A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 189

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 189

188. whirlwind of fate (4)

It was like a huge lightning bolt struck the world.

An ear-piercing roar filled the wilderness.

Everyone on the battlefield reflexively turned their heads towards the source of the sound.

But their vision turned white, and there was nothing they could see.

I could only instinctively know that something out of the box was happening.


The roar disappeared leaving behind a long tail.

The light went out and my vision returned to normal.

Zervia slowly opened her eyes.

And I didn’t know how to accept the scenery that appeared in front of me for a moment.

The Red Skull’s executives disappeared, leaving only Cain.

The expressionless expression as usual.

However, the blue mana flowing around her body was announcing that something had changed drastically.

“Cain… ?”

Cain turned his head.

The two eyes met.

Facing the blue eyes emanating from her eyes, Zervia tightened her grip on the sword.

It was definitely Cain.

Even though they were aware that they could not harm each other by the oath, the red signal was constantly ringing in her head.


This is very dangerous.

It felt like witnessing the birth of an unbearable great evil.

Then Cain looked away.

tens of meters away.

It was a battlefield with several people mixed together.

The battle had begun again.

No matter what happened in the center, the enemy is right in front of you.

Cain slowly raised his arm.

palms facing forward.

At that moment, a red skull met Cain’s eyes.

After stopping the battle, Iro had been watching this place all the time, and was wearing an officer rank badge on his clothes.


Mana gathered in Cain’s palm and sparks began to flow.

Seeing this, the Red Skull executive’s face turned pale.

Although it was far away, I could sense that the situation was not serious.

all run away


Cain’s magic was faster than the voice of fear.

A blue electric current triggered from Cain’s palm crossed the wilderness and reached the battlefield in an instant.


The current splits in several directions.

Of the numerous personnel, only the Red Skull was attacked and only ashes were turned to ashes.

Everyone on the battlefield was momentarily speechless.

It was closer to great violence than magic.

Cain turned around, keeping his outstretched hand.

The remaining current crossed the battlefield once more in the direction of Cain’s hand.


The target this time was the task force and the district police.

An electric current enveloped the air around them, creating a prison that could not be lifted by a single hand.

Zervia opened her eyes.

“Cain, what the hell… ! Why are you… !”

Cain didn’t answer.

He just picked his breath and checked his body.

[ Circuit Level : 4 ]

[ Mana 12628 / 15162 ]

The total amount of the previous mana circuit was 7,000 units.

By absorbing the mana of the two bosses, it has more than doubled the number at once.

From the extent of the rise, the total amount of mana circuits of the two bosses and the resulting force could be guessed.

‘I don’t think anyone will have much difficulty dealing with it now. Except for emperors and immortals.’

Simply counting the total amount of mana did not reach Laitino or Aitar.

However, since he can go through a higher level of mana refinement than usual, he was able to create various variables during battle.

When confronted with two elders.

At least it won’t be easily pushed away.

“Cain! Answer me! Please explain this situation!”

Cain looked at Zervia.

She should have been grateful.

If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have been able to absorb the mana of the two bosses so easily.

Cain said while looking down at Zervia from the air.

“Blue Serpent and Red Skull. Two organizations clash, and you kill both bosses. Do I need any further explanation?”

“Why are you arresting the special task force? It’s not the police that should be suppressed, but those wolf prisoners! Other than that, I have to explain-.”

“It’s the opposite.”

Cain cut off Zervia’s horse.

“Allies are on the side of the wolf beasts. they are my men The task force and the district police are uninvited guests I did not call.”

“What… ?”

Zervia was speechless.

Confused, she spoke.

“Then who… .”

“The Red Skull boss has led his troops. If you look at it with common sense, the boss of the Blue Serpent must have also brought troops.”

The boss of a criminal organization brought the police to the meeting point.

obviously nonsense.

But for an instant, a certain thought ran through my head, and the concentration of anxiety grew even deeper.

“This is the blood test result you requested.”

before leaving the capital.

I got Reina’s blood test form.

It was directly matched against the blood test table in the District 31 file.

The sword that Cain dropped on the scene.

bloodstains buried there.

That’s the checklist for him.

And Zerbia was faced with a shocking result.

The genetic kinship was 100% concordant.

It was a number that could not come out without you.

“Cain stabbed Reina on the spot… ?」

It was an unbelievable fact.

There were also a few things to consider.

Traces of freezing magic remained at the site, and Cain was unable to use magic at that time.

Also, as a result of secretly using the detector, Rayna was an ordinary person without a circuit.

There was only one possibility left.

That Reina’s identical twins exist.

“If Reina had a twin named A.”

Through the evidence revealed, the reasoning was precisely completed.

A belongs to the Blue Serpent and installed a bomb under the pier to steal Red Skull’s cash transport vehicle.

“Then there is a high possibility that my brother was killed by A.”

The cause of his brother’s death was excessive bleeding due to a deep cut.

However, other than the sword that Cain dropped, no other weapons were found at the scene.

What was unusual was the amount of bites left around her brother, who had fallen down bleeding.

“If A, who deals with freezing magic, stabbed her brother with an ice pick or something.”

Then I could account for the water on the floor.

I rearranged my guess once again.

A was going up the stairs under the pier to install a bomb.

