A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 223

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 223

222. Last Banquet (3)


on the day of the banquet. 3:22 in the morning.

shoot ah

Zervia approached the window.

It was midnight when I changed into my pajamas.

But I haven’t slept for hours.

“… … .”

It was raining heavily outside the window.

When I put my hand on it, the cold air from the window clung to it as if it had been waiting for it.

It was dark and only the silhouette of the street was visible.

It was the same as his own mind right now.

Feelings are infinitely cold.

‘… Cain. Why are you?’

The reality of the opponent was only vague.

couldn’t figure it out

what is the truth

what else is a lie

“Don’t make an oath. For the common goal of destroying the Blue Serpent.”

Anyway, he was keeping his oath.

Although the tragedy of the daughter stabbing her father occurred, the existence of the Blue Serpent Boss was definitely erased from the world.

‘You could have used a better method.’

Actually, I knew why.

Why did Cain choose such a method?

It’s probably because of ‘efficiency’ like his belief.

Had it not been for his daughter’s attack, the Blue Serpent Boss would not have given his life so easily.

“… … .”

Zervia still remembered.

The moment he received the sword attack, his father’s eyes shook.

Countless movements that were hesitant while cutting through the air in vain.

That fact made her even more heartbroken.

The father, who had been indifferent all his life, showed his affection for his daughter only at the last moment.

So she had no choice but to resent Cain.


At least if he thought about his bond with him.

If only he had shown half of his heart to think of him.

‘Too… hurt.’

At least if so.

I would never have used it that way.


Water formed around her eyes.

It ran down like raindrops along the expressionless face.

It was then that something caught in her hazy vision.

‘… … ?’

Someone was walking towards the gate of the mansion.

All the streetlights were off, so it was hard to see, but it looked like a man.

The man stopped in front of the gate.

Soon a call bell was heard from downstairs.

he rang the doorbell.

Zervia hesitated for a moment.

We waited for a long time, but the presence of the users downstairs was not felt.

‘… I was alone In this mansion.’

I had no choice but to do so.

After the chief disappeared, all the users also left the mansion.

It was Zervia’s decision.

Most of the original users were those who were hired by the Commissioner’s needs.

She did not return to the mansion from the main office except when sleeping, so she judged that the employee was unnecessary.

I also wanted to erase the traces of my father, who was a criminal, and organize my thoughts alone in a place where no one was.

beep- beep-

Anyway, the bell kept ringing, and she went downstairs.

And when I saw the face on the screen, I couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Cain… ?”

He stood there with a polite, indifferent face.

In the heavy rain without an umbrella.

When I pushed the switch and opened the gate, it wasn’t long before I heard a short knock on the door of the mansion.


When you open the door, you see Cain.

Zervia’s heart was pounding.

“What is going on at this hour? There was no mention of a visit today—”

“I’m sorry. I had a lot of work to do, so I didn’t have time to contact you in advance.”

It meant literally.

Immediately after meeting with the emperor.

Cain has been moving without stopping for even a second in the past two days.

To prevent the end of the continent.

Stay awake all the time without sleeping.

As a result, his face was slightly tired as usual.

“Why is it raining? .”

“I was hit on purpose. I have a lot of thoughts and I think I need to cool my head a bit.”

Cain entered the mansion and created a wind.

His clothes and hair dried in an instant, making him completely invisible to anyone who had been soaked in the rain a while ago.

Zervia felt a strong heartbeat and watched Cain like that.

A target that must be killed.

Worst criminal ever.


He is the one who gave me unexplained affection and bitter pain at the same time.

Zervia bit her lip.

Although it was a temporary alliance, the fact that the other party was a criminal who had to face a tragic end did not change.

‘The Blue Serpent can be said to have practically collapsed. However.’

The existence of ‘Bama’, who was still alive, was delaying the completion of the oath.

For this reason, Zerbia was concentrating on pursuing Bama while conducting internal maintenance of the National Police Agency.

Of course, there was no income.

Bama has not recently revealed any signs that he has ceased activities.

“You must have received an invitation from the emperor.”

“… … .”

Zerbia remembered the messenger of the imperial palace who visited the main office yesterday.

“Your Majesty has invited Sir Javir to the Imperial Palace banquet. It is an honorable event, so I hope you will stop all business and attend.”

Why did the emperor invite me?

The question didn’t last long.

Recently, I’ve heard rumors that Cain is the emperor’s favourite.

He had a gut feeling that the emperor’s invitation had something to do with him.

“I have something to talk about tomorrow’s banquet. Come in and talk.”

Intuition turned out to be true.

‘It’s not just His Majesty, it’s just the Emperor… .’

Also, I could see that Cain’s words were by no means simple.

“… Come in.”

Zerbia led Cain to the drawing room, and the two men and women were seated with a table between them.

“Let’s go straight to the point. Tomorrow at the banquet hall, I’m going to make a presentation. At the same time, there will be a lot of commotion and the hall will be in chaos.”

“… … .”

“Then I plan to take a certain action. Those who block them, I want you to deal with them.”

A specific action was the assassination of the emperor.

