Another World Escape Ninja chapter 100

Another World Escape Ninja 100

100 – Episode 100. Everyone is really annihilated (7)

A woman, naked except for a single sword, and a man who appeared hastily armed, emerged at the end of the corridor.

The woman had a sleek figure, like a starving cheetah, and the man resembled the most notorious rapist of the month.

Both seemed to be at a similar level…probably around 4 points (Knight Commander level).

With two 4-pointers, if Lunox and Maximos were supported by their fellow ninjas, they could reach a level where they could win.

It’s possible that they could barely lose and die, but that’s an unavoidable risk.

Since they are not social outcasts, we cannot provide support this time.

“You’re just a useless mercenary.”

The cheetah girl raised her sword, and with the flames from the sword, mist began to rise.

Oh, it’s not just for show, her combat power is also increasing.

She could at least reach the level of Delbanus or Delamion, who are 5-pointers.

Although weaker than the average Seven Swordsmen, it is still a significantly higher level to overwhelm the ninjas of Yongjugol.

“Dark Swordsmanship…!”

Maximos, seeing the strong opponent in front of him, broke out in a cold sweat.

Is that the Black Dragon Sword that was stolen before? It’s nice to see it again after a long time.

He looked at the cheetah girl. Her appearance was neat, with a clean upper body, reminiscent of the time she stole my ninja doll, the Kakashi MK2.

These guys from another world, do they always steal my items without even a barrier?

This can only be repaid with death.

From the perspective of Yongjugol, it can be considered that a hidden boss suddenly appeared while they were conquering the dungeon, so my intrusion does not violate fairness.

“It’s because of you that all the fun has gone, so take responsibility.”

That’s what I wanted to say.


The time has come to reclaim my spoils from the fallen Shogun of despair.

After overcoming the tense Runicus and his equally tense but calm facade, I grabbed the collar of the Black Dragon Sword thief and flew into the air.


The thief suddenly screamed like a brat.

And it’s the exact sound of that annoying girl’s wailing that I hate the most.


First, I shattered all of her teeth with a Ninja Punch, and then I delivered a Triple Strike.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Also known as the Head-Chest-Abdomen Punch.

The thief girl couldn’t withstand the playful attacks of the Korean Long-Nosed Cat and ended up in pieces like a torn insect.

Although my clothes were a mess with blood stains, it’s fine because it’s not a deserting ninja outfit but a national defense ninja uniform.

Now that the nuisance has been dealt with, I can leisurely observe the Samurai hunting of the Yongju Valley ninjas.

I used the Floating Shadow again and descended cautiously.


Not only the ninjas but also the samurais were staring at the ceiling I destroyed with idiotic expressions.

And the leader of the Moon Rabbit Knights, whose mouth was wide open to the point where ten flies could enter, due to the loss of his girlfriend, is an extra.

To lighten the mood, I gave them a thumbs-up.

“The balance of power has been maintained.”

Even if I say this, they don’t move.

“What are you doing! Kill them all!”

As if everyone had made a promise, Hook, whose body was stained red as if he had just returned from a Spanish tomato festival, shouted.

Maximus and Lucas, who regained their senses with a blow from Hook, rushed towards the knight commander.

“W-Who is that guy from earlier! How did he…!”

It was quite difficult for the knight commander, who used evil tactics, to face two opponents with similar skills at the same time.

However, it was impossible for a samurai like him to power up just because the enemy used evil tactics.

“-Helicopter Sword Technique.”

Although he had been fighting fiercely, the knight commander was at a disadvantage when trying to block Maximus’ axe and Lucas’ chained sword at the same time.

Thud thud thud thud thud!


In the end, the guy fell with holes punched in his face.

It was a victory for Maximus, who persistently stabbed him with his bare flesh, and for Lucas, who broke the shield with his axe.

“Don’t stab the armor, aim for the eyes or butt!”

“Why the butt?”

“Because the armor, relatively, is thin there!”

“Are you crazy! Why stab the groin!”

“I thought it would be thin there too!”

The ninjas overwhelmed the samurais, who numbered only about six, with their overwhelming numbers.

They didn’t attempt to attack using their comrades as human shields, but rather secured a suitable distance and found their weaknesses.

Even if the Knightmare and the knight commander’s lost knights fought, how well could they fight?

They trembled in fear and responded to the battle with a defensive attitude, falling one by one. It was a battle where quantity overwhelmed quality, quite a spectacle to behold.

“I won’t die alone!”

Unable to contain his anger, a samurai who had been watching from the sidelines bravely rushed towards Heidi.


Several ninjas wearing sturdy plate armor blocked his charge, sending him flying.

With no escape route as she was pressed against the wall, Heidi tightly closed her eyes as the samurai, who had reached right in front of her, swung his sword.

