A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 94

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 94

094. detective (2)

“Long time no see. Lieutenant Xavir.”

“Goodbye after a long time, Chief.”

She got up and saluted.

Seeing the head beckoning that it was okay to put his hand down, he bent down again and supported the head of the intelligence department to get him up.

“Director, you have made mistakes since you were a freshman. It’s been decades since we ate the rust of the country, isn’t it time to do it properly?”

“Sorry, I’m sorry. We will find the missing part and report it immediately.”

“I’ll give you 30 minutes.”

The chief of intelligence disappeared as if running away from the secretariat.

“Thank you for your help too, Inspector.”

Leaving that one word in a stammering voice.


When the chief reached out his hand, the rapier that had been stuck on the floor was sucked into his hand.

“… … .”

Zervia did not even dare to guess what that state was.

He didn’t even know if it was an exaggeration to say that he had annihilated a huge organization made up of hundreds of people alone.

He said, wiping the rapier’s blade with a long cloth.

“What’s going on? According to the last report I received, I understand that he is still on vacation.”

“I haven’t uploaded any documents yet, but I’m thinking of returning to the department today. I came here because I have something to say about the investigation in Area 47.”

In silence for a moment, his gaze moved.

“I see. Come in and talk.”

The two went into the office and sat down with a huge mahogany desk in between.


Soon the secretary closed the door, and nothing was heard in the room except the sound of the two of them breathing.

“Tell me.”

“I heard that you have ordered all members of the task force to go to Area 47.”

“That’s right. I gave that order.”

“Cain has appeared. It’s still in the confirmation phase of the rumors. As a rule, there is a maximum of two units allowed.”

“Intelligence agents are already on the scene. There is circumstantial heart disease, but there is no definitive physical evidence. That’s why we’re sending a special task force.”

“But as a rule… .”

“Rule. Maintaining order in the world is a rule, but there are times when it becomes a stumbling block. In terms of work efficiency. You need to pull it out and put it aside.”

“… … .”

“Are you dissatisfied with doing your best to catch criminals?”

“If it’s efficiency, it’s better to distribute the personnel and put them on other missions… .”

She hung up while talking.

It wasn’t that the chief’s words were too far off, because he realized that no matter what he said, he couldn’t change his choice.

One question remains.

Obviously, I heard that all procedures were followed during the Bama period.

It took a considerable amount of time before the actual dispatch of the task force because the information obtained was thoroughly verified.

After thinking for a moment, the chief asked.

“I ask if you’re talking about the rules, Inspector Javir. You worked for a while at Kentrock Penitentiary.”

“… … .”

“It was reported that Cain died of being caught in an explosion at the time. However, according to the intelligence of the informants, it is almost certain that Cain has reappeared.”

The chief’s bitter eyes were shot.

“Did you report in accordance with the regulations at the time? Without intentionally missing information?”

She bit her lip.

I thought it was coming.

will ask

Did you not know that Cain escaped alive alive?

‘You can make any excuses.’

It’s simple.

I had no choice but to judge based on the circumstances that appeared at the time.

It is safe to say that the investigator from the capital also judged that way.

But her upright demeanor and pride couldn’t allow it.

“sorry. I knew Cain had escaped.”

“It must have been chasing Cain that I’ve been acting alone in the last few months.”

“… you’re right.”

“It’s a two-year pay cut. According to the rules, he should be sentenced to several months of probation, but he needs power right away, so I’ll turn a blind eye to that.”

She clenched her fist.

According to the rules, you should accept probation.

But if you do, you won’t be able to pursue Cain.

There were countless conflicts in a short moment, but in the end, only one word came out of his mouth.

“… thank you.”

He felt contradictory to himself, who was acknowledging the rules by himself and acquiescing to favorable situations.

My heart felt tight, but I had to endure it.

“Squad 0 is the only land in which all operators are currently active. The commander has returned, so now it’s complete. Let’s start the investigation right away. The units that will be formed soon will provide follow-up support.”

