A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 132

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 132

132. turbulence (2)

Kee Eek-!

The huge body of sandworms pierced the ground and soared.

Silverfang and the gray wolves instinctively flew away, while the sandworms bit the pitiful air and swayed and disappeared below the ground.

“Feel free to run. I will look after you.”

Cain used his float to float in the air.

He continued to throw stones at the feet of the wolves to induce the attack of the sandworms.

“Ka, Cain! for a moment-!”

“Don’t panic! The only chance they have to attack is when they’re outside!”

Silver Fang, who grasped the situation, skillfully gave the order. A fierce battle soon ensued.

Cain watched the scene silently.

The sandworms that appeared were smaller than usual.

‘This is enough to deal with. They’re not yet fully grown.’

Kwajik! Aww!

Blood and flesh splattered among the misty dust, but none of them belonged to the wolf prisoners.

‘… And there’s no need for me to teach you anything more.’

They instinctively knew how to use mana and were moving.

Movement that gets faster and faster.

There was a deep ecstasy on their faces, which was occasionally seen between scenes.

“… … .”

It was then that he heard the sound of something rushing behind Cain’s back.

As I slowly turned around, I saw a sandworm looking down at me.

A huge body that covers the sky.

Dark brown scales and sharp teeth.

It was a complete body.

The small horns that sprouted from the head made it possible to guess that it was a mutant.

Silverfang and the Ashen Wolf were immersed in the battle and did not notice the situation here at all.

“Are you their mother?”

Kee Eek-!

As if in response to those words, Sandworm plunged his head toward Cain.

“It reminds me of the past.”

Cain remembered the time he crossed the wasteland with Zervia.

This guy certainly looked stronger than the normal adults he was dealing with at the time.

‘She got stronger.’

After ‘Awakening’ in Area 47, her growth limit was newly opened.

‘And me too.’

Just before the sharp-toothed snout swallowed Cain.


With a huge explosion sound, Sandworm’s body exploded like a balloon.

Beneath the scattered flesh, Cain’s right hand, which was stretched out and spread out, appeared.

“… Performance is not bad.”

The black gloves attached to the palms gave off a soft light.

The remnants of the blast that had been launched a while ago were swirling around.

* * *

Estelle was sitting on the hotel terrace, looking down on the street.

It’s been three weeks since I came back from outside the wall.

The capital was very peaceful.

There was no crime due to the special task force that roamed the streets, and the people’s faces were full of peace.

However, she felt very awkward and uncomfortable in the space of the capital.

“… … .”

Even though it is the space where I spent the longest time in my life after being picked up by the teacher in the back alley of ‘Outside the Wall’.

Knowing that the peace here is only for those who have it, he felt like a stranger.

She flopped on the table.

“Bored… . I mean, the only cult spirits are old-fashioned humans.”

Of course, there was a simpler reason.

The last few months outside the walls have been the most turbulent times of her life.

She remembered the face of the one who sent her here.

A man who found a reason to live in his empty life.

“Watch Professor Ellen. There must be someone approaching.”

To be entrusted with a major responsibility was the same as saying that he was trusted to that extent.

She faithfully monitored Professor Ellen, and found a person approaching her.

His face was obscured by clothes and a mask, but he followed carefully and confirmed his return to the imperial palace.

“I have to tell you this quickly.”

She bit her finger.

After the first communication, he told me to wait until he contacted me first.

A lot of time has passed since then, and she is feeling impatient.

‘Have you been abandoned?’

absurd thought.

He immediately shook his head.

she trusted him

He trusted him as a human, not simply because he made an oath.

‘But why are you so anxious?’

She was unaware of the fact that the attachment that had already formed had a significant effect on her.

It was a kind of separation anxiety.

I haven’t been away from him for so long in the last few months.

“… … .”

She jumped up from the table and took a one-shot of her coffee.

Alcohol was also available in room service, but we didn’t order it.

He was also on a mission, and since he had a lot of life left to live after treating horses, it was also important to take care of his health.


Even after pouring the coffee, the nervousness and anxiety did not go away. She flopped on the table again.

As time passed by, her lips emptily opened.

“miss you.”


She was momentarily taken aback by what she had said.

Without even having time to think about the reason, a knock came from the door and the voice of an employee was heard.

─ A call came in to room 1207.

She spit out the golden hair that had entered her mouth and slammed the door out.

I passed the staff and arrived at the communication room.

I took a breath and sat down in front of the equipment.

“It’s been a long time.”

“It’s been a while.”

Hearing his voice, I couldn’t understand why the anxiety subsided.

But the moment I heard the next word.

Her heart was beating like crazy again.

“Stop monitoring and return to Area 47. The time has come to cure your demons.”

“… Yes, yes, yes?”

Estelle was taken aback for a moment.

cure for malignancy?

Am I right?

Although it was proposed as a condition of the oath, I thought that the realization of treatment was a vaguely distant future.

“It’s not a very happy face.”

“No, it can’t be! It just felt a little sudden.”

“There is nothing sudden. It was just the appointed time.”

You will be freed from the fear of death that you have suffered all your life.


