A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 73

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 73

073. Hexa Medical (3)

“… What did you say now?”

Belfort asked.

He tried not to show embarrassment, but there was no sign of being able to hide it.

Jack also stopped the glass he was lifting and was looking at him with round eyes.

“Hexa Medical. The stock price has been skyrocketing these days. I don’t know if I should buy the stock now or not.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Are you thinking of getting lost? You must have investigated me. I also researched that.”

Silence passed for a while.

Under the bright lights, the dust swam at an annoying speed.

“Would you believe me if I told you the organizational chart of the company?”

“… no. It’s not like our security is weak at all. How did you know? No, this would be a pointless question. How much do you know?”

“At least more than you can imagine.”

“It’s difficult. When rumors spread, there were people who did not sell the land, so they were secretly buying the land. Isn’t it a gossip with such a ripple effect that it is a cure for horse disease?”

He said without taking his eyes off me.

I could feel the intention of trying to figure out how far I knew.

While looking back at the security system of his own company, examining the number of cases, and spinning his head taut.

‘Yes, there are limits to the conclusions that can be reached.’

There is a spy inside.

Information was leaked due to a security mistake.

You may think that I simply combined rumors and information to form my own group.

But I will never predict the fact that I know the results of a clinical trial are false.

All those who participated in the experiment at that time were removed for silence, all related materials were discarded, and only the manipulated materials were released to the world.

“It’s worth it. Because the development of a cure for horse disease has never been successful in history. I was really surprised when I first saw the article.”

“Yes. In the future, those suffering from horse disease will disappear. But there is a problem.”

“It’s going to be a land problem. That’s why I’m fighting the Blue Serpent.”

“you’re right. The land in the capital and the 10th and 20th divisions have the most optimal conditions, but they are all owned by high-ranking people such as high-ranking officials of the imperial family, so we cannot afford to purchase them. Land prices are ridiculously high, too. Even though we received a lot of investment, our funds are not infinite.”

“Is the 40th division selected as the lane?”

“That’s right. It’s not as good as the land in the inner part, but it’s enough to grow medicinal herbs. The problem is that all land that can be used as farmland is already owned by the owner. I offered a large sum of money, but I don’t even think about selling it.”

Most of the farmland in the 40th Division is owned by the Blue Serpent.

Prior to the question of the amount offered, drug farms are critical infrastructure and cannot accept deals.

“Evan. We want to do good. It is about saving people who are dying from diseases of unknown cause.”

“… … .”

The fact that the word ‘salvation’ came out of the scammer’s mouth immediately bothered me.

“The Blue Serpent will soon be followed. You are already very talented, but with us, you will be able to get through the crisis more safely.”

Nevertheless, it was necessary to cooperate.

For the big picture I envision.

It was about this time to say no firmly, and it was time to slowly give room.

“Good deeds or bad deeds cannot be the standard for judging choices in this world. But the story behind it is something to consider.”

A blush flashed across his face.

“you’re right. I’m not disparaging Evan’s skills, but Blue Serpent’s members are all made up of talented people who can handle mana. There may come a time when the chase will come and you will have to deal with a lot of people at once.”

“My salary has been paid and I want to get a higher down payment. Forty million shillings. Is it possible?”

“Available. To that extent, I can give you an immediate answer right here. In fact, I have a pretty high decision-making power, haha.”

He stood up and asked to shake hands again.

“If you sign a contract, could you share simple information about where you were previously affiliated with or where you came from? Not as suspicious, but as a business partner, the minimum guarantee of identity… .”

“I have one more condition.”

When I didn’t get my handshake again, he slumped back into his seat.

“You tell me. We will meet all conditions.”

“I want to take over the command of the mercenaries.”

“You mean command? Of course, I plan to give Evan-sama a certain rank. Even if you can’t, you can keep 20 people under your control.”

“Not enough.”

“I can add five or so people at my discretion.”

“no. I want command over all mercenaries operating in these three areas 46, 47 and 48.”


“I would have heard it right. Are you a bit dark in speech?”

“… That’s a little, no, a lot of unreasonable demand. We also have systems and procedures.”

“If the conditions are not accepted, the negotiations break down here.”


He got up, hitting the desk with his palm.

“Are you talking about how many members of our organization are spread out in each district? If not, it will be triple digits.”


Rather, I say it because I know it well.

“It’s more than that if you include the sub-organizations you’ve absorbed. But it is nonsense to give the command, and even the command of the three districts.”

The reason why I am procrastinating the war is to reduce the number of enemies within the range where Parterers do not participate.

However, you cannot increase battles indefinitely.

When the war has reached its critical point, Parter will go directly into the fight, even at the risk.

‘The timing right before that is to break the slope of the battlefield.’

He was planning to switch the offensive at a time he didn’t expect.

Pour all your power into it all at once, so that you don’t even have time to react.

To do that, you need an army.

It wasn’t impossible just me and Estelle, but I had to bear that much risk.

“Tell me again. Three districts 46, 47 and 48. If you hand over the command, I will create the situation you want.”

