A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 206

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 206

205. Princess Lessons (2)

“What do you want to do when you go out?”

Julia tilted her head.

It was a fight to ask something obvious.

“You have to freely roam the continent. I have to be compensated for my life so far.”

She said she wanted to roam the continent like a free bird.

He said he wanted to see the sea, join the mercenaries and go on adventures, and he wanted to get drunk in a shabby bar.

“Life beyond the wall may not be so easy. The reality will be much colder and harder than the princess expected.”

“I know. what do you see me as If you give up your life in the Imperial Palace, you will surely lose a lot. But I still want freedom.”

Cain looked down at Julia.

I did not mean to disparage the life this little girl had endured.

To survive among the emperor’s numerous children means to live a life of a different concentration from others.

But life outside the wall is not easy.

A young age and beautiful appearance will be factors that attract all kinds of flying insects.

‘… Some support will be provided here. But in the end, you have to be able to stand on your own.’

Because of this, Cain was asking Julia for her resolve.

“You will need a way to protect yourself.”

“So you are trying to learn magic. I-.”

Cain approached Julia and grabbed her wrist.

“What, what?”

“It’s pretty. You don’t seem to be exercising on a regular basis.”

“That is unavoidable. Because I have a lot of other things to do—”


In an instant, Cain gave strength to his grasp, and immense pain struck the girl.

Julia collapsed in her seat.

In an instant, my whole body was drenched in cold sweat, and convulsions came.

“Ahhh… .”

Even the scream didn’t come out properly.

He tried to shake off his wrist with all his might, but he could not escape Cain’s grip, which was comparable to that of a beast.

“This, this, this, let this go, let go… .”

Julia lifted her head hard and looked at Cain.

And once again I felt my breath stop.

There was no expression on the opponent’s face.

His emotions were not revealed, giving him a creepy feeling like an inanimate object.

However, only one intention was clearly indicated.


The thought of taking someone’s life.

‘I’m really going to kill you.’

For a moment, my mind went blank.

The overwhelming feeling of helplessness tightened his whole body, making breathing and thinking difficult.

Cain let go of his wrists when Julia’s fears and fears reached their maximum.


Julia’s arm fell like a doll with a broken thread.


The floor was soaked with sweat.

Julia took a deep breath.

Cain’s voice fell over her head.

“The law is not famous. Outside the walls are the places where the winds of malice blow nonstop, and life is extinguished more easily than anywhere else.”

Cain’s story of the dangers outside the wall continued.

Julia could understand Cain’s intentions at that moment.

“It is not enough just to be armed. You must not be constantly vigilant, suspicious, and trusting no one.”

It was kind of a warning.

The moment you are vigilant, you will be hit as quickly as you do now.

“There, the princess should be able to protect herself by herself. For this reason, the teaching of the Princess will be conducted in many ways. Not only magic, but also basic physical training, to simulated practice.”

In fact, there was no need to put much effort into teaching the princess.

They only had to help escape the imperial palace and cross the border, but there was no obligation to help them achieve complete independence.

Just because of past thoughts.

I started living in a back alley when I was very young, and there were a lot of friends who died while being used by adults full of malice.

“Until I think the standards have been met, I have no intention of letting the princess cross the border.”

Julia grabbed her shaking legs and stood up.

He spoke with still unsteady breathing.

“Are you included in the object of disbelief? You too are outside the wall.”

Cain said with a smile.

“of course.”

That means paradoxically.

He aroused trust in Julia.


Instruction was carried out by moving the location to the exercise room.

After changing into comfortable clothes, Yulia ran into the gym following Cain’s instructions.

“ha. ha.”

I didn’t know how many laps it had already been.

His body was limp with sweat, and a sweet smell came from his mouth.

Julia’s running speed gradually slowed down, and then she collapsed on the floor.

“I can’t run anymore. i die I’d rather kill you!”

“People don’t die that easily. Get up. Princess.”

Cain raised Julia’s body up with the help of telekinesis.

Then the wind blew up and pushed her back.


sluggish limp.

Julia started running again.

A ‘demon’ was heard from her side as she was moving away, but Cain didn’t care.

‘Exceeded expectations. I’ve been imprisoned in the Imperial Palace all my life.’

Cain inwardly admired Julia’s poison.

No matter how assisted by strengthening magic, it was not easy for a person who did not exercise normally to show this level of skill.

Julia did a few more laps.

Cain, checking the time, stopped her.

He looked down at her with a large (large) character and said.

“50 laps. It took exactly 72 minutes. Turning the same wheel every day is a challenge. Let’s slow down the time.”

“Come on, wait! He, that’s why he was able to run this much because he cast reinforcement magic! On days when I’m alone… .”

Cain tilted his head as if he was talking about something natural.

“Can’t you use it yourself?”

“no! What do you keep saying to someone who is trying to learn by using magic!”

Cain again used telekinesis.

“no! Hate! Don’t wake up! no! no! I can’t run any more!”

An expression of intense struggle.

Unfortunately, the other party was a person who had no intention of negotiating at all.

Without any time to rest, Julia was forced to wake up in front of Cain.


Julia, who was grabbed by Cain’s wrist, trembled.

The part that has already been caught once.

Using healing magic, there were no bruises or aftereffects.

“… … .”

But the fear was unavoidable.

It was the first time in my life that I felt fear.

“From now on, bring up the element I am talking about.”

