A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 87

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 87

087. Avatar (2)

“Can you guarantee that those men still remain as yours?”

My heart plummeted.

Reports of the fighters who were defeated in battle and fled, and who were conciliated over it crossed my mind.

“I promised them a share of the money in the safe as well.”

“Don’t fuss. They are already paying salaries that are incomparable to those of ordinary members of the organization. Do you think they would take a risk in a safe that doesn’t even exist!”

It cannot be said that all subordinates are highly loyal.

However, it could be said that the 20 elites selected after pathological verification would not betray themselves easily.

Until now, the time they spent with them was not small, and they were not afraid of death itself, so even threats with their lives did not work.

“I did not force you to believe. Believe it or not, it is your choice, Parter.”

Milsian and Estelle, who picked their breath, hit the floor again.

Confused emotions were already spreading in Parter’s head, who was being attacked by the two of them.


All humans are incredible.

It is highly unlikely that the subordinates may have turned away.

If what Cain said is true.

The location of the safe was never shared with anyone.

However, among the elite who can be said to be his closest aides, there may be some who have guessed the position.

Doubts, once bloomed, grew out of control.

Destroying the facilities of the arena and opening the vault door was pictured in my mind.

Of course I know.

The fact that this is his tactic and tactic.

It wasn’t the first time I’d seen an enemy who was dazzled by his snake-like tongue in battle.

However, the magical power of the word ‘if’ was strong.


Momentarily, concentration was disturbed, and the strength of the shield weakened.

Milsian’s sword brushed Parterer’s shoulder, and blood spurted out.

“… … .”

A burning pain came up, and my mind suddenly flashed.

How long does it take to get injured?

The blood all over his body began to churn, and the feeling of being alive took over his body.

At that moment, something broke in Parter’s mind.

okay. live.

Arenas and Vaults.

All of them are the reasons for living in the past and the reasons for living in the future.

Being abused by others is something I can’t even imagine.


Parter turned his body half a turn and pushed Milsian and Estelle who were close by.

Then, skipping between the rooftops, he ran towards the arena building where he had started.


Milsian and Estelle nodded and skipped the roof.

Cain looked down on the street mercenaries and enemy gang members who were in pursuit, and activated the movement magic under his feet.

There was no such thing as a pursuit in Parter’s mind.

All I could think of was the arena and the vault.

‘It can’t be. Unless it’s other guys, there’s no way they’ve betrayed me.’

No, I know.

Humans cannot be trusted.

Considering that the opponent is ‘the’ Cain, the possibility of being persuaded cannot be ignored.

The landscape in front of me changed suddenly.

Everything that touched the galloping feet was shattered and crushed.

I stepped on the overhang between the building and jumped in front of the entrance to the arena building.

“Stop it! We have to hold out until Parter-sama comes!”

The elites were fighting with the mercenaries of Fertilland at the entrance.

It looked like he was doing his best to prevent the enemy from entering.

There was also a moment of relief and anger.

About himself, who knew it was a trick and had no choice but to play around.

“Do not measure, shoot! Because you said you can break anything!”

“When you enter, ignore the enemies and find the safe first! If you find it, you can get rid of this shit and play and eat for the rest of your life!”

The anger towards these bugs that have been twisted without knowing the subject.


The mercenary, who had taken a step backwards to secure a shooting range, turned his head to see something touching his back.

“… … !”

The moment he met Parter’s two sullen blue eyes, his face turned white and tired.

“Sa, live… !”

His words could not be continued to the end due to the palms flying from both sides as if catching an insect.


Fragments of flesh bounced in all directions with the sound of bullets being fired.

“Don’t leave a single one alive!”

Parter’s loud roar broke through the sound of rain and shook the battlefield.

hope and despair.

Lights of different emotions appeared on the faces of the combatants of each camp who discovered him.

Parter stormed the battlefield.

It shattered, ripped, and crushed everything it touched.

“Sa, save me!”

“The commander is coming soon! Hold your seat!”

“I don’t want to die, Lord!”

The number of mercenaries decreased rapidly.

Whether you die or flee the battlefield in fear.

Rainwater that turned red ran down the crevices of the floor tiles.

The flowing rainwater was blocked by a man’s walker and stopped.

