engineered in the two-party system—

It was just before being f**ked.

“We are in a very dangerous situation right now.”

She explained why this is a dangerous situation.

“Because of the negativity, the entire nation has turned to the middle class. And the control of the situation has shifted over there. If Won Ok-Bun gets a good frame here, it’s the end of us, isn’t it?”


“This is the weak point of the two-party system. If there is anything that the other side promotes, we have to unconditionally oppose it.”

If, what the ruling party advocated, the opposition party agreed to it. So let’s say that the opposition parties cooperate. So in the end things worked out.

However, there is only one stamp that can be put on the ballot.

Then, will you elect the ruling party that promoted the work? Or would you choose the opposition party that helped you with the job?

In addition, it was the rule of the Korean political system to take responsibility for all the public affairs that occurred during the term of office. It is a structure in which only the ruling party can benefit when the opposition and opposition parties work together to achieve something.

that’s a two-party system

So the two sides fight every day. No matter how good a policy may look, co-operation can never happen. The game is over when the opposition party helps the ruling party.

Most of the political bullshit happens at this point. Since it is a structure in which one must unconditionally oppose the opinion of the other party, he opposes it with a nonsensical reason. It was never because politicians were stupid.

This word means,

“…If Won Ok-bun leaves out one proper policy, we will all become assholes.”

“What are you doing with Senator Yang Pan-seok?”


“How did you know? What the hell?”

Seungmoon Han calmly asked for a piece of Chupa Chups. Then he continued speaking by turning the handle with his tongue.

“There must be a way out of this situation.”


“But I didn’t know how to do it, so I couldn’t tell you.”


“There is a way, but I don’t know what it is.”


“I’m just guessing…”

I only trusted Yang Pan-seok so much-

word was omitted.

Seungmoon Han started muttering like a half-mad man. In fact, he was also trembling slightly with anxiety, so it wasn’t entirely wrong.

“okay. If Won-ok-bun catches him well, we will become assholes. But, if Won Ok-Bun gets the frame wrong, won’t we become heroes?”


“In my opinion, that’s why you’re driving the current situation into Yang Bi theory. Now the negative doesn’t work? In the end, we have to play shobu as a policy, but the moment Won Ok-bun makes a mistake, the game is over.”

“…is there any guarantee that Won-ok-min makes a mistake here?”


“What’s that mistake?”

“Recapture Seoul.”



Busy downtown Busan full of vagrants and refugees. A man caught a taxi.

The man got into a taxi, but he did not say where he was going.

But the taxi departed.

And, as we entered the outskirts of a deserted city, the man finally spoke to the driver.

“Acting agent Won Ok-bun will promise to retake Seoul this evening.”

Yang Pan-seok in the driver’s seat took off his sunglasses and smiled broadly.

“Oh, good job. Well done. senior senior. It was very hard work.”

“I thought I was going to lose weight and die when I was old enough to play a good life.”

“okay. okay. great job.”

“It’s not hard.”

Seok Jae-bong, chief of political affairs, smiled at Yang Pan-seok.

Senior Secretary for Political Affairs

Deputy Minister-level government officials.

President’s political adviser Due to the role that connects the Blue House and the National Assembly, they are usually held at the level of re-elected members of the National Assembly, and Seok Jae-bong, Senior Secretary for Political Affairs, was also a former Republican re-elected member of the National Assembly.

As he is in charge of political affairs, he is a middle rank who is involved in almost all state affairs. He meets with the president every day, reports public opinion, and assists the president in making political decisions.

Chief Seok was, of course, a trusted aide Won Ok-bun, and at the same time, was one of the spies planted by Yang Pan-seok. Even before Cha Jae-gyun died.

This was the way Yang Pan-seok used people. Weapons are made even if they have no use. Then it will come in handy later.

And Seoksu-seok was a dagger that pierced Wonok-bun’s heart.

“Thanks to the help from inside and outside, it was easier.”

“It’s all your ability.”

“no. Because of the prevalence of negative negatives, Acting Officer Won Ok-bun also started to feel impatient.”

“Originally, during the election season, everyone is a little sarcastic.”

Seok Su-seok was well aware that the reason the negatives were so popular was because of the workmanship of the yangban-seok.

