A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 103

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 103

103. Snake Creepers (6)

Inspector Xavir flew away and snatched the marble.

Kudang! Clap!

The cart crashed into the body, and dishes and trays spilled out.

After confirming that the marble was intact, she hurriedly looked around.

“Ke, Caper! Why are you doing this all of a sudden!”

“Once you subdue it!”

“You crazy bastards!”

The same thing was happening at the other table with the crew.

Tables split in half, dishes shattered, and food fragments splattered to and fro.

Screams and shouts were heard everywhere, including those of the staff in the hall.


It was the same situation as Abi Gyu-hwan.

She put the orb in her arms and flew towards Inspector Paula and Sergeant Xavir, who were engaged in a fierce battle.


Her sword was precisely entangled between the swords of the other two investigators.

There was only one sound of the knives hitting each other, but Lieutenant Paula and Lieutenant Vicious fell at once and made a distance from each other.

Then he turned to Lieutenant Xavir and shouted.

“Zervia! You didn’t like this kid either! It was this bastard who bullied you the most at Knights School!”

“These dog bitches! Don’t keep looking at me with such contempt!”

The two looked at each other and gritted their teeth, then faced each other again.

Ignoring defense, attacks filled with the will to kill only the opponent.

Inspector Xavir intervened and blocked the attack as much as possible, but it was difficult to keep both sides from getting hurt.


In other places, there were also injuries.

‘I need a way… .’

As if the mana circuit was hardening, the movements of those who were drunk were slow, but the speed was too slow.

In addition, the symptoms appeared as well as the mana in the circuit became stiff, and at the same time, hostility toward everything around him was slowly rising.

Since it was an unidentified drug, I did not know how long it lasted.

As she ceaselessly blocked the members of the crew who attacked each other, she gradually felt the urge to surrender herself to her instincts.

Tick. Tick. ding.

At that time, the wall clock on the wall on one side of the hall sounded the noon and my body rang.

In an instant, his mind flashed, and Cain’s voice, which had flowed out of the marble, echoed in his head once again.

“Clock Tower. Wait until ten minutes.”

When I bit my tongue as hard as I could, I could feel the tingling taste of blood and the medicine ingredients running away.

‘If not now, there is no chance to meet Cain.’

She struggled countless times in a short period of time.

As if he had already made up his mind, he shouted at Lieutenant Harold, who was still awake.

“Harold! Please fix it!”

“All right!”

She ran towards the doorway of the hall.

Avoiding the numerous swords flying along the way, he opened the door and went out into the street through the passage.

clock tower.

I looked up and saw a clock pointing to noon at the top of a towering tower.

She started running straight towards the tower.

The distance was not too far, and there were many people passing by, so it was decided that this way was faster than the bike.

ha. ha.

Even though a mana user like her wouldn’t get tired of sprinting like this, she felt short of breath for some reason.

He couldn’t fathom the emotions he was feeling right now.

euphoria? anger?

Do you want to prove that you are different from before?

Or is it the helplessness that comes from playing with him again?

With complex emotions of unknown composition, she arrived in front of the clock tower.

The padlock that was supposed to be locked was lying on the floor unlocked.

I opened the door and ran straight inside.

Kirik. Kirik.

A huge column passing through the center was connected to the clock on the top floor, and it was spinning with a frictional sound with gears interlocked here and there.

She ran along the spiral staircase towards the wall.

It was a familiar place.

It was a familiar sound.

It was a familiar smell.

What had happened here with Cain in the past flashed through her mind quickly.

‘After all, this was all made up by him… .’

When she finally reached the top floor, she could see cogs full of gears on the wall.

And in front of a large opening in the wall, I was able to face the back of a man looking down at the city landscape from a position that seemed to fall at any moment.

“… I thought no one would come. Unexpected.”

When the man slowly turned to reveal his face, she was not surprised because she was mentally prepared.

However, he drew his sword and took a position where he could attack at any time.

“All of this must have been your design, Cain.”

The tip of her sword was aimed at Cain.

Through a huge hole in his back, the sound of birds fluttering along with the bells of the church could be heard.

“Where the hell did you appear?”

“I was by your side. From the beginning of the investigation until now.”

The business card that Cain flew away from his finger fell to Zervia’s feet.

When she saw the name ‘Jason Weisser’ written there, her heart sank.


“It is possible. In reality, there are things that cannot be explained by the theories you learned in school, Zervia.”

“With those words, me—!”

“Ask, Zervia. Can I take my appearance here to mean that you ignored my warning?”

A small ossuary was in his hand as he entered his arms and came out.

The strength in her hand gripped the sword.


In an instant, Zervia’s figure disappeared from her seat.


At the same time, Cain pulled out a pistol and fired.

She deflected the bullets with her sword and cut Cain as it was.

“Unexpected. I thought it would be a little hesitant though.”

There was no Cain in Ben’s place, and the voice came from behind.

He turned and drew the sword as it was, but this time he disappeared from his seat and appeared elsewhere.

“The imperial police do not give in to threats from criminals!”


She flew straight to Cain, and the same thing happened several more times.

