A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 72

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 72

072. Hexa Medical (2)

“I infiltrated my subordinate. The arena in Area 41, the waiting room on the 3rd basement level. As you may know, it is actually a prison.”

Area 41.

It was an area out of the war.

“Have you been identified?”

“They said they couldn’t go inside because the boundaries were tight. According to eyewitnesses, he is a large man. I can’t estimate his age because he can’t see his face properly due to his overgrown hair and beard.”

“Any other physical characteristics?”

“Gray-white hair. It’s not accurate. Because I saw it from a distance, and I haven’t washed it for a long time, so the color may have been that way.”

light ash color.

The range that could be assumed was white hair, silver hair, and even black hair.

I’ve picked out a few possible people in my head.

“I expected it, but I’m not very upset. I remember that you particularly cared for your subordinates. Is it useless humanity or is it thorough management?”

“If I had to ask, it would be faith.”

Cain’s subordinates were few compared to other cadres, but each one was an elite with exceptional skills.

If it hadn’t been for a thoroughly prepared surprise, he wouldn’t have been so easily attacked by other executives’ subordinates.

‘If you consider the nature of Parterre, that toys once obtained there are not easily broken.’

Even if a fight was fought with someone in the arena, the opponent would not be so strong that his life would be in danger.

“… unlucky child. Anyway, the next game is three days later at midnight. Then you will be able to see your face. And in the afternoon, a greeting from Low Tactic came.”

“Did we have a good conversation?”

“The contract has been reset. As you said, I met all the conditions I wanted. What’s the relationship with that company? Did you make a deal?”

“Let’s make it a major shareholder.”

“Is that a joke?”

“It’s serious. For once, it worked. I have nothing to do for the time being, so please wait. Later I will contact you again. and.”

I said after a while.

“If you have time, check out the columns in the basement of the District 21 library. If you are lucky, you may find something.”


As soon as he was about to ask a question, I ended the communication.

A clue to your sister.

It was a small reward given to him.

Not decisive, but enough to ignite hope.

‘After three days.’

I had time to spare.

The distance to the 41st area was short, so it was easy to depart on the same day.

The arena is a kind of accredited entertainment facility that district police overlook.

The middle class and above are the main customers, and there are not a few people who come from far away.

There the fighters fight.

Against a monster or the same human.

Whether voluntarily or involuntarily, under any circumstances.

And money is staked over the outcome of their fight. Depending on who the fighter is,

Depending on what kind of fight it is, an astronomical amount of money may come and go.

‘It was definitely the most profitable facility.’

There is no way to stop the operation of the arena just because it is at war.

Not only in areas outside the war, but also in the arena of areas at war.

It was the only time Cain had ever seen a match played in an arena.

The day the first arena in the 40th division was built and the first match was played.

I watched the match in a special seat with all the executives.

I remember coming out in the middle because the atmosphere of betting on someone else’s life was disgusting.

There was no need to go to another arena in advance for a preliminary investigation.

I had seen the blueprint at the time, and the structure of the arena was the same regardless of the area.

I left the room clearing out Cain’s memories of the arena.

* * *

two days later.


I stopped in front of Jack’s tavern.

Estelle asked as she opened the door and got off.

“Have you been contacted? Judging by the fact that the chase didn’t come back, it seems like he understood what he was saying.”

“There is a possibility that these guys were scared and didn’t report it to the superior at all. Well, it doesn’t matter either way.”

The main purpose of visiting the Information Guild was not Fertilland.

August 9th.

The season was in the middle of summer.

A time when everything on earth cannot withstand the heat of the sun and swells up or explodes nervously.

In the original work, it was the time when serious events began to take place centering on the main character.

In order to closely grasp the flow, it was necessary to grasp the information at slightly shorter intervals.

with daughter.

3 p.m.

As I opened the door of the tavern and entered, the bell rang.

Inside, the employees were moving around in a quiet motion, preparing for business.

“Master, you have a guest.”

One of the employees who spotted us went inside and soon Jack showed up.

“Five! did you come I was waiting for you because you didn’t tell me when you would come back, but you came earlier than I thought.”

We were ushered inside.

I slowed my pace for a moment to distance myself from Jack, and I whispered to Estelle.

“You seem less drunk today than last time.”

“to? Yes? I don’t know.”

It was a very subtle difference.

Even the disheveled clothes had the impression that it was artificially decorated rather than natural.

We arrived at the room where the intruders came in, not the place we had changed seats on our last visit.

Estelle waited outside and I went inside with Jack.

Before entering, whispering instructions into her ear, she nodded slightly.

“Come in.”

At that time, it was well taken care of so that I did not even think about the place where a person died.

As I stared at the liquor showcases that filled the wall, Jack came over and turned me to the table.

“I’ll take a look later. Let’s talk about what we ordered.”

“Isn’t the office changed to where it was last time?”

“I got used to where I used to be. It’s a little daunting, but it seems to have gotten better than before after I cleaned it and changed the interior.”

Jack sat down.

“Let’s get straight to the point. It’s a week’s journey of a person named Laxen in the capital.”

I sat down on the other side of the table and read the documents handed to me.

“… There was a lot of backlash against the unprecedented mid-term admission, but the controversy quickly ended thanks to his excellent magic skills. Seeing the rapid growth of a man with no knowledge of magic, the elder Aitar’s Sun Guan, who accepted him as a disciple… .”

It was something I already knew, so I quickly turned the page.

“… In accordance with the academic calendar, students are leaving the capital on August 7th to tour magical facilities in various districts, and are moving under the guidance of faculty… .”