How did you move such giants as floor leader Han Seung-moon, Minister Yoo Jae-kyung, Governor Chung Jung-yeop, and General Kim Doo-sik?

However, Seok Su-seok, who was an operational force inside the Blue House, did not know the detailed smoke screen. Only Yang’s instructions were the only connection point. And it was the same with others.

Han Seung-moon was the only person who did not receive Yang Pan-seok’s instructions directly, but everyone only implicitly thought that they were roughly connected to each other by Yang Pan-seok.

And yangban-seok succeeded in the end.

So, Seok Su-seok talks about a person named Yang Pan-seok,

of course. I had no choice but to fear.

“… Now that the public opinion is getting too deteriorating, the persuasion that we need to put a precipitation in order to reverse the public opinion is starting to work.”

“okay. retake Seoul. Isn’t that a plausible reason? Build people’s self-esteem! Bring back the image of the national defense president!”


“You did a great job, Seok-seok. No, are you going to call me the chief of staff now?”

And Yang Pan-seok was a person who was good at transforming his fear into trust.

“…is there a possibility? dismissal?”

A smile bloomed in the taxi.


hello. It is called Shin Soo-gwang.

uh uh uh Hehe…

Maybe everyone doesn’t know who I am.

I am the No. 3 candidate for the National Party presidential nomination. The now-resigned Governor Chung Jung-yeop was number one, and he, the governor of Gangwon Province, was probably number two.

And, back in the day, I was an ordinary 40-something supermarket in Siheung.

These days. Represented in a refugee camp in the metropolitan area.

uh, um. And yes.



Holding on to a mart that is losing money,


Even though I couldn’t send you to a school,


very tall,

Freshman at Ewha Womans University Medical School,

He is the father of Sujeong Shin.


And yes.


At the Chungcheong defense line.

Guarding our strong national defense,

He is also the father of Corporal Shin Su-cheol…!





I’m in tears





How far have you been talking?



Last night.

Representative Won Ok-bun,

Let’s retake Seoul.

Did you say that?


Representative Won Ok-bun.

In fact, I respect it a lot.

Although he is a candidate for the Nationalist Party,


I respect you.


Because I.

As a refugee representative in the metropolitan area.

I had a lot of fights with bad local governors.

Refugees are not accepted.


They don’t even build facilities.

let me sleep on the street

But Acting Director Won Ok-bun built the shelter.

So it was really good.


It’s still a bit uncomfortable.

After all, they are homeless. we.

I don’t know when I’ll be kicked out.

I get treated like a beggar.

Actually, we all know it.


I want to go back to Seoul.

of course.

And yes.

My daughter was killed by a monster.

in front of me well… well. chewed up



invade Seoul.

just with the tank. Just shove the bones of those bastards. Yes? burn it alive with fire. I want to do these f**king things and dry the seeds on the Korean Peninsula.




But! Hey, f**k…!

I want our Sujeong to take revenge!

Then my son will die too.

Sujeong wants revenge,

Now, if even the one remaining Soo-cheol dies,

I think I’m going to die too.

……I’m in Seoul. The biggest gate is closed. There are still many gates. The monsters that came out back then are just hiding in the subway, so that’s why. It’s very dangerous.


leave it


If you abandon the defense line in Chungcheong and go upstairs.

The reserve forces will be called again.

Someone has to walk into the middle of the monster.

After all, you have to die, right?

……I am.

If the,

To take revenge on my daughter,

Instead of taking our home back,

What if the only remaining son had to die?

I just want to live my whole life as a homeless man.

a little.

Can I be ignored? Yeah?

What if I only eat one meal a day?

If I kill my son in the military and eat it, I will vomit for the rest of my life and then I will starve to death.


I’ll give you one favor, I’ll give it to you.

Really, really, I know it’s absurd.


You must not retake Seoul.

ㅡ Tuk.

I paused the video I was watching on my phone.

The number of views 22,153,923 was stamped under the video.

When I clicked the back button, the Naver main page appeared. The face of this nobleman is covered in all kinds of articles. Even if you pick up the remote control and turn on the TV, the face of a nobleman named Shin Soo-gwang is coming out.



I know the inside story of many political newcomers.

political board,

It was never a place that allowed newcomers to come out. Even if I had just kicked the ladder.

