A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 78

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 78

078. Rescue, or Salvation (2)

I hid behind the wall.

The space that appeared in front was the special management room where the cages with the beasts were kept.

A surveillance camera was installed above the entrance door at the end of the passage, and the lighting was not bright white, but a soft vermilion.


The breathing sounds of the beasts came all the way here.

They ranged from as small as an adult female to the size of several trucks combined.

‘If these guys wake up at once.’

It wasn’t something I really wanted to imagine.

I put the type and number of beasts in my head and pressed the button on the remote control again.


The lights went out and I quickly walked forward.

At the same time, corrosion magic was engraved on all our iron bars that touched the path.

With little time left, we arrived in a blind spot just below the camera.

After hiding in the side corner, I blasted it to the point where I had come in and exploded it.


There was a sound like gunshots, and the demonic beasts tossed and turned.

A few of them woke up with uncomfortable cries and soon the sound of something talking was heard outside the door.


Soon the door opened with the sound of the key turning.

Originally, all the doors from the first basement floor to the third floor were operated with a card key, but the fourth and fifth floors were different.

It was a thick iron gate with a conventional lock.

The reason was simple.

To reduce the cost required to construct the facility.

The arena was not in one place, so it was necessary to reduce it where it could be reduced.

“I think something was coming from inside.”

“I guess the beasts even talked about sleep. look. There are some awake guys over there. Rather, the lighting is unstable. You’ve been like this a few times recently.”

“I think the time has come to repair the mana tank.”

“Is it very common for seniors to spend money unnecessarily? Occasionally a fire goes out?”

One of the two men guarding right in front of the door entered.

Just in time, I passed by them and went out into the hallway.

hold your breath in the dark

at a pace that is neither too fast nor too slow.

Controlling the trembling air with every movement.


The light came on as I made my way through the hallway and hid behind the wall again.

“Just something… . Is it because of your mood?”


“I feel like something has passed.”

“What is passing? There is nothing around.”


‘This is the third time.’

Lightino said he had never tried it, but he said that he could press the button up to 10 times in a row according to his calculations.

As a master of magic engineering, his calculations would not be wrong.

But, assuming the worst case, I had to finish all the situations within eight or so times.

I moved non-stop.

I went around a maze-like corridor, stopped when a guard passed, and after the light was turned on, I moved to find the camera’s blind spot.


‘Four times.’

“Are you feeling a little rough today?”

“Should I go upstairs?”

On the 4th and 5th basement floors, there were no other facilities other than the prison room and the Beast Management Room.

Because of this, it wasn’t long before I was able to get to the point I was aiming for.


The carpet was lifted and the tiles on the floor below it were cut and lifted.

After putting his body into the empty space that appeared, he reached up and restored the carpet and tiles.

“… … .”

It was the space between the 4th basement floor and the 5th floor ceiling.

The transmission pipe of the mana tank was tightly entangled, so it was difficult to move the body properly.

‘Certainly this part is empty. As Latino said.’

There was no need to move any more.

Because that’s the point I was aiming for.


The wind blew up and slashed the floor again.

The floor of the prison cell was visible through the small hole.

After making sure there was no guard, I cut more around the hole to increase the size.


He sank gently to the floor.

The lighting was dim here too.

Iron gates stretched out on either side of the narrow passage.

I opened the rectangular-shaped eye sockets at the top and looked inside one by one.

I was able to find the room I was looking for soon.

“Are you here to make that offer again?”

Milsian was awake.

He was leaning against the wall, his head bowed, handcuffed to his wrists.

When I didn’t close my eye sockets, I opened my mouth first.

“No matter how many times I visit, my answer is the same. If you betray Cain-sama and come under Parterre, if you exhaust my body and mind, it must be a shallow thought that I will one day accept it.”

“… … .”

Scout offer.

It was the first thing I knew.

Suddenly, I wanted to think about his heart more, and I changed my voice and said.

“It’s betrayal. Didn’t the Cain you served betray the boss already? If it was his henchman, he would have known Cain’s plans in advance. I’ve already betrayed you once, so it’ll be easier the second time around.”

Milsian stood up.

Then he walked up to the door and made eye contact with me.

“Consider it that I am imprisoned here. If it wasn’t for you, I would have ripped your mouth open right now.”

It was an eerie voice.

But he couldn’t harm me.

The true value of mana users is demonstrated when they have tools to store mana.

For example, blades such as swords and daggers, or nails that boast high strength in the case of beasts are examples.

Unless you are a kwon who has accumulated special training or a person who has transcended the realm, there was a weakness in that combat power would be greatly reduced when there was no weapon.

‘Still, since the body itself is strengthened, it will maintain superior combat power than ordinary people.’

There, Milcian’s handcuffs were slightly different from those of other fighters.

It was a magic tool that limited the wearer’s mana use.

The same model as in the subspace of Zervia.