The big fuss meant creating an escape route for Julia.

“What is action and fuss?”

“I can’t tell you.”

Cain answered immediately.

‘Zerbia doesn’t know why I want to kill the emperor.’

can make you understand

It’s because I have to explain all the conspiracies the Emperor is plotting.

But if I did that, I couldn’t remain as a ‘evil’ to Zervia.

Strictly speaking, what he wants to do is save the continent.

Her hatred for herself might have been shaken.

‘… It’s not going to happen. After the death of the emperor, in order to maintain security for a long time, a person like her is needed.’

Zerbia’s hatred for crime had to never be quenched.

No matter what the villain’s story was, he needed a law enforcement officer who would strictly measure the severity of the crime.

“Say it. Otherwise, I will not help you.”

“I’m sorry. I can’t tell you.”

“Say it.”

“I can’t.”

“Say it.”

“If you find out-.”

“Tell me-!!!”


Zervia hit the table loudly and got up.

The table shattered and slumped down.

“Tell me! Cain! You’re always-!”

Due to her intense emotions, she was unable to speak until the end.

His chest and shoulders went up and down rapidly with intense anger and excitement.

She even spit it out.

As if squeezing out the soul, it was very hard.

“… you’ve always been like that Although it was an alliance, I gave only one-sided instructions. without explaining anything properly. Without any consultation.”

Cain looked at her with dry eyes.

Then he glanced at the broken table and said.

“I’m sorry.”

The answer was that, and it didn’t go on any longer.

That made Zervia even more angry.


I was unable to speak again this time because of the feeling of crying.

A cry echoed deep in her chest.

to explain everything.

now in this situation.

Rumors floating around in the capital.

Please explain so everyone can understand.

Then Cain opened his mouth.

“Zervia. You must have a strong desire to kill me.”

It was an unexpected word.

Zervia took a quick breath.

“When this is over, I will give you my life.”

It was not unreasonable to assassinate the emperor by himself if he prepared carefully.

But time was running out.

There was a limit to the number of people who could enter the banquet hall, and in order to break through the emperor’s escort, the help of a strong person like Zervia was absolutely necessary.

“This is the last instruction I give you.”

Cain shut his mouth.

She stared at Zervia with her still eyes, and finally opened her mouth again.



“okay. I filled the rest of the ark at my request. Since they are the ones you recommended, further verification is not necessary.”

The emperor looked at Zervia as he moved away and said,

The people Cain recommended were two people, Javir, Director of the Police Department, and Professor Ellen, of Matap.

“Both of them are outstanding talents. I will never disappoint Your Majesty.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

People arrived one after another in the banquet hall.

On the surface, it was a ‘banquet’, but in reality it was the same as the emperor’s ’emergency call’.

“long time no see. your majesty. Good to see you again, Baron Johann. Sooner or later, we may have to ask for help again at the border.”

“Yes. Long time no see. Prince Abel. I’ve heard that the Resistance has reappeared. If you call me, I will run to you anytime.”

Among them was Abel, who was in charge of defending the border.

Abel was skeptical.

‘Your Majesty must know that this is an urgent wartime situation. You’re calling me too.’

However, the absolute authority was the emperor, so he could not reveal his doubts first.

I was just guessing that something had happened.

At the entrance of the banquet hall, the emperor threw a judo newspaper to all the visitors, and Cain secretly informed them of their ‘traitors’ from the side.

The moment when visitors stopped for a while.

The emperor asked Cain in a cold voice.

“How many people are there now?”

“312 people passed, and 14 of them answered false.”

“… The rotted area is bigger than I thought. Don’t cut them out at once after the party starts. You can have a deeper conversation with them at the banquet to find out if Cain is hiding.”

“All right.”

Visitors keep passing by.

The last two cars arrived at the parking lot.

It was Marquis Viper and Elder Raitino who got out of the car.

The Marquis Viper approached first and spoke with a stiff face.

“I ran to the call. your majesty. I’ve heard rumors floating around in the capital. Maybe the information leaked from inside… .”

“I think so too.”

After a few more conversations with the emperor, the Viper Marquis disappeared into the banquet hall.

In the process, Cain’s eyes met.

“… … .”

“… … .”

The Marquis Viper looked confused.

Rumors that the Resistance was destroying the statue were also heard by him.

‘Are you aware of the existence of restoration magic? If so, the traitor is definitely Elder Raitino. Or the disappeared Chief Gerrat. Otherwise… .’

Johann Kirif.

It was possible that His Majesty even talked to this young genius about restoration magic.

“See you inside later.”

“All right. Marquis.”

Cain did not miss the young tension and vigilance in the eyes of the Marquis.

After arriving, Raitino also spoke with the emperor and passed Cain and entered the banquet hall.

“Things have grown. Have you heard anything from your Majesty?”

“Tell me the details inside.”

Viper and Litino disappear.

Only the emperor and Cain remained at the entrance to the banquet hall.

“How is it?”

It was a word that had neither a subject nor an object, but the meaning was clear.

There was no hesitation in Cain’s voice as he answered.

“You are a traitor. Both.”

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