A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 173

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 173

173. Understanding and Practice of Sojang Field (3)

“El Lexter, who shows no attitude of regret or remorse, adds 10 penalty points.”

The total of the penalty points is 20 points.

It was the score that immediately ordered 100 hours of school service.

L shouted in the murmur.

“Wait. You mean adding 10 demerit points?”

“Now you answer. I kept my mouth shut and thought I was dumb. Are you dissatisfied with the points you received?”

Elle smirked and said.

“Ha, of course. I admit I had bad thoughts. I admit it. But it’s still not 20 demerit points.”

“It is purely at the professor’s discretion to penalize students during lectures. There is nothing against the rules.”

There was a war of words between El and Cain.

“According to Article 3, Paragraph 2 of the school rules, the maximum number of penalty points that can be given to a student at one time is 10.”

It was L who was constantly shooting.

However, everyone in the classroom was already feeling that victory was leaning to one side.

“There should be a phrase written in paragraph 3 right below that it is possible to double depending on the circumstances.”

No matter what logic L brought up, Cain was smashing it with a calm tone.

“The 20 points is unprecedented in the history of the tower.”

“There’s no law that says it shouldn’t happen just because it’s unprecedented.”

It was the impression of throwing a cobblestone into the high wall of the castle.

L’s face became more and more red as time passed.

she said boldly.

“Do you know what kind of family we are?”

“I know. The Rexter family is famous for producing high-level wizards from generation to generation.”

Nell sighed a little next to El.

‘It’s a bad habit.’

In the end, he is trying to avoid the crisis by selling the family name again.

His twin sister was born seconds apart.

“I will admit 10 demerit points. But 20 points is impossible. There is also the honor of our family.”

Seeing Cain pause for a moment to answer, El smiled a converted smile.

Also, in front of the name of the Rexter family, Professor Lee can’t help it.

‘What will he do? My father is a high-ranking aristocrat with a count and is a famous person with great influence in the magic world.’

In particular, he was famous for boasting a deep friendship with the Elder Aitar, the owner of the tower.

But Cain’s next words were completely different from El’s expectations.

“The honor of the family. Count Lexter would be very sorry if he knew what was going on.”


“My daughter, who should be honored, is trying to escape the situation by selling her family name.”

El’s face crumpled.

A giggle of laughter echoed from all over the classroom.

When she turned her head to shoot, it stopped immediately.

“I have to finish the lecture, so admit your mistake and sit down.”

El trembled on the spot and didn’t say anything.

As Cain turned and was about to return to the pulpit, he shouted loudly.

“You don’t seem to know that there is a line between nobles that needs to be protected. Maybe it’s because someone from a slum just got a raise.”

For a moment, the atmosphere in the classroom became quiet.

Cain’s body spun towards El again.

All of the students expected him to be angry, but his expression was just dull.

“You are a noble.”

Cain tilted his head and spoke as if he didn’t really understand.

“Strictly speaking, are you not a nobleman? The nobility is your father, Count Lexter.”

Imperial titles are not hereditary.

Cain’s words pointed that out.


“Today’s lecture will end here. Let’s assume that the assignment is received by the next hour.”

Cain closed the classroom door and went out.


A few steps later, an angry scream was heard from inside the classroom.

I ignored it lightly and got into the elevator.

Before returning to the lab, we headed to the CCTV management room on the 20th floor.

“Ah, you are the newly appointed Professor John. What did you come here for?”

The old janitor greeted Cain with respect.

“There is something I want to check out of the video from a few days ago.”

Because it was a simple confirmation, no separate authority was required.

The caretaker found a tape of the date Cain wanted and inserted it into the device.

It was a video of the 1st class classroom where Cain’s assistant worked.

“… … .”

Cain paused the video at one point and played it over and over again.

「Elemental storage structure dismantling document-electric」

It was a book in the teacher’s hand.

He hesitated for a while in front of the bookshelf, then put the book he was holding and pulled out another book.

「Elemental Director Structure Dismantling Book – Fire」

His lips moved.

It wasn’t muffled, but I could identify a few words by the shape of the mouth.

parachute. slum.

That alone was enough to know that he had prepared the book with malice.

“thank you. Well checked.”

Cain left the management room and got back into the elevator to go to the lab.


Then we reached the 41st floor and the door opened.

“ah! Professor John! You’re on your way back now!”

The voice came from under his gaze.

A woman of slightly shorter than average height.

He was Aitar’s chief assistant, Viola.

“I visited the lab because it was time for the lecture to end, but I was on my way back because he wasn’t there.”


The door was about to close, so Cain reached out and pressed the open button.

“What did you find me for?”

“Aitar wants to see you. It’s also his job to interview new professors.”

“Are you up there?”


“Go up right away.”

Viola got into the elevator.


“My assistant.”

“Are you talking about Killard?”

“I will cut it. The assistant will let me save it myself.”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter, but maybe for some reason… .”

“Date 4 days ago. You can find out by checking the CCTV in the first classroom at 2:23 pm.”


Simultaneously with the answer, Cain got out of the elevator.

Viola followed Cain, feeling a little embarrassed.

“It’s spacious. It is definitely the top floor of the tower.”

“Ah yes? Yes. The structure is slightly different from the other floors. It’s a floor that Aitar-sama uses alone.”

It was a structure with several rooms facing the inside in a ring-shaped hallway that was connected in a circle along the outer perimeter.

Viola stopped in front of the biggest door and knocked.