The established politicians were such beings. Monsters of power in this society who thoroughly prioritize their own interests. And the direction everyone wants to be.


That’s why there’s no such thing as a comet-like political rookie.

Even I, Yang Pan-seok, moved his son-in-law to rob the opponent’s candidate, so he wore a gold badge.

Because if I was elected at the end, it would be 100% the achievement of the mission chairperson, and it would be to increase one useful genealogy member.

In other words.

All political newcomers climb onto the political arena because they fit the interests of established politicians.

In other words,

[The Internet speech of candidate Shin Su-gwang of the Kuomintang is creating a sensation. It is to the extent of sweeping the record for the number of views in the shortest period of time, attracting the attention of the entire nation […]

[With Candidate Shin Su-gwang emerging as the new presidential contender of the National Party, the debate over the difficult task of retaking Seoul is intensifying…]

[everyone! What is the fight for! You mean that I had to be taken to the re-call of the reserve forces and die in Seoul?! Who was the one who released the reserve forces in the first place to seize power…]

There are no protagonists in politics.

It is only divided into a director or an actor.

So, Shin Su-gwang, that yangbando, is not a comet-like political rookie who aroused national sympathy,


Thoroughly designed by ‘someone’,

SIDE EP – Play with dolls

[There are three reasons why acting Won Ok-bun should not become president. First, national defense was used for politics. Second, national defense is being used for politics. Third, national defense will be used for politics.]

[Please refrain from excessive negatives.]

[This is a fact, not a negative. Anytime when disbanding the reserve forces and guilds. Now, let’s summon a reserve army to win the election and restore Seoul-]

[There has never been talk of reconvening the reserve forces!]

[Then how are you going to retake Seoul?]

[That’s a more careful discussion-]

[What if the senior presidential secretary for political affairs cannot answer such a thing?]

[Aide Ho-jeong Lee! Don’t take state affairs so lightly! A matter that deserves further discussion-]

[Then you should have discussed it and made a statement? Who takes politics lightly? This is what happens because I do populism without even discussing it-]

[Keep speaking time!]

[It is not the speaking time that you have to observe, but the moral. They embezzled 150 billion won in defense spending. Who was the one who even charged the prosecution for donating some food to the soldiers? Also, a person named Han Seung-moon-]

[Please do not spread false information!]

[The words came from the mouth of Commander Doo-Sik Kim.]


A cold female voice against the excited middle-aged voice. And the face of the Blue House chief of government affairs, which was red hot, and Ho-jung Lee’s poker face, which maintains an expressionless expression.

“There is a picture. I have a picture.”

“It certainly has strong fighting power.”

Han Seung-moon, who was watching the TV debate in the office, exclaimed admiration, and Yang Il-ho, who was next to him, smiled and spoke.

“I really didn’t expect things to turn out like this…”

“That’s it…”

“Is it because someone in the Blue House helped me…?”


Debate is not the flower of an election, but still the biggest leaf. There are too many politicians who have prospered and failed by debate. A sufficient variable is the battlefield of this final debate.

[The policy of retaking Seoul itself is a fairly totalitarian idea. What Nazis would do-]


[Isn’t it a policy to kill people?]

And Lee Ho-jeong was running wild as if he had found an aptitude. From the main body to the head-to-head speech method, the selection of provocative words that touch the viewers.

Besides, Ji makes the other person angry first, and even pretends to be calm.

“After all, people who have been on social media for a long time are different…”

“If tweets have 10 years of experience, they will master any discussion.”

“You have released the Keyboard Warrior into the world…”

When Hojeong Lee hears it, it’s ‘It’s Instagram, not Twitter!?’ It was a sound to rebut at once, but at the sound of a ding-dong, Yang Il-ho got up and ran.


As Yang Il-ho opened the front door with a bright smile like Mr. Kim Gu, who visited the country, a delivery man wearing a helmet pushed in an iron bag.

“One sweet and sour pork, one jajangmyeon, one jjamppong right?”


“It is 198,900 won.”

Yang Il-ho held out the card, but the deliveryman waved his hand.

“I don’t take that. The credit card company…”

“Oh yeah? When did you fail?”

“The boss told me to only take Samsung Card or GS…”

Yang Il-ho turned around and shouted.


“Ugh. I have a card that I stole from Mr. Geumsoon.”

