A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 9

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 9

009 episode. Moderator Cain (1)

“Jeff. This month’s pay.”


firing time.

When the guards who entered the room called their names, the prisoners went forward in turn.

I received one envelope and signed the file file stating that I had been paid.


I also received an envelope.

“It’s been a month since I’ve been here. The water I heard outside doesn’t seem to have completely drained out, but it’s a lot better than the first time.

“… … .”

I didn’t answer anything.

Next was Igor.

“Is there anything special about this room today?”

“There is not. But it seems like it will happen after the roll call is over.”

Igor glanced at me and said.

The guard nodded as if he understood what he meant.

“It’s too noisy, but not so much.”

“Yes. All right.”

The guard went out into the hallway with the door wide open.

They seemed to be wandering around the other rooms, and not long before they heard shouts from the hallway.

“Today’s roll call ends here. So that I can finish all the activities within 10 minutes and go to sleep after turning off the lights.”

Soon the other room owners came and handed Igor an envelope.

“This month, it’s our room’s taxes.”

“Jeff. Count the amount.”


Bills piled up on the bed.

After all the hosts had left, Igor collected the bills and counted them.

And with a satisfied face, he put all the money into his safe, so-called piggy bank.

“You must have forgotten that you also had to pay.”

Igor also pushed the safe to his subordinates.

The subordinates’ expressions deteriorated rapidly.

However, without making a sound, he took out some money and put a few bills in the safe.

“I don’t think your guy has to do something.”

Igor with a safe came up to me and said,

When I didn’t say anything, he turned around and gave the order as he expected.

“Morphine. There’s an envelope that I set aside on my bed. Bring it to the guard. I’m begging your pardon as the room can be noisy. You will still be outside.”


Morphine picked up the envelope and went out into the hallway, looking back at him with a worried face.

Soon, a guard appeared with morphine.

“There will be no patrols until 11 o’clock.”

The current time is 10 pm.

It was clear what the words meant.

The iron door closed, and there was the sound of a door locking.

The guard looked inside through the watch hole at the top for a moment and then disappeared.


Igor snapped his fingers, and his men covered the watchtower with wet towels and the gap between the door and the floor.

“If I came in here and realized anything.”

Igor laughed slyly.

“There are endless ways to harass people. You can’t kill it, but you can make it feel painful enough to die.”

A subordinate pulled something from under the bed.

It was a brick the size of a palm.

I got up from the bed and stepped back slowly into the corner of the room.

“Anyway, even if my right hand is already stupid and I can’t even use my fingers, it won’t change anything.”

Igor and his men are approaching with a giggle.

Morphine decided to act moderately, so the number to deal with was 4 people. I checked the status window.

[Circuit Level: 1 – Mana 200 / 200]

The amount of mana that can be applied for 3 types of body enhancement magic and can be maintained for about 4 minutes.

However, since other magic must be used, the actual maintenance time is shorter than that.

‘Still, if you use the situation well.’

“Are you scared? I can’t say anything. Don’t worry too much. There will be no problems with work tomorrow.”

I looked at the lamp hanging in the center of the ceiling of the room.

Mana was raised, causing a small interference in it.


Darkness came into the room with the sound of something coming out of the lamp.

The light will come on again in a few minutes, but that’s enough time.

“What, what!”

“Turn on the lights! hurry! Who’s near the switch!”

I did not miss the opportunity.

Leaning back, he broke through the siege that surrounded him and ran towards the center of the room.

“Move! catch!”

“You idiots, turn on the lights!”

I used the “sensing” magic.

Mana dwells in the enhanced eyesight of the mana user, and surrounding objects have been shown in a soft red light.

tick tick.

“Igor, it won’t turn on! It must have been broken.”

“Catch him first!”

Igor and his men rushed in.

The moonlight comes in through the window, but the interior is still dark.

My figure will at best be seen as a fuzzy silhouette.


The night wind blows outside the window.

Fluttering hands brush your body.

But they don’t hold a single hem of my clothes.

[Circuit Level: 1 – Mana 175 / 200]

Mana quickly drains due to maximizing the output of 「Agile Footwork」.

‘First, the guy next to the light switch.’

I narrowed the distance and approached him.

