A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 153

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 153

153. Club Cassargo (2)

“What would it be like to have a drug store in the middle of the city?”

Zervia’s hand that was holding the teacup stopped in the air.

“It is a subject that can be punished immediately.”

“What is the standard of punishment?”

“Anyone directly involved in the manufacture and sale will have their wrists cut off, and the buyer will also face imprisonment or fines.”

It looks like you’re giving the next order.

As Zervia was thinking, Cain placed a plastic bag on the table.

“A tavern in District 17 sells these.”

Zervia doubted her ears.

“Area 17?”

“I am doing business in a downtown area. Even at this moment.”

Cain held out a picture.

There were pictures of the entrance of Cassargo and the guests coming and going under it.

“It seemed like a publicly known place among the younger crowd. It’s like a fad. It started operating about a year ago.”

“… … .”

Zervia took the photo and looked at it carefully.

The fact that they are doing business openly like this has not yet hit the mace.

“… There is a force behind them.”

“okay. And I think that force is the special task force.”

Zervia couldn’t deny Cain’s words.

Inside the wall, the special task force divides the area and manages it directly, and patrols it 24 hours a day.

It doesn’t make sense that we couldn’t find a drug store, even a downtown location.

“… Shame on you.”

It was sincere.

There is corruption within the police, but I’ve always thought that it was a story confined to the outside of the wall.

‘If it’s Area 17, it’s definitely a place that Fran, who leads the 2nd battalion, manages it.’

If he was his former self, he would certainly have denied Cain’s words.

However, I have already witnessed the ugly side of my colleagues in Area 47.

There is no such thing as a special task force.

No matter how clean the water is, if it stagnates, it will rot.

“Let’s start the investigation right away. We will gather evidence and narrow the siege little by little.”

“Little by little.”

Cain’s voice stopped Zervia from getting up with the picture.

“… … ?”

Cain returned with a small flowerpot that had been placed by the window.

“It’s basically Dylan Medical involved. They are supplying medicines from the farmland in District 18 to Caslargo in District 17.”

An unknown flower was blooming in the flowerpot.

“But it doesn’t end there, and people from the political or business world may be intertwined.”

Zervia agreed to that.

Even though they are explicitly selling drugs, no one raises any concerns.

That said, there was a possibility that people were shivering while looking at someone.

“When you uproot something, no matter how hard you try, the insects that live there will notice and fly away.”

Cain pretended to grab the flower’s neck before stopping.

Small bugs were crawling on the leaves.

“I understand what you mean. We will conduct an investigation as covertly as possible so that the enemy does not notice.”

Cain shook his head.

“I don’t think the word “investigation” is appropriate. There is another way to use it at times like this.”

“What other way… .”


The fire from Cain’s hand engulfed the plant.

tremendous high fever.

There was nothing left where the fire had gone.

“Burn it. There is no room for the opponent to react or escape.”

* * *

“It is an honor to meet you. It is true that Johann-nim is Raitino’s chief disciple.”

Special Task Force 0.

Zerbia’s lieutenant, Harold, admired his changed face.

“It is true that we are not disciples, but we are friends.”

Cain said as he cast transformation magic on the other two members of the task force.

“I don’t feel any traces of mana, so it seems like you have great skills. It is indescribable to say that I am reassured to work with a high-level wizard.”

“I didn’t even know that our captain had an acquaintance with John.”

One of the crew turned to Zervia.

She also looked in the mirror and made an impression to feel the traces of mana.

“… … .”

Her sense of mana was several times superior to others.

However, there were times when Cain’s magic had no trace of mana at all.

‘I am a disciple of Elder Raitino. On the contrary, it could be just the opposite.’

Cain and Zerbia.

And the three members of Division 0 headed to Caslargo.

“As the law is strict inside the wall, everything is left as paperwork. We infiltrate Cassargo and secure the list of business investors and the transaction history of medicines.”