Cain called for a necessary element of agility enhancement magic.

And by infusing her mana into Julia’s circuit, she helped the magic operation.

“… Is this magic that can be used so easily?”

The magic succeeded in vain so easily.

Seeing the soft white mana wrapped around her body, Yulia spoke with a bewildered voice.

“It is not difficult if you know the exact principles and follow them.”

The difficulty level of the enhancement magic itself was not that high.

However, the biggest reason for the success of magic must have been that Yulia had overcome psychological barriers before.

“I made this… ?」

Imperial Palace Garden.

A small flame that bloomed on the palm of your hand.

Yulia was already ready to use magic at that time.

‘Even so, talent cannot be completely ignored.’

Julia’s talent was outstanding.

It can’t be compared to geniuses like Laxen and El Lexter, but it was enough to fit into the class of talented people.

“Teach me other magic! As it is now, I think I can use anything!”

Julia was very excited and her eyes lit up like a child.

Cain taught me some basic magic driving principles and finished the lesson.

“I need to shower first. I’m sweating so much it’s disgusting.”

Although she was close to exhaustion, Julia had a fresher and fresher face than usual.

Cain and Julia opened the gym door and went out into the hallway.

Then I ran into Serena, who was admiring the painting on the wall.

“Looks like the lesson is over now?”

Serena turned around and smiled.

His gaze was on Cain, not Julia.

In an instant, the smile on Julia’s face disappeared.

“What about Philoche and Jean?”

“I am enjoying tea at the restaurant. You’ve been through a lot of hardship. Did you know that there is a reading group in the library in 15 minutes?”

“… Wait. I’ll take a shower and change clothes.”

As Julia disappeared, Serena turned her gaze back to Cain as if she had been waiting.

“Baron John is suffering a lot. No matter how commanded by His Majesty the Emperor, how can you make the impossible possible?”

Serena’s message was clear and explicit.

“I heard that all of the teachers who taught the princess the other day failed to achieve results.”

“Right. I’m not questioning John’s abilities. But scouring stones hard doesn’t make them jewels, right?”

Perhaps he was sympathetic to Cain’s words, Serena was excited and chattered.

He was so absorbed in his story that he did not notice Cain’s cold expression.

“If you have time, do you have any plans to craft a brilliant gemstone?”

The gemstone referred to itself.

In fact, Serena was also rumored in the social circles for her magic skills.

If he had entered the horse tower, even if it was impossible to be a senior in his senior year, it would have been possible to get a second seat.

“I know Serena-sama already has several teachers.”

“But there is no end to learning. Baron John might be able to give you a new lesson.”

Although he refused, Serena’s courtship did not stop.

Cain looked straight into the eyes of this narcissistic brunette girl.

‘Lotte, the viper of the Rote family, is working as a wizard in the Imperial Palace. As long as it occupies a key position, there is a sufficient possibility that it may have contact with the mana tanks under the imperial palace.’

When the time comes, the Emperor will first mention the ‘New World Project’.

Naturally, you will have the opportunity to access the mana tank.

However, the ‘mana absorber’ was completed earlier than expected, so it was a car that was looking for an opportunity to advance the timing.

“It’s clear who is the stone and who is the rough, right?”

“Yes. A gemstone that the princess has the potential to become a brilliant gem. Serena-sama is an ugly stone.”

“Right. I’m a gem… I beg your pardon?”

Serena asked, confused.

“He knows how to joke. fun.”

I tried to laugh it off, but I couldn’t help but realize that Cain’s expressionless expression was sincere.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. The Princess is not someone who will ever be denigrated in that way.”

Serena’s face turned red.

He turned his head to make sure there were no users around, and then shot at Cain.

“I will admit that it was wrong to see the scar. Since we are close friends, I said unnecessary things. However, the fact that the princess is a raw stone and I am a stone is offensive, even as a joke.”

“I don’t enjoy joking. Today, I inspected the princess’s circuit and saw plenty of potential in it.”

Cain took one breath.

“I have never seen Serena-sama’s magic in person, but I don’t think she has more talent than the princess in terms of ‘limitation of growth’ or ‘potential’.”

“under! under!”

Serena laughed out loud.

He fanned his face with one hand and extended the other hand to Cain.

“I don’t know what you are judging by what you see! Check out my circuit diagram! Then you will know for sure who has the upper hand!”

“sorry. I have tuberculosis. No matter how innocent we are, I don’t want to be in contact with someone who easily slanders others.”

Serena’s face was wrinkled.

At that time, Julia was overhearing Cain and Serena’s conversation behind the stairs leading upstairs.

Although the time until the reading group is tight, it was because he was curious about what the two of them would have a conversation when they left.

—G, are you saying that I am dirty now?

Yulia couldn’t stop the corners of her lips rising.

In the meantime, it was true that he was being pushed back in the nerve battle with Serena.

Anyway, because the other party had things that this side didn’t have, such as ‘magic’ and ‘freedom’.

‘I thought I was going to die of stomach ache whenever I boasted about magic and experiences outside the imperial palace.’

Seeing my ignorant opponent being dismissed for help, it felt like the old congestion had gone down all at once.

But the next moment.

Julia felt her blood cooling down.

─Selena-sama is confident in her skills, and I am confident in her talent. So how about doing this? Competing with the princess in the upcoming magic contest in front of His Majesty?

Of course, it was a story that had not been agreed upon in advance.

“What are you talking about now—!”

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