‘Exactly as expected.’

The expedition starts at Latium in the capital city, passes through important facilities in between, and ends at Clarkfield in District 55.

It is a very important episode for the protagonist in the progress of the work.

Away from the faculty’s guidance, he accidentally enters a slum, and is shocked by the brutality comparable to the streets of a luxurious capital city.

The world view shakes greatly, and he begins to ponder why he learns magic and what he wants to do at the end.

‘It’s a time when you realize the existence of the dark side in connection with a criminal organization.’

I was going to meet Laxen.

A typhoon hits him around him.

Although there have been changes in minor elements due to my existence, the main flow of the story rooted in the work will not be shaken.

At least while I was in this world, I needed to get into the eye of the typhoon in order to cope with the future and not be blown away by the wind.

‘Another thing, we have to check the possibility that Baek Jin-woo possessed the main character.’

‘ asked Jack, who was pouring alcohol into his glass while he was thinking.

“By the way, aren’t you really asking for more information about the Blue Serpent?”

“I will order it again later if necessary.”

Requests for the Blue Serpent investigation were temporarily suspended.

The whereabouts of all the executives were identified, and it was faster to walk around the streets to collect the necessary information.

There was also the intention not to divulge any more information that could infer my identity to the guild.

“Are you sorry?”

“I’m sorry. That’s why it’s hard to receive a steady, large amount of quests. How about a drink?”

“Don’t take it once.”

“Five! Are we still closer than last time?”

Jack poured the drink into the glass that was placed in front of me.

I glanced at the scene slowly, then shifted my gaze to another empty glass sitting next to Jack.

“I think there are other guests coming besides me.”


Jack looked at the glass.

It was an exaggerated gesture that seemed to have forgotten.

“I think I should have said this first. a guest is coming I was waiting at the tavern yesterday and today to meet you.”


The identity could be easily inferred.

“I’ve read all the documents, so I’ll call you and talk to you.”

“Five! Is that okay?”

“Isn’t that the purpose of putting the cup in the first place?”

“Also! It’s good that you speak well.”

“Do you even know who I am?”

“Since then, he is an executive of a group that handles information in his own way, isn’t he ignoring it too much? You know that the wizard in front of you is the owner of the ghost mask that has been hotly rumored lately.”

Jack snapped his finger and an employee came in.

He nodded at Jack’s instructions and left the room.

Soon, a man in his early 40s, dressed in a neat suit, entered the room.

“It is an honor to meet you, Evan. It’s called Belport. I have an executive position in Puttyland.”

he held out his hand

When I didn’t shake my hand, I coughed and sat down next to Jack.

“Still, the executives are waiting for me to find me. The approach was better than last time.”

“The staff, no, the subordinates were very rude. I apologize once again for offending you.”

“Go straight to the point. What did you find me for? I wouldn’t have been looking for a drink or a drink of a person who kills anyone regardless of pia.”

“Oh, may I go through a little verification process before that… .”

I immediately noticed what his slightly hesitant attitude meant.

He took out the ghost mask and placed it on the table, then collected mana on his hand.

Belfort burst into admiration as he saw the shimmering mana.

“indeed! It may have been a rude request, but thank you for your understanding with broad generosity. To put it bluntly, we want to recruit Evan.”

“Are you going to hire me?”

While continuing the conversation, he went into refining the element he had raised.

The color of mana faded in an instant and gradually changed to transparent.

“… … .”

Jack and Belfort.

Both had no response.

You must be thinking that mana is scattered and returned to the atmosphere.

Unused mana after it is released outside the body as usual.

“Yes. I know that Evan-sama is a wizard of great skill. I also saw myself using guns to subdue the battlefield. In the process, there were some unfortunate incidents where our personnel got involved, but it is not a very important part.”

Belfort pulled out a briefcase from under the table and lifted it up.

“To be honest, we don’t know exactly who Evan is. It may be that you simply enjoy fighting, or you may be moving for a certain purpose. Maybe he belongs to another organization.”

He caught his breath for a moment, then opened the bag with a confident face.

It was packed with high-definition bills.

“The down payment is 20 million shillings. In any case mentioned above, I think it is an amount that is not disappointing to work with us.”

20 million shillings.

Objectively, it was never a small amount of money.

Because it was an amount that could be hired by any special mercenary without difficulty.

“Don’t refuse.”

But it just didn’t matter to me.

While continuing the conversation, I gradually increased the level of mana refinement.

In the eyes of others, it would appear that the mana he had pulled up was scattered into the air.

He made a bewildered look on his face and asked in a tone of disbelief.

“It’s unexpected. We definitely thought there was a public enemy called the Blue Serpent. Is it because the amount is not enough? This is just a down payment, so if you do the job properly, we will set an appropriate salary for you. If you are working for another organization, you must pay more than that… .”

“Don’t you think that if you want to attract someone to an organization, you have to introduce them first?”

He had a speechless face.

He immediately burst out laughing and said.

“Ah, sorry. That’s a very unexpected answer. Actually, what is special about organizations that work in the shadows? They all move to trample on others and take away their rights. We have a slightly different purpose, but we can’t tell you yet.”

He leaned against the table and closed the gap between me.

“I think it’s something we don’t need to ask each other. Just like we don’t ask what Evan’s affiliation and purpose are. The important thing is that Evan-sama has great fighting skills, and we have the ability to pay a reasonable price for it.”

“For a slightly different purpose.”

I laid back on the sofa and opened my distance with him again.

and said

“Is it something like securing farmland for the production of new drugs for Hexamedical?”

At that moment, the air in the room froze.

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