In the brightly lit room, there was the sound of Zervia’s angry footsteps and the sound of a sword ripping through the air with a haze of dust.

Cain’s eyes lit up at the movement of her who rushed to her despite the fact that the ashes were broken.

“How long are you going to run away like that? Cowardly child!”

“Cowardly, who is cowardly?”


“You put drugs in your food, something that bastards in the back alleys wouldn’t do!”

“You must have misunderstood something. They are the ones who put drugs in their food.”

Zervia’s next move, which was about to kick the floor, stopped for a moment.

“I gave them medicine. But in the end, they made the choice. I’ve only helped them a little bit to fulfill their subconscious desires.”

“Don’t be silly.”

“They knew the stimulants I gave them were accelerators. As you know, it is odorless, but when dissolved in a liquid, it has a gray color. When you see the colorless color of a bottle of water in the kitchen of a restaurant, you may have had a chance to realize that the drug was different from what you knew. As for the side effects, we could also foresee the fact that it may not just be limited to mana management and create a sense of upliftment.”

“gibberish… !”

“It must have been mentally exhausting, but the two investigators would not have been able to tell the difference in color that much. They made a choice. Neutralize the opponent through drugs and monopolize the achievements. I may have hesitated for a moment, but that was the choice I made in the end.”

“Shut up!”

Zervia exhaled with an exasperated breath.

Even though it was a technique he had been used to many times, he had no choice but to get involved even though he clearly knew it was meant to confuse his mind.

“The kitchen is equipped with CCTV. It moved through a blind spot, but it was installed in a place that the two of them wouldn’t even notice. We’ll be able to check it out when we get back.”

“Do you think you’d believe my co-workers, like you criminals?”

The corners of Cain’s lips curled up.

It was an obvious laugh.

“Zervia, didn’t you also leave your teammates and come here alone to take possession of the ball? There must be a lot of casualties in the restaurant by now. If you were left, a few more lives could have been saved.”

For a moment, Zervia felt as if someone had hit her chest hard.

“No, I’m trying to catch criminals like you… .”

“Can you assert that the desire to dominate the ball was not even 1% of your subconscious mind?”

should not be dried

This, too, is just his craft.

“Your words and actions still don’t match. You are a mass of contradictions.”


Suddenly, the ashes were thrown at her.

At Cain’s unexpected action, she was taken aback for a moment and accepted it.

Then he turned his back, wrapping the ashes in his arms reflexively at the bullets that flew right away.


A bullet that hit the shield caused a small explosion, and in the aftermath, stones fell from the walls and ceiling.

Her breathing was getting steeper.

Her heart might burst if she goes on like this, she thought.

“okay. He tries hard to pretend he’s not, but in the end, he wants to protect the ashes of his blood. That is your true intention.”

No, it is not.

It doesn’t matter what happens to the remnants of those who have already left.

“You would have said you couldn’t kill me with such a clumsy attitude.”

no i kill you

Only then can the meaning of my empty life be filled.

She stretched her hand holding the ossuary into the air over the stair railing on the right.

He stared at Cain and let go of his hand.

After a while, a voice came from below.


She murmured, with eyes like those who had lost her soul.

“Cain, I will execute you on this spot.”

Cain’s eyes were small, but soon disappeared.

As if everything was going according to his plan.

“… … .”

Her eyes were so quiet.

It was as if one violent storm had washed away all her unnecessary emotions.

‘The anger did not go away.’

At first glance, she had a face that was close to ‘no emotion’, but Cain knew it.

That it is just anger that is infinitely refined and cannot be seen with the naked eye.

As evidence of that, now her skin was leaking out as much as ale.

‘Unexpected. It is a situation that I induced.’

He broke the ashes of blood and flesh by himself.

It meant that she had pulled out the stake that had been lodged in her mind and that she had grown to the next level mentally.

Originally, in the second half of the original work, the situation was brought forward by a different character and a different method.

What that meant was clear.

The ‘growth limit’ of the mana circuit she had as a supporting role was lifted and she had a new ceiling.

And that her mind became dull and hardened, and the minimum conditions to endure the huge and uncomfortable truth that she would face later were satisfied.

‘It will no longer happen that the element of family is holding her back. Unless it’s really special.’


As she struck the floor, a sound like gunshots echoed inside the tower.

A new model of her, who disappeared in an instant, appeared in front of Cain.


The sword was swung at an invisible speed.

It was a move without a single hesitation.

In the place where Cain disappeared, the cut hem of his robe flew.

“Now you see a little more sincerity.”

Without answering Cain’s words, she immediately changed the direction of her sword and continued the attack.


There were many times when the timing to activate the movement magic engraved throughout the clock tower was missed due to the terrifying attack speed.

The attack that could not be avoided took out a gun and blocked the mana, but all were broken after a few defenses.

Each time he took out a new gun and used it for defense, he pulled the trigger at every opportunity.

visor! Snuggle up!

The pistol, which had defended one attack, glided down the blade.

Shortly thereafter, he was shot right in front of her face.


The bullet flew past her ear and towards the opposite wall.

Quad Duck!

It pierced through the thick wall and disappeared, leaving behind a hole the size of a few coins.