Knowing the outcome, I simply watched.

“Huab! Ah?”

With a burst of energy, the samurai’s sword swung, only to be entangled in the dark and sticky tentacles.


The distance between the struggling samurai, desperately trying to pull out his sword like a fish caught on an octopus’s suction cup, and Heidi closed in.


Newly sprouted tentacles from Heidi’s body pierced through the samurai’s armor along with his body, as if it were nothing.

Truly an auto-defense and offense system.

“Are you okay?”

“No injuries?”

From Noble mtl dot com


The ninjas, who had been rushing towards them, were startled and retreated upon seeing the tentacles emerging from Heidi’s body.

“I-I’m fine… It’s just…”

In order to reassure them, Heidi forced a fake smile, but suddenly winced as if her facial muscles had tensed up.

With a sizzling and chilling sound, the tentacles once again entered Heidi’s body.

“You saw it, right? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

It may seem like she has control, but that’s not true.

The tentacles didn’t enter Heidi’s body by her own will; it was more like they were fulfilling their duty to protect the host.

They only calm down after seeing me nearby, after they’ve had their fill of blood.

“Including that guy… There were 13 of them. I’m sure.”

“We’ve brought down the Knights, haven’t we?”

“Oh my Buddha…”

The ninja, filled with the joy of victory, still couldn’t believe it and rubbed his eyes. The ninja who had thoroughly studied about the Buddha kneeled and performed a prayer.

In the end, since we’ve captured both the Yakuzas and the Samurai, should we say it’s a pass?

After cautiously observing the ninjas a little longer, Orpheus, who had climbed the wall carefully, left with them.


Ah, I left behind the Black Dragon Sword.

The ninjas must have taken care of it, I believe.


Having discreetly escaped from Neo-Neo-Solitron after handling the Avocado Transport Union, the ninjas returned to Yongjugal.

Since they had to deal with the Yakuzas and the Samurai in a hurry, they seemed to have left behind some items to be repaired at Yongjugal for faster movement.

Anyway, now that they only had one test left to face, which was hunting the monsters, there should be no problem.

There were no casualties, and only about five ninjas were seriously injured.

It can be called a perfect victory.

That’s why I don’t understand even more.

“Master, Talyujunin.”


Why are Maximos and Lunox stuttering in front of me?

It’s a complicated expression, as if they want to tell me something difficult but find it hard to do so.

“I told you. Until now, it’s a pass.”

I quickly retorted, unable to stand annoying things.

“That’s not it, um…”

“Well, Master. I was wondering if I could dare to question or ask a question about seeking permission to ask, whether it is possible to question whether it is possible to ask for permission.”

What the hell is this?

Lunox, who can’t even space out his words properly, now speaks strangely. How amazing does he think his words are?

“Don’t be too polite and speak directly.”

I didn’t understand anything from “Master” onwards.

“By any chance, in the Moon Rabbit Knights-“

“Did the Yongjugal Ninjas shout ‘Wajabeot!’ in this fight?”

I interrupted Lunox, who was hesitating. For the sake of the innocence of the Yongjugal Ninjas, I have to keep my intrusion a secret.

“Oh, no. Everyone was fighting so frantically-“

“Did you shout?”

“I couldn’t shout.”

“Did you also fight hard and tirelessly?”

“Not to that extent, but since it was my first mission as a ninja-“

“So that’s why you didn’t shout ‘wazaboi’?”

“…That’s correct. I apologize, Master.”

“It seems you didn’t properly listen to my teachings.”

“That’s not true! I wrote down everything you said in my notebook-“

“Then why didn’t you shout ‘wazaboi’?”

Instead of shouting ‘wazaboi’ when he defeated the yakuzas and samurais, Lunox shouted a self-created catchphrase.

That was an incredibly annoying behavior. Just thinking about it makes me angry.

“…I thought of a cool phrase, that’s why. I’m sorry-“

“Is my ‘wazaboi’ not cool enough?”

“No, it’s not like that… I’ll definitely…uhh…”

Suddenly, Lunox choked up.

That’s enough for now. I probably don’t have the luxury to ask about the connection between the Moon Rabbit Knights headquarters and my whereabouts.

Once the ninjas know that I’m always watching and can infiltrate anytime, they’ll become lazy.

They shouldn’t acknowledge that I, who always strive not to lie, or rather, not to do it well, have infiltrated.

Yes, this is strictly for secret spying.

“Make sure to do it next time.”


I wrapped up the situation and listened to Maxime’s report.

The black ninja, who had been watching us with anxious eyes, calmly brings us something in his hands.

“These are the things we obtained on this expedition.”

Gold and silver treasures (Ninja Development Fund) and the Black Dragon Sword are revealed.

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