A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 93

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 93

093. detective (1)

“This is a report on the person who appeared in Area 47.”

“Continue. I am listening.”

Harold was stunned for a moment.

‘The captain’s eyes have returned.’

Rumors have been circulating recently.

The person who was even mentioned as the next director was completely ruined.

The high-profile Special Task Force Unit 0 will soon be disbanded and absorbed into another unit.

All the crew denied the rumors, but they could not hide their anxiety.

Because their captain has been as helpless as someone whose soul has been lost in the last month.

But now, the eyes of the captain are back as they did when he was walking around the field.

“According to the intelligence department, a large-scale war between the two gangs was witnessed in District 47.”

“Recently, Bama appeared in District 41. It is most likely related to the Blue Serpent.”

Bama appeared in Area 41.

At that time, in the operation where several ‘teams’ participated, only ‘the 0’ members participated.

“I’ll start by saying I’m sorry. Even if I get deprived of my position for allowing me to participate in an operation without a captain, I have nothing to say.”

The task force is always understaffed.

To the extent that he often has to break the principle that a member must only act according to the instructions of the commander of the unit to which he belongs.

There were two main reasons for the shortage of manpower.

Because the majority of personnel are involved in maintaining the ‘inside the wall’.

Even though there are not many applicants, the upper management is lukewarm about replenishing manpower.

“no. We were waiting, believing that the captain would come back to strength.”

“I heard that Bama eventually missed it.”

Harold nodded.

“It was a speed that was difficult to even follow. The captain was right in saying that it would be impossible to catch them in the city. In particular, those who rub their nails even a little are paralyzed and are still unable to move.”

The guy appeared all over the city as if playing a prank on the police, and then disappeared at some point.

Leaving only the many wounded here.

More than half of those who participated were seriously injured, making it impossible to return to the scene immediately.

“Are there any wounded among our crew?”

“no. All nine are unharmed. Of the 10 units that participated in the operation, Unit 0 was the only one that did not suffer any injuries.”

“thanks. for not hurting Were there any other unusual things at the scene?”


Harold answered without hesitation.

Actually, there is something that bothered me.

“I was just running without knowing back and forth like that, and I knew when I was going to turn around in a big way.”

“Your origin itself is a bit like that. Because my dead mother is a human from outside the wall. It must have been mixed with dirty blood.”

The remarks of the other battalion commanders overheard in the temporary operation center.

This was the reason why Unit 0 moved alone on the field without following their deputy command.

‘Those who are blind with jealousy. The captain is different from you guys. Someday you will rise to the position of chief.’

All of Squad 0 followed her faithfully.

At first they ignored her because of her bloodline, but over time she was influenced by her skills and beliefs.

“The war in District 47 is, as you said, related to the Blue Serpent.”

“Did the officers show up? Or was it only ordinary members of the gang?”

“The Parter we were after has appeared. It is said that the opponent was a new organization called Fertilland.”


As soon as the name appeared, Harold felt a disappointment crossed his boss’s face.

In fact, Zerbia had high expectations.

Because I was subconsciously hoping that the person involved was Cain.

“From this moment on, stop pursuing me and get rid of all investigations into the Blue Serpent.”

The words he had uttered in the ossuary could no longer contain himself.

“The war ended in a victory for Putilland. A proper confirmation is needed, but the district police chief reports that Parterre lost his life during the war. And the important point is that the rumors that Cain had been seen on Fertilland’s side… .”

At that moment, she tore the hem of her coat and wrapped her hands and stopped moving.

“What did you just say?”

“I said Cain had appeared. This is also just a rumor, so you need to confirm it yourself… . The Operations Division is currently organizing personnel to conduct investigations.”

“Let’s go. I will listen to the rest of the report as I go.”

Zerbia strode towards the church door.

A piece of fabric that had not yet been wrapped fluttered in the air.


Roughly the door opened and the streets of the capital appeared.

Wide, well-groomed streets.

Pedestrians walking the streets with a relaxed expression.

A smooth-moving wagon, or an expensive vehicle.

Luxurious mansions towering in harmony with the street trees planted everywhere.

And the sound of soft music resounding from somewhere.

widely. widely. widely.

Her hurried steps quickly traced the whole landscape.

“It’s called staffing.”

“Yes. In fact, it can be said that they are all members of the special task force who are currently active. A special order from the Commissioner has been issued to thoroughly investigate Area 47.”

A suspicious light appeared on her face.

Father, no, the chief has not been particularly involved in the investigation of large organizations such as the Red Skull or the Blue Serpent.

He only received reports while entrusting all investigations to the chief of public security.

I thought it was because I was overloaded with other tasks.

He is so busy that he even comes home once a year.

‘Then why suddenly give direct instructions to the security bureau… .’

I don’t understand, but that wasn’t the point now.


The guy reappeared.

It was a car I was contemplating on how to pursue it again.

I had no choice but to see this as an opportunity given by heaven.

It is unknown whether the rumors are true, but it was clear that at least a clue to the pursuit would be obtained.

And if the rumors are true.

It had to be yourself to catch him.

“We go to the operations department and we talk. How is the current staffing going?”

“All right.”

widely. widely. widely.

They crossed the street at a quick pace and moved around the buildings.

“Lieutenant, the headquarters is over there.”

“… … .”

she turned around

Again, Tak. widely. widely.

Soon he was faced with a high wall of granite.