“… … .”

The dark-haired man looked up at the rain and raised his head.

His right palm turned forward, and immediately a huge amount of mana gathered there.


Purification of mana had already been completed while moving.

He poured the maximum possible mana at his current level.


A huge and ferocious stream of wind shot towards the entrance to the arena.

The wind rotated spirally around the central axis.

It swept across the battlefield, tearing apart anything it touched its path, including streetlights and parked vehicles.

When the wind that passed through the target point was extinguished, no one remained at the entrance to the arena.

Only the bloodstains and torn hem of clothes were proving the existence of the elite guarding the place.

It was not an annihilation of the elite.

Some were barely out of range, and some were fighting outside the entrance from the beginning.

When everyone’s attention was focused for a moment, the radio that the squad leaders were holding rang.

“All squads enter the building. The overriding goal is to secure a safe. say it again All squads enter the building.”

“The commander is back!”

The mercenaries cheered and ran towards the entrance of the building.

“Stop it! Never let me in!”

Parter kicked off the floor and flew into the entrance.

The moment the elites were about to follow, a black electric current flew in.

Break up!



The electric current spread through the body through the sword they were holding.

They stumbled and fell to the floor.

A small electric current flickered around the trembling body.

“Cain! You must tear it apart with my own hands!”

Parter, who was blocking the mercenaries at the entrance, found Cain standing in the distance on the battlefield and shouted.

The number of mercenaries who had already entered the interior was not small.

Due to their inferior numbers, they were still allowing mercenaries to enter in real time.

I’d rather block it from the inside.

Anyway, if you keep in front of the safe, the enemy will no longer be able to avoid the battle.

“Catch and kill the insects that get inside!”

Parter turned and headed into the building, followed by a few elites.

After the remaining mercenaries entered, stillness came to the street.


Cain’s walker stepped on the puddle in front of the entrance.

The sound of their footsteps followed Cain.

The first floor was already a mess.

rainwater and bloodstains.

Walls and columns full of bullets.

The flickering fire and the furnishings are scattered inside.

“Chijik-. Squad B4… now… .”

The walkie-talkie didn’t work properly because it drank rainwater.

It didn’t bother me much because I didn’t have to give any orders anyway.

A mercenary leaning against a wall bleeding from the ship found Cain and said:

“Parter headed upwards. I thought he was going to the safe, and most of the squad followed him.”

As if it were a mission, he spit out every word with a heavy breath.

“Good job. I will remember that I did not leave the battlefield and stayed until the end.”

A black light emanated from Cain’s hand.

The wounds of the mercenaries who touched the light healed rapidly.

“… … !”

Astonished Milsian looked at Estelle as if asking for an explanation, and she shrugged.

“Somewhere in the office building, there must be a report I wrote when I pursued my men. get it first From now on, I can protect my body, so I don’t have to worry about my safety until I am instructed again. Search from the basement. The radio is broken, so I’ll cast a communication magic on it.”

“All right.”

“I see.”

The figures of the two disappeared down the stairs.

Cain looked around and then slowly climbed the stairs.

The 2nd and 3rd floors were no different from the 1st floor.

When we reached the fourth floor, we heard violent gunshots and footsteps.

“Shoot! Anyway, it’s too late to step out now! There is only one way forward!”

“There must be a safe somewhere!”

The mercenaries were roaming the office in a gunfight.

“Whose riches dare to covet the filth of the sewers!”

Parter and the elite were hastily blocking such mercenaries.

The space was so small that he couldn’t run around as much as he could outside.


Cain drew out a pistol and shot it, narrowing the distance with the enemy.

The elite, who were physically exhausted, could not block the bullets with maximal penetrating power with magic and fell pick-pick.


“Isn’t this the battlefield you wanted? how is it? Do you feel a little alive now?”

far away

Parter’s face contorted.

But he didn’t attack Cain and headed upstairs.

Because the mercenaries who finished the search on the 4th floor had already gone up to the 5th floor.

Cain followed slowly, absorbing mana from the corpses.

A similar scene was produced every time I went up the floor.

Cain fired his pistol to reduce the number of enemies or obstruct Parter’s movements.

