A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 84

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 84

084. open (2)

Battles took place simultaneously throughout the district.

I jumped between rooftops, looking out across the street, and commanding the squad in real time.

like playing chess.

In the end, it was a fight.

Although there is a difference in the abilities of each combatant, the difference could be filled with superiority in tactics and equipment.

─The damn bastards are running away again!

─Block the escape route! Stop it!

─There must be someone who gives instructions somewhere! Find him!

The shouts of the enemy were heard through the mercenaries’ radios.

The basic tactic was ‘hit and run’.

Thirty-four squads traveled around the city with me, finding and eliminating enemies that were even a little farther away from the main unit.

By the time enemy support arrived, everyone had left the scene.

—Squad F2. Two casualties, three wounded.

“We collect the body and return to the outskirts. The wounded will be replaced with a reserve force.”

Of course, it was not without damage, but it was the same with the enemy.

Because of our numerical superiority, our side had an overwhelming advantage in terms of the exchange rate for casualties.

The movements of the mercenaries gradually improved, and in the past, a glimmer of hope, ‘I wonder if they could really win’ appeared on their faces.

When I was summoned and given instructions, they gave me a look of trust.

“Kain. It is said that the operation of the arena around the 40th Division has been suspended. All of Parter’s forces are gathering here.”

“You don’t have to go looking for it.”

It was also reported that a vehicle was seen departing from the Leica area in the direction of Area 47.

In the meantime, there was nothing to worry about as Leica had not been seen.

Because of the nature of the guy who never does anything to lose, it’s simply a form of support.

From his point of view, there was a high possibility that they were members of the organization with poor skills, even if they died.

“The police say they are chasing Bama. As you said, we sent a message to Estelle to watch the situation and join this way.”

I looked down the street and nodded.

Everything was going according to plan.

All that was left now was to end Parterre’s breath here, in Area 47.


As I was thinking for a moment, I heard a voice from the east.

I could tell intuitively that it was the sound of a bullet cutting the wind.

The moment he was about to activate the protection, Milsian swung his sword.


The bullet fell right through the side of the sword.

As I turned my head in the direction the sound was coming from, I saw a sniper hurriedly preparing to run away on the roof of a building not far away.

I immediately activated the movement magic that had been engraved on the floor.

He had plenty of mana because he did not participate in the battle himself, and he had engraved magic on the roof.

The landscape changed several times in an instant, and a bewildered sniper appeared in front of him.


Milsian, who moved together, quickly defeated the enemies who were nearby as escorts.

And just before firing, he pushed the sniper’s gun away with his sword, and at the same time grabbed the collar with one hand.

“Location has been discovered. Are you killing me?”

“… … .”

There was no other enemy to be seen on the surrounding rooftop.

“It doesn’t matter what the location is.”

Now that the movement magic circle has been installed, you can escape at any time.

Also, when the time comes, I plan to show up first.

“Ouch! Whoops!”

I slowly approached the sniper.

As he reached out his hand in the air, a wind blew around Milsian’s hand.

Milsian flinched, and the wind gripped the sniper’s neck.

When I saw the sniper rifle that fell to the ground, I thought of siblings.

An older sister and younger brother who wandered around the slum without even knowing their own names.

Recognizing their talents, Cain took them off and raised them as snipers.

He gave him the surname Pavli, but did not give him a name.

When he rises to the boss position, he will give you his name.

It was to give them the power to act, but there was also a reason why they did not want to attach a bond.

“If it were my subordinates, they wouldn’t have chosen such a conspicuous place as a sniper location in the first place.”

bang! Fit geek-!

Just as the sniper was about to catch his breath, he heard the sound of something collided beneath the building.

As he released his grasp, the sniper fell to the floor and took a quick breath.

I looked under the railing.

A friendly van that was retreating had turned over a few turns.

In front was an enemy’s large limousine with its sides crumpled.

The moment my radio was cut off for a while.

Enemy vehicles were closing the distance from behind.

“Don’t panic, get out of the car and secure a way out. C3 and C5 immediately move to 2 blocks on street 6 to support F2.”

The mercenaries who got out of the van formed a line and ran forward.

At that moment, the door of the limousine opened and a man got out.

A huge physique that exceeds 190 centimeters, and scars all over his face.

The man rubbed the cigarette he was biting into the ashtray he was holding and put it out.

And stridly moved towards the mercenaries.

-Father, Parterda!

─We have more numbers! No need to be scared!

merciless hands and cruelty.

This is the first time Parter has made an appearance in this war, but his notoriety is already well-known.

It was felt that the atmosphere of the battlefield had changed rapidly just by being there.

“Calm down. It splits on both sides to secure an escape route.”

─I can win! There was nothing wrong with being a mana user!


The mercenaries were buzzing.

Once the agitation spread, it did not subside easily and grew in size.

