A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 99

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 99

099. Snake Creepers (2)

“What now… .”

“I asked if you would like to catch Cain alone.”

The vigilance in his eyes grew stronger.

“Are you still hiding? The fact that there is a connection with Cain?”

“Calm down for now. I am your ally, not your enemy. Strictly speaking, that is.”

Black was not harvested.

The tip was still on my neck.

“What is your identity? Why did you suddenly tell me that?”

“I will answer them one by one. first.”

As I rolled up my sleeves, the upper part of the tattoo on my forearm began to reveal itself.

The moment he saw the blue snake finally revealed, he took a breath.

“you… !”

“Yes. I am a member of the Blue Serpent.”

He was silent for a moment as he made judgments about the situation. He soon growled and said.

“Are you Cain’s subordinate? Impersonation or not, severe punishment will not be avoided.”

“no. I am not Cain’s subordinate. Can’t you remember what I said? Do you not have any desire to hold Cain alone?”

His eyebrows twitched.

“no way… .”

“I am Parter’s subordinate. No, I must have said it was rich. Parter is no longer alive.”

“I think I need an explanation of the situation. For now, let me assume that everything you say is true.”

“Yes. I’ll explain it slowly. All without exception.”

I swiped the side of the sword with my finger.

Once he decided that I had nowhere to run, he didn’t stop me from moving.

“Don’t move. It’s impossible to solve an important and secret story in a place like this.”

* * *

The place we moved to and arrived at was the drawing room located on the upper floor of the pub.

“If we don’t go back quickly, the other two investigators may find it strange.”

“Do not worry. It’s not a very long story.”

Looking at Sergeant Vicious’s vicious face, I said with a smile.

“As you first guessed, I am Cain’s agent. Cain was badly wounded during the war. We were unable to crack down on the mercenaries because we rushed to do the after-sales, so it seems that information was leaked.”

“But you said you were Parter’s subordinate. Cain entrusted an enemy subordinate to run the facility? Not your own subordinate?”

“We needed someone who knew how to run the facility. We wanted to make a profit as soon as possible. I don’t know the details, but it seems like they plan to do a lot of things in the future. These are things that require constant funding and a source of income.”

“… If I were Cain, I don’t think I would have made a plate for the enemy’s subordinate to flirt like this.”

“you’re right. You are sharp. Cain has one device.”

I unbuttoned my shirt, revealing my upper chest.

A magic circle engraved on the skin was emitting a soft light.

“It’s an oath.”

“Yes. Cain made an oath that he would not do any harm to him. Of course, the penalty for breach of contract is life. Even though I was rewarded with a part of the facility operating profit.”

Police officers working at the scene have some knowledge of magic.

This is partly because related subjects are organized as compulsory subjects at the Knights School, which is a required course for becoming a police officer, and related contents appear in the promotion test.

The oath is also a magic that is used for various crimes, so you have to know it quickly.

A word-spirit magic that is activated in response to the will of the contractor.

The color of the magic circle engraved on the skin depends on the persona’s unique mana color.

“… dark blue. It’s most likely the oath magic that Cain engraved.”

The fact that I use magic, and the color of mana, has already been rumored.

dark blue. Not a common color.

Rather, it is closer to a rare color.

Among the criminals registered in the National Police Agency database, there would not have been anyone who handled dark blue mana other than me.

‘It is a magic circle that was originally engraved due to the pact with Estelle, but it would be impossible to distinguish it with the naked eye.’

“Things look like they are in good shape. Isn’t this conversation itself a violation of the oath?”

“I found out about this not too long ago. Even thinking about killing Cain or leaking information about him didn’t trigger the pact. I suspect that the pact was incompletely concluded due to the hasty use of magic in a situation where he was seriously injured.”

This, too, is not impossible.

Although it is rare, it does happen depending on the circumstances and circumstances in which the contract is made, and several related papers have been published.

He fell into silence again.

There would be no doubt about it.

One logically there is no gap.

At least, that’s the only information that has been revealed so far.

“Soon there is a tangent to Cain. He probably hasn’t fully recovered from his injuries yet, so I think we’ll be able to catch it easily if we lurk and attack.”

