A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 33

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 33

033. Area 102 (1)

As I walked through the wilderness of the night, I looked at the cloak.

The inside of the arms was connected to the subspace, so that it was possible to take out the object at the desired coordinates.

‘Spears, swords, rods, throwing daggers, there is nothing missing.’

There were firearms and ammunition, as well as work tools such as police IDs and handcuffs.


He took out a pistol and checked its condition. It was well maintained and ready for immediate use.

Each time the mana was full, the ammunition was imprinted with magic.

In order not to attract the attention of the monster, very slowly and as much as possible to erase the presence.

He also didn’t forget to erase the traces in the middle to prevent Zervia from chasing him right away.

How long has it been since you walked like that?

Slowly the dawn began to rise.

‘Now is not the time to rest.’

I was tired and drowsy, but I persevered. They had to move forward as much as possible before the earth heats up.

Although he paid attention to the movement, he could not completely avoid the battle with the monster.

The biggest danger area was passed, and the battle was induced only when there was a stockpile of ammunition, so it could be passed without serious injury.

After the sun had fully risen, the forward speed slowed down a bit.

Whenever his body was completely warm, he went under a suitable rock to cool his body temperature and took a nap while waiting for his mana to recover.

I moved on by repeating the same routine.

As night passed, morning passed, and afternoon sun rose again, I couldn’t help but smile when I heard the sound of bikes in the distance.

* * *

With the corpses of the hounds behind them, the guns that had fallen to the ground were kept in their cloaks.


I got up and got on the bike that had fallen down.

It was a modest body compared to the first bike I rode, but it should be enough to cross the remainder of the wilderness.


I ran the engine over and over.

Hounds appeared once in the middle, but it was not a big threat.

It was a very small number, but it only helped increase my mana.

[circuit level: 1]

[Mana: 372 / 494]

No matter which element was used, the mana I generated took on a black color.

Later it would eat up all the colors and become completely black.

We were able to reach the outskirts of Area 112 by the time the sun went down.

The location where Van Woods hid his slush funds was in District 102, which was connected to District 112.


We parked the bike in a suitable place and entered the area.

The scenery of District 112 was not much different from that of District 118.

Typical slum itself.

Old buildings and dirty streets.

“I’ll buy you a copy.”

I flipped a coin at a newspaper seller on the street.

The scruffy boy, startled by the fact that the newspaper had been sold, bowed his head and handed me a copy of the newspaper.

‘Most of the residents here can’t afford to read newspapers.’

The newspaper slept yesterday.

Because it was the most outlying area, the distribution of the latest version seemed to be delayed.

It didn’t matter much. Because the information I wanted was about a train accident that happened two days ago.

‘ Top of page one. This is it.’

Outer circulation train explosion accident.

As expected, the article was published as an ‘accident’ rather than a ‘terrorism’ or an ‘incident’.

The cause of the accident was negligence in handling flammable substances in the luggage, and there was no mention of what happened in the dining room.

The police covered the case.

It doesn’t help the image at all to fail to prevent the terrorists’ terrorism and even to miss it.


The newspaper was engulfed in flames in the air and disappeared.

I entered a suitable hotel and got a room.

After setting the alarm magic on the door, I fell on the bed without washing and fell into a deep sleep.

Late in the morning, when I woke up, my head was clear. The body was nice too.

After washing his face, he finished the routine of making magic bullets.


On the desolate road, it was often seen that public officials’ work vehicles and corporate cargo vehicles came and went.

It took about an hour to arrive at Area 102.

I parked the bike and left the key in.

─Move away! I saw it first! I’m the owner!

After a certain distance, the sound of vagrants arguing behind us could be heard.

I remembered the answer I had heard from the hotel staff.

“A bike shop? It doesn’t exist, but the closest one is in Area 102. It’s just a local store, so there are only a few models that sell it.”

The bikes seized by the hounds had poor performance.

When it fell to the ground, it received a big shock to the car body, and the engine condition was not right due to excessive driving.

‘If you have a slush fund, you’d be better off buying a new one. Even if it’s for temporary use.’

Other than that, there were plenty of other places to spend money.

Treatment of tendons and counterfeit identification.

And even a request for the production of a gun that can withstand mana.

It was unknown how long it would take them to prepare for entry into the inner zone if they couldn’t find the slush fund.

‘The air is strangely tight.’

The gloomy and subdued atmosphere of the local residents can be understood because their lives are hard.

But the strangers that stood out all over the street had no choice but to grab my nerves.

‘Looking at their outfits, they are wandering mercenaries.’

There are bound to be mercenaries everywhere, but there were too many mercenaries on the streets now.

It was said that there was something in Sector 102 that might be of interest to them now.

“… … .”

While walking with her coat on, she saw the people in front of her and hid herself in the alley.

were priests.

Not ordinary priests, but combat priests with hammers and maces behind their backs.

He was writing something in his notebook while listening to the stories of the local residents.

─So you mean you hear strange noises in the middle of the night?

—Yes. I thought it was an illusion at first… Obviously from the cemetery… … .

I waited for the priests to disappear and then came out of the alley.

Warlocks are on the cult’s target to kill, so it was good not to run into them.

—Jack disappeared again yesterday.

-Can I live because I’m scared? No matter what happens, it’s not a strange neighborhood.

-Let’s wait a little bit. With so many people coming, it will be resolved somehow.

Passing through the streets, people’s voices could be heard over and over, whether they liked it or not.

—Looks like a mana warlock. Let’s get a heavy bounty and raise our status.

