A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 152

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 152

152. Club Cassargo (1)

The vehicle began to drive onto the road towards District 17.

“I looked at the records and there was a history of visits. Thank you for coming back to our club.”

Ben, to be exact, Cain with the face of Ben answered.

“Because I can’t forget the memories of my first visit. The work just got out of hand.”

At Cain’s reply, the knight burst into a pleasant laugh. It was a smile of pride.

“Anyway, you can only find such a special product at our club.”

Cain smiled moderately and adjusted to his mood.

‘It’s Area 18. It smells.’

Cain recalled his conversation with Ben.

“It’s so daring to have a secret meeting with the princess. Could the bolt you gave her hand be a token of love?”

He went to Ben, who had been imprisoned for a while, and threatened him.

Ben’s face flushed blue as he heard details unknown to only the perfect follower.

“It would be so much fun if this happened to the public. We will know once a detailed investigation is carried out, but even if it ends as a rumor, it will seriously damage the image of the princess.”

Ben shut his mouth.

And after thinking for a long time, he said.

“… My life doesn’t matter. But please don’t spread rumors. I can’t stand anything that hurts him. If so.”

Ben bit his lip.

“Because I will kill your child.”

Cain was interested in Ben’s sudden change in attitude. It’s a threat to become someone who is holding your lifeline.

“Do you love the princess? Some kind of mechanic?”

“I love you with all my life. Just make her tears come out of her eyes. I’m going to tear your limbs apart.”

I could tell that his feelings were real even if it wasn’t the ‘eye of truth’ trait.

It was pure love.

Hard to find these days.

Cain looked down at Ben and said.

“Be merciful and keep quiet about this. On the condition that you go outside the wall and never come back again.”

After all, silence through killing was ineffective.

It is difficult to remove the villagers ‘inside the wall’ without a trace, unlike the outside.

It’s not impossible.

However, the calculation was that it would cost a lot of time and money, and would leave no room for a handshake later.

「The branch of Boltgear exists outside the wall. Life will not be difficult.”

Ben hesitated for a moment.

He soon nodded.

Cain thought it would be a better choice for Ben too.

If you keep staying inside the wall.

He must have ended his life as a moth that was burned to death in the flames of false love.

In addition to monitoring through Sanderson, several safeguards are in place.

There wasn’t much to worry about in the future.


The vehicle stopped in front of a building in the downtown area of District 18.


A stylish handwritten sign stood out.

It was an ancient language.

A forum for knowledge and discussion.

“Then have a good time.”

The vehicle left and Cain entered the building.

The first and second floors are cafes.

The 3rd and 4th floors are bars.

The 5th floor is an observation floor with all-glass roof and walls.

It was a structure that had a hole in the center so that you could look down from the upper floor to the lower floor.

Overall, the atmosphere was bright.

Soft music played and the sun shone through the glass roof.

Each floor was decorated with a sophisticated sensibility using artworks and decorations, and the absolute majority of customers were young people.

“So, in this swordsmanship examination… .”

Judging from the conversation, the students seemed to exist.

“So that’s why there are people who are buying all the precious metals inside the walls right now.”

There were also stories about rumors.

“I don’t think the policy is wrong now. Because not everyone is equal.”

“Still, I think… .”

Discussions on social and political issues continued in various places.

However, the story didn’t go into depth, so it didn’t seem very deep.

I had a strong impression that it was just a face-to-face conversation to ‘be there’.

Cain went up to the fifth floor.

I sat at a table, drank coffee and watched people.

─We got too excited about our discussion, would you like to cool off for a moment?

─All right.

A group of tables downstairs took the elevator down.


The elevator stopped on the first basement floor.

Then the guests from other tables disappeared one by one into the basement.

‘I expected it, but it’s not a very concealed atmosphere. Rather, it is closer to doing business openly.’

do it

So, they must be running a pickup service or something.

The guests did not come up from the basement for a long time.

Cain, thinking he had taken a good look at the atmosphere upstairs, returned the empty glass to the counter and boarded the elevator.


under soft lighting.

Corridor twisted like a maze.

Like a hotel, rooms with lakes continued.

“Is this your first visit?”

An employee came up to Cain and asked.

He was wearing a mask that looked like it was specially made.

Cain shook his head.

“I don’t think I need to explain the system. You can use any room you want. You can bring your ID with you when you check out with the return of your room key. and.”

The employee held out a bracelet.

“It is a bracelet that cuts off circuits in the body. Occasionally, guests who are overly intoxicated with pleasure get into a riot, so from this week, a guideline has been issued to make it mandatory.”

Cain took the bracelet and examined it.

It was a metal bracelet, and once worn, it could not be unlocked without a key.

‘The intensity is not that high.’

I put on the bracelet without hesitation.

It was decided that in some cases, it could be torn apart because it had acquired the character of strengthening the body.

Cain handed Ben’s ID to the waiter, took the key to any room, and walked through the hallway.

─Ah ha ha ha!

─Whoa! Whoa!

People burst into laughter and shouts from inside the room. In addition, male and female chastity was heard.

The lights were getting darker and the noise was getting louder. The incense candles installed on the wall gave off a sweet scent.

As soon as the scent touched the mucous membrane of his nostrils, his heart beat faster.

‘… Is it an awakening function?’

There was nothing good about prolonged exposure to such a high concentration of stimulant ingredients.

held my breath


He turned the doorknob and entered the room and exhaled.


It was a landscape unlike any other hotel room.

Huge vents installed in the ceiling.

And except for the menu board prepared on the table.