“All right. I will definitely bring Cain.”

“Didn’t you say There are times when rules need to be put aside. You don’t have to be captured alive.”

The chief said as he touched the rapier’s blade with his fingertips.

“If you don’t like it, I will kill you.”

* * *


Category: Unique – Passive

Effect: When you take fatal damage, you are revived only once. Resurrection takes 3 days, and all existing memories are lost when resurrected.

[Required Attribute Points: 1]

[Remaining Attribute Points: 2]

[Are you sure you want to learn this trait?]

I stared at the hologram in front of me.

‘Clearly the system is working properly.’

When circuit level 3 is reached.

A task progresses to a certain level.

In only two cases, Attribute Points increase and new Attributes can bloom.

This is a privilege granted only to ‘Laksen’, the real protagonist of the original work.

Because the other characters in the work live unaware of the system.

I looked at the list of traits that could be acquired.

[Elemental Affinity]

Category: Unique – Passive

Effect: The magic attribute limit that can be learned is removed.

[Mana Response]

Category: Unique – Passive

Effect: Significantly increases your ability to feel and manipulate mana.

The traits I already possess were shown first.

Characteristics are divided into two main categories.

There are ‘unique traits’ that few have by each trait and ‘general traits’ that are shared by a relatively large number of people.

The effect was far superior to the former, and everything on the list was unique.

[Eyes of Truth]

Category: Unique – Passive

Effect: You can determine whether the other person’s statement is true or false.

[Required Attribute Points: 2]

[Multiple Weapons]

Category: Unique – Passive

Effect: No matter what weapon you wield, the highest level of proficiency for the weapon you are handling is applied.

[Required Attribute Points: 1]

[Elemental Affinity (Fire)]

Category: Unique – Passive

Effect: Greatly increases the power of fire attribute magic.

[Required Attribute Points: 1]

I quickly skimmed through the list.

Then he stopped his fingers.

“… … .”


Category: Unique – Passive

Effect: Sync percentage continuously decreases. This number never goes below 50 percent.

[Required Attribute Points: 2]

Characteristics also possessed by ‘Laksen’, the main character of the work.

The plot of the novel is simple.

“The main character possesses a game character and grows up as a wizard in the capital city.”

“Follow the task to break down the ‘wall’, drive out poverty on the continent, and eventually return to the real world.”

‘Even though he is a character in the novel, he is also the possessor.’

His synchronization starts at 100% starting with the activation of ‘awareness’ and goes through a gradually falling form.

However, it is a little later that awareness is activated.

At this point, the memory of the possessor did not wake up.

Contrary to me, whose synchronization starts at 60% and maintains the memory as the possessor.

I checked my sync rate.

[Synchronization with ‘Cain River’ is in progress.]

[Current synchronization rate – 94.2%]

The level of risk has already been exceeded.

The reason why ‘Cain’ hasn’t completely eaten up yet.

I attribute it to the “Fortitude” trait, which makes it immune to all mental interference.

‘Even so, leaving it to 100% is risky.’

If you acquire “Awareness” now, you can eliminate one risk factor.


[Required Attribute Points: 2]

To acquire “Awareness”, you had to use all of your current points.

Attribute points are not easily obtained.

progress of the task.

or a rise in the circuit level.

The progress of the task will stand still for a while.

The next circuit level requires 12,500 mana.

For a while, it was said that there was no way to get new attribute points.

I scrolled up and found other properties.


Category: Unique – Passive

Effect: When you take fatal damage, you are revived only once. Resurrection takes 3 days, and all existing memories are lost when resurrected.

[Required Attribute Points: 1]

In the second half of the work, the characteristics possessed by the black screen in the worldview.

‘He’ loses his life to the main character, but comes back to life once again with his characteristics.

He loses his memories, but his violence and force remain the same, making the protagonist and his party struggle.

My principle of action is simple.