These were the instructions that Cain had delivered to Zervia.

“The special task force that manages Area 17 is the 2nd Squadron. But I can’t be sure they’re the only ones involved.”

Cain asked.

“Zervia. How many of the troops you can move are really trustworthy?”

Zervia’s troubles didn’t last long.

First, 5 people out of 10 in Division 0 were selected.

Three people, including Adjutant Harold, infiltrate Caslargo together.

The other two had to wait outside in case of an unforeseen situation.

“I also requested support from the captain of the 1st division. He, too, decided to select people he could trust and wait outside.”


As we entered the interior, we saw customers chatting or having a discussion in a bright atmosphere.

A young man and woman who appeared to be cadets of the Knights School stood out.

‘You wouldn’t know that drugs are illegal.’

Zervia felt blood rushing to her head as she imagined them going downstairs and enjoying drugs.

licked his lips.

The crime had to be eradicated.

A vine that harms the surrounding vegetation, adversely affects the soil, and grows randomly.

If you leave it unattended for fear of injuring your hand, it will take root out of control.

Something no one has the courage to do.

But someone has to do it.

Zervia thought that it was her responsibility and walked into the elevator.

* * *

To avoid any doubt, the three operators acted like the rest of the party.

But everyone stopped in front of the hallway leading to the room.

“Please wear your bracelet before entering.”

Zerbia and the crew were bewildered.

Because I hadn’t heard of such a story before.

A bracelet that cuts the circuit was a restraint tool often used in the field.

‘If you wear this, you can’t respond to anything that happens inside.’

Zerbia is in conflict.

I could feel the eyes of the crew waiting for their judgment.

“… … .”

She saw Cain.

Cain was wearing a bracelet with a calm tone.

‘I hope you’re trying to trap me.’

He shook his head.

At least as long as the oath lasts, there is no harm to each other.


Zervia wore a bracelet.

Although she was unaware of it herself, there was also an unconscious trust in Cain.

As the captain took the lead, the crew wore the bracelet with confidence.

Zervia and Cain.

three agents.

Passing the sweet-smelling hallway, each party entered two rooms.

Zervia felt her heart beating strangely faster and her mind clearing up.

“Order some drinks.”

Cain pressed the bell and gave the waiter some instructions.

Soon a few bottles of alcohol and some drugs were placed on the table.

“… Really selling drugs in the middle of the city. I’m speechless.”

Zervia’s eyes seemed to burn the drug bag right away.

I had already heard the story, but when I saw the truth with my own eyes, my feelings were different.

“Have you ever taken any medications?”

“I have never done it, and I will never do it again.”

I’ve heard that there are often operators who take mild stimulants during battle.

But she had no intention of doing so. How much less of a drug like this just for pleasure.

“Branch. The first place to aim is the manager’s office on the third basement floor.”

Zervia nodded her head.

She too knew the nature of these criminal establishments as well as Cain.

Important items are stored underground rather than above the ground.

A place where troops stationed to respond to external forces at any time.

Zervia said.

“First, secure the key to unlock the bracelet… .”

Cain hung a finger between the bracelet and wrist.

Woodduck. Tung!

The bracelet made of hard metal collapsed so easily that it fell on the floor.

“… … !”

Zervia’s bracelet, which was shocked, also cut it off with a calm gesture.

For a moment, Zervia felt as if the information she had gathered while researching Cain was being put together.

A little excitement.

The superiority of knowing you.

“Cain, as expected, you are a mixed race of beasts… .”

“Don’t be silly and get up.”

Cain got up from his seat, blocking Zervia’s vain enlightenment.

I swung the door open and went to the room where the task force members were and knocked.

shudder. squeaky.

“John, how about that bracelet… !”

Cain was surprised and broke their bracelets as well.

He threw the sword he took out of the subspace at them who were rubbing their wrists with blank faces.

“It will be much better. Rather than a prefabricated weapon hidden in clothes.”