Two uniformed police officers standing at the entrance found her and saluted her with modesty.

“Get off.”

I passed the entrance and quickly headed inside.

Several buildings such as the Transportation Bureau and the Science Bureau were spread out around the large site and the fountain in the center.

The place she walked towards was the largest building, the headquarters of the National Police Agency.


─ Inspector Javir, Special Task Force 0 of the Police Investigation Division. Your identity has been verified.

As we entered through the automatically opened door, people’s eyes gathered together.

“You didn’t quit your job, did you?”

“After going to prison once, you haven’t been around for a while.”

“I hear Marlon said something happened at the site I went to recently.”

She didn’t care about those gazes.

Passed by people walking around with files and papers.

The more people climbed the stairs and headed towards the corner of the building, the less people there were.


A door with a sign saying ‘Operation Division’.

Before I could hear an answer from inside, I swung the door open and went in.

Desks divided by partitions.

People working while looking at the complex holograms floating in front of them.

Her gaze was focused for an instant, but she didn’t care this time either.

I went to the back of a large, separate desk in the innermost part of it.

“I heard that all personnel were ordered to go to Area 47.”

The man sitting at the desk slightly lifted his head while doing paperwork.

「Security Bureau 1st Operation and Mikhail Inspection」

In front of him, a nameplate shone.

“Aren’t you still on vacation? I was surprised to hear that a person who became a police officer and had never taken a break took two months off.”

“I will return the remaining period. I would appreciate it if you could answer my earlier question.”

“Private is gone again. I thought you’d be back soon. Jaren, I won!”

-Damn it.

A large denomination coin flew from a desk quite far away.


Mikhail grabbed it and put it in his shirt pocket.

It was probably a bet on the timing of Zerbia’s return.

“It’s just as the inspector said. All personnel are dispatched. Except for those who are wounded or on other missions.”

“How many in total?”

“Currently, three units have been confirmed. There were too many wounded in Area 41. A new temporary unit is being formed by mixing several personnel together. There are no injuries on the 0, so all the current personnel can enter as they are.”

“In principle, only two units can be operated in the simple rumor confirmation stage.”

“I know. But the Commissioner’s special order has been issued.”

There was a brief quarrel over the principles and the specificity of the situation.

she was concerned

If Cain is arrested or suffocated at the hands of another.

‘… I can’t. never.’

It was something I couldn’t even imagine.

In either case, it had to be yourself doing the work.

“All right. I will speak directly to the Commissioner.”

she turned around

Mikhail felt a little pity as she looked at her back as she moved away.

“You can have an interview. The chief is his father.”

I didn’t think so.

Because it was not the privilege of the ‘daughter’ to apply for an exclusive interview, but the privilege of the ‘special task force’ commander.

And he knew it well.

That she had never used her father’s back while working as a police officer.

He hesitated and said a word.

“cheer up.”

“… thank you.”

Kick- Tak.

Harold, who was waiting outside the door, straightened his posture when Zervia came out.

“Preach to the crew. Get ready for action.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Harold replied with a smile.

Soon his figure disappeared, and Zervia got into the elevator.




Beyond the glass elevator walls, a splendid view of the capital could be seen in the distance.

A steeple towering between the buildings.

A huge imperial palace.

A research complex in Latium where the lights are not turned off all year round.

Gorgeous buildings that emphasized external beauty rather than efficiency.

And a huge ‘wall’ that surrounds all of them as if to protect them.

It was said that it was a wall built to resist the invasion of ancient demons.

As you get closer, you can see that the battlefields of that time were engraved with sculptural murals.





While looking at the scenery, we reached the top floor.

There was only one door in the wide hallway.


I took a deep breath before knocking in front of him.

From now on, she had no choice but to be nervous.

Apart from the fact that he was a father who simply lacked contact points, the director was a person who wrote down countless legends at the scene.


─Come in.

in a luxurious room.

A silver-haired woman was sitting at the desk on the right wall, doing her work. It was the secretary’s secretary.

On the wall facing the entrance was a door leading to the next room.

“What did you come here for?”

“This is Inspector Javir from the Special Task Force of the Investigation Division of the National Security Agency. I’m here to ask the Commissioner for an interview.”

The woman smiled brightly.

“The chief is talking to the chief of intelligence right now. Would you like to sit down and wait?”

“All right.”

She sat on the sofa on one side and looked around the room.

Countless plaques and decorations hung on the wall, and all kinds of weapons stood out.

‘Most of them were awarded by the imperial family.’

Although many of these items were decorative, the chief was known to have no weapons that could not be dealt with in practice.

It is said that any kind of equipment shows a higher level of proficiency than a master who has dealt with it all his life.

And she knew that the story was true, as she had seen the director practice a few times at the mansion.

how many minutes have passed


The door to the inner office swung open, and a man flew in and rolled on the floor.

It was a time when I was organizing in my head how to convey the story that one to zero is enough for an investigation in Area 47.

“Chief! Are you okay?”

“Collock! Cologne!”

She approached the fallen intelligence chief and tried to support her.


Then a rapier flew and landed right next to the chief’s face.

The thin blade stuck to the floor trembled.

Another man walked out of the office and said,

“Director of Intelligence. One document is missing. You would have told me not to waste my work time?”

The gaze of the man who had stayed at the director soon turned to Zervia.


She looked up at the man and swallowed dry saliva.

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