“There are limits to what we can accept.”

The story went on and on.

Whatever compromise he offered, I rejected it like a sword.

If it wasn’t for the desired conditions, it was worse than not taking over the command.

For the plan, all personnel in the three areas had to move in unison according to instructions.

“You don’t understand the words.”

Belfort’s face hardened, and Jack stood with his arms crossed, watching what was going on.

“It seems that there is no more story left to tell each other.”

Cold air flowed through the room.

I got up from the sofa and turned to the door.

As I took a step, I heard a voice behind me.

“When I was told to contact the Information Guild, I decided that he was still willing to talk and negotiate. But there’s nothing I can do about it when you come out with such stubbornness. good bye.”

That was then.

The microscopic signs that I had been feeling all along moved all at once.


The liquor display case fell and the personnel hiding behind it ran out.


The ceiling collapsed and the personnel waiting on it fell.

All the sharp swords pointed towards me.

I wasn’t embarrassed or surprised.

It was a move everyone had expected.


After completing the 4th stage of refining, the element that was circling around the body responded to my will and turned into a phenomenon.

it was cold

A cold that seems to freeze the target forever just by touching it.


Water vapor in the atmosphere condensed, forming tiny ice crystals in the air.


The crystal was loaded, and the cold air was shot out in all directions with a sound like a gunshot.

And everything in the room was frozen.

Alcohol that was spilled in the air along with fragments of a broken bottle.

Even the enemies who came with their venomous faces slashing their swords.

Shattered and scattered showcases and fragments of the ceiling.

fixed in place.

As if time had frozen.

Except for bellports and jacks outside the specified range.


The next moment, Estelle came in, breaking the door.

In an instant, Belfort’s arms were bent backwards and pulled towards him, and he drew a dagger and pointed it at his neck.

“Don’t move. Unless you want to know how much blood you have in your body.”

It took less than 5 seconds for everything to happen.

“jack. You’d better not move. Wouldn’t it be a lot of trouble if the neck of a precious client escaped?”

Jack had already pulled out his sword and held it.

However, seeing the captured Belfort and the situation in the room, he could not take any action.

“How… !”

Belfort said with a red face as he lifted his head off the floor.

His lips trembled from the cold, and he had a face that could not comprehend the situation.

“How?” What do you mean? Using magic without prior preparation? Were you aware of the surprise?”

My walker stopped in front of his face.

“Boo, I heard that you are a magician of the flame type!”

“Did you think you wouldn’t be able to use magic in such a small room, lest you get caught up in an explosion?”

“Even so, this is absurd. Words… ! I couldn’t feel my mana moving!”

“no. it makes sense Because it happened right in front of your eyes. Things in the world don’t just happen within your common sense.”

Then some staff came in and stopped looking at the scenery in the room.

No one more came in.

Those who should have been outside are now in a state of ice statues.

I turned my gaze to Jack, who was still undecided about his actions.

“Since I stopped a few quests, you must have thought it wasn’t worth watching any longer. I don’t have a place to eat anymore, so I can sell it.”

“Everyone, don’t come near me.”

With each step he took, he slammed his body against the table and chair and took a step backwards.

“I wondered why the reception area was chosen here. The head of the intelligence guild in Area 45 is famous for his aversion to blood, so why does he keep using the place where people died and bloodstains left behind as his office? The chances are not great. It happened that he had to kill another body, or his personality changed overnight. No matter how you look at it, the former is highly probable, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know anything. That human being… .”

The ice statues were fixed in the air by mana.

When I touched it, it started to ‘click’ and shatter into pieces one by one.

“They are obviously familiar faces. Are you saying that the guild’s intelligence officers moved by listening to orders from outside clients, not the branch manager?”

Jack bit his lip.

Then he forced a smile and said:

“Don’t make an offer. If you ask me about this quietly, I’ll take care of all the information you request from Area 45 free of charge. Of course, that person can handle whatever the customer wants. Or maybe the two of us could make up our own mind and threaten Hexa Medical to extort money. What do you think?”

If this incident is known to the higher level, it will be in a difficult situation.

Jack himself knows better than anyone else.

In addition to the things in front of me, I have been running the guild in violation of all the principles so far.

“What kind of answer do you think I will give?”

With those words, I glanced at the gap.

Immediately, Jack swung his sword and ran, and was pushed by Estelle, who flew like lightning, and collapsed the cabinet and was thrown into a corner.


At the same time, I turned and fired the pistol.

There were bullet marks on the bedside of Belfort, who was trying to escape.

“Next is the head.”

Meanwhile, Jack was being suppressed by Estelle.

He struggled a lot, but he got a notch in his elbow and fell to the floor and passed out.

I picked up Belfort’s glass and placed it under the ice crystals in the air.

When he brought the boiling palm of his hand, the crystals became liquid again and filled the glass.

He approached Belfort, who was lying on his back, and set it down in front of his face.

“The glass was empty. Now, let’s start the conversation we didn’t finish earlier.”

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