“Why do you want to betray Cain? Even if the bill stays on as it is, there will be a lot of money falling, right?”

‘I did.’

The moment he uttered those words, I knew that his heart was moved.

No matter how vigilant you are,

I burst out laughing out loud.

After a while, he stopped laughing and looked at him with a wrinkled face and said.

“It’s not a lot. Yes, of course, objectively speaking. If I had been younger, I would have been satisfied with this situation. But sir. If you change where you stand, what you see and what you want change. I want all the facilities I run now to belong to me. Even when he was under Parter, he had made his own preparations. But he suddenly showed up and ruined the plan.”

“I’m sorry, but the plan ended the moment it was revealed. I’m going to put you in jail.”

“no. The sergeant will not do that.”

I strode towards him.

He could feel the sword that he had pushed away lightly against the side of his neck, but he didn’t care.

He also flinched, but without decapitating his head he allowed me to approach.

I stood right in front of him and looked straight into his eyes.

“If you do that, you won’t be able to figure out where Cain meets you.”

“… … .”

He didn’t know what to say, but he licked his lips.

“Are you going to miss the chance to hold Cain alone and claim the prize?”

I distanced myself from him again.

He took out a handkerchief and wiped the blood from his neck.

“I have a pretty accurate human eye. It is an insight that has been nurtured by taking charge of various businesses and managing them. I decided that the sergeant would have the flexibility that the other two investigators did not have. Oh, it’s rude, but I overheard some of the investigators’ conversations in the hallway. That alone taught me a lot. For example, the attitude of Inspector Paula, who secretly ignores the sergeant, or the shaky voice of the sergeant who cannot respond because of his inferiority complex… .”

“If you say the word inferiority one more time, I will really cut your throat.”

“Fufu, I’m sorry. In any case, what I saw in the sergeant’s eyes was not only flexibility.”

His tone was harsh, but his vigilance was definitely softened than at the beginning.

“The sergeant’s eyes contain the same things as mine. Ambition. It’s the will to achieve something big and make a name for yourself in the world.”

“… … .”

“I plan to wash my identity later and settle ‘inside the wall’. If you are a sergeant who has taken Cain and excelled a few steps, he will be able to look after me. Of course, I will be able to help you financially until you move up to a higher position in the future.”

“… … .”

“I am not asking for an answer right away. You will need time to think about it. I will be waiting for you.”

“… … .”

I put a business card with a communication code different from the previous one in the front pocket of his jacket, which was still standing in the position of holding the sword.

“Call me when it’s convenient for you.”

Then he turned around and left.

His face was reflected in the mirror with a confused face.

* * *

Two days.

It was the time it took Vicious to reach Jason.

“I don’t know if you like the hotel room we have prepared for you.”

“… … .”

Jason suggested that investigators stay in a private room at his hotel while the investigation was ongoing.

Except for Zerbia, the two investigators accepted the offer.

Because in the case of Vicious, we decided to work with Jason.

In the case of Paula, it appeared that the intention was to keep a close eye on the suspect.

“This is a search warrant. Please cooperate with the investigation.”

When you see that Zervia and I stormed into Supreme Security’s office building and went all over the place.

Of course, having been prepared in advance, they returned empty-handed without finding anything related to Cain.

After that, it was reported through the mouths of the mercenaries that they searched the city in pursuit of rumors related to Cain.

“A week later, around 12th Street, the exact time and place are undecided.”

“Yes. There, they decided to hand over the report on the operation of the facility and the proceeds. This is a letter I recently received from Cain.”

Jason handed him a letter.

“… right. It’s definitely Cain’s handwriting. It is impossible to completely forge it due to the nature of such a bad handwriting.”

“As written, the exact time will be notified through this communication device 10 minutes in advance.”

Jason pulled out a marble the size of half the palm of his hand and showed it.

It was a disposable magic item that could only be received.

“It’s a manly way. There are no criminals who are as well-intentioned as they are.”

“Still, 10 minutes would be enough to wait in the center of Street 12 and raid the scene.”

As if replaying the simulation of the situation, Vicious thought for a moment, then nodded in agreement.

“For now, I will take this communication device. I’ll have to check to see if there’s any other magic on it.”

