A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 130

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 130

130. King’s Ruins (3)

Twelve elements, including the electric element, swirled furiously within Cain’s grasp.

A black electric current spread like a net and flew to Leica leaving an eerie trajectory.

Break up!

Leica twisted herself in mid-air.

I couldn’t completely avoid it.

His right ear, which was rubbed by the electric current, was charred and blown with black ashes.

The back was a direct hit. The electric current travels through the bones and organs and spreads throughout the body.

It felt like my whole body was being ripped to pieces. His body trembled, and a handful of blood spewed out of his mouth. But the beast persevered.

He flashed his remaining one arm.

He collected the remaining trace of mana, wrapped it around his nails, and slammed it down towards Cain.


Mana and air created a friction sound.

Cain rolled over, and his five claws slammed into the floor, half-entrenched.

The next attack flew in without Cain even having time to adjust his posture. He took out his knife and spread it wide around his mana.

Fit geek-!

nails and knife.

Mana and Mana collided.

In a fierce battle for power, nails and knives went up and down repeatedly.

“Cain! my dream… don’t disturb… Mara!”

“Everyone could have made their dreams come true… ! If you hadn’t betrayed me by being greedy… !”

Cain raised his mana and strengthened his strength one step further.

Gee geek!

He slowly pushed the knife he was holding with both palms. In an instant, he swung his arms wide to shake off Leica.

Leica’s heavy body staggered and corrected her posture. Blood was dripping from his eyes and ears.


Leica left her seat and ran towards the open door. Cain ran after him.

An electric current erupted from Cain’s hand once more, and Laika rolled over to avoid it.

As Cain flew towards Laika, the two figures entangled like a bundle of hairs.

They fought back and forth on the stool.

There was no further conversation, and the claws and knives were swung with the intent to kill the enemy.

sweat and blood.

Without missing a single moment, Cain’s magic aimed at Laika’s head.

Break up!

Each time, Leica avoided a direct hit with her superhuman reflexes.

Falling flesh, and harsh breathing.

They were reading each other’s thoughts. What your opponent wants and what moves to take next.

While constantly holding back opponents who tried to jump into the blue fountain, he struggled to push them away to the red spring.


Then Cain’s body was pushed hard and fell off the platform. With a hand that did not hold a knife, he narrowly grabbed the end of the footrest.

Before even completing the floating magic, Laika’s thick feet fell towards Cain’s hand.

Cain let go of the footing and quickly grabbed his side.


Leica’s feet fell sharply into the empty seat.

Leica’s feet lifted like lightning.

Before that, Cain loaded a knife in his other hand with mana and threw it at Laika.

Big woo-!!!

The knife pierced right through Leica’s right eye. A cry of pain resounded through the underground space.

Cain gave strength to the hand holding the footrest and pushed his body upward as hard as he could.

At the same time holding the upper part of the railing with the palm of his hand, he created a wind with magic.


Use the railing as the axis of rotation.

with wind as the driving force.

Cain’s body spun around in the air.

At the end of the rotation, the mana-loaded heel hit Laika’s shoulder.


With an eerie sound, Leica’s gigantic body shook.

The railing, which had already swayed from the fierce battle, fell off as Laika struggled with pain.

The shards that fell on the red spring made a strange sound and melted in an instant.


“Kai Iin-!!!”

It was obviously the right eye that was pierced by the knife. But because of the blood and sweat that flowed in, even his left eye could not function properly.

The world was blurry.

My mind is about to melt.

Anger and doubt echoed.

to die? I?

No, it can’t be.

I can’t die before I realize my dream of rebuilding the forest.

Who dares to take my life

Who dares drive me to death?

Who dares, who dares to me—


Leica leapt towards Cain.

An attack that ignores defense and is filled with only the will to kill the opponent.

Cain was kneeling on one knee at the end of the footstool.

All the Manastones had already fallen, and the body and circuit were also concentrated at their limits.

He knew that the attack could not be avoided.

‘After all, to kill the king, this is not too early.’

As he approached death, the flame of life and fighting spirit of Leica burned fiercely. With the momentum to swallow up everything around him that threatens him.

It was the result of adding the unique characteristic of ‘the last warrior’ to the body of the beast.

Cain squeezed out all the mana he had left and pulled it up into the palm of his hand.

Less than a tenth of the maximum mana you can hold.

The stage was coming to an end because it was undergoing purification in-circuit.

With the right amount of sheep, it was possible to maintain concentration during battle.

Mana originally arranged to be used to strengthen the body.

Cain momentarily rearranged the elements in his mana to change the type of magic he used.

Big ooh-!!

The huge body of Leica was flying.

can not avoid.

No, I have no intention of avoiding it.

Because if you do that, it’s impossible to kill him.


Cain grabbed his knife and ran towards Leica. It was an attack that didn’t care about each other’s defense.


A knife stabs Leica’s shoulder.

“… … .”

A fingernail pierced Cain’s abdomen.

It was clear who was close to fatal.

“Cain, this fight is mine… .”

As Laika was about to smile with joy, Cain said.

“Do you think you won?”


Cain and Laika were in a state similar to half-embracing each other.

A ghastly flame rose from Cain’s opposite hand, which was behind Laika’s back.


The flames spread to Leica’s back without a moment to react.


As her back began to melt, Leica let out a scream of pain.

He tried to move his body somehow to extinguish the flame, but Cain wouldn’t let Laika go.

Laika’s nails stuck in her stomach twisted back and forth, causing tremendous pain.

Blood ran down Cain’s lips.

I clenched my teeth and somehow endured it.

The refinement level was high, but the mana used was low and the power was low.

‘Never let the flames go out.’