Parter hastily followed the mercenaries sweeping the floor like swarms of locusts.

“It is on the 7th floor. We have secured the documents you mentioned.”

“You were there! It was good that it split when I came up from the basement. It’s on the 4th floor. There are a lot of documents here and there, but none other than those related to the operation of the arena.”

“Good work. Join both of them. There are no enemies in the middle, so I will be able to reach where I am right away.”

I kept going up the floor, and at some point the scenery of the hallway changed.

“It’s a space worthy of being called a palace.”

The floor height itself was so high that it could not be compared with the other floors, and the columns erected in various places gave it a sense of intimidation like an imperial palace.

The walls were made of high-quality building materials and were decorated with expensive artworks and frames with precious metals.

A pile of banknotes piled up like a mountain was also noticeable.

“Oh, it’s money!”

“Look at those jewels!”

The top of the arena building.

The highest place in this city.

The deep place guarded by strict security was being polluted with the footprints of mercenaries.

“Did you say it was a dedicated floor for you to use alone?”

Even now, Parter was alone.

The few remaining elites were all dead, and they were chasing and killing the mercenaries who had their eyes turned to water.

The number of mercenaries was also reduced to double digits.

Most of them left the battlefield due to injury or fear, but the number of casualties was not small.

Estelle and Milsian, who followed, looked surprised.

“… Can there be a space like this in a building?”

“The safe meant this floor itself.”

Cain shouted, amplifying his voice with magic.

“I will pay a certain percentage of additional remuneration to those who arrive here as promised. Your role ends here, so please return to the ground and wait.”

Those who had strong trust in Cain immediately put their orders into action.

However, not everyone obeyed the order, and those who tried to get something that could be of money were killed by Parterre.

Before long, there were only four people left on the top floor.


Estelle and Milsian.

and Parter.

Cain opened his mouth towards Parter, who was breathing heavily.

“You look very tired.”

“I wouldn’t be the only one. If you’re going to be bluffing, get it out of the way, Cain.”

Cain did not deny that.

As the war continued, the ammunition stockpiled was almost exhausted, and there was not much mana left.


Both sides began to act almost simultaneously.

A fierce battle ensued, and walls, columns, and ceilings collapsed.

Rain poured in through a hole in the ceiling.

Seeing Cain walking around the wall collecting jewels, Parter exclaimed.

“Did you think I wouldn’t be able to fight to my heart’s content because of my surroundings? Rather, it seems to be on your side, Cain! In such a situation, you were the one who couldn’t escape from money after all!”

“… … .”

Cain didn’t answer.

Like this one, Parter was obviously exhausted.

both mentally and physically.

The thinning shield and increasing wounds proved it.


Milsian’s sword pierced Parter’s shoulder.

Parter swung his fists and Milsian flew away and crashed into the wall.

“A dog that has been defeated once!”

Parter continued the battle regardless of the sword stuck in his shoulder.

I couldn’t tell if it was too deep to pull out, or if I had forgotten the pain.

Clearly, even though the wounds continued to increase, he did not think he would fall, and on the contrary, his momentum grew more ferocious.

When a few extras have passed like that.

Milsian and Estelle were the ones who couldn’t move with one knee bent on the floor.

Parterre was tired, but still stood upright on two legs.

Everyone in the room felt that the match would be decided by a single point of paper.


A fireball rose above Cain’s hand.

Parter took a defensive stance, but the fireballs were shot from the ceiling.


The smoke cleared, and a dark cloud appeared through a huge hole.

The rain was pouring down hard.

“What are you doing? Are you out of your mind thinking you can’t win? Or did you want to cool off by sweating?”

Hearing Parter’s ridicule, Cain spoke softly.

“Parter, magic is called a miracle because it can imitate what happens in nature.”

“You’re trying to trick my mind with nonsense again.”

Parter growled.

Regardless, Cain continued.

“But magic that has reached its height becomes a natural phenomenon. It’s not like imitation.”

“I’ll tear your mouth so you don’t do anything like that again!”

The moment Parter left his seat, the jewels in Cain’s hands shattered and shattered.


Lightning struck.

With the momentum to annihilate everything that exists in orbit.

Towards the lightning rod stuck in the shoulder of the prey.

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