It was a Latium item delivered to the National Police Agency, and the function was not perfect.

Due to the current technology, only half of the restrictions could be applied to a strong person like Milsian.

“Never again insult Cain with that dirty mouth. He is a person who has a different ideal than you guys.”

“I hope that thought doesn’t change.”


As soon as I closed the eye socket, silence came to the passage.

He took the magic stone out of his pocket and chewed it.

He turned and headed down the ceiling that had fallen, imprinting corrosion magic on all the doors.

‘I can’t rescue you right now.’

One and two are completely different.

It is inevitable that he will be caught while escaping upstairs, and the moment he is surrounded by enemies that have flocked to him, it is the end.

I went back the way I came.

All paths passed were engraved with magic for another arrangement.

I used the remote control the same number of times as when I came down, and I re-entered the Beast Management Room while the guards were away for a while.

He climbed the spiral staircase, carving magic on the ceiling and floor.

And I saw Estelle, who returned safely to her room and was relieved.

* * *

In the morning, I stayed in the arena and checked the atmosphere.

“Did the power outage that happened last night count as a happening? The behavior of the employees has not changed.”

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the power outage that occurred last night, and there was only an announcement that the cause was being investigated.

“Because nothing like this has happened before. But this time it happened more often, so the report must have gone up.”

Of course, whether the report is received and immediate action is taken is another matter.

Because of the fighting and facility management in various places, the reports that Parterre will receive will not be the only ones.

‘Even if the investigation comes out, it should be tomorrow morning at the earliest in the calculations.’

Then everything will be over.

I rested until early afternoon, then left the arena and headed to the communications post.

「23rd street 12-1, 29th street 1-5, 34th street 23-3. This is the information you ordered to investigate. Parterre seems to be increasing the number of offices to see if his income is good these days.”

“Good work.”

Bama stopped me as I was about to take over the information and end the communication.

“for a moment.”

“Do you have more to say?”

“… I went to the library in Area 21 you mentioned. I’ve scoured every column in the basement. And I found an inscription carved out of stone. “Reina, dreaming of becoming an archmage of the future, left a mark here.”

“… … .”

“How did you know that there was such a phrase there? Did you find my sister? Since when… !」

“If you listen carefully, I’ll give you the next clue. Wait.”

I cut off communication relentlessly.

Next, I contacted Belfort.

It was immediately connected as if waiting.

“I was waiting for you to contact me. Fortunately, internal opposition is not so strong, so I think we will be able to convene the troops earlier than expected and take over the command. Anytime you go to the address I give you… .”

Central building in District 47.

I typed the address he was calling into in my head.

“Before the month is over, there will be good news. I’ll let Puttyland own all the farmland in the 40th Division.”

“I will be waiting. If you need any other support from us, please let us know.”

I left the telecommunication office and headed to the used car store.

“Do you have a car model you are looking for?”

“It doesn’t matter as long as you roll. As durable as possible.”

I bought a few cars and had errands parked them in places I thought of throughout the district.

After replenishing ammunition at a nearby gun store, he drove one of the purchased cars himself and set off for his destination.

Blue Serpent’s office.

Upon arrival, I got out of the car and went up the stairs.

He wore a mask and shot and shattered all the surveillance cameras in the middle.

“invasion… !”


He relentlessly shot down the enemies that appeared, and the floor where the office was located was devastated.

“It’s over there!”

The enemy in the street jumped out of the window just in time for support.

There was a car prepared in advance.

I lightly set foot on the ground, abandoned the old car, got into a new car, and moved on to the next destination.

My behavior was the same in the next building I arrived at.

No more waiting for a fight to happen.

He went into the enemy camp, defeated the enemy indiscriminately, and changed cars each time.

I had no intention of waiting in vain until the match tonight.

‘Use all the remaining time to reduce the number of enemies.’

As the end of the time to hide his identity was approaching, his actions were more relentless.

The hunt started on the outskirts and spiraled around the center of the area.

The target office as well as the enemies in the middle distance were all prey.

When we reached the city center where the arena was, the sun was setting in a scarlet color.


I shot down the last enemy in the building near the arena and continued down the hallway.

He threw off his blood-stained coat and mask, and set off a spark at the same time.


The coat and mask turned to ashes and scattered behind his back.

He took another mask he had been using in the arena from his arms and put it on his face.

‘It might have been better to change clothes.’

The suit he was wearing inside was wet with sweat.

I blew a strong wind, dried my body in a short time, and straightened my hair.

I got out of the building exit, got on a luxury sedan, and headed straight for the arena.

“Thank you for visiting again.”

We headed to the basement under the guidance of the staff.

I returned to the room and asked Estelle, who was waiting.

“Is there anything wrong with it?”

“yes. The movement of the staff was exactly the same as yesterday.”

I nodded.

There was no hindrance to the plan.

Now all that was left was to restore mana and wait for the night game.