No matter how much Laika struggled, Cain did not fall. It was not easy to get out of the way as soon as the strength was already gone.

The flames soon spread to Cain as well.

“Let go-! Are you thinking of dying together?”

“No, you are the only one who will die. Leica.”

The two characters’ lungs began to burn in the intense heat. The voice came out sharply.

‘Leica. If it is impossible to extinguish the flame of your life, I will cover it with a bigger flame.’

Cain took a break and pulled Laika towards him. I sprinted and ran with all my might.


A huge fireball fell.

Far below, the red fountain opened its mouth.

Leica was furious.

This damn man didn’t let go of his arm until the last minute.

As if it were a creature that couldn’t feel pain.

‘Dare you, you dare to be a human being!’

His anger was even greater because he thought he was a human being who would not have dared even brush his hair if his body had been fine.

“The seeds of life you worked so hard to get eventually made you die.”

“… … !”

At Cain’s words, my mind flashed.

seed of life. The fundamental reason that he risked his life to come here.

Leica twisted and somehow managed to get a pouch of seeds out of her arms.

And threw it hard.

Anywhere was good. Unless, like yourself, you fall into the red spring and die.

“My efforts are not in vain… !”

Cain did not miss the momentary gap that had arisen.

As soon as he released the arm that was holding Laika, he squeezed the last remaining strength and slammed his chest.


The bodies of the two figures were largely pushed out of the air.

“… … !”

With very little difference, Cain’s drop point became a blue spring unlike Leica.


Leica realized this and let out a roar. I struggled through the air, but to no avail.

The first fireball falls.

Then a second fireball fell.

It sank toward the depths of the spring.

* * *

with a plop!

The fountain was deep.

To the extent that Cain, who has fallen from a distant height, does not collide with the floor and rises again.

Cain’s body did not stop there, but gradually floated into the air above the spring.

The blue liquid that drew a subtle flow began to swirl around Cain.

Then it soared upward and wrapped around Cain like a dragon oreum.


The mechanical dolls who sensed Cain as an enemy leapt out of the fountain.


It was engulfed in the volcanic cone and shattered to pieces.

All the fragments were strongly thrown out of the fountain. Some of the dogs fell into the red well and were converted into energy.

The eruption continued for a long time.

When there were no more mechanical dolls left to rush in, the blue liquid that made up the volcanic cone gradually slowed down and absorbed into Cain’s body.

Continue without a break.

It emits a blue light with resonance.

He repaired the damaged body and went on to improve the quality of the circuit. Impurities such as artificial tendons are removed and new tendons grow in their place.

How long did the long and past sight last?

The vast amount of blue liquid in the spring was absorbed by Cain’s body, leaving not a single drop.

There were no deep wounds or burns from the battle. It’s like having a new body.

The bottom of the empty fountain.

The blue light laid down Cain’s body, who had been sleeping deeply.

The surroundings were quiet.

Only Cain’s breathing could be heard.

* * *

Cain opened his eyes. I got up and looked around slowly.

In the middle of a huge pit.

The moisture left on the floor was indicating that this was where the bottom of the spring was.

“… … .”

Cain clenched his fists and stretched them out.

And he looked at his own body.

The wounds disappeared without a trace, and the body was full of vitality. My mind was clear and my vision was clear.

It was like being reborn with a new life.

After falling off the scaffold, I could see that things were going according to plan.

[circuit level: 3]

[Mana 7,277 / 7,277]

The maximum mana was also increased to close to 3,000.

When he looked up, he saw a huge hole in the lower part of the wall of the pit.

‘Is it a passageway connected to the Red Fountain?’

I got out of the pit with floating magic. As expected, the Red Fountain was also dry.

Everything in the world has mana, regardless of living and non-living things.

The function of the Red Well is to extract it and turn it into a usable form of mana.

Mana is processed once again through the passage between the two springs.

The liquid of the Blue Well could be said to be the final form of concentrated mana extracted.

‘A kind of mana tank. Obviously, there is a facility operating on the same principle in the basement of the imperial family.’

The blue spring was also the power source for operating and maintaining the facilities of the ruins.

As evidence of that, the mechanical dolls seen in the distance from the ore mining site were frozen and frozen.

Cain turned his gaze back to the empty pit where the red fountain was.

‘He’s dead.’

[Task – Flames of Hatred]

Objective: Insert a sword into the heart of a traitor. (2/3) people.

[Residual Attribute Points: 2]

That was certain. This is because, as well as the target value of the task, as a reward, new attribute points were also obtained.

‘Is revenge practically over? Bama’s life is already in his grasp.’

A deep ecstasy enveloped her body.

But at the same time, it was also true that I felt an unknown emptiness and a sense of disappointment.

Now that you have achieved a big goal, can’t you take a break for a while?

He immediately shook his head.

‘Vengeance is not over.’

Thinking of a person who would be in the capital, I once again ignited my revenge.

It wasn’t time to rest.

At least not yet.

Cain bowed his head. A piece of clothing was removed from the side of the blue fountain pit wall.

It was the part where the subspace magic was set with the fragments of the cloak that had been burned.

Cain’s hand was sucked into the cloak piece.

‘Fortunately, it’s still functional.’

After falling into the spring, his body was completely naked.

Cain took out clothes and coats from the subspace and put them on. I made a mirror made of ice and looked at how it looked, and then headed towards the Red Spring.

“… … .”

Cain looked down at the bottom of the pit, took a coin from his bosom, and flipped it down.


It was the coin I got as a tip from him when I disguised myself as a waiter on the train and entered Leica’s cabin.

it was old money Although such a concept does not exist in this world.

When he turned again to get out of the ruins, something caught Cain’s eyes.

It was a small bud growing on the side of the blue spring pit.

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