“Oh, don’t come!”

A fist that comes out recklessly.

After hitting him with the back of his hand, he turned behind his back and trampled his shin.


In an instant, the posture collapses and the neck descends beautifully to my eye level.

He wrapped his arms around him and gave him strength.

“Bye! Whoops!”


The guy, who lost consciousness in an instant, fell to the floor.

didn’t kill It just stunned me for a while.

“You bastard!”

Suddenly, Igor approached right in front of him and threw his fists.

I pulled the other subordinates who were idling next to me and used them as my shield.


With the sound of bones breaking, the shield fell to the floor. It looked like he passed out as he didn’t wake up.

“Your fists are pretty sharp, yes.”


As I grumble, a bewildered voice echoes in the darkness right in front of me.

After avoiding Igor reaching out his arms, he kicked off the table next to him and jumped up.


“This bastard!”

Igor’s shoulders were used as the second leapfrog and he flew through the air. He landed by kicking the chest of the subordinate who was hesitating behind him.


The guy’s body was pushed all the way to the bed and crashed into the iron frame and then drooped.

It will be difficult to get up easily because you focused your mana on your feet for a moment.


The other guy, Morphine, rushes in.

A clumsy smoke that is clearly visible.

I have no intention of regulating the power for nothing.



With the same count as the other prisoners, when he puts his fist in the stomach, he falls to the floor.


At that moment, the light turned on and the view of the room was revealed.

“… … !”

Igor opened his frowned eyes.

After checking the subordinates scattered around, he put on an expression of disbelief.

Several emotions flashed across the boy’s face.

Embarrassment. astonished. anger.

And at the end, the tension that pretended to be calm.

“It’s amazing. I thought I had broken my spirit from the moment I enlisted, but I didn’t know that I would still have the strength to run like this.”

“You are very mistaken to think that violence can break your will.”

Hearing my sarcastic sarcasm, he did not approach me hastily.

Rather, it seemed to continue to judge and assess the situation.

“I saw you moving in the dark. There were a lot of nonsensical moves. No matter how much you were in a great organization before, the movement of a handicapped person… … .”

“I tell you, I never came in here and said I was uncomfortable with my mouth.”

The boy’s eyes widened even more.

“… … Are you sure your body is fine?”

Instead of answering, I picked up a brick that had fallen on the floor. With my right hand, which I normally couldn’t use.

When I applied a little force, the part I was holding was crushed.

“I’ll prove it in another way.”

“no no. done.”

The boy hurriedly waved his hand.

And he said in a voice trying to stay calm.

“In this situation, it certainly seems highly likely that what you said is true.”

“… … .”

“It’s not that I can’t beat you, but it’s going to take quite a bit of strength. It’s not right for me to ask for 5,000 shillings.”

“… … .”

“So I will make a suggestion. Now, let’s pretend it didn’t happen here. Then I won’t touch you anymore. Of course, you don’t even have to pay taxes. It is a negotiation.”

The corners of my lips twisted up.

“I asked what he said was so verbose, and in the end it was bullshit. You grew up without learning, do you not know what negotiation is?”

“What, what?”

“I do not suggest. Take over the positions of the head of this room and class A. Then I will make sure you can sleep soundly tonight.”

The boy was stunned for a moment.

As soon as he understood the meaning of the words, his face turned red as if it was about to explode.

“You cheeky bastard!”

He ran like an angry bull.

Suppression isn’t that hard.

‘I push only by force and have no skills. He would have been able to become the class president simply because of his innate physique and stamina.’

Avoiding the heavy but slow-fisting fist, the right foot was enchanted with 「Strengthening」.

With a bit of leeway, he gathered all his mana into his foot and put a kick into his left ankle.



The boy knelt down and sat down.

It’s like a huge cliff collapsing.

Without hesitation, I shoved my fist into my stomach, making him crouch forward.

‘It’s difficult to subdue these guys with just blows.’

He climbed on the nape of his neck one after another and wrapped his legs around his neck.

“Ouch, squeaky!”

The guy who has come to his senses struggles.

But the more you do it, the more difficult it is to breathe.

“Hey, stop it! stop! Well, I’ll put conditions on the deal!”

can’t get out

Realizing his situation, the guy shouted in an urgent voice.