“This is Viola. I have come with Professor John.”

─ Come in.


“Then let’s talk.”

When Cain went inside, she closed the door from the outside.

On one side of the table located inside, an old man with white hair was making tea.

“Aitar. I heard you found me.”

“Sit comfortably. What kind of tea do you enjoy?”

Cain sat down at the guest table and took a look around the lab.

Furniture such as desks and bookshelves that have traces of time.

Overall, it was a space with a calm impression, resembling the owner.

I smelled the incense brushing my nose and answered.

“It’s lacteal, a specialty of District 54. I will do the same thing you are cooking now.”

“Do you know anything about your car?”

“I don’t know if I know him well, but I enjoy it.”

When Cain recognized a rather rare tea species at once, Aitar was delighted.

Then, realizing what he had to say to the other person, he swallowed a cough and lowered his voice again.

“Well, you seem to have some knowledge.”

Seeing Aitar approaching with a cup, Cain stood up.

He took the glass, set it down on the table, and asked for a handshake.

“It is an honor to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.”

A light handshake passed and the two sat down.

The sweet scent of tea permeated the laboratory.

Aitar said, sipping his glass.

“It’s also part of my job to interview new professors. Sorry for being late. We should have met before the first lecture, but something bad has happened lately, so I’m not in a good mood.”

Cain answered with a saddened voice.

“I heard about it too. I am very sorry.”

“It’s something I can’t help but regret. If only he had time, he would have blossomed a more splendid talent than anyone else.”

He let out a small sigh, but there was no sign of terribly sad.

He seemed to have finished sorting out his emotions to some extent during the chipmunk.

“I heard there are a lot of activities. You can’t hold on to a busy person for long. I’ll go straight to the point. Your personnel handling has been done without going through formal procedures.”

Cain took a sip of the car.

“It sounds like you didn’t get Aitar-sama’s approval.”

“That’s right. While I was away, I delegated personnel authority to Raitino, but I told him that important matters such as appointment of professors had to be approved.”

“Elder Raitino would have disregarded those instructions.”

“okay. that bird… No, because Elder Ratino is dogmatic.”

Aitar swallowed his cough again.

“As you know, everything has a form and a procedure, right? If you had gone through the normal course, I think you would have been able to get enough professorship.”

“The procedure was omitted abnormally, so I had some doubts.”

At Cain’s attitude of acknowledging and sympathizing with the situation, Aitar felt his anger subside.

On the contrary, I feel like I’m pushing a student who has done nothing wrong.

“This does not mean that I will cancel my appointment. In the yard that has already entered the lecture. However, it is true that there are voices of dissatisfaction among professors and faculty members.”

Cain nodded his head.

“You must be in trouble. Because we cannot ignore the voices of those who have contributed to the operation of the tower.”

“That’s what I mean. Still, I decided to settle the complaints to some extent and come up with a compromise.”

Aitar put up a condition.

“You have two lectures now.”

Students must receive an average GPA of 4.5 or higher in each of the students’ lecture evaluations at the end of the semester.

“It’s a difficult situation.”

“Our students are known for being picky, but it’s not impossible.”

Cain recalled the operation data of the tower, which he had read in his spare time.

Assessment of students’ lectures.

The highest score in recent years was 4.7, which Professor Ellen received.

It was very difficult to get a score of 4.5 or higher from an objective point of view.

“I have decided to fire you if you do not score enough. But once the conditions are met, there will be no more dissatisfaction.”

Cain pondered for a moment.

It didn’t seem that difficult to get points.

However, it was clear that the quality of the lectures would have to be improved, and that much time would be wasted.

Then a commotion was heard from outside.

─ Raitino-sama! You can’t go in now… !


The door to the lab burned black for a moment and turned to ashes.

Beyond the open rectangular space, I could see a very angry Raitino.

Fierce-!! Break-up!!

In his hand was a vine of a streak of electric current that gave off an eerie purple color.

His eyes were half-turned.

“dismissal? dismissal? Hey?”

“This crazy bastard opened the door… !”

Aitar jumped up from his seat.

Laitino walked into the lab and faced Aitar.

“Did you tell my child to be fired now? dismissal?”

The two clashed like flints waiting to collide.

“her? okay. called dismissal. I know who’s cleaning up the cheap shit right now! Where is the loud noise, the loud noise!”

Electric currents emitted from Lightino’s body engulfed the atmosphere and crawled on the floor.

Aitar, too, was emitting a blue glow from his eyes.

Damn it!

The floor began to freeze around his feet, and ice crystals began to bloom in the air.

“Professor John! come here! You wouldn’t mix words with a man who looked like that withered twisted branch!”

“crazy! What’s the intellectual appearance of something that looks like a cabbage that has been boiled for three days!”

With a truly terrifying appearance, he blasphemed his opponent with high-class cultured language.

The bookshelf collapsed and cracks formed in the wall.

There was even the illusion that the tower itself was shaking.

Viola looked at Cain with a face about to cry.

‘Please dry it.’

Cain shrugged.

‘I don’t know if I’ll dry up.’

“Let’s do it now!”

“okay! I’ll send you some recuperation on this occasion!”

Electric elements and ice elements.

Between small explosions where two elements intertwine.

Cain filled in the free space of a momentary accident with other thoughts.

‘The plan to remove the chief is… .’

“Kill! I really want you to kill me!”

“If you do, you know I can’t do it!”

With the shouts of the two elders, the lab was dyed blue and yellow.

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