A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 187

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 187

186. whirlwind of fate (2)

The members of the Red Skull gang cheered as they leaned out of the car window.

“It is war! War!”

On the other side, an enemy vehicle appeared.

There are about 100 people here.

Judging from the number of vehicles, the number of enemies seemed to be that much.

“Where is the force? I came here because the boss told me to get together.”

“You know what! It’s okay if we can all play together!”

I didn’t know where the enemy forces were.

But it didn’t matter anyway.

This is Red Skull’s finest.

In the place they passed, only the scene of a gruesome massacre remained, no matter who the opponent was.

Also, since all of them were injected with stimulants into their body, they were unable to feel any emotions such as fear or fear.

“Run—! moon… !”

The driver of the vehicle running in the lead was unable to speak.

A fireball that could have been several meters in diameter was flying in this direction, filling the entire windshield landscape.


The car that collided with the fireball exploded.

A huge amount of smoke flew here and there with the wind.

“… … !”

“What, what? just now?”

Those who followed passed by the scene of the explosion with bewildered faces.

Through the smoke, only traces of liquid on the floor were visible.

The heat of the flame melted the entire vehicle into liquid, and even that was all evaporated.

“What did I see now?”

“Oh, it’s like magic. It just popped up out of the air.”

Of course, it wasn’t that he had no experience with magic.

Rather, he knew very well how to deal with wizards.

However, the magic of power beyond the level of common sense made them momentarily at a loss for words.

“f*ck! Look ahead! front!”

The driver, who couldn’t take his eyes off the rearview mirror, looked ahead at someone’s cry.

Large vehicles that appeared out of nowhere were lined up to form a barricade.

‘what. This is another time… .’

Unidentified personnel armed with suits and guns were getting out of the vehicle and out of the collision range.

That was the last scene the driver saw.


Vehicles in front, which could not slow down, collided with the barricade one after another, causing an explosion.

The rest were able to avoid the collision by stepping on the sudden brake.

But the situation did not end there.

─Firing starts!

Someone shouted from the front.

At the same time, armed forces with formations started firing.

Doo doo doo doo-!

Bullets rained down on Red Skull’s vehicle.

The bulletproof glass cracked and the car body began to dent.

“what? Whoa, police? Did you show up hiding in the canyon?”

“f*ck. What kind of bastards—!”

It wasn’t the police.

The name ‘Supreme Security’ was written on the militant’s suit.

The Red Skull gang members got out of the car after putting on a shield on their body.

He pulled out a weapon such as a sword or a mace and tried to close the distance, but it was not easy due to the continuous shooting.

It was all about taking a little step while maintaining the shield.

At that moment, someone slammed the ground and ran out from among the Red Skulls.

“Damn bastards! I break through the formation!”

He was called a ‘quick-footed bolt-rek’ in the group.

He narrowed the distance in an instant, avoiding bullets at a speed that was hard to catch up with.

“I believed you!”

“Shut up!”


Boltrek jumped into the air several meters high.

He put his sword behind his head and took a stance to hit it hard.

Inside the militant’s helmet.

I see confused faces.

The guns are all directed towards this side.

Doo doo doo doo-!

It becomes the target of concentrated fire, and the shield begins to crack in an instant.

But it doesn’t matter.

You just have to hold on for a while until the sword strikes.

If you destroy the enemy camp, your colleagues will take care of it after that.


Then a fire broke out in the land just below Volt’rek.


The moment Boltrek recognized it.

The embers turned into pillars of fire.


The pillar of fire soared up to several tens of meters in the sky, creating the illusion that his vision had turned red in an instant.

after swallowing prey.

The pillar of fire disappeared without a trace.

Only huge scorch marks on the floor were proof of what had just happened.

“Just what… .”

Both Red Skull and Supreme Security stopped moving in surprise.

Their gaze was directed at a figure floating in the air.

The mana scattered in the air that seemed to belong to Voltrek was being sucked in by his hand.

-It’s not bad.

It certainly sounded like that.

at the same time

A number of huge fireballs began to form behind the man’s back.

The faces of the Red Skull elites became pale.

My body was trembling regardless of my will, if I should not have any fear by taking drugs.

As the completed fireballs were shot, their vision was dyed red.


“Hey, what are these beasts!”

“Don’t panic, get ready for the battle!”

The situation was not so different for the local police and the special task force, who were rushing to support the chief.

A group of gray wolves, led by Silverfang, ran wildly between the stopped police cars.

Guns were fired at them and swords were swung, but it was not easy to catch up with Suin’s physical abilities.

“Everyone in the lead, move to the rear!”

There, Milsian was wielding a sword and at the same time giving command to the Ashen Wolf.

Far from supporting the chief, the police were unable to even get close to him.

“Raymond! Where are you looking!”

Raymond and Al Pacino continued a life-or-death duel.


Knuckle broke the dagger and headed straight for Raymond’s head.

‘The level has risen quite a bit while we haven’t seen it.’

Raymond thought as he looked at the vicious red mana wrapped around his knuckles.

If you clumsily block it with a shield, you will be defeated and your head will be shattered.

