A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 205

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 205

204. Princess Lesson (1)

“Isn’t it all fake?”

There was silence in the office.

I felt the emperor staring at me.

‘It’s no use looking around.’

Cain thought slowly.

The emperor held this side of the wrist the other day and inspected the circuit.

The story of looking into the ratio of elements and the amount of mana in the circuit.

“In the case of the author, it belongs to the case where the ratio of the electric element and the ice element in the circuit has a perfect equal number.”

Because of this, you will know that the content of the thesis is a plausible lie.

‘Because all kinds of existing main elements are flowing in my circuit.’

“you’re right. You saw through it too.”

The reason that the dual element field can be used is simply because of ‘element affinity’.

The superlative qualities that were given to only three characters in the work, including ‘Cain’.

“I have no choice but to know.”

A gentle word from the emperor.

In an instant, the proportions of all elements in the office skyrocketed.

The color of each element became clear, creating a scene that looked like a prism was scattered.

“For people like us, this is easy. Even if you don’t have to meet the conditions like proportions.”

“… … .”

‘Double’ was far beyond the chieftain.

If we had to give it a name, it would have to be expressed as the ‘fourteenth of the world’.

“I will raise my head. Please allow me for a moment.”

Cain lifted his head and saw the Emperor, who possessed another ‘Elemental Affinity’ trait.

“You know I’m watching you.”

“Yes. of course.”

“I believe that Julia and Asimov will do well.”

From the emperor’s point of view, Cain was a very interesting and coveted talent.

I didn’t have high expectations at first, but the people who threw the test were getting amazing results.

For example, defeating Aitar’s opposition and winning a teaching position.

‘It wouldn’t have been easy to break that old man’s stubbornness. It must have been something that impressed you.’

Aitar was a person who basically pursued ‘goodness’.

It was far from the idea of enjoying wealth and glory based on the sacrifice of others.

He only shows unusual hostility towards his best friend, Lightino.

It was for this reason that Aitar was not brought into the Shinsegae Project.

I couldn’t be persuaded.

Beyond that, he was a person who would form a force and resist the project.

In that sense, it could be said that it was fortunate that Johann was a character on the side of Lightino.

If it had been the other way around, it would have taken a great deal of effort to separate Aitar from Johann.

“I will surely live up to Your Majesty’s expectations.”

“If I can finish this job well, I will tell you a precious story as a prize.”

He was truly a caring person.

Observation and verification are not yet completely finished.


“This is it.”

Cain followed the user’s guide and walked through the corridor.

In the distance, the second princess Julia’s annex appeared.

“It’s a mansion.”

“Yes. Among the princes and princesses, Julia-sama’s annex is the largest.”

We passed through a huge garden with a fountain and a maze and arrived at the front door of the mansion.


“Welcome to Baron Johan Kirif.”

As soon as the door opened, overlapping voices sounded without distinction between men and women.

Dozens of servicemen lined up on either side bowed deeply to Cain.

A long passageway made by users.

At the end, Julia, wearing a dress and covering her mouth with a fan, stood there.

“Come on. I was waiting.”

“long time no see. Princess.”

Julia held out the back of her hand to Cain who was approaching in front of her.

“… … .”

The back of the hand as white as snow.

The intention was well understood.

I want you to kiss me on the back of my hand.

‘I don’t think I’m the type of person who cares about pretentiousness.’

A kiss on the back of the hand is usually performed by a man as a sign of respect and devotion to a woman in a relationship with a certain degree of acquaintance.

However, Julia wouldn’t want ‘respect’ or ‘devotion’ from this side.

It’s just a contract relationship with the conditions of ‘search’ and ‘escape’ of the Imperial Palace.

Cain glanced away.

Next to the central staircase.

I found three girls the age of Julia watching me from the second-floor railing.

All dressed up with dresses and accessories, just like Julia.

When their eyes met, they blushed and avoided their gazes.

They must be noble girls who came to play in the annex.

‘… You know.’

I want to brag about my friendship with ‘John’, a person who is a hot topic in front of my friends.

Even the goblin that had survived the dark battles within the Imperial Palace, the emotions of that age were still alive.

Cain turned his gaze to Julia again and whispered in a low voice.

“Are they rivals?”

“Look at the things I decorated. Try not to lose to me somehow.”

she smiled brightly.

“The cheeky bitches.”

“… … .”

In order to expand the scope of her activities in the Imperial Palace in the future, she needed Julia’s help.

It wasn’t a big deal to fit into a play like this.

Cain grabbed Julia’s hand and lifted it slightly.

By kissing the back of her hand with a graceful gesture, she satisfied a girl in her late teens’ desire to show off.

When she lifted her head, she saw Julia with a satisfied face.

“thanks. Go. I don’t have a lot of time allotted for teaching.”

2 hours 3 times a week.

If it was more, it was more, if it was less, it was less time.

Julia grabbed Cain’s hand and dragged him up the central staircase.

In the process, I ran into girls who had gathered on the railing.

Julia said with a smile.

“They are comfortable. I’ll be back after teaching.”

“Bye. We will be enjoying refreshments together.”

It was the brown-haired girl who appeared to be the center of the group who answered.

Julia and the brunette girl stared at each other.

They both smiled, but the corners of their mouths were stiff.

Then the brown-haired girl turned her head towards Cain.