“… … .”

Zervia felt it.

I think it’s my subspace.

I cried, but I persevered.

If I had the heart to give it back to him, I would have done it earlier.


Cain and Zervia led the way through the hallway. Behind them, three crewmen followed.

“Finish it as soon as possible. There are stimulants in the air, so prolonged time can damage the body.”

Only then did Zervia understand why her heart was beating so fast.

“Please stop for a moment. Swords must be returned before entering… ?”

An employee approaching from the other side of the hallway felt strange and took out a walkie-talkie.


But Cain’s movement was faster than that.

The employee, who was struck in the back of the neck by Cain’s blade, lost consciousness and fell to the floor.

‘The CCTV doesn’t matter. It takes less than a minute to get to the 3rd basement floor anyway.’

Cain marched forward without hesitation. A conversation between Zervia and the crew could be heard from behind.

“How was John able to break the bracelet?”

“The blood of a prisoner flows through John. It is certainly.”

“her… . I’ve only heard… .”

There’s been some great misunderstanding, but I didn’t get involved in the conversation because it had nothing to do with the plan.

“It’s an intruder!”

3rd floor basement.

Enemies with swords were pouring out from all over the hallway.

Said the crew, raising the tension in their bodies.

“There is no swarm of ants. All of them must be employees of the inside-wall security company.”

“I think we were just looking outside the wall too much. You didn’t even know there was such a mold growing inside.”

“I didn’t know the enemy would be this big.”

I could intuit that it would be a formidable battle.

The level of security companies was higher inside the wall where crime was rare than outside the wall where crime was rampant.

‘Maybe it’s because we have to cater to the demanding rich people.’

The mana that came out of Cain’s hand soaked into Zervia and the crew.

Thanks to the watch he received from Raitino, mana was no longer black.

Its color was bright blue.

Admiration erupted from the mouths of the crew.

“I’ve received enhancement magic a few times, but this level of magic… .”

At worst, they thought they might have to bury their bones here.

But with this magic.

The crew trembled with excitement.

With a little awakening component and strengthening magic, they have reached their current maximum combat power in their lives.

‘… I hate to admit it.’

Zervia was also surprised.

Power flowing through the body.

Maximized five senses and reflexes.

Maybe it was stronger than usual.

‘And how did the color of mana return to blue again?’

I couldn’t figure it out.

He was a man who made me raise new questions every time I met him.


Taking advantage of the narrow corridor, the battle was fought.

Although the number difference was large, the force of the special task force overwhelms the enemy.

Break up!

“thank you!”

Occasionally, through the cracks that the excited crew showed, Cain’s magic properly penetrated and overcame the crisis.

The number of enemies decreased rapidly.

fighting going on.

Cain’s gaze turned to the elevator located at the end of the hallway.

‘There are two elevators for staff. One place is broken. There is only one place left.’

Cain watched the elevator like a hunter waiting for his time.

And the moment a man with a briefcase full of both hands appeared in front of him.

‘The author is the manager.’


Elements that had been purified in advance appeared out of the palm of the hand and swirled.

“Everyone, bow down.”

Cain’s voice was soft, but it was clearly transmitted to all of the task force.

Zervia and the crew immediately bowed down.


A huge pillar-shaped gust of wind ripped through everything waist-high and flew towards the elevator.

“Blood, avoid!”

Enemies involved were literally ‘deleted’.

The gust hit the button the manager was about to press. And it exploded.

Quad Duke-!!!

The manager stiffened in the posture with his fingers outstretched and trembled.

before his eyes.

The elevator was crumpled in an unrecognizable shape as if chewed by a monster.

If he had extended his fingers a little more, he would have been caught up in the explosion and it would have been similar.

violence on an overwhelming scale.

A quiet hallway where everyone held their breath.

Cain’s voice rang out.

“Where are you daring to get out of without my permission?”

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