It seemed that my instructions had already gone unheard of by them.


The mercenary in the front pulled the trigger of the rifle.

The next moment, Parter released the grip he had been holding.

The bullet, which was still hot, rolled down.

His dry lips opened and the scar twisted into a strange shape.

“Things that are less than garbage in the gutter.”

Parter’s pace accelerated.

─Shoot! Shoot!

─Firing begins!

Doo doo doo-!

The muzzle spewed fire and fired bullets.

As the firing continued, the faces of the mercenaries grew pale and tired.

The firing did not slow Parterer’s advance for even a second.

It didn’t break through the shield, so it didn’t do much damage.

Parterre was just a fight about getting hit by raindrops.


The body of the mercenary in the front was blown up.

His entire face was held in Parter’s gigantic grips.

He was wearing a bulletproof helmet, but anyone could intuit that it wouldn’t help.


The mercenary’s head exploded within Parter’s grasp.

It was a death that couldn’t even be screamed out, with flesh and brains exploding everywhere.

It also appeared on Parter’s face, but he didn’t see a subtle change in his expression.

─Save me!

─I, I don’t want to die!

─Shoot! Shoot!

An abyss took place.

Parter slaughtered the mercenaries like a beast that fell among herbivores.

The head was blown away by swinging the palm of the hand, or it was crushed by the force of the hand.

It wasn’t as fast as Bama, but it was a speed enough to be seen as a fear for the mercenaries.

He fled right and left, but he was already killed because all his escape routes were blocked.

At that moment, the words Milsian had said a few days ago crossed my mind.

“I am not the only one who was caught after the chase. But all the rest were killed by Parter’s hands.”

At the same time, a message rang in my ear.

[Synchronization with ‘Cain River’ is in progress.]

[Current synchronization rate – 91.2%]

“… … .”

The evil word gained strength.

The images of my subordinates being killed were pictured in my mind.

It would not have been very different from the scenery unfolding below.

‘My subordinate… . Cain’s servant… ?’

For a moment, I stopped at the confused emotions that raised my head.

There were times when my existence felt confused as the synchronization progressed.

‘There is no time to feel these feelings.’

shook his head vigorously.

“Go down. Secure a way out and move with the goal of reducing casualties as much as possible.”

“All right.”

Milsian jumped over the railing with a stiff face.

Stepping on the balconies and vents protruding from the wall, I quickly headed to the ground.



A rough wind smashed the fallen sniper in front of me.

I grabbed his hair and pulled him out through the gap between the railings.

He looked like a death row prisoner with his head stuck in a guillotine.

“Come on, wait… !”

Looking at the distant ground, he took a breath.

I made a blade of wind and struck him on the neck.


The head fell faster than the Milcian.

The direction was exactly next to Parter, and he sensed a presence and turned around and swung his arms.

Break up!

His head was smashed by the mana-loaded hand and shattered like a watermelon in the air.

Parter’s men, who were caught in the path of the swaying hand, were lying on the floor.

“… … .”

Parter didn’t seem to care at all about his bloody and wriggling subordinates.

He quietly lifted his head and made eye contact with me.

“… … .”

“… … .”

There was silence, and they didn’t make any faces to each other.

As promised, Parter moved first.

He climbed up the building.

To be precise, as if gravity did not act, he stepped on the wall at a near-vertical angle and climbed up.

thud! thud! thud!

Mana rose at his feet, and the walls were hollowed out.

His figure drew closer with terrifying speed, and at the same time I pulled out my pistol and fired.

bang! bang! bang!

The aiming point is the forehead.

They were bullets engraved with “Wind of Blades” of the 4th stage of refinement, but the shield did not break.

Without any emotional disturbance, they continued to shoot at the same place.

Crackle, crick.

An empty magazine fell to the floor.

‘I can’t even catch this much.’

The shield had only a little bit of gold.

Parter came close with a ghastly glow in his eyes.

When I reached a distance where we could hear each other’s voices, I opened my mouth.

“Long time no see.”

Not Evan’s, but Cain’s.

His pupils, as he sprinted up the wall and swung his fists, were getting bigger.

The moment my fist reached right in front of my face, I activated the movement magic under my feet.

* * *

With Parter’s participation in the war, the front that was pushing toward the arena in the center of the city stopped.

One battle continued.

continuing guerrilla warfare.

I threw magic and bullets at the ground from the roof.

A magician appeared in the enemy camp as well.

However, there were no wizards among Parter’s original subordinates.

“They appear to be mercenaries hired in a hurry. It seems that time is running out and we haven’t been able to find people who are very talented.”

The wizards tried to dismantle the movement magic installed on the roof or interfere with my own magic.

But it all turned out to be a failure.

Conversely, the flow of mana was ‘interfered’ and he vomited blood.

Or the forehead was pierced by a bullet and collapsed.