* * *

“I am looking forward to the event you have planned.”

“You will not be disappointed.”

Lightino was waiting for me in the party hall.

I sat next to him and stared through the glass wall.

“Let’s start the first match of the day.”

With the moderator’s progress, two fighters appeared in the arena.

A fierce battle ensued, the bets soared, and the atmosphere in the hall heated up.

“Didn’t you just hear something ringing?”

“I do not know. I didn’t feel it.”

‘It’s started.’

The corrosion magic triggered in time would have done its job by slowly melting us and the iron gate.

I put my hand in the pocket of the remote control and counted the candles in my mind.

“Look. Now the floor is definitely vibrating… .”

As soon as I felt the vibration approached to a certain extent, I pressed the button.


The lights went out.

In the darkness, there was the sound of something breaking and the roar of the beasts could be heard.


And the painful screams of the fighters that followed were enough to make my spine stand still.

After the eternity of darkness, my vision found light.


The fighters were all torn to shreds and scattered on the floor.

Beasts were moving around the stadium with a lot of excitement.

It hit the glass wall with its gigantic body and scraped it nonstop with its claws.


A woman standing near a glass wall screamed and collapsed.

“Come on, call the guard! hurry!”

People fell from the glass wall.

Those who moved quickly opened the door and ran out of the hall.

Then the broadcast came out.

“There is an error in the switchgear and we are investigating the cause. The space between the spectator seats and the stadium is completely blocked, so you can rest assured, and please follow the staff’s instructions to go to the ground and wait until the situation arises.”

If it’s really safe, there’s no need to evacuate.

He was afraid that the mana supply would be cut again and the glass wall would break.

‘But at the same time, you don’t want to tarnish the image of safety.’

People who were leaving the door stopped listening to the broadcast.

“okay. Now they’re banging their bodies against the glass, and they don’t even budge?”

A middle-aged man approached a glass wall.

After confirming that it was safe, he said with a triumphant smile.

“It seems like an event prepared by the club. Where else would you have an opportunity like this to be able to see the beast so close?”

Contrary to words, his body was trembling a little.

It was a bluff peculiar to the upper class.

Being conscious of the gaze of others even in situations where life and death are at stake.

“It seems that these two gentlemen here are also quite strong-minded. Just like me!”

He said, looking at me and Latino, who were sitting motionless.

“It’s a strong heart. As you get older, you won’t be surprised by anything.”

Lightino was just enjoying the situation.

I got up slowly.

The guards who had already entered the stadium were fighting the beasts.

The number of people who can fight in the arena is large enough to be considered.

Soon the arena became a total chaos as handcuffed fighters flooded the doorway.

“… … .”

Because the speakers were turned off, the sound inside the stadium could not be heard, so it looked like a scene from a silent movie.

‘Now is the time to come.’

I approached a middle-aged man.

He was pointing his finger at the beast through the glass in a gesture that was obviously conscious of people.


“sir! Please step away from the wall!”

The guard who arrived in the hall shouted, but he didn’t budge.

Others, who confirmed that the wall was not collapsing, followed the middle-aged man and observed the beast.

“… … .”

In an instant, disgust rose.

Even though there was an opportunity to escape, he inevitably remained and hastened his death.

‘You must have never properly portrayed the situation in which you died. You must have grown up in an environment where you don’t have any shortcomings throughout your life.’

insensitivity to death.

Perhaps, for them, death is not a ‘reality’ that touches the skin, but a ‘theory’ only heard through books or stories.


button was pressed.

It was a very short time.

A shot was fired in an instant, and the wall collapsed.

The moment I released my finger from the button, the light came back and I saw a beast rushing into the hall.


The wind blew up all the spectators near the wall, while at the same time firing again.

The beast was pierced through the forehead and collapsed.

“… … .”

I turned around and saw a middle-aged man urinating in his pants.

I had to endure so much.

When a person dies, or to be more precise, a high-ranking person dies, the local police can’t keep the case under control and the Police Department’s investigation comes in.

‘The guards have arrived, so at least no one will die. Even if you can get some injuries.’

In case of an emergency, Estelle had been instructed to go around the arena to protect the spectators.

I turned my head back to look at the stadium.

A gray-haired man was walking from the doorway, holding a blood-stained sword.

I stepped over the broken glass wall and stepped into the stadium.

The guards in the hall were chasing people and didn’t pay attention to me.

“Half all of the group C members come up to the stadium! We need more support!”


The guards inside the stadium were also busy fighting between the prisoners and the beasts.

The gray-haired man was coming to the center of the arena.

When he saw me approaching from the other side, he had a vigilant look in his eyes.

But his eyes soon turned into surprise, and he did not stop walking.

He came right in front of me and knelt trembling.

“Forever my lord. See you Cain.”

Tears were running down his face.

It was because I took off my mask and revealed my true face.

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