“I have already completed the test, but you may do so if you wish. And I had the letter, just in case, but now I don’t need it.”

Jason pulled out a lighter and lit the letter.

When the paper was half gone, the fire was turned off, and the small pieces were swept away and thrown into the trash.

Vicious was so concerned with the marble that he couldn’t see it properly.

“Tell me, if Cain does not appear at the tangent, then you are finished.”

“As long as there are no abnormalities, it will appear. Everything he said within the organization in the past was kept like a sword.”

He stared at Jason and left the office with the marbles in his arms.

The sound of footsteps echoed in the hallway.

Hearing the elevator noise, Jason pulled out a piece of burnt paper from the trash can.

With an expressionless face, she put it in a small plastic bag and put it in her arms.

* * *

For the next few days, the investigation proceeded slowly.

The clues were limited, and the scope of the investigation was extended to the adjacent districts 46 and 48, but there was no significant gain.


It was the same feeling as when he was active before entering prison, when he was constantly pursuing him.

It’s like following your footsteps around a maze and eventually bumping into a dead-end wall.

“… I think it’s time to share information with each other. The investigation has reached its limit, and the information they have gathered is different, so combining them will surely give you new clues.”

Inspector Xavir said as he watched the steam rising from the coffee.

It was a quiet morning cafe.

There were many times where I started the investigation like early in the morning and stayed up all night, but I couldn’t see any other disturbing parts of her except that the corners of her eyes were a little hazy.

“Once Lieutenant Paula arrives, let’s talk. We’re not the only ones having trouble with the investigation.”

Opposite the round table sat Sergeant Vicious.

He had a serious expression on his face as he looked down at the notes in his notebook with his arms crossed.

It wasn’t because he was concentrating on the investigation.

‘On a subject that is not pure blood, dare.’

It was because of the old feelings he had toward the other side of the table.

It’s a bad relationship that has been going on since the days of Knights School, and he didn’t like her.

A cold gaze that seems to say that people like you are not even worth dealing with.

The name of a dead blood that continues to be used indefinitely.

Even the origin of the concubine’s child who came from beyond the wall.

There wasn’t anything that I didn’t like.

After graduating, she stopped bullying only because of her reputation and class differences that changed after becoming a police officer.

The bad feelings towards her remained in the depths of her heart.

As much as it has never been expressed before, it has grown to an enormous size.

“Have you waited long? Sorry.”

Then, along with the voice of Inspector Paula, a new cup of coffee was placed on the table.

Sergeant Vicious pulled the seat to the side a little, making it more distant from the chair she was sitting on.

And he looked at her with piercing eyes.

“… … .”

He didn’t like this woman either.

Even at the Knights School, a person who did not stand out much, somehow overtook himself and rose to the ranks.

And in an openly ignoring manner, he threw a few words that scratched his nerves.

“Sit down. We have a lot to discuss.”

“okay. It seems a little long. I have discovered something new.”


Aren’t we still talking while looking at the woman on the other side with only our heads up?


He clenched his teeth for a moment, then calmed his anger.

Let’s be patient.

After a while anyway, this situation would be reversed.

The one who catches Cain will be none other than himself.

‘Of course, Jason, what he said could be a lie.’

It is unlikely to be false.

Because there is no benefit for him to act like that.

Moreover, at the risk of identity exposure.

‘And it must have been Cain’s handwriting. On the 17th, Cain appears. At least the incident involving him takes place on Street 12.’

Street 12, which was called the tangent point, is located inside the city.

In the eyes of the people, Cain will not be able to bring a large number of men.

In that case, it would be sufficient to subdue it with one dog led by him.

The members of the special task force are capable enough to deal with any small or medium-sized criminal organization alone.

‘Two ranks, no, considering that he’s a guy who escaped once, it might be possible to get special promotions up to three ranks.’

I pictured myself receiving a commendation in the sight of many people, especially the two women in front of me.

good night. Just imagining it makes your whole body tingle.

The more he imagined it, the more he was making the appearance of Cain a fact.

At that moment, the voice of Inspector Paula awakened him from his imagination.

“Look what I found. I don’t really like it, but I’m sharing it because I’m afraid I’ll miss him forever.”

And when I saw the thing she had pulled out, I felt my heart sink.

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