“Black magic… . I think I can understand why Cain-sama became strong in such a short period of time.”

The battle was over and Milsian said as he watched me drain the mana of the enemy.

“I don’t care if Cain uses black magic. It’s a world where you can’t survive by choosing your own means and methods. But I’m very curious about how you learned magic. I usually read books regardless of field, and there was definitely magic in them… .”

“… I can’t tell you now. It will only be confusing to hear. But I promise. When the time comes when I can do that, I will tell you everything. Until then, I hope you can trust me. Basically, I am the person you knew.”

“All right. Because Cain always kept what he promised. Thanks for answering a question that might be off topic.”

Milsian’s face softened a little.

It was as if he had been waiting for me to bring these words out.

When Parter appeared, the mercenaries quickly retreated along the established route.

It was not without damage, but it was all tolerable.

Above all, where there was no Parterer, we led the battle to an advantage.

The numbers on both sides steadily declined.

At a rate where the enemy does much more damage.

In the beginning, Parter’s power had a strong character in that it was maintained by the overwhelming force of one person, Parter, rather than a solid organizational power.

It had to be different from this, where the combatants moved as one body under clear command.


I took a step towards the next target point.

shudder. shudder.

Dozens of mercenaries armed with guns, suits and helmets followed.

When I first saw it, the chaos had changed to become more like an army with its own system.

Fighting spirit and self-confidence permeated with each step.

But in the end, it was Parter that I had to defeat.

Looking down from the roof, he was still in good health in the battlefield.

─Come, Cain! You want my life! You want my money!

He shot the fleeing mercenary and pressed it, popping his head, and blinking his eyes.

“You certainly look more anxious than before.”

“Eventually, the time will come when the gap will be exposed.”

If you hit the statue, the outer part will come off and eventually the skeleton will be exposed.

The number of enemies is steadily decreasing.

He will eventually be left alone.

both physically and mentally.

“Give me direction for a moment.”


After confirming that the mercenaries had finished retreating, I turned and came down the building.

Secretly exited Area 47 and headed for Area 46.

There he joined Estelle.

“I have heard of the war situation. It’s pretty pushy.”

“Is Bama doing her job well?”

“It is attracting attention. I was running between buildings, but I couldn’t follow the movement with my eyes.”

It was different from the previous factory, which was already under siege and was relatively open.

“It seems a little frustrating because he wasted time without killing the task force that injured him. If I let it run wild, more than half of the members of the task force would be dead by now.”

“The next few days will be more than enough.”

I arrived with Estelle in front of the arena building in District 46.

It was closed and the surrounding area was quiet.

The internal structure and working principle of the door were all grasped by the memories he had heard from Laitino before.

Mana was poured into the terminal that recognized the card.

Soon smoke rose with sparks.

I opened the door and went inside.

There were staff and combatants stationed there, but they were all overpowered by Estelle.

“My life, please!”

“We just did what we were told!”

I sent them all alive.

Estelle questioned.

“His subordinates risked their lives to protect the facility. He chose to run away rather than fight to the end. This will do a bigger blow to his psychology than killing him.”

“… I feel it again, but I think you have a talent for bullying others, you.”

did not deny

Coming to the arena that has been shut down is an extension to gnaw away the enemy’s mind.

“What do you think Parterre thinks about the purpose of my appearance?”

“Well… . I don’t know for sure, but wouldn’t it be more likely to think of it as revenge? And they’re trying to knock them down and take what they have.”

It was the most intuitive and reasonable reasoning.

I sent mercenaries throughout Area 47 and instructed them to make a ‘find something’ move.

It should have been reported to Parter as it was.

“okay. I’m sure they’ll take everything you have.”

Secret vaults, as well as the entire facility, including farms and arenas.

Most likely, you’re thinking it won’t do any damage to the facility.

The explosion that occurred in Area 41 was just a special case to save his subordinates.

In fact, there have been no attacks on farms or arena since then.

I installed the explosion magic from the bottom floor of the arena and went upstairs.

“What happens to the arena if Parterer dies?”

“There is a separate document indicating that you are the owner of the land and the building. He must have been kept in the safe.”

However, in an area where the police function is not functioning properly, legal documents are meaningless.

Even if there are land and buildings, if there is no force to protect them, they will not be able to operate properly due to all kinds of interference and threats.

In other words, it is possible to take it by anti-force.

“It will be ours.”

However, I did not intend to use this land and building as an arena.

So you have to break it

To secure land for building new facilities.

With a greater purpose, to elevate painful memories out of the enemy’s unconscious.


Then an enemy blocked the hallway.

He was dressed as a non-combatant officer, but was holding a sword.

He was an old man with white hair and had a relatively strong physique.

A look of tension was evident on his face.

‘Was anyone still in the arena?’

I made eye contact with him.

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