“Nice to meet you. Baron Johan Kirif. I’ve heard the name a lot. My name is Serena of the Lotte family.”

sincere smile.

It was different from when I saw Julia.

‘It’s the lote family.’

It was a prestigious family that produced high-level wizards from generation to generation.

The head of the family, Marquis Viper Lotte, also worked as a wizard directly under the Imperial Palace.

“I am very interested in magic. I didn’t enter Matoap because I had a private tutor. If there is an opportunity in the future, I also want to take lessons from John.”

It was a word that was completely conscious of Julia.

But it was also sincere.

Since he is a person who is writing a work that is close to a myth, I couldn’t help but be interested in John.

“Maybe later… .”

“Go. I do not have time.”

Julia stopped Serena’s words and grabbed Cain’s hand.

Serena’s face hardened coldly, but Julia didn’t even care.

widely. widely. widely.

As they continued to climb the stairs, the girls were no longer visible.

“It’s surprising.”


“It’s just that the princess is suitable for such a quarrel.”

Julia went up the stairs without a word.

He opened his mouth only when he reached the top floor where there were no users.

“There is no stimulus. Unless you get involved in a fight like this.”

Julia went out ahead of the hallway and turned towards Cain.

Then he stretched out his arms to the sides as if in a hug.

“I mean. You need to be focused and engaged. If you turn your head even for a moment, you will be devoured by the frustration and boredom that filled this mansion. The reality is that I am practically a prisoner.”

The hallway walls were full of picture frames.

Portraits of successive members of the imperial family cast a watchful eye on those passing by the corridor.

‘There was a hallway like this in the annex of the 4th Prince Asimov.’

It was the emperor’s order.

It was to remind him of his pride as an imperial family from time to time.

However, he must have felt more pressure and burden than that.

“I know what life in a cage is like.”

“okay? Have you ever been imprisoned?”

Julia joked and laughed.

For he never thought that Cain had once been a prisoner.

“Anyway, most of what I see in the Imperial Palace is acting. I want to always look happy in the eyes of others.”

Julia wittily expressed her inner feelings.

“Actually, most of the time I’m depressed and annoyed.”

Cain’s appearance felt like a reaction to the loneliness she had suffered.

In the Imperial Palace, the enemy on all sides, there would have been no one to talk to openly.

In any case, since it is an ‘alliance’, it must be to some extent trusting this side.

Or it could be that he doesn’t care what he talks about because he’s an ‘outsider’.

“If you are depressed for no reason, your Majesty may be assigned a psychiatrist. It bothers me.”

“It seems like it has actually happened.”

“When I was very young. Not now.”

It felt ironic.

Because Yulia’s mental exhaustion was none other than the emperor’s twisted possessiveness.

“ah! It’s true that I don’t like them earlier. We often talk outside and take medicine. If it hadn’t been for His Majesty’s command to maintain friendship, we would have cut the ties earlier and could not even set foot in the mansion.”

We’ve been together since childhood.

He said that there is now a strange competitive relationship.

While we were talking, we reached the spiral staircase at the end of the hallway.

After a while, a huge door appeared.

“It’s the first time someone enters my room. It also prevents users from entering.”


It was a small room.

There was only minimal furniture for living on the pure white wallpaper.

It was in contrast to other luxurious places in the mansion.

“It feels like a hospital room. Is it to be able to leave at any time?”

Wouldn’t it be closer to the room of an old man who was tidying up his surroundings before he died rather than a 17-year-old girl?

“Right. I put all my stuff under the bed. You never know when your chance to escape will come.”

He seemed to understand the reason why the user was prohibited from entering.

If you talk to the emperor for some reason, you’ll get a headache.


While Julia was closing the door.

Cain went to the window and looked outside.

Its current location was the top of the spire on the right roof of the mansion.

The number of floors was quite high, and the garden below seemed far away.

When I looked up, I saw the outer wall of the Imperial Palace blocking the end of my view.

Julia’s voice came from behind her.

“I built a mansion when I was 13. I also designed the spire myself. I thought this was enough, but the height of the spire was lower than I thought.”

It must have been her own attempt to see the scenery beyond the wall.

Cain turned and met Julia’s gaze.

“The spire is not low. The walls of the Imperial Palace are just unusually high.”

Julia’s eyes widened.

Then he said with a small smile.

“thanks. It sounds like a consolation that it’s not my fault. Sometimes I imagine that. or a meteorite falls. or a war I imagine the walls are collapsing.”

“It’s a lot more realistic than the idea of puncturing a wall with explosives.”

From Cain’s point of view, it was a decision after serious analysis and calculation.

Yulia, who was dazed for a moment, understood Cain’s words and furrowed her eyebrows.

“Any meteorite or war is realistic. There is a possibility that explosives would be more feasible.”

“It would have taken four years. Given the speed of gathering the material and the strength of the walls.”

“… … .”

It wasn’t wrong.

Julia pouted her lips.

“Okay. teach me magic I waited a long time. After that day, I tried to use magic on my own, but it didn’t work.”

A flame rose on Julia’s palm and went off repeatedly.

“It seems that you still remember the basic element operation.”

“Absolutely. How long have you been wanting to learn magic?”

Cain stared at Julia.

Feeling frustrated, she spit out the following sentence only when she was about to open her mouth.

“I will ask you first. What would you like to do outside the wall, Princess?”

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