Han Seung-moon, who walked out limping, swiped his card, signed the card payment machine, recognized Han Seung-moon and even signed the helmet of the excited delivery man, before they could eat lunch.

Yang Il-ho shook and rubbed the Jajangmyeon without opening the plastic, and Han Seung-moon opened the sweet and sour sauce without hesitation and then-

“Ah, ah!”

poured out


When Yang Il-ho, the dead-eyed teacher, made the face of teacher Kim Gu, who lost his country, Seung-moon Han asked indifferently.

“what. Did you eat it?”

“……Why are you doing this to me?”

“Ugh. How about seizing power if you twist?”

“I think hyung needs to reflect on his humanity a little.”

* * *

Political commentator Sannabi.

It seems like I’m posting a lot these days, as the political version is a b*tch. Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing is a bad thing. The world is crazy, and the politics are also shit, so I can’t sleep because I’m anxious because of the barking of dogs.

[Photo of Han Seung-moon who is tired of dark circles. This photo has become a national meme because he looks so tired.]

Daejeol, just a week ago, I expressed my view that the next president would be Won Ok-bun.

The main reason is that Han Seung-moon needs to amend the constitution to run for president. The Kuomintang has failed to present a policy. Won Ok-bun is in power because he is running for president as an acting agent. It was about.

In fact, the Kuomintang, even Han Seung-moon, fell into a swamp of negatives, and thanks to Won Ok-bun’s counterattack, the mainstream Nationalist Party, Kim Jo-in-gye, was completely overthrown. And Won Ok-bun took the lead of Jeongguk.

[Photo of Kim Jo-in appearing at the prosecution. There is a translucent KBS public broadcasting watermark at the bottom.]

However, I will withdraw my opinion entirely. Won Ok-bun will never be president.

Who would have known? The very natural task of recapturing Seoul will be downplayed by Nazist totalitarianism, and the self-employed Shin Soo-gwang will be held up as a god as if all the media tried to squeeze it out.

Thus, a new face called Shin Soo-gwang emerged and maintained Park Bing’s approval rating as an opponent of Won Ok-bun. It’s a bubble, but it’s roughly the result of a dazed mind.

Up to this point, it’s just an ordinary political upheaval. And I am a critic who failed to predict. I have no intention of making excuses. Who predicts natural disasters?

However, the reason I am posting this is because it has been analyzed that this is not a natural disaster. To put it a little more loosely, it was a play that was all planned and played from the beginning.

I would like to call this election a ‘play with dolls’.

[Photo of a marionette hanging on a thread. It looks scary because of the shadow.]

This election is a meticulous public propaganda led by the operational forces from the beginning.

As the older sisters have revealed in the previous posts, Won Ok-bun immediately struck martial law and grabbed the media when there was a small number of incidents. Every time TV shows only wearing military uniforms and inspecting the border, in reality, he is the kind of person who only checks social media all day. The last time I received a warning from the KCC is proof of that. From that day on, whenever I see Matiz, I am amazed.

But, strangely enough, all broadcasters except KBS are attacking Won Ok-bun. It has been a long time since the main frame of the Chosun Ilbo and the Hankyoreh coincide.

But. The media is a group that is more sensitive to interests than anyone else. Where there is power and money, journalists always arrive first. It is by no means a group that attacks power.

so. Common sense means that the media is convinced that Won Ok-bun will not be the next president.

But what’s really strange is that they attacked Won Ok-bun from the time he was actually reigning in the position of the only next president.

[Captured from Naver News. ‘Looking back on the half-year of the Won Ok-bun regime, is the Republic of Korea really safe?’]

In other words. From the very beginning, the media attacked Won Ok-bun, knowing ‘something’ that the general public did not know. In other words, there was something ‘something’ behind this Jeongguk from the beginning. Accordingly, I analyzed the current situation from an extreme conspiracy theorist point of view. It was only then that Adari was right.

‘Puppeteer’ does exist.

All others are nothing more than stringed puppets. I don’t know how many dolls were involved in controlling this meticulous social dynamic, but Chung Jung-yeop, Han Seung-moon, and Shin Su-gwang are representative dolls.

They destroyed Wonokbun’s past, present, and future.

