A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 210

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 210

209. tricks and tricks (3)


The screaming continued.

Asimov grabbed his head and rolled it to the floor.

“Wow, Prince! Wait! I will call the doctor!”

Schellingford immediately recognized the seriousness of the situation.

He immediately ran out of the study, judging that it could become more dangerous if he touched the prince hastily.


The sound of the door closing harshly did not reach Asimov’s ears.

Baek Jin-woo and Asimov.

The mixed memories of both sides were raging like a storm.

‘This world is just a novel… ? And another person in my body… .’

The moment when I was in the bedroom holding a bido and injuring myself flashed in my mind.

A large amount of other information flooded in at once, making it difficult to breathe.

The identity of ‘John’.

‘Ark’ in the basement of the Imperial Palace.

The ‘New World Project’ that sacrificed the entire continent.


Asimov, shivering, threw himself to the floor.

He vomited until he was sick and when he looked up again, he was gasping for breath, but his eyes were full of joy.

‘After all, God did not forsake me. The opportunity will come back so soon.’

Baek Jin-woo checked the hologram message that appeared in front of him.

[ A system error occurred. ]

[ Sync rate will decrease. ]

[ Current synchronization rate – 95.0% ]

[ Correct system errors. ]

[ Sync rate increases. ]

[ Current synchronization rate – 95.1% ]

Once again the sync was turned off.

Also, this time, the percentage has dropped even more significantly.

‘Why? Obviously, the synchronization could not have been disabled for no reason.’

Baek Jin-woo quickly traced his memory.

‘I was reading books in various fields in the library.’

What kind of action Asimov was taking remained in his mind.

I don’t know what he was thinking at that time.

‘After reading, I went with Schellingford to put the book back in its place, and then.’

The head turned quickly.

His eyes fell on a book that had fallen to the floor.

“A story of swords and flames.”

I picked it up and turned the page.

It was a novel about swords, magic, and monsters.

He seemed to understand why the sync was off.

It was a novel that had a lot of similarities to the novel ‘himself’ had been writing.

It didn’t get as good a response as the novel of ‘The Guy’.

‘Things related to memories in the real world. Was that a catalyst for desynchronization?’

[ Correct system errors. ]

[ Sync rate increases. ]

[ Current synchronization rate – 95.3% ]

The exact reason was not known.

However, synchronization was definitely off, and error correction was being done at a slower rate than before.

Anyway, the opportunity has come.

It was necessary to make the most of the profit within the given time.

‘Yesterday John came to Asimov’s visit. As usual. I didn’t feel anything suspicious.’

You can’t even imagine that this side has been out of sync.

There are no clues to the reasoning, and it is a situation that is generally difficult to imagine.

‘And Schellingford worked as expected. If you encourage them to act like this, they will take care of John’s life.’

Then Schellingford returned with the doctor resident in the mansion.

He looked at Baek Jin-woo, who was standing there, and his eyes widened.

“Prince! All right, are you okay?”

“it’s okay. I was just dizzy for a second.”

“Still, getting a simple checkup is… .”

“It’s really okay.”

Schellingford licked his lips and nodded.

After cleaning the library, the users left, and only Baek Jin-woo and Schellingford were left.

“Prince. Do you have anything to say to me?”

Schellingford asked in a worried voice.

He thought that the prince’s abnormal symptoms were due to the side effects of stress or insomnia caused by John.

Baek Jin-woo pretended to be hesitant and opened his mouth.

“I want to say thank you. Even if you don’t say anything first, they always take care of your work. As if you read my mind.”

A faint smile that was hard to build.

Schellingford had to be convinced once again.

“Even if you don’t speak first.”

“As if reading my mind.”

that the prince is giving a hint to him now.


The day of John’s visit was coming.

In the meantime, Asimov’s synchronization reached 100 percent and then disengaged again several more times.

‘It’s easy.’

Baek Jin-woo looked down at the ‘Story of Sword and Flame’ in his hand.

Asimov, who suffers from insomnia, kept a diary every day to remember all his actions.

what happened that day.