I relaxed for a moment the strength that had been given to my feet.

As he was lying on the floor, he gasped and said.

“Wow, I’ll give you money if you want.”

“… … amount.”

“I’ll give you 20% of the total payout—Oops! Whoops! 100 million!”

Strengthen your legs again.

It’s painful enough to die, but strong enough that you won’t faint easily.

“100% of the payout. And all your money in the safe. Then think about it.”

“No, it’s nonsense- chuck, chump!”

I picked up a half-broken brick lying next to it.

And it gave him a little breather.

“What were you going to do with this?”

“Huh, huh, ah, I didn’t mean to do anything.”

I tapped him on the shoulder with my elbow.



“Don’t repeat the same words twice. What were you going to do with this?”

I whispered into the boy’s ear.

“Okay, I tried to hit my finger. It’s a finger, so even if you don’t have a few, it doesn’t interfere with factory work. So that I won’t be punished for what one of my subordinates did—”

“Good idea.”

I leaned forward and grabbed his right wrist and pressed it down to the floor.

“Well, what are you going to do?”

Feeling anxious, he struggled to pull out his arm with all his remaining strength, but to no avail.

Normal people can never beat mana users in physical strength.

I held the brick high.

“Breaking the will of an opponent with violence.”

And just threw it down.


“This is how you do it.”


I put soundproofing magic all over the room, so I don’t have to worry about the sound leaking out.

“Hey, stop it! Not-!”

thud! thud! thud!

I keep hitting it without hesitation.

Once, twice, three times.

Until your fingers are crushed and crushed.

Until the skin is peeled off and the bones are clearly visible.

“My, I, I! My, I was wrong!”

thud! thud! thud!

four times, five times, six times.

Thanks to the “Memory” trait, I can’t forget the moment when he assaults me.

The same feeling of anger I felt at that time.

Mechanically numb my fingers the number of times he slapped me on the cheek and punched me in the stomach.

“I heard he came in while playing hunting dogs outside. Am I right?”

“No, that’s right! So stop, please stop…ぅ.”

thud! thud! thud!

seven times, eight times, nine times.

They make a living by robbing the surrounding villages.

head is cold

I don’t even feel any guilt.

‘There is only one way to deal with these kinds of guys.’

Take it with an overwhelming force and press it.

Imprint fear in your mind.

After handling it clumsily, he hits the back of the head for a chance.

thud! thud! thud!

Ten times, eleven times, twelve times.

“I don’t think there’s much punishment for crushing your fingers. Thanks for the good tips. Even if I go to a solitary confinement, it doesn’t matter, and it’s not something I did, but it’s okay to be overwritten by other guys.”

I tilted my head to the side.

The other prisoners, who had just woken up, were staring at him with terrified faces. I can’t even jump in.

‘After all, loyalty to Igor cannot be expected.’

I lifted Igor’s hair, which was convulsing.

“Coming to think of it, I think it would be better to say that you were self-taught. You are telling the medical officer and the prison guard that you have lost your mind for a moment in the cramped prison life.”


[Synchronization with ‘Cain River’ is in progress.]

[Current synchronization rate – 69.8%]

… … Know.

I’m already moving while calculating enough.

The boy was suddenly speechless.

With a face that looked like he would faint at any moment, he desperately avoided my gaze.

‘This is enough.’

I turned the boy’s head toward me.

I held my eyelids and under my eyes with my index and thumb so I couldn’t close my eyes.

Let it be so that I can make eye contact with you without moving.


Mana flowed out of my eyes, undetectable by ordinary people, and seeped into his eyes.

Suggestive magic is manifested through the eyes.

For a while now, the fear he feels towards me will be amplified.

At least for a few weeks, unless the magic expires or someone dispels it.

When he let go of his hand, the boy’s head fell off.

The last time I pounded my finger, the boy’s trembling stopped.

didn’t die

I couldn’t overcome the pain and just fainted for a while.

I relaxed and sat down on Igor’s back. The prisoners were trembling and looking at me.

“From now on.”

With a slightly weary gaze, he looked at the prisoners who were still undecided and said.

“I am the head of this room.”

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