The beginning of a full-fledged government was the negative offensive of the audience. It was also at this time that Wonok-bun began to shake. Did you say Won Ok-bun is Cha Jae-gyun’s scarecrow? I remember there were a lot of very plausible transcripts.

Chung Jung-yeop broke the ‘legitimacy’ of the Won Ok-bun regime.

Next was Han Seung-moon. After causing a shock of suicide attempt by Yeo Do-yeon and the salt-acid terrorism by Seol Jin-woon, he took 30 hunters into the central political world and put the national defense nongdan frame on Won Ok-bun, who was revered as the ‘President of the National Defense’. It was immediately neutralized by Won Ok-bun’s counterattack, but anyway.

Han Seung-moon broke the ‘performance’ of Won Ok-bun’s government.

Next is Shin Soo-kwang. A common video posted on Naver TV’s political channel went on air nationwide and got 20 million views, and he quickly emerged as the presidential candidate of the Kuomintang and accomplished the task of blocking the retake of Seoul. The issue of retaking Seoul will be dealt with in another post. anyway.

Shin Su-gwang broke the ‘vision’ of the Won Ok-bun regime.

There are three elements that underpin all political power in human history. These are the legitimacy, performance, and vision of the regime.

Whether it is a monarchy or a democracy, a government without ‘legitimacy’ is caught as a matter of past history. In addition, a regime without ‘performance’ causes immediate public dissatisfaction. Finally, a government without a ‘vision’ means the power that cannot create the future that the masses want.

These three elements are the past, present and future of power.

That is why Won Ok-bun, who has lost these three elements, cannot become president.

[Won Ok-bun’s photo. There is a complicated look on his distorted face.]

But. I don’t think Shin Soo-kwang can also be president. Korea is an elitist society that pretends not to be like that, and the people will never raise the self-employed ‘like’ above their heads.

Also, no matter how much the bioethical justification of Seoul retake is pointed out, the election has nothing to do with morality because it is anonymous. In the end, whether someone dies or not, it is human beings to stamp the ballot according to one’s own interests.

In addition, although the recapture of Seoul may now be seen as an axis of evil due to the incitement of the media, it is a matter of value judgment in which the pros and cons will be clearly distinguished. Those who die fighting will oppose it, and those who do not have to fight will agree.

Now, I think the puppeteer of this gigantic puppet show will come out with the magical cause of a moderate compromise, a great national compromise, and coexistence and coexistence.

And he will win the presidential election as if he twisted a child’s wrist by arguing with the government judgment theory against Won Ok-bun’s government, who got caught on a lame duck while fighting dolls.

The dolls were really fun too. Chung Jung-yeop defeated Jo-in Kim with this incident, and Su-gwang Shin emerged as a national politician at once. Han Seung-moon is fine. I do not know.

Wouldn’t each of you give me one of the gauntlets?

[Photo of former President Yoo Jae-gwang taking the oath of office. In the guest seat just behind him, his political adviser Yang Pan-seok is smiling with wide eyes.]


“Our economy has collapsed. Our national defense is at stake.”

Jirisan Memorial Cemetery, where the tombs of many hunters are located.

With the memorial tower towering in the blue sky in the background, many reporters were broadcasting live.

“But the answer exists. We need national reform. You have to adapt to this paranormal society to survive. We need to solve the food shortage through international trade and magic business, and achieve the national defense task through scientific and systematic nurturing of superhumans.

And, at the end of this long journey of regeneration. We will be able to retake our homeland. That placard thinks.”

With all the troubles of the world in the dark, Yang Pan-seok, with a complicated expression, bowed his head and exclaimed with a broken voice.

“My fellow citizens. We need to gather national opinions…! The politics of conflict, the politics of division, the politics of hate must stop!”

When he lifted his head, only certainty remained in those red, swollen eyes.

“Therefore, that Yang Pan-seok, while running for the 21st presidential election, will propose a coalition cabinet to the Kuomintang.”

The reporters began to mumble. However, Yang Pan-seok continued his speech powerfully without a single shake.

“The Fifth Industrial Revolution. And to achieve the first portrait reform! We will create the most powerful government department in constitutional history! And that is a task that only the people of this land can create!”

The game is over.

“I earnestly ask Han Seung-moon, floor leader of the National Party.”

Please be the Minister of Portrait Management.


doll play


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