-I don’t like giving that money, so it’s probably not from the church.

Even the voices of the mercenaries.

The outline of the situation was quickly drawn.

Warlocks appeared nearby, and the residents seemed to disappear.

‘… Looks like someone has taken the graveyard as a base.’

It was a predictable story.

Warlocks grow by absorbing the mana of others.

And there is no place like a slum as a source of scapegoat or corpse.

Even if people disappear, proper investigations are not carried out, and corpses are piled up in the graveyard every day.

‘It doesn’t matter. I just need to find the money.’

But when I got to the outskirts of the area on the other side, I had no choice but to change my mind.

“… … .”

Tombstones made of stone or wooden planks were spread out endlessly on the vast land.

Unknown corpses filled the gaps, giving the impression that there was no room to even step on.

My head was pounding.

A cemetery outside Area 102.

Obviously, I used the word ‘broad’ when making the setting.

However, I did not expect that the expression would be realized in such a wide area.

I paused for a moment, staring at the landscape in front of me.

Van Woods told us to find a tombstone that read ‘Bow & Dos’.

He said it was a fictitious word created by rearranging the spelling of his name.

“It’s a stone tombstone. You should take a good look. It was engraved so small, and the writing must have faded over time.”

The burial location is northeast of the cemetery.

But if you know the direction, will you be able to find the slush fund straight away?

In this endless sea of tombstones.

‘I didn’t expect it. The tombstones could not be lined up like this.’

We estimated the area and calculated the time it takes to search.

In the worst case, it took two days or more.

In the meantime, if I met the priests at the cemetery, I couldn’t guarantee that nothing would bother me.

I turned around and got a room in the hotel closest to my current location.

“There were priests walking around. Do you know anything?”

“Ah, these are people from the church. Weird things are happening in the district these days. Did you come here after hearing the rumors?”

The hotel manager didn’t know much either.

It was just that people were happy to see that the business was going well.

I got to my room and thought for a moment.

‘For once, it is certain that the warlock’s hideout is in the graveyard.’

I didn’t see it myself, but the circumstantial evidence was clear.

Above all, there were many underground bunkers used in the ancient magic kingdom under the cemetery.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the warlock had sat in one of the dogs.

‘An underground bunker where Van Woods hid his slush funds.’

Priests and mercenaries scour the graveyard to find a warlock, and then find a slush fund.

It is originally the money found by the protagonist at the end of the work.

But if something like the relic thing caused a butterfly effect because of me.

So if something happens that shouldn’t happen.

Of course, the probability may not be high.

Because a home is just a home.

However, the risk in the event of a situation was too great to ignore.

Once I unpacked my luggage, I went down to the first floor.

“Don’t look into my money!”

“Damn, someone who has never actually seen a wizard. Do you have the skills to catch it?”

It was a restaurant and tavern run by the hotel.

The mercenaries were crowded and noisy.

They clashed glasses, smashed tables, and chattered as if the reward had already belonged to them.

‘I have to move right away and find a slush fund.’

Even if you take the risk of encountering the priests.

And if he did, he decided that it would be better to mix with the mercenaries.

“Dried sausage and cheese. And a beer.”

We had a light meal and looked at the atmosphere.

In this case, there were usually some guys who were trying to get people together to make a profit.

And it wasn’t long before I was able to capture a scene.

He was a large, muscular man. He tossed his glass at the brown overcoat sitting at the table in front of him.


The glass hit the back of the head exactly.

Glass shards scattered.

The brown overcoat fell, and everyone’s attention was focused on it for a moment.

“… … .”

“It’s noisy, so you should be able to drink.”

The large man said with a smirk.

“Je, Zeta, are you okay? Wake!”

“What is this bastard doing now!”

Colleagues in fallen brown coats grabbed the bottle and rushed at the giant.

The mercenaries rushed in in an instant and surrounded them.



The momentum of the brown coat party was great, but the fight was rather one-sided.

Geogu subdued his opponents with his bare hands and knocked them to the floor.

“I was going to gather people anyway, but now that this has happened, I will tell you right away. I am Jack Leafban. I came here with the intention of catching a warlock like you and receiving a reward.”

The boy clapped his hands and said.

Then he gently lifted his forearm and showed the tattoo.

“B, it’s a Blue Serpent.”

“Why is the Blue Serpent doing the bounty hunter thing here?”

“You idiot. They say that sometimes there are guys who get kicked out of the organization. see that.”

Those who recognized the tattoo murmured.

“As anyone in the know knows, warlocks are very difficult to deal with. Even veteran mercenaries are easy to fall out of with one hit of magic. I also know how to handle mana, but I think it’s too risky to deal with him alone.”

As I listened to the story, I looked carefully at his tattoo.


Blue Serpent has an exclusive tattoo artist within the organization. Every blue snake is born from his sophisticated fingertips.

Although the level of perfection is high, there were subtle differences in his tattoos from the original.

“So we are trying to recruit people. The condition is to help you search for and deal with the Warlock. Of course, the reward will be shared. No one knows warlocks as well as I do, so my share is probably the biggest. But I’ll take care of you enough not to be offended.”

The murmur spread in an instant as he went into more detail about the prize distribution.

“Isn’t it okay with that kind of condition?”

“I don’t know if he is a real Blue Serpent, but the skills he has shown are real.”

They arrived here without much preparation at the word of a large bounty.

From their point of view, it was definitely not a bad condition.

“I don’t support it.”

“I, I will be with you.”

One by one, people who were harsh on the story began to raise their hands.

I too waited for the timing and quietly raised my hand.

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