Finally, in the end.

The moment she realized that, her heart started pounding.

“I see. I’ll go straight to Area 47.”

As she tried to calm her startled heart, she posted a delayed report.

Things like Professor Ellen’s daily routine and the unusual things that happened around her.

As the story progressed, the emotions subsided and the original calm returned.

“Someone approached Professor Ellen two days ago.”

He did not leave out the story of a person who is believed to be a prophet.

“It’s royal. Is that the possibility? Eventually it happened. Good job.”

Estelle’s face turned pale.

“what. Is that the end?”

“What more do you want?”

“I have to say I did well. I performed my mission diligently and found clues from the enemy.”

“… Good job.”

Estelle then smiled brightly with a slightly satisfied expression.

“Anyway, I’ll head straight to Area 47. See you soon.”

“It is. Before you leave, tell Professor Ellen not to leave the capital.”

“I see.”

After ending the communication, Cain tilted his head.

‘I don’t know why I suddenly feel better.’

I left the communication room for the next task.

As soon as the door was opened, the staff who were waiting in various places in the hallway grabbed documents and clinged to them.

“CEO! This is about the handling of goods carried over to the 12th street general shopping mall.”

“This is a review on the opening of a branch in Charlotte, a pub. Please pay!”

Most of the work was entrusted to Milsian.

However, all the important things that the CEO had to pay directly were waiting for Cain to return.

Whirick! Flutter!

Cain continued to sign the papers without stopping.

Its speed was unstoppable, and unprepared documents were torn apart with the word ‘again’.

Each time, the employees trembled as if their bodies were being torn apart.

“The vehicle is waiting for you.”

The elevator at the end of the hallway opened and Milsian appeared. Cain got on and the door closed.

“Damn, sir! Pay only for this ─!”

“You must not leave us! CEO!”

The desperate faces disappeared and Milsian said.

“As soon as you return home from work, you don’t even have time to rest, so I don’t feel comfortable. If I had done it, I would have finished it all.”

“Okay. There is no hindrance to taking care of all the important things yourself.”

Milsian nodded quietly.

The person he trusted and followed had a personality close to perfectionism.

The two left the Supreme Security office building and headed to the research complex in the prepared vehicle.

“Are you here? The hospital is now in pilot operation. Although it has just opened, there are a lot of patients.”

The majority of the patients were members of Supreme Security and ashen wolves.

Currently, the purpose of treatment for combatants is large, but it was planned to open the door to the general public by expanding the manpower later.

“Has the Silver Fang arrived? After returning, I was instructed to go to the hospital immediately for treatment.”

Freud nodded.

“I just went up with Lenny. I heard it was a fierce battle, but compared to the wolf beasts who arrived earlier, he was in pretty good shape. I was told to get tested first.”

Silverfang and four gray wolves.

It was thanks to the fact that the circuit was built and the body’s regenerative power was greatly increased.

At that moment, footsteps were heard from the entrance of the laboratory located next to the hospital.

Soon Niles appeared hurriedly.

“The cure for petrosis!”

He stumbled down the long stairs hastily. I hit the butt wheel and slipped right there and arrived in front of Cain.

Unaware of the pain, he got up and cried.

“Did the treatment work?”

“… Calm down. I will listen first.”

“Uh, um. I was a little uglier.”

He coughed as if he was embarrassed and continued.

“We are ready to mass-produce the cure. I moved all the equipment to the factory behind me. As long as the medicines are properly supplied, it can be operated at any time. The kind and quantity of materials brought from the Hexa Medical warehouse are arbitrary.”

After pouring out his words like a rapid-fire gun, he took a pack of medicines from his pocket and handed it to Cain.

“It is the most petrifying treatment that can be made with the amount of medicine currently available. Other than that, I made some samples as you directed.”

He said with a very serious face.

“It’s a combination recipe I’ve never heard of before, but this time, it could be a cure for diseases such as cancer or insomnia?”

Cain took the package in his arms without saying a word.

“Maybe really… !”

“Silverfang entered the hospital. If you are curious about the effectiveness of the treatment, it would be better to go and check it out yourself.”

“… … !”

Niles’ attention was simply diverted elsewhere.

“I will go!”

He nodded in greeting and disappeared into the hospital, leaving only Cain and Freud in their place.

“The new crop will be harvested in two months. From then on, the factory will start working properly.”

Cain said, turning his gaze to the factory and research facility.

“I heard you were thinking of selling a cure all over the continent. You are a criminal like me, and I have no intention or ability to read the intentions of people like you.”

Freud paused for a moment.

“I am a little curious. Heh, it’s a cure for an incurable disease. Were you thinking of saving people from the beginning?”


In response to that word, the corners of Cain’s lips rose.

“I have no intention of saving anyone and I have no intention of being saved. It’s just something you do for profit.”

“That’s right.”

Freud nodded in agreement. Afterwards, a short conversation about the operation of the hospital followed.

“Don’t let me come again.”

“Even ten bodies are not enough for you.”

Cain was now visiting the farms located on the outskirts sequentially.