What to do tomorrow.

By specifying the two, I tried to reduce the fragmentation of everyday life caused by sleeplessness as much as possible.

Reading. A story of swords and flames.

every day before going to bed. 30 minutes.

It wasn’t too difficult to induce Asimov’s action by adding an item.

Thanks to him, I was able to return to ‘Baek Jin-woo’ every night.

With each ego change, the synchronization rate began to drop even more.

Error correction speed is also gradually slowing down.

‘If this is the case, it might be possible to take over Asimov’s body completely again later.’

Baek Jin-woo pushed up the corners of his lips.

As he had more free time, it seemed like he could eliminate Johan himself without having to move Schellingford.

‘You idiot. No matter how much you watch me, it’s useless. In the end, it’s me who wins. Because I was so young, my work was stolen from me.’

Since he could go back and forth between ‘Asimov’ and ‘Baek Jin-woo’ at will, the situation was absolutely in his favor.

I needed a plan.

There was no intention of being satisfied with the line that simply cut off the guy’s breath.

According to rumors and information, ‘John’ amassed countless wealth and fame.

I was planning to swallow it all up with a thorough plan.

‘Be lucky that it takes time to come up with a design. Thanks to you, the time that your life is attached has increased.’


The light in the bedroom went out.

I closed my eyes thinking about the visit to tomorrow.

after a few minutes.

The point at which consciousness passes from reality to dreams.

A system message echoed faintly in my ear.

[ Correct system errors. ]

[ Sync rate increases. ]

[ Current Synchronization Rate – 100.0% ]


the next morning.

Cain was guided by the butler to Asimov’s bedroom.

“Is there anything wrong with the prince’s condition?”

“In the last few days, vomiting and dizziness have become more frequent. However, Sangju said that there was nothing wrong with his body. The worry is getting deeper and deeper.”

While passing the hallway, a user carrying a cleaning tool collided with Cain on the shoulder.

“oh. I’m sorry.”

“it’s okay.”

The user nodded and apologized and disappeared to the other side of the hallway to do his job.

Cain also turned and headed in the original direction.

In his hand was a small note.

From the last visit to now.

It was a note that recorded all the daily routines of the personnel inside the mansion in small print.

While the butler’s gaze turned to another place, Cain entered all the contents in his head and put the note into the subspace.

‘The prince’s work has not changed. But unlike before, he had a lot of time to think and started putting books in his bedroom.’

While counting the number of cases, I arrived at the bedroom before I knew it.


“Johan Kirif has arrived.”

“Please let me in.”

The door opened and went in.

Asimov was in a half-up position on the bed.

“hello. Prince. And Sir Schellingford.”

Cain’s gaze turned to Schellingford, who was leaning his back against the wall.

“It sounds like you are planning to attend the treatment today.”

“… … .”

There was no answer.

They just stare at Cain with eyes full of hostility.

“Then I will go out.”

The butler tried to close the door from outside.

Then the answer came from an unexpected place.

“Sellingford. Let’s go out together.”

“Yes? what is that… .”

“I don’t need an escort to see the doctor.”

“I understand that the fact that I will be present is already over. It is difficult to change words suddenly.”


Asimov called Schellingford’s name.

“I told you to leave. It’s an order.”

“… … .”

Unlike before, it was a tough attitude.

After hesitating, Schellingford eventually left the bedroom with the butler.

Leaving Cain with a look that tells him not to do stupid things.

Cain was watching the scene with interest.

“The atmosphere has changed. Like.”

He sat on the chair in front of the bed and stared straight at Asimov.

“Like a person has changed.”

A meaningful word echoed through the room.

He was conscious of the possibility that Asimov’s synchronization had been desynchronized, so he was trying to think of his opponent.

Asimov, however, was not very disturbed.

He stared at Cain with a stern look and opened his lips.

“It has to change. Because I know too many things I shouldn’t have known.”

“I wonder what the Prince might have known.”

“For example, John’s true identity. Hexa Medical’s pharmaceutical company. Professor of Mato. owner of the mansion. All of this is just camouflage.”