In terms of simple destructive power, he could never evaluate himself as inferior.

After making a quick judgment, Raymond turned around and barely avoided the knuckle.

At the same time, he pulled out a new dagger from his bosom and stabbed it at Al Pacino’s heart.

It was a natural movement like flowing water, but Al Pacino’s reaction speed was also not formidable.


Al Pacino retrieved the arm he had thrown out, and slashed the dagger with his elbow.


The dagger broke, and Raymond pulled out a new dagger again.

“How long are you going to play pranks? Do you think you can beat me without doing your best!”

“… … .”

This is the 4th dagger.

Raymond attacked again without answering.

The sound of metal cutting the wind and the fluttering of the hem of his clothes resonated over the earth without stopping.


The moment I turned around to avoid the knuckles, I heard a shout from afar.

─Do not try to follow the movements of the beasts with your eyes! Predict your path and shoot!

Raymond’s lips twitched.

‘Cain. Is it your fault too?’

I must have known that I was deceived.

The time allotted was too tight to come and look at the whole situation and check all possibilities.

The task force and district police were secretly prepared without Cain’s knowledge.

But looking at the group standing in the way, it seemed that even those numbers had been read.

─Supreme Security? Those little guards who can’t even use mana!

Fortunately, Cain was blocking both Red Skull and the police.

What is the guy’s purpose?

For what financial gain?

Or to take your life?

If so, how did Zervia’s safety come about?

Questions like that were of no use now.

The important thing was to end the battle with Al Pacino as soon as possible and put an end to the situation.


As the fifth dagger broke, Raymond pulled out his real weapon.

It was a rapier made of mithril.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think you can afford to take care of yourself. Slowly finish.”

At that moment, Raymond, no, the chief’s momentum changed.


Zervia jumped up and shouted.

“These scumbag criminals… ?”

The cry eventually turned into a questionable form.

shabby iron bars.

cool stone floor.

straw on it.

It looked like a prison somewhere.

There was no one around, so there was only silence.

I got a headache and wrinkled my forehead.

I slowly recollected.

‘… Apparently he was moving to Area 114 under Cain’s instructions. There I met a group of hounds.’

Of course there was a battle.

And, unsurprisingly, it was suppressed at once.

“… … .”

I still couldn’t understand.

How could a herd of hounds be so powerful.

Although the man behind the hound seemed to be a high-level wizard who could use enhancement magic.

Anyway, I was forced to take drugs, lost consciousness, and when I woke up, I was here.

‘date! What is today’s date?’

The thought that followed was that I had to carry out Cain’s orders.

It was supposed to raid the spot where the Red Skull and the Blue Serpent boss met with Cain.


Something caught in her hand as she hurriedly looked around.

It was his sword.

This was also incomprehensible.

The purpose is unknown, but if captured as a prisoner of war, it would be normal to confiscate the weapon and then detain him.

She got up from her seat and cut the grate with a sword infused with mana.



The rusty grate was cut so easily that it was futile.

Considering the power of the hunting dogs, the defense was ridiculously lax.


As I went out of the prison and climbed the stairs, a slum street appeared.

Judging from the location where the sun was rising, it looked like it was early afternoon.

But more important is the date.

Zervia approached the beggar who was leaning against the wall of the alley and asked.

“What is the date today?”

“It’s December 20th. See where I’m leaving my mind?”

“thank you.”

Zervia searched her body with a quick motion.

The wallet was still there.

He took out a few coins and put them in the tin in front of the beggar.

“… … ?”

Then, suddenly, he realized that his neck was empty.

He groped his neck, but couldn’t touch the pendant he was wearing all the time.

‘Did the hounds take it?’

It was dizzying, but I didn’t have time to find it now.

‘Following Cain’s orders is our priority. I can’t let him down… .’

She turned and tried to get out of the alley.

Then the beggar’s voice stopped his feet.

“for a moment. Someone told me to give it to you.”

What he gave him was a locator.

The location of the target on the small screen was flashing in the form of dots.

“Who… ?”

“I don’t know. I’m just passing on They told me to check if I delivered it well and pay for it later.”

It was something that was commonly available in the market.

The target’s location was estimated beyond the perimeter of the area by distance.

“… … .”

The tangent place of the two bosses that Cain had told them was also a wilderness beyond the outskirts.

A strong sense of discomfort in an instant.

Only one thing was certain.

The fact is that you have decided where you want to go now.

As if to support her idea, the beggar handed him another object.

“key… ?”

It was the bike key.

A bike was parked in a corner of the alley.

“I told you to tell me this too. I’m sure I’ve done my part?”

“… … ”

It was weird too.

It felt like playing in someone’s hands.

If you go to the location marked on the tracker, you will be able to answer all the questions you are feeling now.


Zervia got on the bike and started it.

I fixed the locator on the cradle and ran towards the outside.

A street appears through the alley.

A street appears across the street.

After passing the road, the outskirts appeared.

Now the wilderness was in sight.

When you finally arrive near your destination.

She couldn’t help but feel her blood freezing as she watched the scene unfold beneath the hill.

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