He ran into his brother, who was a newcomer at the time, and killed him with an ice pick.

Then he went up to the top of the stairs to set the bomb, and then met Cain, who came up.

A battle broke out, and Cain was victorious.

The bomb was disarmed by his hand.

“There are a few things I don’t understand, though.”

How did Cain, who was not a mana user at the time, win against the wizard?

Maybe he didn’t know what kind of deal was going on between A and Cain.

If they had fought against the same Blue Serpent, they would have been disposed of in some way by the organization later.

However, if you look at the records, even after the terrorist attack, Cain appeared to be active in various places.

「Reina and twin A.」

Raina belongs to the police,

A belongs to a criminal organization.

Naturally, I came to the conclusion that Reina and A were communicating.

If Raina had delivered the stolen inside information to A, it was understandable that the Blue Serpent had been moving around to avoid the police.

And soon one more thought ran through my head.

“no way… .”

The chief is not that kind of person.

There’s no way he didn’t notice that his secretary was stealing information.

Even during the nearly ten years of working with her.

“I’d rather not know if the Commissioner had directed that the information was stolen… .”

It was a joke spit out to herself, but for a moment, Zervia felt a creepy feeling.

This was because some of the questions I had felt while researching the Blue Serpent were easily resolved if I explained it that way.

But nonetheless, it was an absurd idea, so she erased the reasoning from her head.

Then, according to Cain’s instructions, we departed for Sector 114.

But the horror of that time is now reviving.

“There is a possibility that the police, who found the tangent between the two organizations, raided the scene. But it’s strange that the task force is mixed in there.”

Cain’s voice rang in Zervia’s ears.

“I know that the task force only works under the direction of the chief of the security bureau or someone with a higher position.”

Various circumstances and past suspicions were gathering together and a huge fact was being completed.

“If not for your instructions, who would have moved the task force?”


Zervia’s shout echoed through the wilderness.

She approached the body of the Blue Serpent Boss with a face that was red as if it would explode at any moment.

“… … .”

The scattered rapier stood out.

An unfamiliar voice came to mind.


Zervia’s sword fell to the floor.

One knee of her was bent.

His trembling hands turned towards his cold face.

I could only now notice the awkwardness of the wrinkles on my face.

She clenched her teeth.

It was very frightening and trembling, but it was something that had to be confirmed.

Pulling on the skin of the face reveals the real face that had been hidden.

“… … .”

She saw her father.

At that moment, all the emotions that had been condensed in my heart exploded.

It feels like the whole world is giving you a bad lie.

“Kai Ii-in!!!!”

He grabbed his sword and ran towards Cain.

“I said you could put out the fire without burning your hands.”

I could now understand what the priest Estelle had said.

“I do not know either. I just said that when things are over, you’ll find out on their own.”

“I will kill you-!!!”

Several emotions crossed.

My father was the worst criminal.

And he died a little while ago at the hands of his daughter.

Nausea came up from the huge shock, and I wanted to clear my stomach right away.

Still, the father, who was insensitive to his daughter, put hesitation in his hands at the last moment.

If so, should I find some comfort there?


Zervia jumped out of her seat.

He took a stance to slash his sword towards Cain, who had come under his sight.

The blood on her sword gleamed red in the sun.

Zervia looked at Cain’s expressionless face.

He didn’t show any signs of using any magic, he just stared at him.

‘You must have known all this.’

never could have known

Because he’s an unusually smart guy.

‘And he would have made up the whole situation.’

So that the chief may have no choice but to face death at the hands of his daughter.

It was as if everyone was playing on his palm.

‘But why?’

It was questionable.

If it were him, he could have used a different method.

Knowing that the Blue Serpent boss is the chief, he could have used that to create a different ending in some way.

Without having to induce a picture of a daughter stabbing her father to death.

‘Cain, why are you?’

Although not in a general form, I thought that the cooperative relationship with him was quite organic.

hatred of evil.

eradication of crime.

Because the goals were consistent.

Gradually trust was built up, and I began to respect him as a colleague.

But it seemed that it was only for him.

He doesn’t care about the feelings of his colleagues.

As long as you can achieve your goals more easily and efficiently.

“He is different from other criminals.”

no. his thinking was wrong.

He is also just one of the villains to be defeated in the end.

Cain was getting closer and closer to his sight.

The moment you are about to drop your sword.

Zervia felt severe pain in her chest and fell to the ground.


It felt like my heart was being squeezed.

I could feel the sign of the oath engraved on my chest burning.

I remembered what Cain had said at the time of the signing of the oath.

“The oath is completed when the Blue Serpent is completely annihilated. Until then, they cannot cause any physical harm to each other. Do you agree?”

The oath was not completed.

Bama, one of the executives, remained, and Zerbia was clearly aware of that.

The terms of the oath placed restrictions on his actions.


Cain’s feet touched the ground.

“… … .”

Cain looked down at Zervia, who had fallen to the ground.

Hatred and anger were glaring at him in his eyes.

As I clenched my teeth and endured the heartache caused by the oath.

‘Good luck. It seems like things went the way I intended.’

It was a planned situation.

Because he had to remain a staunch villain to Zervia.

“You’re going to kill me.”

Cain slowly opened his mouth.

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