“… Can you really do a job that pays that much? Just by managing crops on the farm?”

Mixed-race beasts led by Bama.

They all accepted the offer.

High-quality medicines require meticulous management, making it impossible to cultivate them with mechanical farming methods.

The number one condition required for workers was ‘stamina’ because they had to stay next to crops for a lot of time and manage them.

In that sense, they could be said to be optimal for hard work with a body close to that of a beast.

According to Cain’s standards, the remuneration paid to them was a fair price for a high-level manpower.

“CEO. We will move on to our next destination.”

Cain got into the car and suddenly felt something flashing towards him outside the window.

“Wait a minute. The flies are twisted.”

As soon as Cain opened the door and got off, the black car on the other side of the street hurriedly drove off.


To be precise, that’s what I was trying to do.

If only Cain hadn’t stretched out his palm and lifted the car with a telekinesis.

Seeing Cain approaching, the driver made a gesture to start the vehicle somehow.

But the tires were only spinning wildly in the air.

-Chu, let’s go! hurry!

─It’s cold and it looks like it’s floating in the air!

Hearing an urgent cry leaking out of the vehicle, Cain walked over to the back door.

Knock. Knock.

The window was tinted so I couldn’t see inside, and there was no response when I knocked.

“… … .”

After strengthening his muscles, Cain swung his fist towards the window.


Tempered glass bounced in all directions and fell to pieces. He slid his hand through the hole and unlocked the door lock.


“Long time no see. Chief Raymond.”

“Oh, long time no see.”

District 47 Police Chief Raymond hastily hid the camera he was holding behind his back.

‘Wow, it was better not to do anything after all.’

The nightmare I had when I visited Supreme Security’s office building began to come back to life.

My whole body trembled just by making eye contact with this devilish man.

The camera held by the chief came too easily into Cain’s outstretched hand.


Fragments of what had been a camera a while ago fell.

“I would have warned you that the moment I stood out, your family, including you, would lose their lives.”

The chief regretted it.

Seeing this man expanding his power in District 47 made me feel anxious and thought I should do something.

But as soon as you try to collect data, you get caught.



Cain’s hand grabbed the chief’s shoulder. With the sound of bones being crushed, the chief twisted his body.

“Come on, wrong! Come on, come on, I was wrong!”

The telekinetic magic was dispelled and the vehicle quietly landed on the floor.

However, the driver just buried his face in the steering wheel and trembled, unable to venture out.

“What was the purpose of taking a picture of me?”

Cain looked down at the chief with calm eyes.

He was trying to get rid of his arm, but the general public could not do anything about the strength that was strengthened by magic.

“I was going to put a report on top, a report on the top. Ouch!”

He was more stupid than I thought.

A tape of the deal with Parterre. Do you do this even though you know your opponent has your own weaknesses?

‘Put a report on the top.’

If it was in the past, it doesn’t matter now.

The only thing the police can figure out is Evan, a businessman who has worked in various fields as a representative of Supreme Security.


“Shut up! please let me go Everyone, I will never eat anything else with a different mind!”

The chief’s shoulders continued to fall.

Now that the base has been established within Area 47, it was not impossible to cleanly bury the chief.

However, the reason for not doing so was because he had to re-establish a relationship with the new chief.

‘And maybe someday the use value will come back.’

Cain thought about the next move of the Blue Serpent Boss.

The fact that Laika is dead must have been a premonition. You must have lost contact with Jaina.

He would also foresee the fact that the enemy would advance to take up Laika’s territory.

‘If he goes on his own.’

That’s dangerous.

He’s already surpassed circuit level 4 a long time ago and is a person equivalent to the army alone.

‘The possibility exists. But it is extremely low.’

Unlike in the past, the boss has a lot to lose now. I will not try to expose myself easily to the outside.

It is for this reason that they did not create a large contact point while managing the criminal organization called Blue Serpent.

To cut off the tail and disappear in case of an emergency.

‘It would be better to put a wedge. To prevent them from moving prematurely.’

Cain lifted his hand from the chief’s shoulder. It seemed that now was the time for the chief to have any use value.

“Mi, I’m sorry. I don’t have any materials I have gathered about you other than the photos and photos I took today. Never again… .”

Cain picked up a can of film from among the debris on the floor and handed it to the chief.

“no. You don’t have to. Submit a report to the superior. Just like you were meant to do.”

“Hey, can you see?”

Cain took out a notebook and pen from the front pocket of the chief’s shirt and began to write down what was to be reported.

The chief was bewildered.

I couldn’t understand the sudden action of my opponent. What is certain, however, is that the anxiety continues to grow.

“The whole family has been moved to District 34. Couldn’t you afford to enter through the wall?”

My heart sank.

How do you know what was going on in secret without anyone noticing?

Tears welled up. I felt like I was strangling my throat with a hand, choking my breath.

Cain returned the notebook and pen to the chief’s front pocket.

“And don’t forget to say this.”

He put his face close to the chief’s ear and whispered.

“Bar, what did you just say?”

The moment he heard that, the chief had no choice but to open his eyes wide and shout.

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