It calculates every situation and every variable, and moves in the direction to see maximum efficiency.

Therefore, I was considering acquiring “Resurrection” instead of “Awareness”.

In addition to requiring few points, ‘Resurrection’ is a powerful trait that cannot be compared to any other trait.

It literally makes it possible to get over the crisis of death once.

Of course, there are obstacles.

memory loss.

As ‘Cain’.

Whether as a ‘possessor’.

But I had one possibility in mind.


Category: Unique – Passive

Effect: Don’t forget what you see once.

A characteristic I have now that I never forget what is remembered.

‘Resurrection’ loses memory.

‘Memory’ preserves memory.

Clearly contradictory phrases.

‘Even if the resurrection attribute is activated, the memory does not fly away.’

The empty settings in this world are filled in the direction of ‘I would have made it that way’.

What happens when the settings conflict is also not deviated from my prediction.

At least some memories will be preserved.

As long as there is a minimum amount of memory, it is not difficult to recover the memory with devices to be arranged in advance.

‘And above all, the sync percentage will be reset once.’

Synchronization has more to do with memory than anything else.

‘And if you invest the remaining points.’

[Inner Focus]

Category: Unique – Passive

Effect: Mana refining is now possible in circuit, increasing refining speed by one level.

[Required Attribute Points: 1]

If refining is possible from within the circuit, it is possible to cast high-power magic at a timing that the opponent cannot predict.

It would also be of great help to increase the refining speed by one step.


Then a knock was heard and Lewis, the former commander of Area 47, entered.

“Evan, the recruitment of mercenaries is complete.”

“i get it. come down.”

It was an office on the outskirts of District 47.

The place where the mercenaries met before the war started.

I got up, put on my coat, and went outside.

‘… The use of attributes is temporarily withheld.’

There was still time before synchronization reached 100 percent.

Even if it’s not very relaxing.

* * *

The mercenaries were gathering in the auditorium.

There was a sense of uneasiness in the buzzing atmosphere.

“We’re not going to be disbanding like other districts.”

“If I had thought of that, I would have done it sooner.”

These were the people who wanted to stay even after the contract was over.

The number is about 200.

Although not a few people left after the remuneration was settled, almost half of the number of the first personnel remained.

“I still can’t believe we beat the Blue Serpent.”

“I’ve been wallowing in battlefields like this, but it’s the first time I’ve ever fought like a real army like that.”

“All the dead died under such circumstances. At least it’s not dead. Thanks to you, we survived.”

Everyone knew who won the war.

Commander, Evan.

Much has been said about his identity.

Former Blue Serpent executive.

A warlock excommunicated from the Magic Tower.

A veteran who served in the Imperial Household.

Only rumors abound, and nothing has been confirmed with certainty.

There was only one thing for sure.

The commander is superior to anyone they have encountered during their long mercenary life, and the texture itself is a different human being.

The night the war ended.

The moment when lightning struck and the world flickered was something that everyone would never forget.

tongue. tongue. tongue.

Then there was the sound of footsteps on the platform.

The mercenaries who confirmed the owner stopped murmuring in an instant.

tongue. tongue.

The footsteps stopped, and the man turned towards the mercenaries.

“I think everyone should have had enough rest after the war was over.”

Everyone held their breath and listened to the man.

It was the same place and composition as when we first met, but the atmosphere was markedly different.

“There is an important announcement, so we have gathered it in one place. This is a story about the mercenaries belonging to Area 47, that is, your disposal.”

The sound of swallowing was heard everywhere.

When the silence passed and the mercenaries felt impatient, the man’s mouth finally opened.

“As with other areas, personnel from Area 47 will be disbanded.”

The mercenaries’ eyes widened.

I was about to spit it out, but the next moment I saw the sign of light drawn in the air and I was mesmerized.

“And here we are creating a new organization. You are the first member of that organization.”

Intense purple mana was shining in the air.

In the form of an overlapping gun and shield.

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