「Black Cane Blanc」500,000C

「Tecanoa」 750,000C

「Sophoa Sobine」1,250,000C

On the menu board, the names of dozens of drinks were written.

All of them are high-grade alcohol that exists, but even considering that, the price was unusually high.

Cain called the waiter and ordered a suitable drink.

A bottle of wine was delivered soon after.

With a syringe, purified water, and white powder in a plastic bag.

“Have a good time.”

The footsteps of the employee completely disappeared from the hallway, and Cain muttered softly.

“… You know.”

Cain opened the plastic bag and put the powder on the tip of his finger. The scent, touch, and particle size were examined.

‘It’s not the drug I know. At least it’s a drug that has never been circulated outside the walls.’

Crops from the barren farmland outside the wall could never produce a quality product of this level.

If you reconsider, it is highly likely that the cultivation of crops and the manufacture of drugs took place at the same time inside the wall.

‘Rather than bringing in crops or medicines while avoiding the eyes of the Immigration Office, it might be safer to work inside with less surveillance.’


There will be no surveillance in Area 18.

If you look at how you run a facility like this.

‘You must be under the protection of the police. The existence of this place must be widely spread among young people.’

There is no separate district police inside the wall, and each unit of the special task force manages the area separately.

Cain remembered what the waiter had told him before he left the room.

“Our club prides itself on putting freshly processed products right on the customers’ tables.”

“You don’t have to worry about the aftereffects. You can think of it as similar to alcohol without a hangover. Of course, pleasure is nothing compared to alcohol.”

Can a drug with no side effects exist? Cain chuckled.

‘… And it’s a product that has just been processed.’

Cain took medicine and a syringe.

As soon as I left the room, the sticky air with arousing ingredients stuck to my body.

I held my breath and made my way down the hallway as if walking in the water.

Holding my breath was no problem.

When I was living at the bottom of my life, it was normal to be tortured by water.

Cain was able to hold his breath comfortably for the past three minutes. This is twice the number of 1 minute and 30 seconds, which is the average of adult males.

However, considering the lung capacity that would have increased after the circuit was built, it was possible to hold on for about 5 minutes without difficulty.

“Do you need anything?”

“no. nothing. My acquaintance’s room is at the far end, so I’m heading there.”

“Yes. Have a good time.”

The moment an employee passed by, Cain’s hand moved like lightning.

The employee walked away to the other side, unaware that the key pack for the waist dance had disappeared.

‘You’re lying. CCTV doesn’t mean much when there are so many blind spots.’

Of course, it was not a general standard, but Cain’s standard.


Cain disappeared into the staff changing room and the door closed.


It wasn’t long before the door opened, and an employee with the cart pulled out appeared. It was Cain.

moon crack. moon crack.

Cain pulled the cart and moved quickly down the hallway. There was no need to keep an eye on the employees anymore, so the pace increased.

Arriving at the end of the hallway, I took the simple elevator down to the second basement floor.

‘As expected.’

At the end of the hallway on the other side, there was once again a simple elevator going to the 3rd basement floor.

In the guest elevator, there were only buttons up to the second basement floor.

In other words.

From the third basement floor, there was talk of a space for employees.

‘It must be a place where drugs are manufactured.’

It was highly likely that there would be a separate elevator for employees.

The simple elevator is supposed to be used to transport drugs that have just been manufactured.

Cain took the simple elevator and headed to the 3rd basement floor.

Weeing. shudder.

Unlike before, the elevator stopped after going down for a while.

dim lighting. The hallway reappeared.

The guard with a sword around his waist smiled and bowed to Cain.

As if looking at the conspirators,

It was a look that showed a sense of camaraderie.

“… … .”

Cain responded with the same example, then passed him and dragged the cart into the hallway.

moon crack. moon crack.

Unlike the rooms upstairs, each room had a small glass window. Cain looked inside the first room.

on a huge table.

All kinds of tools and machinery, including beakers and scales.

Personnel in white dust suits were busy roaming around.

The second and third rooms were the same.

There was also a control room that manages CCTV and a security room where armed personnel reside.

moon crack. moon crack.

The cart stopped in front of the last room.

Cain made sure no one was around and went inside.

‘Is this a warehouse?’

On the shelf, there were probably a hundred or so medicinal herbs sorted in labeled boxes.

Some of the species, which appear to have been worn relatively recently, were very familiar in their appearance and names.

‘… indeed.’

Cain put the medicines in small pieces in a plastic bag in the cart.

When I concentrated my consciousness, all the plastic bags on my palms disappeared without a trace.

It was a space.

Moved the coordinates from the piece of Zervia’s coat to Cain’s palm.

After finishing the work, Cain pressed all the scenery he could see into his memory.

And he left the warehouse as if nothing had happened.

* * *

“Thank you for visiting. I hope you had a good time.”

The vehicle was dropped off at the same location where Cain was first picked up.


After confirming that the vehicle had disappeared, Cain took a deep breath.

I could feel fresh air being sucked into my nasal passages, something I couldn’t feel underground.

Cain took out a plastic bag of medicinal herbs from the subspace and fiddled with it.

And I remembered the report I received from the user a few days ago.

「This is a list of crops currently being harvested on the farmland owned by Dylan Medical in District 18. As soon as we take over the land, we have secured all the seeds for new crops as instructed.”

It was a moment when it became clear where the drug was placed in Cassargo.

It was quirky and interesting.

It’s a relationship to get entangled once we meet, but I’m sure we’ll bump into each other again like this.

Cain took out the drug he had received from the basement, sniffed it once, and blew it away in the wind.

It smelled.

Smells of heinous corruption and crime.

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