Dust floating around the room.

The second hand of the clock rings in the silence.

The voice of a boy trembling in front of a predator.

“Rather than that, a writer, the master of this world—”


The next moment I heard the sound of the wind splitting.

Asimov floated in mid-air, with his neck caught in Cain’s hands.

“Big, big, big!”

Soundproofing magic was applied to the entire room, so there was no sound leakage.

Once the wait order has been issued, Schellingford will not break into the room.

“Ahhh! I am not Baek Jin-woo. Gee, now Asimov—”

Cain’s enormous life covered the room.

Asimov broke out in a cold sweat and barely spit a word out.

I am not Baek Jin-woo.

The moment the proposition turned out to be true, Cain eliminated the possibility that ‘Baek Jin-woo was pretending to be Asimov’.

“What is in the basement of the Imperial Palace?”

“Bar, there is an ark! Suck the spirits of the soil and let the ark fly in the sky!”

The power of his hand was not released.

With that in mind, I ended up asking a few questions.

Asimov clearly recognized that this world was a ‘fiction’, and he had knowledge of the real world.

‘Is it a system error? You might have had a conversation with Baek Jin-woo, whose synchronization had been turned off.’

Neither has the ‘eye of truth’ trait, so there’s no need to worry about falling into a trap.

Cain loosened his grip a little and said.

“I think I need an explanation of the situation.”

Asimov unraveled the story as if he had been waiting.

As if he had already practiced several times in his head, the information delivery was clear at a glance.

“It’s saying that Asimov and Baek Jin-woo’s selves exist separately.”

“No, that’s right.”

“Do you and Baek Jin-woo remember each other’s actions?”

“Before, it was one-sided. Only Baek Jin-woo remembered my actions. But now, I also remember Baek Jin-woo’s actions.”

Baek Jin-woo found a specific way to disable synchronization.

And Asimov remembers it all.

“I’m not going to share my thoughts. Seeing that you were able to tell me all the facts like this.”

“Right. And Baek Jin-woo does not know that I am aware of his existence.”

Asimov paid attention to every action in order not to create suspicion of Baek Jin-woo.

As usual.

To remain as Asimov who knows nothing.

“So why are you telling me all the facts? If my prediction is correct, Baek Jin-woo will recognize my existence and make a plan to eliminate it. It would be advantageous to save lives if we piggybacked quietly.”

Asimov hesitated and answered.

“To prevent the Shinsegae Project. I had no idea that such a conspiracy was going on in the basement of the Imperial Palace.”

“If you became emperor, wouldn’t you be able to stop the project? The memories of Baek Jin-woo that you have acquired include the setting of the work. If you use a lot of knowledge, it wouldn’t be too difficult to become an emperor.”

Asimov shook his head.

“Like I said, Jinwoo Baek is trying to take over my body. It’s unreasonable to have a body that doesn’t know when the owner will change. I mentioned earlier that there was a specific method that Baek Jin-woo led me to change my self. Even if you avoid it, the risk doesn’t go away.”

There can be countless ‘catalysts’ that trigger self-transformation.

Also, an additional ‘system error’ can cause unexpected variables.

“It’s like a landmine buried deep in the ground. I don’t think it’s going to explode, but I can’t be reassured for the rest of my life.”

The part everyone expected.

Cain, who had been silently listening to the story, opened his mouth.

“As you said, Baek Jin-woo’s existence is like a landmine. From my point of view, it is an existence that has no choice but to be removed for safety. Do you know what this means?”

“You mean to kill me. You didn’t mean to do that from the beginning, did you?”

Asimov’s voice trembled.

But he didn’t stop talking.

“I’m happy though.”

“What do you mean?”

“I feel like you wouldn’t just watch the world doomed. You are the creator of this world. Yes?”

“… … .”

“Do you want to meet Baek Jin-woo for revenge? I’ll do that. I know the method he uses to change his ego.”

The boy gasped for breath.

Like squeezing in a weeping voice.

He spit out the last lines of his life.

“Ask for Schellingford instead.”

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