Even if it was only a millimeter closer, it would have been her ears that would have blown away, but Cain knew it wasn’t a bad attack at all.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t dodge the attack, she just read the bullet’s trajectory and evaded it with minimal movement.

The battles continued to come and go.

The number of moving magic engraved in the room was rapidly running out.

The emotions the two saw were strange.

Even as the small wounds increased, Cain was still relaxed, and Zervia was expressionless even though he was pushing the opponent properly.

“When we met in the ossuary, and it was definitely better than before.”

At Cain’s words, her eyes fluttered for a moment.

His movement was also shaky, and a bullet flew past his shoulder, and a little blood spattered along with the torn hem of his robe.

However, the part where she felt the pain now was her chest, not her shoulders.

It felt as if something dull and heavy was pressing down deep in his chest.

“It’s definitely better than before. I should commend you.”

A compliment my brother used to give me in the past.

Why did those words overlap in his voice?

‘No, it doesn’t matter anyway.’

For the goal of eradicating crime, have you not made up your mind to exclude all ineffective factors that stand in your way?

As she swung her sword fiercely again, Cain’s body was pushed toward the giant spear in the wall.

The moment you take one more step back and fall outside.


Two seals fell from the height of the ceiling, from the top projection of the tower’s columns.


The two blades collided with the sword that was stabbing at Cain’s neck, and conversely pushed the master of the sword in the opposite direction.

“It was dangerous.”

“Really, do you really have to give a signal at a moment like this?”

It was Estelle and Milcian.

Weapons embracing colorful mana broke, collided, and intertwined according to the will of their masters.

visor! visor! visor!

Zerbia had the upper hand in the early battle, but Cain’s strengthening magic was added to Estelle and Milsian, and the battle turned into a whistle.

Everyone in the room was showing a high degree of concentration.

He knew that the moment he lost his concentration even a little, he would be fatally wounded.

‘Made by Estelle. And the author is Cain’s subordinate. I remember seeing it in the database.’

In fact, it didn’t matter who the opponent was. It was just a target to cut through, obstructing the goal.

But contrary to her thoughts, the movement was gradually slowing down.

The stimulant ingredients remaining in the body spread through the blood vessels, making the circuit’s mana hardened.


At one point during the intense battle, Milsian’s sword pierced her shield and pierced her shoulder at the same time.


As the sword slid from her shoulder, her new form fell.

She put her sword on the floor to prevent her body from falling completely.

He was sitting on the floor, kneeling on one knee.

Milsian’s sword was hung under her neck.

In fact, even without the threat, she couldn’t lift a hand any more.

The circuit was hardened and all the mana that could be operated was exhausted. His physical strength was also at his limit.

It was only the sound of rough breathing for a while, as did everyone in the room.

Only Cain, who was not directly involved in the battle, could afford.

He approached and looked down at her kneeling.

“… … .”

“… … .”

is it up to here

In the end, I couldn’t beat him.

Zervia thought with a hazy mind.

“Kill it. I am not afraid of death.”

When I just became a police officer and was sent to the scene, it was here that I was captured by the guy.

Maybe he didn’t even know that he had chosen this tower as a meeting point to shake his mind.

No, it certainly was.

’cause that’s the guy

‘You must say the same thing again.’

Cain, he dies without catching him.

There are certainly regrets, regrets, and anger left, but it was also true that unlike the past, I felt remorseful.

I did my best under the given circumstances.

Leaving behind his colleagues, family, and all the factors that made him weak, he swung only to catch his breath.

It felt like all the sticky lumps that had accumulated in my chest had been poured out.

“… … .”

The boy’s eyes were just silent.

It was the eyes that had no idea what they were thinking, and had absorbed the person they were looking at and disturbed their minds.

Zervia closed her eyes.

Now, there would be no need to meet those eyes.

As if to cut her throat, she raised the tip of her chin slightly.

However, as time passed, there was no sensation in the neck.

“Zerbia, what do you think of the streets of this city?”

Cain’s voice came from a short distance away.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Cain standing in front of a huge window and looking down.

What do you think of the street?

Several voices were heard faintly and quietly.

The sound of children running and laughing.

Music from the cafe.

The sound of the wheels of a car rolling quietly.


I could rate it that way.

And it was not just a story that applied only to streets located in the city center, but a story that applied to the entire city including the outskirts.

Instead of the non-functioning district police, private troops were maintaining security.

Usually, even if you hire a private security guard, you only place them around your facility.

It was a sight never seen in any other district to roam around the city without any pay to maintain security.

‘I don’t understand why a criminal like him would do that, but… .’

She gathered her strength and answered.

“… Peaceful. More than any city street I’ve ever been to.”

Even if he had a plan, he couldn’t lie about the ‘fact’ he saw in front of him.

Silence passed.

When Zervia was about to spit out her words, Cain said an hour earlier.

“No matter where you go on the continent, don’t you want to create a world where scenery like this is natural?”

“… What?”

Cain turned around and looked directly into Zervia’s eyes and said.

“Hold your hand, Zervia. I will put you in a position where you can hold and shake the police force.”

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